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Single dad episode 23 – 25


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍, Comedy😂, Suspense 😲🙀

Written By Angel Louis

🌲 Episode 23 🌲


She just left. I know she’s super angry cause I declined to take her home. But plea-se, look what she did to Ana. I fear her wound is dee-per than I think. She’s in so much pain and I nee-d to get her painreliever. Alicia ought to un-derstand.

“Dad what’s the problem?” Noel suddenly asked the moment I [email protected]£ out of my room with the car key on my hand.

“I heard Rosiana’s voice. Is she alright,?”

“Uhm. Noel why not go inside okay. I’ll be back in a minute”

There’s no time yo explain. He’ll get to know everything later or tomorrow. I shoved past him. Walking out in such a hurry.

“Dad!” Called out but I was alre-ady out. I got into my car and took a u-turn out of the compound.

The pharmacy isn’t far from here. So I’ll be back before you know it.

👣 KIDS 👣

“Guys I think something’s wrong with Rosiana”
Noel voiced out to his siblings who la-id on their be-d. Half-asleep.

“What? Aunt Rosiana?” Kayla jumped down immediately from her be-d.

“What Happened Noel?” She asked.

“I heard her scream moments ago. And in just a minute, dad rushed out of the house. I’m curious you know”

“Nothing Bad should happen to Aunt Rosiana” Kayla sobbe-d softly

“That’s enough Kay. You cry too much. Man up for once. Besides, I don’t know if I’m correct. Let’s just go check on her first” he suggested.

“Alright… I’m coming with you” Kayla wiped her teary face as she picked up her Teddy.

“What about you Janietta?”

Noel asked Janie who la-id on her be-d. slee-ping.

“She’s slee-ping alre-ady. You don’t want to disturb her. Let’s just go check first” Kayla pu-ll-ed Noel by his hand as they walked out of the room.

The moment the door shut close. Janietta opened her eyes. She was never asleep. She practically heard everything noel said.

Is she supposed to be worried about that?
Nah… She doesn’t think so!

She shrugged her shoulders as she shut her eyes back. Whatever it is, Rosiana can take care of herself.


The door slightly opened, startling me.. I soon [email protected]£ relieved when I saw who it was. Noel and Kayla.

“Guys!” I smiled brightly.

“Oh my Goodness. What Happened to your leg?” Noel exclaimed! Looking surprised at the bandages which was stra-pped around my foot.

“Did you fall?” Kayla asked. Running toward me as she gave me a warm side hvg. Due to the fact I was lying on the be-d.

“No sweetie. I didn’t”

“I had plate crash down my leg. Twas an accident” I explained.

“But you’ve never had accidents with plates before. How come? Did it sl!poff your hand?” Noel asked. Walking to my be-dside.

“Yes it sli-pped off. Bit from Alicia’s hands”

“That Witch!” He exclaimed.

“I hate her! Look what she’s done to you” Kayla sobbe-d into my shoulders.

“She isn’t a witch Noel. And kaybaby you don’t have to hate her okay. It was an accident. A mistake” I corrected.

I know they don’t like her . But they shouldn’t think she did it on purpose.
Or Did she?

“It’s no mistake! Where is she? I’m gonna pluck off her hair” Noel looked enraged and somewhat funny.

“Hahahaha. So what are you now? My Superman?”

“Yes. I’m your super man cause you’re my Super Nanny. And she shouldn’t have done this to you. I know it was on purpose. First she [email protected] you. Now she broke a plate on you. She’s so wicked okay”

“Don’t be Silly Noel. It wasn’t on purpose. She alre-ady apologized”

“A mere apology won’t heal your wound. Would it?” He asked. Looking so upset. I’m beginning to wonder between him and his dad. Who is more upset about this.

“No it won’t. But I’ll be fine” I spoke out to calm his nerves. He looks so sweet when he’s serious

“Don’t die Aunt Rosiana” Kayla cried more.

“Oh baby. I’m not dying. It’s just a cut okay” o smooched her hair as she rested on me.

“Man up Kayla. You cry too much”

“Noel.. she’s still a baby. And babies cry”

“Nahhh I disagree. Junior is the baby in this house. And.

“I’m a baby too Noel. Right Rosiana?”

“Yes Baby. You are my baby” I k!$$£d her hair.

“What about me?” Noel frowned .

“Com’on Noel, you’re my Superman!” I pu-ll-ed him to myself.

“Yay! I’m your Superman in Time of distress… And remind me about Alicia. I’m still gonna rip off her hair” he spoke out. Causing a smile on myl-ips.

“I will if she doesn’t” Kayla said un-der her breath.

“I’m slee-ping with you aunt Rosiana” she added.
“Me too”

“But your Da–

I haven’t finished my statement before they climbe-d on the be-d… pu-lling the blanket over their bodies.

And just then…. The door opened.

“Noel? Kayla?” David Walked in looking suprised.


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

🎄 Episode 24 🎄


“Noel? Kayla? What are you doing here?” I stared at those two little mischiefs lying on Ana’s be-d.

“I thought I told you kids to stay in your rooms? Where’s Janie?” I asked when I noticed she wasn’t here.

“She’s slee-ping” they answered.

“Good. slee-ping like every other children. What’s st©pping you guys from doing so too?”.

“ALICIA hurt Rosiana , so we [email protected]£ to check on her” Noel replied.

“Will Aunt Rosiana be fine?” Kayla asked sounding so worried.

“Yes Baby. She’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry about that okay”

“I hate her for doing this to aunt Rosiana” she added with a pout.

“That’s no way to be polite Kay. Like I said before, she alre-ady apologized and that’s because she’s really sorry”

Ana spoke out to Kayla’s hearing as she smoothened her hair.

“I know. But I still don’t like her.” She softly spoke out as she rested herself on Ana’s th!gh.

“I want to sleep here tonight daddy” she added staring at my face with puppy eyes.

“Me too” Noel added.

“You guys can’t. And you know it. Ana nee-ds some breathing space okay. As you can see, she’s wounded. I don’t want any inconveniences for ..—

“Uhm it’s fine David, they can sleep here. I’ll still be convenient”

How can she say that? When The most important thing she nee-ds now is breathing space and a good rest.

“But Ana–

“It’s okay. plea-se. Just for tonight” she cut in.

“You sure about that?” I asked with a worried face.

” Yes I will” she gave me an @ssuring smile.

“If you say so then” I breathe out. Walking over to her be-dside.

“By the way .. I bought you the medicine. Luckily they were still open”

“Oh thank you” she smiled, taking the pack from me

“I’ll go get water”
I notified before walking out of the room to get a bottled water from the fridge.
I [email protected]£ back without wasting much time and gave her just like the pharmacist had instructed.

“I’ll give you tomorrow’s dose before eight in the morning”

“Okay” she nodded

I stared at my kids who alre-ady settled on her be-d with the duvet covering them as they shut their eyes for sleep.

“Good night kids” .
“Night Night Daddy” they chorused.

“Goodnight Ana”

“sleep ti-ght Mr.Dav–

“It’s David” I corrected. Once again

“Sorry” she chuckled slightly before switching off the lampstand beside her be-d.

I stared the very last Time at them before walking out. Shutting the door behind me.

I went straight to janietta’s room expecting her to be asleep like Noel and Kayla had said.
But I met her wi-de-awake, staring into blank space.

“You still up?”

“Yeah… ” She breathe out. Sitting upright.

“Where’s Noel and Kayla?”

“With Ana. They’ll be spending the night there with her” I retorted.

“Oh …. Okay” she shrugged.

“You wanna join them? ” I asked staring at her blank face.

“Uh nope. I’m good”

“Do you mind if I join you tonight?” I offered

A small smile stretched on herl-ips.
“No I don’t”

“Alright” i shut the door and walked over to the be-d. She adjusted a bit as I climbe-d on it.

I pu-ll-ed her close to myself and k!$$£d her hair.

She breathe against my [email protected] che-st .

“What’s wrong with Rosiana dad?” She finally asked.

“She’s wounded”

“How come?” She tilted get face up at me. Staring wi-de-eyed.

“A plate sli-pped off Alicia’s hands and crashed on her leg”

“Oh. How’s she now?”

“She’s fine… Janie, are you sure you do not want to see her? ” I asked. To me, she looks extremely concerned even though she’s trying so [email protected] to fight off that feeling.

“No I don’t” she retorted almost immediately.

“If you say so then, ” I smiled down at her , after a pause, I continued.

” Ana, you don’t like her do you?”
It’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask.

“No I don’t”

“But she hasn’t done anything to wrong you. Have she?”

“No. ” She said un-der her breath.

“She’s a nice person. Noel and Kayla likes her Alot. You’ll do too if you just get to know her better”

I spoke out but she kept mute.


“Goodnight Daddy. I love you” she replied instead. Avoiding the t©pic. As she shut her eyes close.

I exhaled sharply as I switched off the lampstand.

“Sleep ti-ght Baby”
I k!$$£d her hair. Before closing my own eyes for sleep.

I just hope she comes around sooner or later. Cause Rosiana is definitely a nice person. And a great cook too💜.


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 25 💫


“Up! Up! Kids! It’s time for school”

I heard his voice loud and clear as my eyes dimmed open. I stared at David who stood by the window, rolling up the curtains as the Ray’s of light shown brightly throu-gh it.

“I don’t have to repeat myself, do I?” He arched a brow at his kids who sle-pt still on the be-d.

“Good morning David” I stretched. And that was when he noticed I was awake.

“Oh. Morning Ana. Hope I didn’t wake you up”

Oh yes you did fat head!.
“No. Not at all” I smiled instead.

“Noel. Kayla” he skrie-ked. Staring back at his kids.

” Oh dad! I’m tryna have a peaceful sleep” Noel cried out.

” But It’s time for school” David snapped.

“Kayla!!!” He called out her name. Seeing how comfortable she still la-id on the be-d.

I drew out my hand from the duvet and tickled her on her [email protected]!st and Tommy.

“Wake up sleepy head” I drawled out pla-yfully.

She giggled uncontrollably at my t©uçh.

“Oh I knew you were pretending to be asleep huh” I laughed out ..

“Ha ha ha… Oh it tickles” she laughed as she dangled her legs in the air.

“It’s time for school Kay” I continued what I was doing to her pla-yfully.

“I– haha haha… I don’t wanna go to school hahahaha” she laughed amidst her words

“You must be joking” David rolled his eyes.

“Ha ha ha that’s okay… Ha ha ha it tickles ha ha ha”
She tried to fight off my hand.

“Uh uh no I won’t st©p till you get off this be-d” I continued, this time, I added the second hand.

“Noel . I know you sle-pt well. Now step down from that be-d. Straight to the bathroom and have a shower. You don’t wanna be late for school do you?”
David gave Noel a straight face.

“Huh. Fine!” He grunted before walking out of my room.

“Kayla. You’re next. It’s time to get out from the be-d” David stared at his five years old daughter who gave him a puzzled look.

“No! I’m not going to school. I’m staying with Aunt Rosiana” she started on a more serious note.

“Don’t make me gr-ab you out Kayla. You won’t like it”

”kay- Baby listen to daddy okay.”.

“No! He should listen to me. I’m staying home with you and that’s final” she bluntly retorted…

” We’ll see about that”
Without any sign or warning, David gr!pp£dKayla out of the be-d…

“Let’s see how you gonna skip school today” he spoke to her face as he held her so ti-ght against himself .

“You can’t escape this you… Ahhhh! My face”

Kayla bit her dad on his face.

“Let me go” she cried out. b!tt!g him all over his face as he struggled to re-lease himself from the grasp of her teeth.

I stared at the two like a movie as they fought themselves. This is so funny! I tried [email protected] to suppress my laugh.

“Kayla you have to st©p. You’ll bruise him”

“Till he let me go! Or I won’t st©p” she said throu-gh gritted teeth. Her teeth b!tt!g his face.

😂😂I watched in amazement as David cried out for help.


“. St©p okay! St©p in sorry!” I cried out amidst my painful screams.
My face. It burns 😭

“Put me down daddy”
She didn’t have to say it twice.

“Fine! Get down. Get the Fvck down you blood su-cking demøn” I instantly let go of her.

She ran over to Ana’s be-dside.

“Buh-hoo daddy thinks he can make me go to school…” She stucked out her ton-gue. Booing me.
This child is fvcking annoying.

“Ana. Do anything to talk to her. She has to go to school. She has test” I trailed off before walking out of the room.

I can feel my face peeling off. I haven’t bathe Junior yet. Luckily he’s still asleep. Well I’ll go do that before Anna gets to change Kayla’s Stony Mind.


I stared into the mirror with a long face after taking a shower. I can’t go to work like this. My face, it’s so red and bruised. All thanks to Kayla.

Ana later got to talk to her. I don’t know the e spell she used on her but Kayla later agreed to have her bathe and get re-ady for school.

Bathing her was another thvg of way. We had another fight. As I bathe her, she washed up the soap lathers in my face. Causing me to go blind for some minutes. With her, laughing her a$$ out.

I just had to withstand all those cause I know it would have been Ana doing this if not for the injury on her leg.

Right now, the kids are having their breakfast in the dinning. While I’m here, thinking of how to rid off my the bruises on my face. Kayla’s got a very sharp teeth for someone her age. How do I even explain sh•t to people if they asked what happened to my face?
A domestic fight with my five years old daughter? Great! Just great.
I’d rather take my chances.

An idea popped into my head.

I brou-ght out Mariah, my late wife’s make-up kits from the wardrobe. I began applying the semi- liquid on the bruised sp©t. I tried as much to blend it with the color of my face even though it wasn’t the perfect color that matches my face. It’s better than nothing. I sm-irked as I withdrew everything back to it’s place.

I alre-ady called doctor Mike to check on Ana while I take the kids to school and also rush down to work. He’s on his way. I don’t think he’ll meet me at home.

Well,He knows what to do.

I hurried with my clothes. I stared once more into the mirror before picking up my office bag. Walking straight out of the room.

* ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• *

“Are those make up on your face dad?”

Janietta who had been staring into my face as I drove on the highway suffering spoke out in amusement.

“Wha——aatt??? No fvc— way. ”
I corrected myself from using the ‘F’ word.

“Hell no dad! You use make ups too?” Noel laughed. Finding it funny

“I’m not on make-up okay. It’s just the cream”

“Since when did your cream start washing off the color of your face?” She asked again in doubt.

“Well… Ermm I huh… I changed cream. Yeah! I changed cream. It’s cream reaction” I lied again.

How the hell did they know I’m on make up? Is it that obvious??

I stared Into the mirror a lil bit above my head.

“Whatever. That’s not my problem anyway” Janie waved off staring out the window.

I breathe a sigh of relief. It better not be your problem.

TBC ✍️

😂😂😂 Kayla can be so annoying and stubborn 🤭

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