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Single dad 2 episode 3


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️ Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by 💞 Àñgél Louis 💞


💫 Episode 3 💫


I knew if I had called, she wouldn’t have picked. So I decided to text instead telling her to Meet with me. And luckily, she replied.

Well for now, I don’t know the location to tell her yet.. I’ll convey to her later.

All that matters most is that we meet in a befitting place where I get to confess my feelings for her.

I’m so tired of keeping it to myself. I can’t anymore. She nee-ds to know I love her so much.

I do not think I’ve felt this way for anyone before. So I won’t imagine her turning my request down cause it’ll shatter me to pieces.

My work has a doctor has kept me so busy and away from relationsh!ps. Like I ba-rely have time for myself talk more a [email protected] And I know when there’s poor communication in a relationsh!p, that relationsh!ptends to suffer and fade off.

That’s why I kind off abstained from it till I’m fully re-ady. And right now, I’m re-ady.

I’m re-ady to give Rosiana all the time I have in the world just to show her how Crazy I am about her.

I’ll go to any length to prove it.

de-ep within me, I feel like I’m delaying all this and it’s like her chances with me is slowly sli-pping away. I would have told her this long before now, but I was just too careful because of David and Ana too st©pped picking my calls.

I have no idea if she’s avoiding me or something. Or if she’s been busy lately cause it’s so unlike her to not pick my calls.

I remember when we’d chat up in phone for hours and I’d make her laugh so [email protected] with jokes. I made her happy those nights.. and those nights made me fall dee-per for her. dee-per that I didn’t even realize till now.

But it all changed. I really want to have night calls again like before. It’s so strange cause she does not pick my calls no matter the number of times I call.

Even if she does pick, she’ll end it in a haste. I really don’t know what changed.i just hope things haven’t changed.

Maybe when we meet, she might explain her reasons.


I decided to bottle up my anger for the mean time as I walked towards Rosiana who sat alone in the balcony that noon.

“Hey” I called out before she noticed my pres£nce.

“A-Alicia” she smiled.
A smile I’ve always hated.

I smiled back and took a seat beside her.

She felt a little uneasy and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the reason.

“So… Where have you been these past days?” I asked. Trying to put up a conversation.

“At my mom’s.. she’s I’ll so I had yo attend to her” she replied.

“Oh guess she’s better now. Right?”

“I wish . ” She breathe sadly.

“Sorry” I mouthed.
“I’ve been here since yesterday day before yesterday evening yunno” I stated with all smiles.

“Wow. Really?” She tsked with a throaty voice.

“Yeah. And David has been a real good darling to me. He does virtually everything to make me happy in every second.” I added feeling so full of myself as I [email protected] on.

“T-th-at’s Good” she stuttered nervously.

“His kids aren’t an exception. They treat me so good like I’m one of them..
Or wait. What if one of them? Maybe I’m meant to be one of them.. who knows? I might end up here with David as his kid’s new mom since they love me so much. Fate is a mystery yunno… And these are just signs one shouldn’t neglect but take note of”


* Ana, calm down… Relax.. she’s just messing with your head. Everything she says are nothing but lies.. she’s never welcome here*

I said continously within myself as Alicia continued whatever she was saying.

What the heck? What’s she trying to do? Is she trying to use my Head? I know David loves me. Not her.

The irony of this all is that the more I try @ssuring myself of his love, the more I keep having doubts.

What if it’s true? I wasn’t around and I have no idea what might have gone wrong. And to think David never mentioned to me about her visit..

Gosh! I’m so confused… I blinked nervously as she spoke on.

“..and lest I forget, while you were away, someone [email protected]£ looking for you couple of times. It’s a “HE” ..” she stated.

“Oh… Is it .. Mike?” I asked. I know alre-ady who it is. Cause he once told me he encountered a lady when he last visited which happened to be Alicia.

“Yeah… Mike. How did you know?”

“He told me” I replied almost immediately.

“Mike looks nice. I think he likes you.. like he has real feelings for you. Haven’t you noticed?”

Haven’t I noticed? Well sure I have. And that’s why I’ve been trying my best to avoid him lately. Even though I just agreed to meet up with him.

“I–… I don’t know. I can’t re-ad minds” I replied instead.

“Well, I’m telling you now. He likes you and much and if I were you, I’d gr-ab the opportunity and stick with him so I won’t loose a golden chance while chasing who can’t be mine”…

Huh??? Meaning??

“What do you mean??” I c0cked my head in a questioning way. What does she mean by that??

“What I mean is, I’d stick with Mike if I were you. So I won’t lose a gold while chasing a diamond that can never be mine”

That was her final words before she got up and left.

I scoffed in disbelief.. is she for real??


“Whatever she tells you are lies okay. Don’t believe her..” David pointed out.

Well, I just told him what ALICIA earlier said about him and his kids treating her well. I nee-ded to clear my mind… I didn’t tell him about Mike.

“Okay. I know alre-ady.. she’s just trying to [email protected] intelligence” I replied.

“Yeah. That’s what she does Best. Don’t believe her lies okay… And try to avoid her.. besides she just have tomorrow to stay. After then, she’ll be gone and you’ll finally have rest of mind ” he @ssured. k!ss!ngmy forehead.

“I nee-d to go now to the office. Alicia is there waiting alre-ady. We have more work to finish up.. and we nee-d to be fast about it .”

I breathe out with a nod. It’s almost getting dark and it’s time for his project on the given contract.

He withdrew from me and took few steps towards the door.

“David…” I called back.

“Yes?” He turned his face back.

“Uhm.. Mike, he requested to see me tomorrow evening at marigolds resorte. He said he has something important to tell me.. I ..i- I nee-d your permission…”

I searched his face for any sign of anger or disapproval cause I know he doesn’t like me around other guys. Especially the ones that have feelings for me. Mike.

“… Ana, I have no right to st©p you from seeing him.. so, tomorrow evening, I’ll drive you there myself and while you’re busy talking at whatever reception he has s£nt out for you both, I’ll be in the car waiting,… And watching.

When it comes to my woman, I don’t Trust her safety to any man..”

With that, he left… closing the door behind as a radiant smile stretched on my face.


No matter the number of advances I threw at David, it all backfired cause either he was too engrossed in the project or he was just ignoring me on purpose… And it’s literally ma-king me go nuts.

Tonight happen to be the last night I’ll have to spend here cause with the look of things, we are almost done with the project than I expected.

Can’t he be a little considerate to just follow my tone?

“David?” I called.

“Hmm-mm” he Hummed. Not sparing me a look as his eyes still fixed on the paperwork.

“David look at me…. plea-se” he paused, then dragged his eyes where I sat, stared for short seconds before returning back his gaze to what he was doing.

It only made me give out a frustrating sigh.

He’s on a singlet and short which makes him look even h0tter tonight and perhaps, irresistible.

“David why is it so [email protected] to accept my feelings for you? You do know about my Feelings for you. Why don’t you feel Same for me?”

“Can we not talk about this plea-se” he pu-ll-ed back and gave me a pleading look.

“I can’t help it can’t you see? I just can’t help myself anymore. Why is it so [email protected] to love me back? I’ve felt this way for you for a long time now… Is it a crime? It’s driving me nuts okay. Why???”


“David plea-se..” I cut in… Placing his hand on t©p his which rested on the table.

“Don’t make me look desperate. I’m a woman” I added soberly.

He gave out a tired sigh.
“You are looking desperate alre-ady Alicia.. I can’t let you into a heart that is alre-ady occupied. There’s no space for you”

He finally threw the bomb ma-king me stare dumbstruck at his response as I slowly re-moved my hand from his.

“It’s her. It’s Rosiana … Right?” I stuttered. Feeling my eyes well up in hurtful tears.

He stared at me. His eyes re-ading Alot of meaning which I couldn’t explain..

“It’s her, isn’t it? I see the way you stare at her, the way your face lit up when talking to her. She’s the one isn’t it?…
Dammit David!! Fvcking answer me!!!” I felt my patience going up in smiles as I hit the table [email protected] with my palm.

“Yes….” It [email protected]£ out almost like a whisper. I just hope it really isn’t a ‘yes’ …I hope not…

I cried within me.

“She’s the one I’m inlove with” he threw yet another [email protected]

I hate myself right now… So it’s True. He’s truly in love with her.

I let out a small [email protected] as tears poured out of my eyes…

“All these while, I was busy loving you. All these while David I was LOVING YOU!!!!

I Hate You!!! ” I spat out bitterly to his face as I got up took few steps towards the door…

“Just know one thing David, if I can’t have you, no one will”

With that, I walked out of the office..

My head is messed up. I can’t do This anymore. I just can’t. My heart is bleeding.. David just hurt me so de-ep.

I ushered myself into my room and cried my eyes out.

I cried for long minutes into the night before wiping off my teary face.

I sat up soberly on my be-d lost in de-ep thoughts.

I can’t believe I just got rejected by the same man I rejected Oscar for. I rejected Oscar for a man who feels nothing for me… And worse, inlove with his Nanny.
I just can’t believe it.

Falling in love with David was never a mistake. Some things aren’t just gotten easily.

de-ep down, I know he’s mine. He’ll always be mine.

I just nee-d to fix some adjustments for him to love me the way I do.

If I let David go like that, it means I’ll be the loser at both sides.

Next Morning

🌼Writer’s POV🌼

The next morning wasn’t different from the rest. The activities were carried out as usual and they all ate breakfast except Alicia who said wasn’t hungry.

That same morning David had promised to take Anna’s mom to the hospital. So after breakfast he got dressed in preparation. The kids will be at home with Ana today cause they are done with exams.

David was alre-ady on his way to where he had parked his car when Alicia st©pped him from behind.

“Hey David. I wanna apologise about last night. I’m really sorry. I wasn’t myself completely” she apologized, forcing a perfect smile on her face.

“It’s okay.. it happens. I just hope you find someone who deserves your love and will love you back in return”

“I hope so too” sadness coated her voice but she managed to cover up with a smile.

“Where are you off to this early morning? Won’t you take the kids to school?”

“Nah. They’re on vacation alre-ady. And I’m on my way to Ana’s place. Her mom is sick so I nee-d to drive her to the hospital” he replied.

“Oh really. Hope you aren’t thinking of taking her to the big hospital along the Marina lane… The doctors there are careless. They [email protected] lives. I’d advice you take her to Medical t©uçh” she suggested.

“I was actually thinking that too. I think medical t©uçh is preferable” he smiled in agreement. “Gotta go now”

“Alright… Just so you know, I might not be around when you return.. ”

“We’ll see next at Duvel then”

With that, he hopped into his car and slowly reversed out.

” I hope I find someone who deserves my love indeed..” she scoffed.
“You are the only one I want David. And I’m never giving up. No matter how long or mighty the hindrance might be, there’s always a solution to everything”

She grimaced at her own words as she walked back into the house.


“You actually did what I said to that bully [email protected] of yours. I told you it’ll work” I laughed out in satisfaction as janietta narrated what transpired to me.

“So, has she been bothering you after that?” I asked. Anticipating for an answer.

“Hell No! I think she’s even scared of me cause she can’t even look me in the eye” janietta exasperated.

I could clearly see the happiness written all over her face.

“Thank you so much Rosiana. If not for you, I would still be a pretty to her expensive jests… I’m happy I confided in you” She said in appreciation.

Before I could say anything, she wra-pped her hands around Me and hvgged me ti-ght.

I was so suprised at this act that I felt speechless and didn’t know what to do.

Slowly, I covered her with my hands and hvgged her back.

She pu-ll-ed away later on and gave me a genuine smile.

“You are a nice person Ana. ” With that said, she walked back into her room.

I stared down at Kayla and Noel who were busy pla-ying with toys.

I feel so happy within me that I and Janietta are gradually tagging along. That has always been my biggest wish.

Soon enough, Alicia who had been outside walked in… Our eyes suddenly met and she threw me a strange smile before walking back to her room.

I didn’t know the call for the smile so I couldn’t smile back. I just watched her walk into her room.

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