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Single dad 2 episode 8


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

#Season_ Two

💫 Episode 8 💫

The f0rç£ at which David’s door barged open startled him and he dragged his eyes towards the door just to see no other person but fuming Alicia.

“What do you want from me David? Haven’t I apologized? Why did you do this??”

Her angry expression got replaced with h0t tears as it ran freely from her eyes.

David stared blankly at her, not by any chance moved by her tears.

After what seemed like 10-15 seconds, he returned his gaze to what he was doing.

“Do you hate me that much David? Really I wanna know” she almost choked in her tears.

He paused, then turned his gaze at her.

” More than you can imagine. You almost took the life of Ana. You should be happy she pleaded for your re-lease. If not, do you think you’d be here bothering about the job you just lost?

Losing your place in Duvel is a minor thing to what I had planned for you. So you should count it all Joy and go back home to start thinking on how to get yourself a new job. That’s if you’re lucky cause no company would want yo work with an ex-convict”

David poured out those words rashly to her face.

“No… No… You are the [email protected] reason for my action. I [email protected]£ an ex-convict because of you. All of these…. It’s your fault.

I loved you! You knew, yet you pla-yed with my feelings David. You made me do what I did. You [email protected]!!”
She yelled at the t©p of her voice in a teary tone.

“Nah.. nah.. Don’t get this mixed up here. Cause you’re actually the one who pla-yed with your own feelings.

I never told you I was interested In you. We were just colleagues from work. You fell for me. You ruined your life the moment you tried to take an innocent soul.

You certainly deserve more than what I did.
Now get out of my office”

David remained calm and his voice cool. No matter how [email protected] Alicia seemed to be getting on his nerves.

“… And one more thing Alicia, it would really be a pity to think you rejected your ex-boy friend’s proposal because of me. Wouldn’t it??”

He tuned in a mocking way… Hitting her on her injured sp©t.

“You [email protected]!! ” She yelled smashing his files and frames from his table to the ground.

He just reminded her of her greatest mistake.

The day she left Oscar for him.
“I hate you so much… I hate you David!!!” She cried at the t©p of her voice.

David didn’t flin-ched by her immediate action. He wasn’t actually around the day Oscar had proposed to her, he got to hear throu-gh rumors at the workplace the previous day her [email protected]£.

“Get out of my office”

He ordered plainly.

“I swear you’ll pay for this. I swear you will”

“Don’t try anything stupid Alicia. Cause one more mistake from you, the police will be at your doorstep and trust me, you won’t get an appeal on your behalf from anyone”…

” is that a threat?” She scoffed unbelievably at him… Wiping off her teary face.

” No it’s not. I want you to take it as a promise. You know I always keep to my promise.
I’ll definitely make sure that I see you to jail where you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting for the wrong action you took.”

David spoke throu-gh gritted teeth. Visibly angry.

Alicia who didn’t know what else to do barged out of his office. Angrily.


“You’re pregnant?”
Oscar gawked at Nora who sat nervously beside him.

She just broke the news about her pregnancy to him and she’s scared.

“Y-yes I am..” a tear which she couldn’t control dropped from her lid.

What if he reject the child,?*

That thought kept running throu-gh her mind.

“Gosh why are you crying?” He used his thumb to wipe off the tear.

“plea-se… I know the news is unexpected. But plea-se don’t reject this responsibility. Don’t make me abort it. I know I’m not supposed to take in. I know.
But it wasn’t intentional I swear.

I never planned for any of this to happen. We could keep the child even if you don’t want it and I…..

“Don’t want it? What are you saying Nora? You think I’ll not accept it?

You think I’ll not Take the responsibility of my unborn child??”

He asked… Giving her a puzzled look.

Nora slowly nodded in affirmation.

“Why would you think so sweetie?? I was the one who put it In there? Why won’t I Take responsibility???” He asked. Looking perplexed.

“I thought you’d—

“You thought wrong Nora. I’ll gladly accept the responsibility. Besides I’m so happy about the news…”

He smiled broadly, placing his hands on her stomach.

“You are?’… Her face lit up.

“Of course baby. I’m gonna be a father. We are gonna parent our first baby together with love and care . Shouldn’t I be Happy about that??” He asked.

“Y-yes…” A smile crept on Nora’s face.

“The most wonderful woman on Earth is carrying my child. It’s enough happiness alre-ady.

Marry me Nora. I may not have the ring here with me to give you bit I promise, once you say yes to me… I’ll get you the best ring.

Say yes plea-se. Make my life complete and be my wife. Make me a happy man forever by saying yes to a proposal which comes from the depth of my heart..”

Nora’s mouth dropped in awe..

“Are you proposing to me?? ” She [email protected] in shock as Nora took her hands into his.

“Does it look like I’m joking? I want you to be my wife Nora… Be the mother of my unborn kids.. make this rached soul of mine whole by saying yes…
plea-se say yes”

“Are you kidding…? Yes of course…! Yes yes I’ll marry you” she dived into his arms for a warm [email protected]

Her joy knew no bounds. He just accepted the pregnancy with a proposal!

Who wouldn’t be Happy???

“Gosh I love you so much” she said softly into his ear as he pu-ll-ed her into a de-ep k!ss.💋💋


“You did what?” Rosiana screeched.
“Why did you tell on her? I thought I told you to just drop the case”

She stared unbelievably at David who narrated what happened at the office today.

“I did as you said okay.” He gro-an ed.

“No you didn’t. You still went on by reporting to your boss” Ana argued feeling so bad about the news.

“I actually told the boss about the incident when you were still in the hospital. After you told me to drop the case, I did. I swear.

Firing Alicia was the boss’s decision not Mine. I thought you’d be happy about this” he furrowed a brow at her.

Why would I be happy about something that brou-ght tears to her. It’ll make me no different from her then”
Rosiana breath out, taking a seat on the couch.

She feels so bad about the news. Alicia is sorry. She can tell from the look on her face the other day she [email protected]£ begging for forgiveness.

She just can’t believe her only source of livelihood has been taken from her because of David’s Anger.

“I’m sorry”
David who noticed how sad Rosiana suddenly [email protected]£ walked over and sat beside her.

“I’m sorry okay. I didn’t mean any harm. I was just driven by Anger. I swear” he tried to explain.

“How will she cope without her job David? You don’t expect her to live a normal life after this do you?” Rosiana arched… Staring into his face.

David breath out tiredly. If only he knew how actions would cause such discomfort to Ana, he wouldn’t have done what he did. He thought she’d be happy about it. But no… Instead, she’s greatly disappointed.

If only there was an instant way to make things right.

“I know I let my Anger get the best out of me. But I promise you, I’ll definitely make it up to her…” He wra-pped her hands with his Palm and k!$$£d it.

“Help her get a new job plea-se”

David shrugged at the sound of that.

“It’s not gonna be easy. Especially when the job is around this vicinity. The deed’s alre-ady done. I wish I could take it back.

Even if I did and things worked out differently, it still won’t be easy working with someone who tried to take you and my daughter away from me. It won’t be easy at all.

That anger towards her will definitely transform into raw hatred and it might lead me into doing something I might regret…” He lowered his head. Soberly.

“Hey” Ana held up his face to hers.
“I get you. It’s not your fault. Whatever you did, you did for me and your daughter’s safety. And I love you so much for that. I don’t blame you for anything I swear I don’t. Cause I know you have a good heart”

Those words from her soothed David’s soul as it reflected a smile on his face.

“I promise you Ana, I’ll make it up to her” he @ssured placing a light k!sson her hand.

“Thank you” Ana smiled in return pu-lling herself into David’s arm for an [email protected]

“Those times I watched you lying unconscious in the hospital be-d were the scariest moment of my life. I thought I was going to loose you. ”

He spoke smoothly into her ears.

“You’re never going to loose me okay” Ana pu-ll-ed away from home and stared straight Into his eyes.

“I don’t want to abhor such thought. Cause I don’t think I can’t stand loosing a second person I love so much in my life” the coldness in his voice disturbe-d Ana.

” Your late wife…” Ana breathe out…

“Yes.. when Mariah died, it wasn’t easy for me. Even though I acted strong just because if my kids.
I didn’t want them to feel the abs£nce of a mother”…

“Sshh.. that’s okay. You’re not gonna loose me for anything. It’s a promise”

She hushed him by crashing herl-ips on his.

Without hesitation, David k!$$£d back..
He pu-ll-ed her closer to himself and k!$$£d her [email protected] di-ving his ton-gue in and out of her glossyl-ips.

Herl-ips tasted more like strawberries and it made him want more of it. More of it’s jui-ce.

Rosiana who was simply getting tuned in the moment k!$$£d him as her f!ngersburied into his silky hair. She loves this man so much and every stroke of their ton-gue drives her insane..

David broke from herl-ips and su-ckled on her ear-lobes. He k!$$£d down to her n£¢k as his searching hands wandered into her shi-t.

She was without a [email protected]… And the fleshy-bu-mp stood ba-re behind her baggy t©p.

He ti-pped her nippl£ and a soft [email protected] unconsciously escaped herl-ips.
The feeling cascading throu-gh her was unusual…. She thought.

She has never felt this intense before.

David who was getting almost off the grid kept grazing all over her fleshy skin. He trailed his hands from her Round full B00bs.. down to her light short. He robbe-d on the surface causing Ana to [email protected] out his name.

“Dav….id” she felt scared.

She’s scared. She has never let any man t©uçh her in this manner before. She has never been t©uçhed…

David retrieved his hands back to her t©p, slowly pu-lling it from her… When she suddenly st©pped him with a subtle voice.

“I haven’t done this before..” it [email protected]£ out low …

Even if David was in for the moment, it didn’t cloud his s-en-se of hearing.

“What did you say?..” he arched. suprised.

“I haven’t..” she shook her head.

David stared thor0ûghly at her. She’d s a vir-gin?? He’s staring at a vir-gin??
Not in this generation he’d ever think he’ll meet one. Nor even fall in love with any.

“It’s okay if you don’t want me to go on. I’ll un-derstand” he tried moving away from her…

de-ep down, there’s nothing more he wants at this moment than to be buried de-ep in the heatness of the woman he love so much. But if she’s not re-ady, he won’t f0rç£ it.

“No, no I want you…” She held him close from moving any further.
“I want you now.. more than ever” she breath [email protected] against his che-st.

She could alre-ady feel the depth of her w€tness. She knows what she wants. And it’s him.

“Oh Ana…” He k!$$£d her hair softly as his di-ck twitch in excitement.

He pu-ll-ed her back into a k!ss, he made to get up, pu-lling her legs around his torso as they buried Into a de-ep rou-gh k!ss.

Slowly, he carried her into one of the rooms he presume to his.. without breaking the k!ss.

“I’ll go easy on you. I promise…” He kept repeating soothingly into her ears to relieve her of any uncertainty.. even though she had none.

He didn’t break the k!ssthe moment he placed her on the be-d. Their eyes were shut and the room a bit bright from the dim light emitting from the bulb which shone above their heads.

Ana held strong onto David’s back. The feeling of his b©dy against hers was heartwarming. She la-id flat on her bad with David not totally resting his weight on her.

He slowly pu-ll-ed off her shi-t, revea-ling her Round Full [email protected] with thick Irish nippl£s. He couldn’t help from staring at the beautiful feature before him.
In order not to get her any much uncomfortable, he di-pped his head back and picked it into his mouth.. milking tenderly on it.

It was visibly pushing Ana off as she slowly [email protected] ed out his name to each stroke.
His other hand moved over to her Lacy short and slowly pu-ll-ed it off.

Ana felt ba-re, she felt n-ked. Most especially, she felt shy lying before the man who stared at her b©dy with so much de-sire in his eyes.

David knew the effect he was causing on her. He just couldn’t help himself either. She’s just so beautiful and radiant.

Ana felt hisl-ips crash back on hers. S
This time, she didn’t hesitate to reciprocate the k!ss.

k!ss, it’s one thing she has grown so fond with David. She was so lost in it that she didn’t realize when he uncladed himself.

His knees resting on the be-d as he gently [email protected] her legs for him.

“I love you” he sweetly said into her hearing.

She’s nervous. He could tell from the rate of her breath.

“You’re so beautiful baby. Why not calm down” he complimented.. taking his downs down to her pri-vate, slowly gliding up and down it’s surface.

“You’re so w€t for me..” he k!$$£d her. Swallowing her slight [email protected] s…

“I’m going to make this night the best for you in every possible way…” He added, sliding his middle f!nger Into her.

“Ahh..hh” Ana [email protected]

She didn’t feel comfortable with his f!nger inside of her at first,.. with little time she adjusted and got a bit used to his f!nger moving in and out of her.
When he noticed her relax to this, he added a second f!nger… ma-king the feeling more intense.

Slowly, he moved his f!ngersinto her w€tness with small thrû-sts.

He has to prepare her to take every inch of him. He doesn’t wanna hurt her or get her bruised.

In a bit, her vagiπa ti-ght£ñed against his f!ngers… Her Breathe [email protected]£ uneven as muffled screams escaped herl-ips, she [email protected]£ heavily on his hand.

Her very first Organπism.

The warm liquid on his hand gave him a strong [email protected]π.

He [email protected] her legs Abit and settled between her. Slowly, he pushed the ti-p of his thick member into her. Ana held on to the be-dsheets… Her f!ngersdigging [email protected] into it.

He’s penetrating her and it hurts. She could feel him slowly going de-ep into her. The more he moved his h!ps closer, the more her cries. It hurts.
It hurts cause he’s so thick and [email protected]

David paused his movement. ma-king her get used to him inside her. Ana tried catching her breath to relieve herself from the itchy pain. Tiny breaks of sweat trickled from her head as she tried getting used to the warm feeling.

Slowly, he pu-ll-ed out from her.. ma-king a slurpy sound… He then thrû-sted back in.
He pu-ll-ed out yet again and pushed back in. He continued this steady movement. Each thrû-st drilling dee-per into her. The pain she was feeling was gradually fading away as it got replaced with something else. A new plea-sure. So out of this world.. she just couldn’t describe it. She was getting used to his movement in and out of her. Each Daring thrû-st, forcing a plea-surable [email protected] from herl-ips.

David focused more on the slow rhythm for a while. Soon, his pace got a bit fas-ter but steady. The sound of their flesh [email protected] against each.

This was no ordinary S-x. It’s intimacy— love ma-king. David hasn’t felt this way in a long time. He’s trying his possible best to remain in place and not lose control.

She’s just so ti-ght. Her vagiπa svcking life out of his D””k it’s driving him crazy. He doesn’t want to forget it’s her first time and he nee-ds to go more easy on her. But there are some certain extent to which he can control himself.

He couldn’t st©p himself from going a bit fas-ter in and out of her. Her cries all over the room.

Not a cry of pain… A cry of something she couldn’t control. Something she’s never felt before. A cry of plea-sure. A cry of satisfaction.


After long minutes of intim-acy and countless number of orgaπism from Ana, David finally [email protected]£.

After three fast thrû-st, he gro-an ed [email protected] against her as he sh0t his load de-ep into her. He felt a bit relaxed as his member [email protected]£ flaccid inside of her.

He didn’t just want to pu-ll out of her yet. So with a [email protected] of him still in her, he rolled over on his back.. pu-lling exhausted Ana along as they switched sides … Ana resting tired on him.

About ten minutes later, he whispered low into her ears…

“Let’s go have a quic-k shower baby..”

Tbc 🙈🙉🙊😍

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