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Single dad episode 21 & 22


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 21 💫


If there’s a way I’m gonna rid her off David’s house, I’m gonna do it! Before things gets out of hand.

I thought within as I walked towards her.
“Hey” I smiled.

“Hi…” She smiled back. A smile so sweet. A smile am beginning to hate with every nerve in me

“I see you’re the kids Nanny huh?… I’m Alicia” I gestured my hand for a shake.

“Rosiana” she took it and shooked my hand vigorously.

“nee-d any help with that?” I pointed at the pla-yed on the sync .. which obviously nee-ded clean up.

“Uhm no no. I don’t” she declined the offer almost immediately.

“Aww. Don’t be Silly okay. It’s no big deal” I shoved my hand into the sync and picked up a plate.

“No plea-se. Don’t. I can do it myself… You are Mr David’s guest and I want to respect that.”

She quic-kly took the plate from my hand.

The word pricked my ears. a little bit offensive to me. I want it to be David’s girlfriend. And not just guest… As if I’m a casual person.

“Yes Alicia. plea-se I don’t want him to get …

“Oh spare me that. I insist!”
I shoved aside her words and continued with the plates.

“If you say so then” she nodded with another sweet but annoying smile.

She began washing the plates while I dried and carefully placed them on the shelf above our heads.

We kept maintaining the dishes and I couldn’t get my eyes off her b©dy. She’s Alot S-xier than I look and perhaps more Beautiful. The sight Alone angered the jealousy in me.

I just wish I could do something about that. What if David starts having eyes on her?

She’s pretty and curvy. Her b©dy could turn any sane man on at just a sight. Yeah, I’m beginning to hate her more. She’s a threat.

*What the Fvck? She’s just a Nanny Alicia*
My subconscious reminded me .. but I’m just to jealous to heed to it.

I have to be David’s only choice.. and to do that, this Nanny must leave his house. Even if it means going to any extent to make her feel dead uncomfortable.

I could take up the task of his kids and nanny them myself if possible.

Hey, I’m not desperate. It’s just me trying all way possible to get what I want.

“Uhmm… Alicia. Are you okay?”

She suddenly asked.. j£rking me off my thoughts. I was so lost that I didn’t notice she was stretching a plate to me.

“Oh yeah. I’m good” I stuttered. Taking it from her.

“I’m definitely fine.” I sm-irked a little as I consciously re-leased the plate from my hand. Which s£nt it crashing down on her feet as it broke into three [email protected]

“Oh God!” She screamed as she felt the plate surge throu-gh her. She felt on the floor, holding her foot. As she whimpered in pain.

“I’m so sorry. It was a mistake. It sli-pped off . I didn’t mean to” I apologized.
Picking up the [email protected] of the plate. The floor was stained with blood. Alot of blood. I think it cut her dee-per than expected.

I panicked a little at the sight of how serious it was. This was never my plan. I never thought it would be this serious. I panicked [email protected] as I screamed out David’s name.

Rosiana kept crying in pain as she held her foot, Helplessly sitting on the floor.

“David!!!!” I called out again before he [email protected]£ rushing in.

“Holy Sh•t! What the hell happened?” He looked so worried and confused as she stared at his nanny.

“My foot. It hurts” she cried.

“It was totally a mistake David. I swear.. it sli-pped off my hand and fell on her..I…

“You what?” He cut into my words.. looking so dumbfounded.

He ran out of the kitchen and in no time, [email protected]£ back with first aid kits
The look on his face as he cleaned her wound was Sony I couldn’t fathom.
So worried..

“I’m- I’m sorry Ana” I stuttered

” Well you should be more careful Alicia. Look what you’ve done to her” he snapped. Looking pretty upset.

Wait. Why is he upset? I just said I’m sorry. That should show how remorseful I am. Even if I did it on purpose.

I swallowed back my words as I watched him apply the necessary to ease up the pain and st©p the bleeding.

I snorted in disgust every minute he kept working on her feet. My plan was never to get him treating someone I want out of his house.

“You’ll be fine Ana. I’ll just apply some bandages on it okay. You’ll be fine” he @ssured her as he wra-pped the would.

“Thank you” she sniffled as David helped her up to her feet.

“Can your Walk?” He asked , still looking worried.

“I’ll try” she managed two steps.. and then, fell back on David’s she winced out in pain.

My David’s Arms!

“Sorry” she mumbled. Trying to help herself stand straight.

“It’s okay” David nodded as he picked her up into a bridal style.

What???…. I start in utmost dismay as he carried her out of the kitchen. Heading straight to a room. I followed behind.. but he st©pped me halfway.

“I’ll take it from here Alicia.” He cut me off my steps as he entered into the room and shut the door on my face.

Did he just?? Did he just shut me out??
I can’t believe this!!!

I stamped [email protected] on my foot as I patiently waited for him to come out. I’m going home. Right now! Right this minute!!! I’ve seen enough!

He [email protected]£ out not less than a minute and .

“David. Take me home.” I demanded with a straight face.

“I’m sorry Alicia. But it’s not possible. I’m actually going out now to get her drugs to ease off her pain. She’s in serious pain. I hope you un-derstand, since you’re literally the cause of it. I could give you some cash to board a cab. ”

Is he for real??? He’s turning me down because of her?

“You brou-ght me here goddamit!”
“And I’m sorry about that Alicia. Take some cash and…

“I don’t want your fvcking money!” I said yo his face. Visibly angry

“Okay. ” He shrugged his shoulders as he walked out of my sight.

Seriously??? He just walked out on me.?

I stared at him in disbelief.
” I should never have come here the first place”
I muttered un-der my breath as I picked up my bag.

I’m getting out of this place!


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 22 💫

🎃 NORA 🎃

“Are you sure you want to go now?” Nora asked Oscar who stood by the door, about to leave.

“Yeah. It has st©pped raining alre-ady and she isn’t back yet” he retorted. Checking his watch.

I don’t really think Alicia plans to come home tonight. Besides, she told me on phone and I couldn’t bring myself to tell Oscar. It might break his heart.

Besides, I enjoyed his company tonight.

“Maybe she’s stucked somewhere and …

“Just tell her I dropped by.”

“No problem”

I gave him a side hvg before he finally left.

Alicia is definitely Crazy.
I snorted as I walked back to the couch and sat on gone…..
Back to boredom 001 I twirled my eyes as I gave out a stretchy yarn.i feel sleepy’s past eight.

It’s not a bad time to sleep at at this hour right?not that Alicia is gonna come back at this today…..

So there’ll literally be no nee-d waiting for her. Alicia can be so unpredictable sometimes.
Oscar is a lovely person you come she’s chasing something she alre-ady have??

Well is her choice….I see no reason to be bothered about it.. . besides it’s….

The door suddenly opened,as Alicia surprisingly walked in.

“Whoa! welcome back Ali … just missed Oscar…he just left….. did you see him? did he see you? by the way I thought you weren’t coming home tonight…. what made you change your mind?”

I ranted with a lot of questions…. which I guess she didn’t know which to answer first.

“Ali ….”I called but….she didnt look her self….she looked pretty upset and I guess something’s not right.

“Ali…..”I got up and walked up to her

“are u okay…is something wrong?”i stared closely at her face. She’s hurt.

“Ali what……

“Nora I’m fine..just tired”
she gave out a f0rç£ reply before walking out of my sight..

what must have gone wrong?
“Ali ..! Alicia…” I quic-kly followed behind..I nee-d to Know what must have happened to her.


He gently placed me on the be-d as I rested my head on the pillow.

My foot, it hurt so bad. I whimpered in pain.

“It hurts.”I whispered un-der my breath.

“I know. I’ll go get you drugs to ease off the pain.” he spoke out.

“What? like now? it’s late alre-ady Mr..

“David. Call me David.” He corrected. I quic-kly swallowed in and nodded a little.

“It’s late alre-ady… David….”

“So??….the chemist isn’t far from here…..Just fifteen minutes ride.beside it has st©pped raining”. He insisted

“But. . .

” No but okay, I’m treating you and that is final.who knows how badly wounded it is…..once I get medicine for it… I’ll call doctor Mike to check you up tomorrow morning. Most times self-medication isn’t the best option.
He’ll just have to make sure you have no broken piece inside of you. So it won’t result to something else”

He added.. looking more serious. Or worried I think. Could he be worried about me?

Huh. I don’t think so.
“Okay” I nodded at everything he said.

He got up from the be-d and walked out. Immediately he left, my phone rang out. I stretched towards the be-d cabinet for it.

I can ba-rely move my legs. It hurts more that way.

Mom! I breathe [email protected] as I checked its ID. Is everything okay with her? I just hope she’s alright. Cause I’m in a bad State to do a thing now.

“Mom .. ” I drawled out the moment I tapped the green bu-tton.
“Mom is everything okay? Are you done with the medication? Did the doctor say anything? Hope there’s no increment on your health status??”

I ranted out so many questions, sounding so worried. She couldn’t be calling if there’s nothing wrong right?

“St©p it Rose. I’m perfectly fine” she cut in. Causing me to re-lease the breathe I had no idea I was holding.

“That’s great mom”

“I just called to check if you’re okay. I have this feeling something’s wrong and I’ve been worried ever since. I know it’s a casual feeling but you know I easily get worried. Especially when it comes to you. So Rosiana are you okay?”

I bit [email protected] on myl-ips as ba-lls of sweat trickled down my head.

Should I lie to her? I can’t simply tell her I hurt my leg… She’ll get super worried. I’m ba-rely a week old in this house.

She should be bothered only about her health and not me. I’ll be fine.

“I’m okay mom. You’re used to such Feelings. Just shove it aside. I’m perfectly fine”
I lied. Faking a smile.. like it would convince her throu-gh the phone.

“Are you sure? Or it’s just me getting too worried these days”

“It’s just you mom. Guess it’s because I’m no longer around. So you tend to get easily worried. I’m alright … I swear”

“Okay Baby” she breathe out a sigh of relief.

“Good night Mom. Take care of yourself”

“I will Baby. I love you”

“Love you too mommy”

She hunged up.

‘Jeez! That was close’
I exhaled sharply as I dropped the phone back on the cabinet.

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