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Single dad episode 14 & 15


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre: [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

Episode 14

Alicia walked towards the dinning.
” Happy Sunday”.
She beamed as she [email protected]£ closer.

“Hope you guys don’t mind if I join the table” she added as they all stared at her. Not knowing what to say.

She took that as a yes and pushed out a seat and then sat on it. She hasn’t fully settled on it when her eyes suddenly fell on Rosiana who was sitted next to her

“You!” She [email protected] in suprise.

“I’m sorry. Have we met?” Rosiana arched a brow. Alicia seems like she knows her. But Rosiana doesn’t.

Alicia quic-kly looked away from her. In other to keep a straight face. This is the same lady she saw with David either yesterday or the day before. She can’t help but feel somewhat jealous right now.

“You never told me you were coming” David finally spoke out.

“Well I wanted to make it a suprise” she smiled a little…

“seriously? A phone call would have been okay I—…..

“And who are you??” The little voice sounded so authoritative as everyone stared at the direction it [email protected]£ from.


No one had noticed when she [email protected]£ out. Guess they were too carried away by this stranger.

“Oops. My manners. My name’s Alicia”

“Huh?? Alicia?? That’s a stupid Name. Who bears that?” Noel spoke out irritably. Causing a frown on Alicia.

*This boy is Rude*
She thought within. Well, she’s never gonna seat back and watch a kid talk to her in such manner.

“What’s your name Boy?” She. Asked with a fake smile.


“Well, Noel sounds more Idiotic to me” she pouted.

“Alicia…”David tried calling her attention as she spoke un-der his breath.

He knows his kids so Well to be annoying. But the best way to shut them up is to ignore.

“Well it’s better Alicia you know. You act so childish. Talking back at a little boy. My. Brother!” Janietta fired at her, still standing

“David did you hear—” Alicia [email protected] in suprise.

“Janietta that’s enough” David hushed her.

“What Dad?. I’m here for lunch”

“Then come sit. And st©p being rude to a guest” he ordered and she huffed. Walking straight to the dinning. And worse, sitting right opposite Alicia.

“Alicia how old are you?” Kayla asked all of a sudden. Taking everyone by suprise.

“What sort of question is that?” Alicia frowned at the little girl.

“Kayla Baby. Eat your food” David tried to shut her up in a best polite way.

“No dad. I wanna know. Cause she’s putting on a Baby’s cloth. I guess that’s why most [email protected] of her b©dy isn’t covered. Cause it’s doesn’t fit her. Neither is it her size”
Kayla pin- pointed at her expo-sed B00bs and Open Back.

“Yeah.. Kayla’s right. I think what Alicia nee-ds now is clothes” Noel seconded.

“If she wants her size of clothes, she should visit the charity homes.. it’s free with no charges there. She’ll find her perfect size” Janietta t©pped it all with her speech 😂. Causing Rosiana to laugh so [email protected]

While David tried to suppress his.

Rosiana soon realized herself and muttered a ‘sorry’ … She quic-kly covered her mouth.

By now, Alicia was alre-ady fuming with rage as she watched the kids make Jest of her. She turned to David for help who quic-kly looked away.
Huh!!! This is so frustrating.

“You kids better Respect yourselves or you’re…

“Or what?” Janietta cut in rather rudely.

“Beat us? Even our Dad doesn’t raise a f!nger on us.. so who are you then? You do not threaten us Alicia” Janietta stated a clear fact to Alicia’s face and her siblings nodded in agreement.

Rosiana is gonna have another heat of laughter. But she can’t risk that. Not when she’s sitting next to the victim of ridicule, Alicia.

“I think I’m done” Rosiana Notified. Wiping her mouth with the table Napkin. As she was about to drop it back on the table, her hand mistakenly hit one of the tublers filled with jui-ce and it poured straight on Alicia’s [email protected] ma-king a mess of her dress.

“Oh my! I’m so sor—

Rosiana was cut short by the sound of Alicia’s palm on her face. Her vision getting blurred as she tried to realize what just happened. And this alone angered Kayla.

“How dare you hit my Nanny!?” She screamed at the t©p of her voice as she di-pped her hand into her mashed sticky potatoes, picked out a large portion and plastered it on Alicia’s face. Ruining her makeup.

It took Alicia seconds to realize what just happened. Did this little girl just—???

“Why you little—”
She was cut short again by another which was thrown by Noel… And it landed on her B00bs. And worse it wasn’t potatoes.. it was the stew which had pepper coated in it.

“You don’t mess With our nanny”
He sh0t back at her.

“Oh! My! God!!” Alicia screamed.
“My B00bs is on fire!!!😭” She cried out as she got up from her seat like an insane lady.

“Here, let me help you quench it” Janietta picked a jug of water and emptied it on Alicia.

The water ruining her makeup and washing the stew down her b©dy. ma-king everything worse.

“Janie! Noel! Kayla!! You guys are grounded for this!” David shouted looking so angry.

But they cared less as they watched Alicia picked up her bag… Walking away from the dinning like a mad person with h0t cries tearing from herl-ips.

Her face ruined with Mashed potatoes and water. ma-king her sight blurry. Her B00bs and insides are on fire

She walked a little and then summersaulted on the floor with a Loud cry.
And the kids gave out a roar of laughter…. Laughing so [email protected] at her pathetic sight.

“Alicia!” David ran towards her. Feeling guilty.

“Don’t you dare t©uçh me David!!! I regret coming here!” She screamed into his face as she pushed him aside.

She got up and ran out of the sitting.
*What she nee-ds now is an ice bath. So we the burning fire in her.*

She thought within as she entered her car and zoomed off


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre: [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 15 💫

Immediately Alicia drove out of the compound, David turned his gaze at his kids. Staring daggers at them.

“Don’t give us that look dad. She got what she deserved” Janietta shrugged her shoulders.

“One more word from you and you’re grounded” he threatened.

“I think you just said that moments ago.. about grounding the three of us” Janie retorted… Causing David to palm his head in frustration.


Like what the hell do I do with these kids?
Since when did they become this? Like how could they treat Alicia in that manner?

“And to think Kayla was even [email protected] of it! Gosh! I’m disappointed. Big time”

I shook my head staring coldly at Baby Kayla who pouted.

“She hit Rosiana”

“So that gave you the right to smash her face with potatoes right?”

“She’s our Nanny,. Our cook. Alicia shouldn’t have hit her. Besides, it wasn’t done intentionally by Rosiana.” Noel tried to explain.

“Shut up okay. You are even worse. You sprayed a coated peppery stew on her b©dy..”
I pointed out his fault.

“She should have dressed more appropriate before coming here. You shouldn’t compromise that dad” Janietta spoke out.

And who said anything about Compromising huh?

I sighed out, not knowing what else to say to my kids. I stared at the three culprits. And then to Rosiana.

As our eyes met, she quic-kly looked away, facing the floor.
I wonder the kind of person she is. She was [email protected] and she didn’t even retaliate. Or Maybe it’s just my kids who never gave her a chance to.

It’s her face day here and she received such unfair treatment from my friend.
Alicia wouldn’t have hit her either if not for her alre-ady spoilt mood caused by my kids.

“And you should be more careful next time okay”

“I’m sorry sir. It won’t happen again. It was a stupid mistake” she apologized almost immediately with a genuflect.

I nodded to her apology and waved her off. She bowed slightly before fighting her way out. To her room.

Now, it’s just my kids and I.

I stared at the trip as their eyes darted everywhere, Except me.

“Okay fine. We are sorry dad. It won’t happen again” Janietta apologized. Followed by Noel and Kayla.

“I wasn’t the one who got smashed by a potato.. or stew sauce. Neither was I the one splashed by a jug of water. So I guess you know the right person to apologise to”

“What?! Her?? No way!! There’s no way we are gonna do that” they complained bitterly.

“Oh yes. You guys will” I nodded against their complaint.


Alicia barged open the door as she f0rç£fully walked in. Startling Nora who was peacefully watching a movie in the sitting.

The sight of Alicia made her scurried to the back of the couch in fear.

“Geez! What Happened to you? You look—….

“Mad? Insane?? Stupid? Pathetic??”
Alicia cut in with her rantings. Looking so so angry and same time messed up.

“Calm down Ali, what really happened? Did you get into an accident or something?” She asked again.

“What else? If not for those Good-forsaken-Lousy kids of David!! They fvcking did this to me!!!” She cussed… Going up in smoke as she scratched her itchy B00bs.

“Whooa…!!” Nora [email protected]

“Don’t tell me they did this to—–” she couldn’t finish her word before a roar of laughter tore from herl-ips😂😹😹..

Laughing her friend so [email protected] to scorn.

Alicia stared at her in disbelief.

“What’s so funny exactly? I’d it the fact that I have mashed potatoes on my face or some peppery stew on my b©©b . And alongside a w€t b©dy and ruined makeup. ma-king me look like a haunted ghost…. Which exactly??”

She asked in sarcasm.. not knowing what exactly to [email protected] her friend…

“so they did this to you? I thought I warned you against going there to pay a #Suprise_Visit? I know I tried st©pping you. But your lovey-dovey willed spirit won’t just let you be. And if I may ask, where was David when all this happened to you??
I guess you got what you were looking for”

Nora scoffed as she resumed her sitting posture and then continued with her movie.

“Is that all you’ve got to say??” Alicia asked in suprise.

“Yeahhhh??? You don’t expect me to pick up a machete and Chase the kids round for messing with my friend who simply takes my word for granted. I warned you didn’t I??

You are the one looking suprised After all. Not them… It was supposed to be a suprise visit I guess… ” Nora said it all to Alicia’s face. Before ignoring her.

Alicia who stood there looking so dumbfounded found nothing to say. She was warned after all.
She thought within as she frowned [email protected] Looking so angry at herself as she walked back to the room.

“I HATE KIDS!!!!!!!!”



Yes Nawwwww. She got what she deserved 😋😋..

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