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Single dad episode 16 & 17


🀱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🀱

Genre: [email protected]ç£😍, Comedy πŸ˜‚ Suspense πŸ˜³πŸ™€

Written by πŸ’ž Angel Louis πŸ’ž

πŸ’« Episode 16 πŸ’«


I tried her number for the upteenth time and she isn’t picking up. Like what’s this? I guess she’s just too mad to talk to talk to me.

Who wouldn’t be?

I sat right there when it all happened and I didn’t do a thing to caution my kids. I guess that made felt really bad. The thing is I just tried to overlook the situation to avoid unnecessary turn of things.

Guess I was wrong afterall.. cause it actually turned worse than expected.

I’ve wronged her. I and my kids have wronged her. Big time… And we are gonna do something about it. We have to apologise to her the right way, for humiliating her.

I just hope she lets go of the incidence and forgive us.

I’m still gonna keep trying her number.
I thought within as I continued dialing her digit.

πŸ‘— ALICIA πŸ‘—

Don’t pick! Don’t pick! Don’t pick!!

I f0rç£d myself to ignore the incoming calls from David. He’s been calling for almost an hour now. Yet I haven’t answered. He wanna apologize for what Happened earlier.

Like I really want to pick up and talk with him. Talking with him is the sweetest feeling ever. Buh I just can’t. I’m still hurt and mad about what he let his kids do to me.

He said nothing to shut their lousy a$ses up. It was so so [email protected]

Aside that too, I saw that lady there. So she’s their Nanny? Like Nanny to David’s kids.

Living with them??.. like [email protected]!!

This is so Risky for my chances with David.

This girl is cute as Fvck. She’s so beautiful and she’s a threat. Seeing her stay with David makes me so jealous. Like what if something happens and she takes him away from me.?

It’s on probability Though. But you never can tell. Nothing is too impossible. I thi2nk I’m gonna act fast with whatever I’m doing. I don’t wanna loose a chance with David.

Not at all!

And as for Oscar, Pffffft!!πŸ˜’
He’s just my be-d warmer. Nothing else. Anytime I have an itch, he’s there to take care of it. That’s what he’s useful for. He doesn’t know I plan to dump him once I have my way with David. He doesn’t cause he’s just too daft.

But once it happens, it’s gonna hit him so [email protected] like a wave. And by then, I’ll be long gone with David. While he wallows himself in pity.

Mostimes, I do wonder how I got involved with such such a Man. He’s no longer attrac-tive to me anymore like before. All I want now is my David. Not Oscar or any one else.

Just my David.


I stood there in the kitchen maintaining the dishes. I’ve fed and bathe Junior and right now, he’s asleep. Gosh! He’s so cute. I wonder where David got his kids from.

Junior is truly his replica. And he cries Alot. He cried all throu-gh while I was feeding him even when bathing. Maybe it’s because he’s just seeing my face for the first time. I think so.

It hasn’t been long we ate dinner. Actually, I ate separately from tg family cause everyone was actually acting cold. Guess it’s the same issue of Today.

I better not get involved. Even if I’m [email protected] the cause of everything.

My thoughts suddenly trailed off when I heard footsteps approaching. It didn’t take long before janietta walked into the kitchen.

“Junior is awake. And he’s crying ” she said coldly to him.

“So Soon?” I [email protected] in shock as I dry cleaned my hand with a towel. It hasn’t been long I put him to be-d. Is he always like that?

“Uh okay. I’ll be there shortly” I added when I noticed she was still standing there.

She nodded and then turned to leave.

“Uhm janietta…” I slowly called out she turned her face in a * What*? Manner.

“Thanks for standing up against Alicia for my sake m it meant Alot to me”

I’m beginning to feel she likes me. If not, why would she do what she did?

” I didn’t do that because I like you. Or I’m happy you’re living with us.” She spoke out as if re-ading my mind. Causing a sting in my che-st.

“I did that because I don’t like her either.. or neither I like what she did” she added and I slowly nodded.

“Okay” I breathe out.

“And one more thing Rosiana. You should learn to stand and speak up for yourself. Don’t always sit and let others bully you. You gotta retaliate. That’s one thing I learnt from my mom. It you don’t Stand up for yourself, nobΒ©dy will do that for you”

She stated out a straight fact before walking out of the kitchen.

She’s right. Janietta is right though. I’m too withdrawn. And Janie is saying nothing but the truth.

I thought within as I pu-ll-ed off the apron which was tied round my [email protected]!st., To answer the wailing Baby in his room.

I just hope that as Time goes on, I’ll be able to do just what janietta have said.

*Stand for myself*


🀱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🀱

Genre: [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy πŸ˜‚ Suspense πŸ˜³πŸ™€

Written by πŸ’ž Angel Louis πŸ’ž

πŸ’‹ Episode 17 πŸ’‹


Rosiana rushed into Junior’s room and met him crying so [email protected] in his father’s arms.

“You’re here. Can you plea-se do something to shut him up.. ” he asked. Looking so worried.

Junior is all red now. And David doesn’t seem to know why he woke up crying.

Did he have a nightmare?
Babies do have nightmares right. So it might be possible.

“Let me see if I can calm him down” Rosiana took him from his hands and placed him gently on her… Resting his head on her shoulders. But his cries only increased.

“Do you think he’s hungry?” David panicked.

“No I don’t think so. He ate to his fill not too long ago” she retorted, trying to calm junior down

She gently patted his back.

*What should I do now*
She thought whilst patting him. Until an idea popped into her head.

Her aunt Marie used to sing for her baby anytime she cries. And it usually calms her down. It might work on junior too.

What if it only increases his cries? And worse, the entire situation?

Rosiana contemplated and then resolved to a solution.
She’ll just start with a ‘hum’ …. Just for a start. To know if it works.

She breathe out a little and patted smoothly on Junior’s back.. then, she began with her humming.

β™ͺβ™ͺ Hum.- Hummm- Hmmmβ™ͺβ™ͺ

She hummed the chorus and soon felt junior as he breath out evenly against her shoulders.

Slowly, she transposed into weldings.
Singing sweetly into his ears as she patted him alongside.

Soon, he stΒ©pped crying.. just sniffles could be heard from him.

She sang to David’s amazement at how suddenly junior was calm. He felt so relieved at his baby falling back to sleep.

Rosiana kept singing with her eyes closed. It’s her favorite song from child.
β™ͺ Beautiful Heart πŸ’“β™ͺ

Her mom taught her to sing it at age seven. And it has always being her favorite song. Cause it could calm a stormy soul.

After minutes of singing and ma-king sure he was alre-ady fast asleep, Rosiana gently placed him back on his be-d, covering him with the Baby Duvet.

He sle-pt peacefully like someone who wasn’t crying Moment ago. And it really calmed His father. David.

“Thanks” he muttered his appreciation.

“If not for you, he’d still be up crying” he added .

“It’s nothing. Besides it’s my job” she beamed a Small smile, walking out of the room.

“Ana” he calmly called. Causing her to pause her feet as she turned her gaze at him.

“I’m really sorry about today. For what Alicia did to you. I’m sorry” he spoke out genuinely.

“Okay” sh nodded with yet, another small smile. And then turned her face towards her direction… When he called her again.

“Sir” she answered

“Have a goodnight rest”

She nodded at his word and then continued her steps. Walking Back to the kitchen to clean up the plates. Then once she’s done with that, she’ll have her bathe, call her mom to check on her before having a good night rest.


πŸ“² You don’t mean it Bro! Your kids actually did that to her?
* Mark asked from the other end of the call*

πŸ“² Yes man. I felt really bad for her today.

πŸ“² Have you apologized?

πŸ“² Tried calling but she didn’t pick up.

πŸ“² Calling? No girl in her right s-en-ses would pick up. Why didn’t you visit her place to do it properly? You don’t expect her to ever talk to you again after what your kids did to her.

πŸ“² ( *Palms his head in frustration*) what do I do man? I’m so confused.

πŸ“² Easy! Go to her place first thing tomorrow before she leaves for work. Buy flowers on your way. When you get there, presΒ£nt it to her as a symbol of how sorry you feel.
Trust me, ladies love flowers especially daisies”

πŸ“² You think that’ll help relax her nerves?

πŸ“² It’ll do the work Man. Trust me on This.

πŸ“² Oh wow. (Smiles) Thanks, I’ll do just that.

πŸ“² Sure thing. By the way, Karen will be coming to spend some time at your place with the kids during the holiday. You know the school session is almost over.

πŸ“² Yeah I know. Let her come. That’ll be no problem dude. She can come anytime. Noel will definitely be Happy to see her.

πŸ“² Okay Then. Good night Man.

πŸ“² Sleep ti-ght Buddy.

{ Call Ended }

β˜ƒοΈ NEXT MORNING β˜ƒοΈ

” None of you are going to school today! Do you have a problem with that? Huh?”

I stared into their faces as i mouthed the words

“But why?” Noel skrie-ked.

” No school till y’all apologises to Alicia”

“What? That’s not fair dad!” Janietta freaked out

“What you did to her isn’t fair either. I’m taking no one to school today. You guys sit your @ssessment down while I rush to clean up your mess and then bring her here so you guys can do the Necessary!”

I spoke out on more serious tone before walking out of their sight. Leaving them standing with their alre-ady set lunch boxes and school packs.

* * * πŸ”₯The Kids πŸ”₯ * * *

“So daddy deprived us of school all because he wants us to apologise to that his lady friend huh? !” Janietta frowned [email protected] Pushing her bag aside.

“He’s even bringing her here.
Like when last did I apologise to any of you for doing you wrong?” Noel asked with a scoff.

“Do you think we should apologise? Cause I think we should” Kayla asked. Staring at her siblings in a compelling manner.

“I hate to apologise, and you know that KayπŸ˜’.” Janietta shrugged.

“But if she’s craving so bad for an apology, let her come. I’ll give her what she wants 😏”

Janietta sm-irked. Relaxing herself on the couch as they patiently waited.

TBC πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Hmm.I smell mischief in the airπŸ”₯🀭🧐
Aww Rosiana is a sweetheart 😍.. she calmed Baby junior for usπŸ˜‹
I just hope the kids doesn’t mess up again 😹😸.. this one they’re patiently waiting

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