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Single dad 2 episode 4


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞


💫 Episode 4 💫


About last night and Alicia’s confession, I alre-ady knew how she feel about me but it’s not just right cause I feel literally nothing for her.

I know I cut her really de-ep by telling her my heart was taken alre-ady. I feel for her though.

But it’s good thing she bottled up this morning cause with the way she spoke to me, she was a bit relieved. It’s really gonna be [email protected] for her to move on especially if her feeling for me is true.

There’s nothing I can do. I can’t split my heart. Ana is special and she’s the one I’m in love with.

As I drove along the highway,I managed to keep to time cause after admitting Ana’s mom , I’ll drive down to Mark’s place. The kids are at home with rose so it buys me enough time.. and intend to use it well.


“Have you heard from Alicia? Cause I’ve noticed her abs£nce anytime I come to your place for a visit” Oscar spoke out as he sat on the couch smoothening Nora’s hair who la-id beside him, her head resting flat on his th!ghs.

“I haven’t seen her for the past days now.. she left the house without a call or a note telling where she’s at the moment” Nora retorted.

“You could have called at Least, just to know ”

“I know I’m supposed to call. But I just couldn’t. I don’t know why. Besides she shouldn’t have left the first place without telling me. She’s okay wherever she is… Why should I bother myself?”
A small frown stretched on her face.

“Nora. I don’t want it to seem like I caused a crack in your friendsh!pwith Your best friend… Cause I’ve noticed that ever since we started [email protected]!ng, you too haven’t been in good terms… And u Don’t like it.

Yes she broke up with me .. it was her choice. Not anyb©dy’s fault. That shouldn’t affect the friendsh!pyou two have been building up for a long time now”

Nora sat up from his th!gh, facing him.

“Oscar you don’t un-derstand. Alicia has been the one a bit distant from me lately. If not, why would she leave the house without contacting me..
If she really cared about me, she would have tried to call. I just can’t f0rç£ her back to me. ”

Nora stressed out. A bit hurt by the sudden realisation.

“Nora….” Oscar called, covering her hand with his.
“Call her tonight if she doesn’t come home. plea-se”

“Alright” she exhaled sharply… Placing her head on his shoulder.


It was noon alre-ady and the kids were alre-ady fast asleep in their rooms. Anna decided to stay in the sitting to watch some movies just to while away her time since there is nothing to do and David isn’t back yet.

While watching,… Alicia who was still around suddenly emerged from the room and decided to join her.

It was a comedy show so they watched and laughed heartily. It didn’t take long before the power went out. Depriving them of the show.

“Geez. I can’t believe the power is out…” Rosiana gro-an ed.

“Powers don’t go out easily unless there’s a fault somewhere. Where’s David? He should help us fix it or rather call the electrician” Alicia spoke out.

“He isn’t back.” Rosiana sighed out. Alre-ady missing him.

“That’s bad. So we gonna stay this way?” Alicia arched. Looking frustrated. Alre-ady feeling the boredom that eluded the day.

“I guess”

“Where are the kids? The house seems queit”

“They’re having a nap,” Rosiana retorted.

“Uhm… Alicia, I’ll be back . I’m thirsty I nee-d to drink water” with that, she got up and walked out.


Immediately she left, her phone which rested on the seat buzzed as a message popped in.

I picked it and stared at the screen. It’s from Mike. That name sounds famil—-

Oh Mike! Mike from the other day…

📩 Don’t forget today’s meetup at marigold’s resorte. I’ll be expecting you.

Love❤️ from Mike 📩

I quic-kly dropped the phone. A [email protected]£ with Mike?

Does David know about this? It’s definitely not my business.

I’ll be leaving the house today and I’m scared that will be a more chance/reason to loose David yo Ana. I’m scared.

Soon enough, she [email protected]£ back to the sitting and I welcomed her with a smile.

“So, Rosiana, I’ll be leaving today… Before I leave, do you have anything interesting we could engage in?” I asked. I’m really bored sitting here.

“Uhm… Well I uhm…I

“Why don’t we go swimming? There’s a pool beside the house. We could swim a little before I go. It’s gonna be cool for this h0t noon” I suggested.

“Swim?… I c-cant swim” she looked terrified

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. I got to learn too. It isn’t [email protected]
I stated with a sm-irk stretched on myl-ip.


“St©p acting like a child. Just come along” I pu-ll-ed her as we walked out.

[ Fast Forward ]

We stood before the pool with just our bikini’s. Damn she looks so h0t. No wonder David couldn’t resist her.

The thought alone made me even more angry. I just wish I could take advantage of this moment.

I stared at the pool which was a bit de-ep and wi-de. This is no pool for learners. But still, I’m gonna teach her here.

“Are you re-ady?”


I stared at the pool and my heart heaped heavily. J Don’t have a good feeling about this. Not at all.

I stared nervously at Alicia and then to the pool…

“Are you re-ady?” She asked.

I couldn’t answer. This isn’t right. I can’t swim and the water is just too de-ep for learners like me. I could drown.

“Alicia. The pool is too de-ep and the current is a bit high. I don’t think I can swim in i—-

Before I knew what was going on,… I felt myself pushed into the water.

I [email protected] my hands helplessly trying to gain balance. I can’t swim… I just can’t.

I managed to raise my head above the water as my leg floated in it..

“Ali… Alicia I’m drowning. H-help me” the more I talked, the more I felt myself going de-ep.

Alicia just stared blankly at me… Watching me struggle with the water. God. This is my end.


Janietta woke up from sleep feeling a bit hungry. She nee-ded Ana to serve her lunch… It’s noon alre-ady.

She searched the sitting for her but she wasn’t there. Alicia too isn’t inside The house. Could it be they were both outside talking?

She’s so hungry so she’ll have to borrow Ana’s time for some minutes.

She walked out but still no sight of anyone. She slowly walked to the side of the house where she began hearing muffled screams.

She traced it towards the direction of the pool where she found Alicia standing above the pool and OMG!!! Is that Rose in there struggling with water?


I don’t know why… But I just had the urge you push her into the water. I don’t really know why the urge [email protected]£. Maybe it’s because she stole the love of my life 😤. I feel anger within me and I just can’t help it.. but stare down at her as she struggled with the water… I stood there, rooted to the ground and unable yo do something.

I felt controlled and I couldn’t help myself. My broken emotions were getting the best out of me. If she can just go this way, leaving David for me..

No one will suspect I have a hand in this.. they might take it as domestic accident.
Or that she lost balance in water and drowned.. i just don’t know.

But whatever it is… It feels like I’m un-der a spell.

I s-en-sed someone’s pres£nce behind me, but before I could turn to see who it was, the hand pushed me into the pool.

“How dare you!!!” She shouted.

It’s Janietta.

I found myself inside the pool too. Lucky for me, I can swim.

“You are trying to kill Rose? Help her out [email protected] you!!” She panicked [email protected] when she noticed Ana struggling to breathe.

As at now, I don’t really care. I wanted her to be extinct.

So, I swam out.

“Help her out plea-se… I can’t swim too” she cried out in a pleading manner.

Instead, I walked out without uttering a word.

de-ep down, I could feel the weight of what I just did but physically, I couldn’t control myself.


Jannie stared as Alicia walked away. She is so evil!!!

quic-kly she ran into the house, took Ana’s phone and dialed her dad’s number. There was no answer.

She dialed for ten consecutive times but still no answer. This time, her heart was alre-ady in her mouth… Pounding so fast.

Since no answer, she couldn’t waste anymore time cause Rosiana was loosing her life. She ran back to the side of the pool.

She took a de-ep breath and dived in… Conscious with the fact that she too can’t swim.

She pushed closer to Ana who was slowly loosing consciousness. She tried pu-lling herself and Ana out to the edge. She tried for few fruitless minutes until she stood started loosing balance.

She just realized, they were both drowning. The more she tried to swim, the more she went de-ep into the water..

“Help.. someb©dy h-help…,” Her voice was breaking. And it could ba-rely be heard.

Ana can ba-rely breathe… In no time, she too will st©p breathing too… Unless someone comes to their rescue!


“How is she doctor? How is Rose and my daughter?” David panicked [email protected] as he chased the doctor with swift movement the moment he [email protected]£ out of the operating room. His heart was almost falling off.

Two Important persons in his life are in there battling with their lives.

“Take it easy Mr Romero. As at now, we were able to stabilize your daughter and she’s in good shape but still unconscious.

We are still trying our best on the other patient. From the look of things, she stayed longer in water than your daughter. That’s why treating janietta wasn’t as difficult as Rosiana. Whatever it since, I’ll let you know. But be rest @ssured, we’ll do our best”

With That, he walked out on breathless David.

David staggered to the wall.
*God plea-se nothing should Happen to Rosiana* he kept on muttering the words.

If only he knew, he wouldn’t have stayed longer in Mark’s place. He has no idea how this happened. He definitely has no idea.

“David…” A shallow and guilty filled voice called him from behind.

“Where were you?” His blood boiling in rage. He can’t look at her or he might do something he’ll regret.

“I… I..

“Where the hell were you when all this happened?”

“David… I was… I am..

“If you know what’s good for you, leave this premises…” He spoke low but the anger in his voice couldn’t be hidden.

“I’m so- sor-ry… I didn’t mean to” she cried.

“You’re sorry? ” He c0cked his head at her trying to process what she just said.

He took slow but steady steps towards her… As he [email protected]£ forward, Alicia began her own steps backwards.

“David…” She drawled fearfully. Staring at his cold eyes when her back hit the Wall. Showing that she’s tra-pped.

“My daughter and Ana is in there fighting for their lives. Where were you when all these Happened? Or you just cold-bloodedly watch them drown? … Huh Alicia.? I know you never liked My kids neither did you like Ana… ” He st©pped his movement. Only a few breathe away from her.

He stared down at her and noticed the tears that poured out of her eyes which ba-rely moved him.

“Alicia. If I find out you have a hand in this, I’ll kill you Myself”.. he dead-panned

He could see fear in her eyes the moment he said that.

“Get out. I don’t want you close to any of this premises.. just leave”

“David ..” she broke more in h0t tears..

“I said get out!” He roared causing awareness.

In fear, she [email protected] repeatedly before running out.

David called his hand on the wall and broke some of his knuckles. Blood oozing out from it. He could no longer help the way he was feeling.

He poured out uncontrollable tears.

“I’m so sorry. Ana.. I’m so sorry I let this happen” he cried [email protected] between his Palms.

He was actually with Mike and didn’t notice the ten missed calls from Ana cause he had forgotten his phone in his car.

It was when he went to get it from his car he noticed the Missed call.

Seeing ten missed calls was enough to tell him something wasn’t right somewhere.

He drove home and couldn’t find Rosiana or Janietta. Noel and Kayla were in their room slee-ping.

It was right in his wandering thought he received a phone call from Alicia telling him to drive down to the hospital.

He has no idea what happened. Alicia couldn’t provide any information.

Everything looks confusing cause Janietta and rose can’t swim. Why would they go to the pool the first place?

His anger with Alicia is that he can’t tell if she was swimming with them or is she was inside the house…

He’s too broken to hear anything she has to say. From the doctor’s report, the first time he asked about their condition, he had said the f0rç£ at which rose entered the water made her loose her balance.

This is so confusing to him. Maybe when they gain consciousness, they’ll be able to tell how it happened.


She cried her eyes inside her car as she recalled David’s words and the look on David’s face.

Right now. He doesn’t know the cause of the accident. What if he later gets to know she’s the cause? Like he had said, he’s going to kill her.

Why didn’t she think of the consequences before taking such drastic action?

It would have went smoothly if Janie hadn’t join the picture.

What if Ana doesn’t survive this? There’ll be a janietta to tell on her.
She has never been in a complicated situation as this before.

The whole irony of it all is that after causing the whole act, she was still the one who brou-ght them to the hospital.

How strange!

[ Flash Back ]

After I swam my way out of the pool, I rushed into my room and began arranging my things. I gotta go.

My hands were shaky and I felt so uneasy with myself.

I dragged my bag out and entered my car which had been closely parked in the compound for days now. I got in and ignited my key. I started the car and tried to reverse when I suddenly st©pped.

This isn’t me! This is Definitely not me!
I cried into my palms . I am not a killer.

I quic-kly got out of the car. I rushed towards the pool and met not just Ana in it, but janietta too both unconscious.
I [email protected] in shock.

“Oh my God!!! What have I done? What have I done?” I cried as I dived in..
quic-kly, I pu-ll-ed the two out and applied a quic-k first aid on them.

I breathe four times Into Janietta’s mouth. She coughed out some water but still remained unconscious.

I moved over to Ana and applied mouth to mouth more than four times. She didn’t move.

I applied pressure with my hands on her che-st. Still, she didn’t move.

Tears kept pouring from my eyes cause I didn’t know how to cry out for help.

I drove my car close to the pool and gently carried the two inside where I drove them to a closeby hospital.

[ End of Flash Back ]

Right now I don’t what their condition is. But I have a feeling they’re battling with their lives and it’s all my fault.


“Doctor….” I stood up as the doctor approached me..

“Doctor plea-se tell me There’s good News” I felt so weak within me .

“She’s still unconscious. But we’ve been able to diagnose her. From what we found, she has Dypsnea … It was caused by shortness of breat.

Too much water in her lungs restricted the stable flow of Oxygen. Which resulted in Dypsnea… ”

Oh God💔

” Will she be alright? ”

” We re-moved some water from her system alre-ady. We have to keep working on her concerning the excess water to prevent swelling of any organ and shortage of breathe. For now, we were able to diagnose just Dypsnea. We’re still checking for other complications. Cause victims with similar causes suffers [email protected] damage, pneumonia and so many disorders. We hope her case won’t be same. Just keep praying to your God on This.

As for your daughter, she’s fine now.. within short hours she’ll be awake then, you can go see her”

After the information, he left.

I didn’t know what to say. I stared blankly at thin air before [email protected] back on the chair.

TBc 💔💔💔😥 this is bad.

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