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Single dad episode 29 – 31


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre: [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂Suspense😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 29 💫


After replying to Nora’s text, I walked out of David’s office. Still wondering what the suprise would ba that’ll make her leave the house and rush down to my workplace. It better be good news tho. Something that’ll lighten up my mood.

The moment I stepped outside, my eyes fell on the Rose petals on the floor. They were sprayed all over.

“What’s this?” I looked confused.

“Yo Ali! ” I heard Nora screech in excitement. I looked up and saw her with balloons. While few of the staff were around here.

“Nora what is going on? What’s all this? What’s the suprise for? It isn’t my birthday today I hope you know” I asked Alot of questions.

I was beginning to feel [email protected] at the way it was causing attention.

“I know it isn’t your birthday sweetheart” she pouted.

“So what’s…

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder from behind. I quic-kly turned to see who it was and…

It [email protected]£ out like a whisper.

“My love” he cooed.
Coming from his mouth irritated and itched my ears.

“Oscar what are you doing here?; Did you do all this?”

“Chill Ali. I brou-ght him here. He has a suprise for you” Nora replied instead.

Seriously? A suprise he couldn’t give me at home?

“Why would you Nora? And what’s this suprise all about? Be fast with it okay. I’m busy” I was beginning to get pissed alre-ady with the fact that they’re wasting my Time.

” Relax Baby. I know you’re having a rou-gh day cause of work. But Babe, there’s something more important I’d love to do”

Oh great! Don’t tell me I was pu-ll-ed out here for him to start quoting out some gibberish to me. I scoffed.

“Close your eyes” he smiled.

A smile I used to love, a smile that I used to cherish. Not anymore.
I sighed out before shutting my eyes.
I’m bored alre-ady. If he’s trying to be ro-mantic Right now then he should know it su-cks!

After few seconds of shutting my eyes, I began hearing excited giggles, [email protected] Which got me even more curious as to what made him say i should shut my eyes.

“Open them” he didn’t have to say it twice.

I blinked my eyes open and recieved a shocking sight before me.

No! He’s not doing this…. He’s not doi–

“Don’t do this Oscar. Not here” I shook my head negatively. But he was just too daft to listen.

“Alicia Gomez. Will you Marry me?”

And he said it! I [email protected] What?!!

“Say yes ! Say yes! Say yes!” The staffs shouted into my hearing.

I looked at Nora who mouthed a ‘ Yes ‘ to me. And then, my gaze fell on Oscar. His eyes searching mine for an answer. So this is how I’m gonna break his heart huh? In a public-way?
I stared at him with pity.

He doesn’t deserve this! I know he loves me but I don’t love him. At Least not anymore.


“Babe plea-se say yes” he looked hopeful. As a tear slid down his eyes.

I was beginning to take long to answer and it was slowly breaking his heart.

“Alicia” Nora called out in a whisper. I turned my gaze and met her pleading eyes

“Babe” he called again. His eyes faltering.

“You know I love you” he drawled. I nodded. Yes I know he does.

“I love you so much Alicia. plea-se say yes” he added un-der his breath.

“Marry Me”

“No” I spoke out low. So low. But not too low for him to hear.

He stared wi-de-eyed at me. Unable to believe what I just said.


“Oscar No! I can’t Marry you” I repeated. This Time loud enough for everyone to hear as a shocked [email protected] escaped theirl-ips.

“Alicia what are you saying?” Nora whisper yelled to me.

“Nora! I can’t okay. I can’t Marry him” I snapped.

“Why? Why Alicia? You love him don’t you?” She asked. But I kept mute.

“Don’t you Alicia?” She asked again.

I stared long at Nora. And then to Oscar who felt so numb and speechless. I guess he’s still trying to process my answer to him.

“Alicia” Nora called out Again with pleading eyes.

“You love Me Alicia. Don’t you?” He finally spoke out in an uncertain tone.

I shook my head negatively as I took few steps back.

“I used to Oscar. Not anymore” I replied.

He swallowed [email protected]
“Okay” then nodded…. looking so broken as he placed the box of ring into his pocket. He stared long at me before walking out. I feel so sorry for him. And I’m beginning to feel guilty with such pity I have for him right now.

“Great job Alicia. Way to go” Nora shooked her head as she sh0t me a disapproving stare.

I opened my mouth to say something but she walked out on me as she went after Oscar.

The staffs were beginning to troop back inside. The show’s over.

I felt so weak at the moment. I don’t love him anymore. The times when I loved is no more. Now someone else has alre-ady occupied his place in my heart. I’m alre-ady in love with Another… And I hope he un-derstands.

I am de-eply sorry for breaking his heart this way. I never knew it would come to a stage when he’ll propose. I never knew,.. if not, I would have figured a way earlier to call it off with him and save him this [email protected] Cause I know he’s not only broken.

My eyes fell again at the petals on the floor. It was then I realized my name was alphabetically arranged with it.

I exhaled sharply.

He’ll move on. He just nee-ds space. With time, he’ll forget about me. Just like I have about him.

With that, I walked inside.

So Oscar received the first heartbreak of the year😞😰…
One word for Alicia 👇😩

🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 30 💫


“Great Job Alicia. Way to go” I sh0t her a disapproving stare before going after Oscar.

I mean why would Alicia do such a thing? She just shattered a man’s heart. A man that has done nothing but to love her. And love her with all his all.

I feel de-eply for him.

“Oscar! Oscar!” I called out his name from behind as I walked behind him.

“Oscar plea-se wait” I held his arm st©pping him from taking another step.

“Oscar.” His name [email protected]£ out from myl-ips as I stared into his blank face.

“You saw what she just did right?”

“Y-yes yes I did” I felt so disappointed.

“When where you planning on telling me she has no feelings for me? You knew Nora. And you made me go throu-gh the stress today. I planned this proposal with you, her best friend. All these while you didn’t tell me…

“Oscar I ..

“She doesn’t love me. Not anymore. I know she hides nothing from you. I know you knew her feelings for me were dropping. You knew didn’t you?” He asked, hisl-ips shaky as his eyes watered in tears.

I felt guilty wash throu-gh me as he said those words out.

Yeah, I knew… I knew she was heavily crushing on David. But I swear I didn’t know it would come to an extent where she’d reject his proposal.

“I’m sorry Oscar… I..

“It’s okay. There’s nothing to be sorry for. I’m just happy everything fell out this way. I’m happy she told me the truth. I’m happy that at Least, I won’t have to get my hopes high thinking she loves me not knowing otherwise. I’m happy for everything. I just pray she finds the happiness she wants. And me, move on with my life”

“Oscar…” Tear sli-pped down my eyes as I listened to what he said. His voice shows how sad and heartbroken he is. I’m really sorry with the way things ended up with them.

“Nora I have to go now” he spoke out.

“Then let me drive you home. Give me the keys” I retorted. I feel I nee-d to do this.

“No. I can drive myself. I’m not drun!kokay” he bluntly refused.

“I know you aren’t drun!k. You are not yourself Oscar. plea-se let me drive you home” I insisted stretching out my hand for his key.

He stared at me for a while before letting out a tired sigh.


I took the keys from him before walking towards his car.

He isn’t alright and I’m sorry for everything.

It wasn’t in my place to tell him Alicia was loosing interest in him. It was definitely not in my place. But still, I feel sorry for the way it ended. I just hope he gets over it.

I stared once more into his face before driving out of Duvel premises.


The Time was running out, I had to leave Ana and pick up my kids. I still couldn’t digest the fact that Mike cooked. I really don’t have any contribution to that right now. And to think he [email protected]£ all the way to my house to do something else still baffles me. Maybe he’s just trying to be friendly or something.

It’s Mike’s nature. He’s simple and lovable. I guess he was just trying to help out in Ana’s condition. And it’s A ‘Thanks’ to him for ma-king lunch and saving the stress. I just hope this friendly gesture doesn’t [email protected] it’s limit😒

After picking my kids, I drove them home without st©pping at any eatery since lunch was alre-ady settled. Even when Noel kept asking about lunch on our way back, I just ignored and continued driving.

“How was exam today?” I asked as I drove on.

“Fine” Janie breathe out.

“Fine Daddy I made beautiful drawings. I even drew you. ” Kayla retorted in excitement.

“Wow that’s so nice of you Baby.” I smiled sweetly, staring back at her

“What about You Noel? How was your exam? Hope you gave the right answers” I asked, staring at Noel who faced out the window.

“I’ll tell you about my exam after I’ve taken lunch” he stated plainly.

“Alre-ady” I chuckled at his response.

Such a foodie.


The emergency that got me rushing out of David’s house was about a pregnant woman in labour. Luckily, I and others Nurses did an operation on her and it was successful. Both mother and Child survived without complications.

After the operation, we cleaned up and sanitized before resuming our offices. I had a lovely time at David’s place. And to think he has such beautiful lady leaving in his house.

Well, I’m David’s friend and a successful doctor. I and David have been friends since college. I’m not actually his best buddy though. I’m just a casual doctor friend.

He had actually phoned me this morning to come over that there’s someone he’d like me to treat. And it was not in vain cause I got to meet a beautiful lady.

And I’d really love to know her better. She’s nice and polite in nature.
There’s something about her that’s really special and I can’t wait to visit again tomorrow 😋


TBC ✍️

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🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 31 💫



I sat there on the sofa with my legs together and heads as I waited impatiently for Nora. I [email protected]£ back to meet an empty house. She was nowhere close to the neighborhood, I’ve been in this sitting position waiting for her since then but no sign. Let it not be what I’m thinking 😒.

The house is dry and I have no cash on me. I’m Hungry and I didn’t bother buying any grocery thinking I’d come back home to meet a delicacy.

It’s actually Nora’s turn to cook today or did she forget before straying out of the house?

This is seriously getting on my nerves.

I’m Hungry and angry too. Just can’t wait for her to get back. And she better come back with something to eat or I’ll make tonight hell for her .

Like the odds were with me, the door suddenly opened revea-ling a tired looking Nora

“And she’s back. Where the hell have you been?” I asked, not sparing her a glance.

“Been up cleaning your mess” she replied nonchalantly.

“Excuse me?” This Time, I was f0rç£d to stare up at her.

“Don’t give me a suprised look Ali. You still remember so well what you did today. Don’t act serious or innocent” she cut in with an eye-roll.

“If you’re talking about Oscar, plea-se don’t even start.” I hissed bitterly.

“Oh really. I shouldn’t? Do your know the mess you literally placed him? He’s heartbroken Alicia. He’s messed up. He’s super frustrated and here you’re saying I shouldn’t Start. Start with what huh? Start with how you publicly [email protected] him?”

“Cut the cra-p Nora. He [email protected] himself. I got nothing to do with that. You don’t expect me to accept a proposal my heart doesn’t give a cons£nt to” I snapped almost immediately.

She shouldn’t even try putting the blame on me. I don’t love Oscar and I don’t think I can keep on the act.

“I can’t believe you right now Ali. I find it [email protected] to believe you. And it’ll definitely be very [email protected] to believe you did what you did because of David” she spoke out and I sh0t her a glare.

“If not him, who else?” I arched. Causing her to scoff in disbelief.

“You definitely can’t be serious. Tell me you’re joking Alicia. plea-se tell me it’s a joke” she gave out a sarcastic laugh

“Well. Let me bur-st your bubbles baby girl, yes. I did what I did because if David. I’m so in love with David” I replied with a t©uçh of blush on my cheeks.

“You are a joke” she gave me that look filled with pity.
“You nee-d help Alicia. You totally nee-d help.
Rejected a man who’s re-ady to settle with you for another man who’s fathering four children that hates you with every girt in them and worse, you don’t even know if he likes you. How odd can you be? You are a serious case of study” She hissed out in Anger

Nora shouldn’t try I piss me off with her lousy and baseless talk. She shouldn’t try to get on my nerves this night 😒

“Nora it’s okay plea-se. Don’t try to push my bu-tton. I can get extremely mad with an empty stomach. I [email protected]£ back home to meet an empty house. You were out there busy consoling someone who’s definitely not your problem or priority. And you forgot to cook”

I replied instead, trying to contain my anger.

“I see where this is heading to. So you’re hungry? ”

“Isn’t it obvious? There’s nothing to eat in this house ” I fired back

“If you are so hungry, why not go meet your lover boy to give you food”
She hissed before walking out of my sight. Living me dumbfounded.

So it has gotten to this point right? We shall see.


We stayed up late in the sitting watching a movie with Kayla asleep on me. Noel and Janietta had actually refused to watch movies with us, they preferred animations which I and their dad found so childish.

He bluntly refused to put the cartoon station and the two saw no reason to stay any longer.

Kayla refused to go with them. She stayed behind saying she wants to be with me. She’s very sweet and we have grown fond of each other lately. It hasn’t been long she fell asleep on me. She looks so beautiful in her sleep I must admit.

I’m beginning to feel sleep too but the film is just too interesting to ditch.

It’s almost be-dtime and I wonder if David isn’t feeling the wave of sleep too.

The few times I shut my eyes for sleep, I had open them to see David staring at me. The moment our eyes meet, I’d expect Him to look away, but no. He still looked on and I’ll be f0rç£d to divert my eyes.

I don’t know why his stares causes bu-tterflies in my belly. I’ve caught him staring about 4-5 times and it’s ma-king me somewhat uncomfortable.

♨️ DAVID.♨️

I watched as she shut her eyes again for sleep. This Time, I had a better chance to view her face without her eyes staring back at me. She looks more beautiful . Her skin even more brighter tonight and I can’t seem to get my eyes off her.

I used to think my late wife Mariah was the most beautiful woman in the universe, guess I was wrong afterall. Sitted and slee-ping before em is a very beautiful lady and I don’t know why I’m feeling this sort of attraction towards her. She’s my kid’s Nanny. And it’s like a magnet, I just can’t look away.

Our eyes have met previous times and funny enough, I found it [email protected] to look away.

Now she’s asleep and limits are off.

I just can’t get my eyes off her.🤦🏼‍♂️

TBC 🚶🏻‍♀️

Nora has said it all😂

As for David, hmm.. I have nothing to say 🚶🏻‍♀️

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