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Single dad 2 episode 5


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞


💫 Episode 5 💫

Alicia opened the door and walked in with a heavy heart where she met Nora seated on the couch.

“You’re back. I was about calling you” Nora breathe out. Placing back her phone on the Small [email protected] table before her.

“Like you’ve been gone for closely three days. No calls, no texts. you got me worried” she added.

Instead, she received a cold-blurry stare from Alicia who didn’t say anything.

“Alicia. If there’s something you aren’t happy about with me, can we at least talk things out?” Nora nudged. Sitting upright.

Alicia who looked restless didn’t utter a word to her as she paced to and fro before Nora.


Well, I actually returned from Oscar’s place at noon like he said before I left, I should call to check on Alicia who never dimmed it fit to call me about her whereabouts.

I’ve been waiting patiently with my phone to give a call just in case she doesn’t return again today.

Fortunately, she’s back and she’s acting extremely weird. She looks restless.

“Alicia is something wrong? You don’t look yourself” I asked again. The only response I received from her was a cold stare and silence… Like I was disturbing her.

I got up, walked over to her and placed my hands on her shoulder in a calming way.

“If there’s something bothering you, plea-se tell me. I’ve been sick worried for the past days with you not around. Tell me what the problem is… I might be of help okay. I’m still your friend Alicia. Your best friend at that” I added with concern written all over my face.

She stood still for some moment and then shook my hands away from her shoulder.

“I -i want to be left alone Nora. plea-se”

“Even your voice tells you aren’t okay. I can’t leave you alone Ali. plea-se tell me what the problem is…” I persisted.

“Fine. Since you don’t wanna leave me, I’ll do the favors” with that, she picked her bag and walked out on me. Leaving my mouth dropped [email protected] as I watched her Walk out on me.

What just happened?
I snarled angrily at my own self for trying to f0rç£ things.
Alicia just snobbe-d me. This is what I get for trying to prove nons-en-se. I blame myself instead.


My head is filled up. It’s alre-ady messed up and I nee-d nob©dy, neither Nora to make things any less easy.

I’m scared. I’m scared ASF! What becomes of me if David gets to know I caused everything? I let my emotions get the worst out of me. See the way he treated me few moments ago at the hospital. He doesn’t know the Truth yet. What if he gets to know, like he had alre-ady said. He’ll kill me.

I really don’t want David to hate me. Every decision I take is for the both of us. I’m so obsessed with him that I can’t bear loosing him to anyone. My actual plan was to get rose out of the way. Now I just made David hate me.

What do I do?

My heart raced heavily as my thoughts went suddenly blank. I have nothing, no idea running this my head at the moment cause it’s messed up. I’m in a big mess.

I think I’m desperate.

I know for a fact that I’m desperately wanting David. I’m so obsessed with David to a fault. Despite knowing the truth that he isn’t In any way inlove with cause he’s alre-ady into someone else, I still crave so bad for him.


I drove down to Marigold resorte even before the time I had placed for I and Ana to meet.

I’ve been sitting here in this static position for the past hours, fruitlessly waiting for her. It’s past six alre-ady and still no sign of her. I’ve tried her number countless of times but she didn’t bother to pick up.

She didn’t pick my calls. She never bothered to call back, she never dimmed to call and tell she can’t make it here rather than make me wait in vain.

I ran my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair frustratedly.

Why is she treating me this way? The day she finally agreed to see me and also a day I have also set aside to tell her the way I feel about her, she didn’t bother to show up.

No problem then. Maybe I’m just the clown in this whole situation.

I picked my car keys and left bitterly.


“Mr David” the doctor called a tired looking David who sat soberly on a single chair , his face buried into his palms.

“Doctor…” He j£rked from his seat anxiously.

“Your daughter is awake now, you can go see her”

The smile in Dave’s face was the brightest he has ever smiled.

“Oh thank goodness” he breathe out.
“But doctor, what about The other patient Rosiana. How is she?” He could not st©p himself from asking. There had been no report on Ana’s case from the doctor since then. And it got him really worried.

“Mr David, I’d advice you go see your daughter first. She nee-ds you by her side now. But plea-se remember not to stress her with questions. She hasn’t fully regained herself. So you keep whatever questions you want to ask till she’s properly fine.”

“Alright” he nodded at the doctor’s warning as he led him into the ward where his daughter la-id. And then, left both father and daughter.


“Daddy…” Her voice [email protected]£ out low and drained of strength.

“Janie baby.. sssh… Relax. Don’t try to talk much okay. I’m right here”

He placed his hand in her hair and the other on her small hand.

“Daddy.. Ros-Ian_a how is sh-she?”

“Rosiana?. She’s fine ok. She’s fine sweetheart”

His heart melted at the like he was telling himself. Is she really Fine??

He held himself from crying.

“Da-d… It’s Alicia… ”

“Alicia? What happened to her?”

“Al-alicia… She pushed Ana into the pu-ll.. and- and watc- watched her drown…. I – I had to do something to help,.. that’s wh-why…

“Sshh… That’s okay now” I hushed her from saying much. She should reserve her strength for a quic-k recovery.

“Alicia put you and Ana I’m this condition….” The anger in me wasn’t hidden at all.

That lady is evil. I’m going to deal with her. She will definitely pay for this.

And I swear, if anything happens to Ana, I’ll murder her in cold blood.


David walked out of the ward leaving his daughter who sle-pt peacefully like a Babe. He nee-ds to go home. Kayla and Noel alongside junior are with Mark his best friend.

He had called him earlier go look after his kids for him while he settles the issue in the hospital since he doesn’t know the time he’ll return.

He checked his Time, contemplating if it’s too late to take whatever action he had in mind.

It’s past nine in the night. So he brou-ght out his phone and dialed the number.

The person picked at first ring, like he was expecting the call alre-ady.

“Hello sir,… There’s something I would like you to do for me this minute” David spoke out.


A heavy knock [email protected]£ that night on the door repeatedly as Nora went to answer it.

It’s late in the night, who would be at the door?

She opened the door and her eyes sh0t in suprise staring at the men who walked in.

“Are you miss Alicia Gomez?” One who Nora presumes to be the leader asked.

“Uh… What do you want here?” She asked in uncertainty finding the men quite funny.

The three of them brou-ght out their IDs and showed it to her..

“So, we ask again, are you miss Alicia Gomez?”

“No I…

“I’m the one. Is there a problem?” Alicia responded coming out from the room. She actually heard unfamiliar voices so, she decided to see who it was.

“Miss Alicia Gomez you are arrested for the attem-pted murder of Rosiana [email protected]…”

“What??” Nora and Alicia [email protected] in shock. Nora looked more suprised.

“I didn’t— I didn’t… I-i..

“Alicia is it true? Did you try to murder Rosiana, David’s cook?'”

“No. It’s not how it seems I…”

She tried to explain but rather found no words.

” Miss Alicia, you are adviced to remain silent. For whatever you say or do will be used against you in the court of law”

With that said, they handcuffed her and led her out of the house.


Oh my goodness!
My mouth dropped open the whole time I watched the police match Alicia out. I can’t believe my friend, someone I live with would be accused of Attem-pted murder! But why if I may ask?

I still don’t know the full details in all of This. I’m too shocked by the news to even ask questions.

Alicia’s my friend and it equally affects me that she’s been taken away to the police station.

Is that why she’ve been away from home these days? She has been at David’s place all these while??

Why would she even think of Killin rose? Is that why she went there? What sort of demon possessed her?

No matter how dire or tempting a situation may be, it still doesn’t require such reaction or attempt to take a life.

I never knew Alicia to be such kind of a person. What really happened to her??

Gosh! I feel so much confusion inside of me. I nee-d to go to the police station too.

At least, Alicia nee-ds someone by her side to listen to her own side of the story.


“I didn’t try to kill her I swear. I didn’t” I cried out as they walked me to the van.

They paid no attention to what I was saying and it was freaking me out Big Time!

“I didn’t try anything. We just wanted to swim. Things happened really fast okay. I was even the one who drove them to the nearest hospital.. now tell me, if I really wanted to kill Rosiana, why would I even bother taking her to the hospital??? ”

She stressed her question visibly siding her presumed innocence.

“You have to un-derstand we ate following orders here” one of them replied.

“Orders? From who?.. from who goddamit! Put the person on phone let me have a word with him or her. He/she ought to know they’re ma-king a wrong decision by arresting me. I did nothing wrong… ”

“The order is from Mr David Romero. And he doesn’t want to be disturbe-d” they retorted.

“David??” I [email protected] in shock…
David knows,! Oh My God!!! I’m so messed up. He ordered for this arrest.

He now knows m m and I bet he hates me so much. He now hates me to a point if demanding my arrest.

Does he know the punishment that would be metted out on me if I’m to be found guilty by the court?..

What have I done to myself???
I bit [email protected] on my l!pas I suddenly [email protected]£ quiet.. tears rushing out from my eyes. I just ruined so much with just a grave mistake.

We were about entering the van when Nora called from behind. We paused our movement till she matched our pace.

“Wherever you are taking my Friend to, Take me along. We nee-d to look thor0ûghly into this situation before you make allegations” Nora spoke out…

I couldn’t see clearly the expression on her face cause it’s a bit dark.

Why would she even bother coming along.. after the way I’ve treated her these past days?

“No problem. You can come along” they agreed as they [email protected] a free space for her to enter the van.

“Everything’s gonna be okay” she muttered in an @ssuring manner before entering the van.

“I hope so” I Breathe out. A tear sli-pped down my cheeks as I watched her settle in the van.

What sort of friend have I been??


I received a call later that night from the head of police confirming Alicia’s arrest. I smiled in satisfaction even though I’m not really satisfied. She deserves more than that.

I didn’t go back home again as planned. The doctor actually granted me permission to see Rosiana for a short while. She’s in a stable condition now but still hasn’t woken up.

She’s been in this static state for hours and it bleeds my heart cause I de-eply miss her. I miss her warmsl-ips on mine. I miss her way hvgs. I miss her smile that makes her ever more beautiful. I miss every bit of her.

It’s been hours Janie woke up she Ana hasn’t made any attempt. If things had gone worse than this maybe it would have resulted to something else.

What I don’t really un-derstand is why would Alicia cause this whole thing and still bring them to the hospital herself..,?

Why drown her the first place?? What really [email protected]£ over her??

Everything sounds so ironic!
Was she really trying to kill Ana??

I thought [email protected] as I placed my hand on Rosiana’s pale hand which rested motionless on the be-d. If only I knew, I wouldn’t have left for so long… If not, all these wouldn’t have happened.

“I’m so sorry My love” I mustered low. Very low as I placed my head on the edge of the be-d.

I’m exhausted. I’m so tired. For a fact, I’m weak. The whole situation weakens the man in me. .
My every minute prayer is not to lose the only woman my heart beats for.

I Love her so much.

“Good night Ana” I raised myself from my position and k!$$£d her lightly on her forehead.

Then rested back my head on the be-d as I slowly drifted to sleep..
TBc 💔💔😥

Alicia has finally been arrested.

Ana plea-se wake up🥺🥺.. don’t give David hypertension

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