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Single dad episode 18 & 19


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre: [email protected]ç£, Comedy, Suspense.

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

Episode 18


That morning was so hectic for me as I freshened for work.
Stress from yesterday caused a [email protected] ache on my head today. I gotta manage though. Cause it’s work today and I wouldn’t want to get on the Boss’s Bad book.

I re-adied myself that morning with just one thing registered on my mind. *Avoid David at all cost.

I’m still [email protected] about yesterday and I think it’s gonna take time for that feeling to wash off.

“I’m off to work Nora!” I shouted from the dinning as I drank just the tea leaving the scrambled eggs and bre-ad unt©uçhed.

“Just shut the door behind you” she replied back from the room.

It’s Monday. And workday too. Isn’t she supposed to be at work today?

“Nora it’s Monday”

“Yeah I know. It’s a day off for me. So I’m gonna rest a bit” she shouted a reply.

A day off! I think I’d nee-d it one of these days.

I sma-cked myl-ips together to blend myl-ipstick before picking my bag up.

I walked over to the door, about to open it but it suddenly opened from the outside and. .

“David” I [email protected] as my heart fluttered at the sight before me.

He is at the door holding flowers.

OMG! Are those daisies? I love daisies! How did he know my favorite?

“What are you doing here?” I spoke out trying to look tough.

“Alicia plea-se just hear me out” he pleaded. I rolled my eyes like I wasn’t interested in whatever he wanted to say.
But [email protected]!!!!

Seeing him here alone is ma-king me float in air alre-ady. But I don’t have to show it.

Looking tough and angry will do the job.

“If you’re here to talk about what your kids did to me plea-se. David just go… I want to hear none of it”
I cut into his words. Forcing myself outside as I pushed him slightly away from the door.

“We are so sorry okay. plea-se Alicia my kids are de-eply sorry about what they did and they’ll love to apologise. If only you give them a chance”

For real?

I almost [email protected] in suprise! They want to apologise to me.

I stared at David in doubt.

“Alicia believe me okay. They forfeited school today just to show you how serious they are. If you’ll just follow me home, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Come home with me so they can do the nee-dful”

He spoke out all of a sudden, causing me to almost choke at my own breathe.

“There’s no fvcking way I’m going to your house” I admitted spitefully to his face.

What the hell? No fvcking way?

Go there and get [email protected] again?
Nah. I’d take my chances.

“Like I said Alicia. They are really sorry and they won’t do anything nas-ty to you again. Not after they have promised not to”

” Hmm” I stared at him in doubt. I’m still not sure about this.

What if I go there and they do something more terrible and humiliating to me? How do I cope with that?

Kids can be deceitful sometimes. What of they’re planning something bigger this time around?

Geez! I can’t go with him. I’m definitely not sure if he’s telling the truth… Or Maybe he’s just trying to manipulate me to his house when the kids are far from sorry.

“I’m not going anywhere with you”… I finally spoke out.


“plea-se Alicia” I plea-sed once more.
I’m really sorry about yesterday and I’d love it if my kids make it up to her. I know I’m definitely lying about my kids being sorry.

But what else can I do?

I just have to make everything look so right to her so she’d go with me.

“I know we’re almost late for work and we can’t make it now. But at least, have dinner with us”
I don’t know why I’m so obsessed begging her. But I just want to make things right.


“Yes plea-se. Dinner with the kids”

She breathe out heavily before letting the answer from herl-ips

“Okay. Fine. Dinner at your place”

“Thanks. I’ll drive you there once we round up with work today.” I smiled brightly

“Besides, it’s for you”
I handed the flowers to her and she pouted in a cute way before taking it from my hand.

“Daisies! It’s my favorite”

“I’m glad you like it”
All thanks to mark tho.

“I’ll drive you to work Alicia”
I gestured as I briskly walked over to my car… With her behind.


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre: [email protected]ç£, Comedy, Suspense

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

Episode 19


David and Alicia rounded up with work at about 5pm.

“Hope you still haven’t changed your mind about dinner?” David asked Alicia as he walked into her office startling her.

She was alre-ady arranging her things when she suddenly heard Dave’s voice from the door.

“Uhm. No not yet” she smiled a little.

“Well let’s get going before you change your mind. ”
David rushed over to her and took her by the hands.

“Hey… Dave let me go” she faintly cried out. pla-yfully.

“Nahhh. Not till we get to my place”

He led her to where he parked his car and opened the door for her.

“Thanks” she flu-shed at his kind gesture as she sat on the seat.

David soon got in and drove off.


“Dad’s Back!” Noel happily announced to his siblings who were with him watching TV.

He actually heard his dad’s hooting. So it’s obvious he’s back.

“Yay!” Kayla jumped from her seat

“Finally” janietta rolled her eyes. She isn’t too happy Dad made her skip school for an apology she didn’t find necessary.

Besides, he didn’t return this morning with the lady and she was patiently waiting for her

She got up from her seat and slowly walked over to welcome her dad.

She abruptly st©pped at the door’s entrance when she met that same face with her dad

“Cra-p!” She muttered un-der her breath.

“She again?” Noel frowned.

“I don’t like her” Kayla spoke out with a scoff.

It’s crystal clear no one likes her

“Welcome dad” they chorused as David and Alicia got close.

David nodded and gave them an eye signal to greet Alicia too.
They un-derstood, but ignored him.

“Hm-mm” he cleared off his throat.

“Kids. I know I’m not the only adult who just arrived” he cackled.

“Yeah. We know. Welcome” Noel replied…

Walking Back to the sitting, alongside Janie and Kayla.

Alicia f0rç£d a smile on herl-ips.. trying to ignore what just happened. She doesn’t wanna freak out too soon. Besides, David said they are sorry.

“Just come along for dinner” he led her to a seat in the sitting.

“Ana” he called out to Rosiana.

Who in no time [email protected]£ out from the kitchen.

“Sir… You’re back” she gave him a bright smile. Causing Alicia to twirl her eyes in disgust.

“Could you plea-se set the dinning” he requested politely and she nodded.. walking back to the kitchen.

“I’ll help ” Noel got up from his seat and headed to the kitchen.

“Me too” Kayla giggled and followed behind.

Alicia expected janietta to hop along too, but she didn’t flin-ch a bit, as she focused on the TV. Like nothing concerned her.

This is sappy!

In No time, the table was set and they settled to eat… Except Rosiana.

“Join Us Ana” David spoke out

“Umhm no nee-d sir.. I’m okay”

“Have you eaten?”

“No sir”

“Good, then join us”

“But sir….

“I insist Ana.. unless you want to disobey your Boss”
He cut her off. Causing her to swallow her words as she sat down without hesitation.

This time, close to janietta.

Alicia rolled her eyes as she picked up her spoon.. about to eat.

“Hold on Lady. Rosiana hasn’t blessed the food yet!” Kayla snapped.

“Can’t you see she’s super hungry” Noel whispered into Kayla’s ears. Causing her to giggle.

“Huh?” Alicia arched in puzzlement.

“plea-se Ana… Do the favors”
David smiled as he gestured her to pray.

“All eyes closed” she started… Shutting her eyes too.

Alicia stared at them in A weird manner. Watching as they closed their eyes.
To her, this is stupid 🤦‍♀️!

“Amen!” They chorused before picking up their spoons.

“Finally.” Alicia mumbled un-der her breath as she began her meal.

“Alicia there’s something my kids would like to say to you..”
David smiled. Turning his gaze to his kids… Who in turn stared back at their dad in puzzlement.

Like they got no idea what he’s saying.

“Oh really? I’d love to hear it!” She pouted.

“Us? Say?” Noel looked confused.

“C’mon guys. Say it” David urged throu-gh gritted teeth.

But they still stared Back at him pretending not to know what he’s talking about.

“We have no idea what you’re talking about Dad!” Janietta trailed off… Staring at her dad in a boring way.

“Besides, I don’t know what she’s doing here again” she added

” Alright that’s enough. Do the nee-dful. Apologize to her for what you did yesterday.”
David snapped!

If there’s one thing the kids doesn’t like,’s the look right now on their dad’s face.

“I’m sorry” Kayla quic-kly apologised… With a pout.

“No problem dear” Alicia f0rç£d a smile on herl-ips

David stared at noel… Giving him the *you’re next* look

“Fine” he grunted.

“I’m sorry… Not like I’m sorry. Or sorry that I’m sorry. I’m sorry because my dad thinks I’m sorry when I don’t even know if I’m sorry… Or perhaps the meaning of sorry.

So I’m sorry because my dad says I’m sorry 🙂”

Noel spoke out in a sarcastic tone

David shook his head at him… This boy is something else🤦🏼‍♂️

“Uh .. okay” Alicia shrugged.

“Janie… Your tu—

“Well I’m not sorry! If you plan on hearing otherwise, I’m sorry to say this…. I’m not sorry…

Great! You have your apology ”


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💙 Episode 20 💙

🎃 NORA 🎃

“Coming!” I j£rked from the sofa as I heard a soft tap on the door.

Who could it be!?

Alicia isn’t back from work yet. And it’s six alre-ady. The weather too isn’t friendly. It’s about to rain. I can alre-ady smell it.

The knock [email protected]£ again before I finally opened the door and met that familiar cute face.

“Oscar…” I beamed with smile.

“Good evening Nora. Is Alicia in?” He asked.

“Uhm nope she isn’t. Not yet back from work” I spoke out and his face fell a bit.

“Is there a problem?” I asked sounding concerned at his sudden change of countenance.

“Well she hasn’t been answering my calls or texts for a while now.. I don’t really know what’s going on. I can’t remember doing something bad to her. Did she tell you anything Nora?”

He sounded so worried.

“No not at all… You see, my friend has really been busy all along. I guess that’s why. You know she’d never take your calls for granted right”

I tried to sooth his mood..

I totally know what’s going on.

Alicia is obviously fed up with this dude here all because of David. Even when Oscar has possibly Done nothing to warrant such.

“When does she close from work?” He asked. Checking his watch.

“5,6… I think. Depends on how busy the day’s work is”

“Why not wait a little for her. She’d be back before you know it” I gestured him in to the house.

He walked in and took a seat. Eyes darting everywhere.

“You guys have a really nice place” he commented and I smiled at that..

“Thanks. So what do I offer you?”

“Nothing actually. I’m okay” he waved off.

“You sure about that? What about water?” I arched a brow at him.

“No. I’m good” he flashed a cute smile at me.

Gosh!! This guy is so cute yunno.
I wonder what’s wrong with Alicia. She alre-ady has someone like Oscar and still she’s chasing shadows. I just hope she doesn’t make a grave mistake.

“If you’d excuse me for a moment, I nee-d to check on something”

“Uhm sure” he nodded.

I picked up my phone and walked out of the sitting. Straight into the room.


I watched as David shunned his rude and stupid daughter. Did I ever mention I dislike this girl?

She’s too rude and spoilt for my liking. Well i shouldn’t even start with his little boy.

His kids are definitely annoying.

So David actually lied to me about them being sorry. He just wanted to have dinner with me.


He just wanted to have dinner with me?

I smiled inwardly at that thought. So he tricked me to his place… Aww that’s sweet yunno.

I’m beginning to think he likes me. Its a great progress.

“The three of you to your rooms. Now.”
He ordered his kids. Moreso Angry.

“But dad…

” Not a word from you Janietta” he shunned his boy.

“But I’m hungry Dad 😩” Noel skrie-ked.

“To your Room!” He repeated… Pointing out of the dinning.

Noel and janietta walked out immediately. Except their baby sister who sat there like she wasn’t included…. As she slowly ate get food.

“Kayla.. I mean you too” David spoke out. But she ignored.

“You don’t wanna get on my nerves Kayla. Do you?”

“I don’t like her” she bluntly stated… Referring to me.

Duh🙄… And whoever said I like you too huh?

“Kayla. Up to your….

He wasn’t able to finish his statement before the little thing bur-st into fake and annoying tears.

Causing me to give out a frustrating sigh.

“plea-se Mr.David. take it easy on her… I’ll take her to her room”

Their Nanny suddenly spoke out. And I turned to her direction. Giving her a disgusting look.

“plea-se do Ana” David ran his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair as I watched the lady walked over to the little girl, whispered some words into her ears before placing her on her arms… As they walked out of the dinning.

Good Riddance!!🙄

“I’m really sorry about…

” Let’s just eat” I cut into his words as I continued with the food.

🎃 Moments Later 🎃

We were alre-ady done with the food and still at the dinning when my phone suddenly rang out.


I stared at David and then to the maid before walking out. Into a quiet place which happened to be the kitchen.

“Nora” I picked up.

“Alicia where are you? You have a visitor”

“Who? Besides it’s raining. So I’m stucked”

“It’s Oscar. He has been here for over an hour now. Waiting for you”

I shrugged in a nonchalant way the moment shy mentioned his name.

“Cook up something to tell him. Cause I don’t think I’ll be coming home tonight”

“But Alicia….”

I quic-kly cut the call when I noticed someone approaching.

I stood there in the kitchen when she walked in… The Nanny to David’s annoying kids… She walked in with plates which was used for dinner.

Seeing her spikes me!

I don’t really know why.

I don’t just like her for a bit. And to think how kid likes her… My chances are getting thinner.

If there’s a way I’m gonna rid her off David’s house, I’m gonna do it. Before things gets out of hand.

I thought within as I slowly walked up to her.

TBC ✍️

What’s Alicia up to this time around 🧐🤔

I wonder 🤐🤐

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