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Single dad 2 episode 2


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞


💫 Episode 2 💫

💫Next Morning 💫

As Soon as janie woke up, she dabbe-d her eyes for a clearer vision as she walked towards Noel’s room. The door isn’t always locked so she pushed herself in and met him still slee-ping on the be-d. Same applied for junior who la-id on his own be-d at the other end of the room.

She tapped lightly in Noel so not to wake junior up.

“Sssh” she motioned when she noticed he was up.


“Low your voice. You don’t wanna wake up junior. …. So, last night, did you do it?” She eagerly asked

“Yeah I did bu—

“What did she say…

” Can you let me finish first before questions Janie?” Noel dabbe-d his eyes tiredly and then continued.

“I called, she didn’t pick up… So I decided to text instead”

“She didn’t pick? That’s bad.. concerning the text, did you s£nd the details with your name?.. hope she won’t call or text back when she sees it. You know dad doesn’t know you made use of his phone” Janie rushed out nervously.

“It’s been taken care of alre-ady. I told her not to write or call back. She’s smart enough to know the implications okay.
Now can I go back to sleep ?” He str ssed out tiredly lying back on his be-d as he covered himself with the duvet.

“Sleep?” Janietta arched. “It’s six in the morning and you know what that means”

“School?” He shuffled like the word ‘school’ was something new to him.

“Yes school [email protected]! Go get dressed for school”

“No janietta. No school today. We have to wait for Ana. I don’t Trust Alicia staying alone with dad. She might try to flir-t” he bulged.

“flir-t with him? How did you know that?” She asked in a questioning tone.

“You see , last night I heard some things which confirmed most of my thoughts. Alicia is flir-ting with dad because she likes him. But unfortunately for her, dad doesn’t like her because he alre-ady like someone else” he summarized.

“Do you have any idea who the person is?” Janietta popped a question.

“My guess Is Rosiana..” he replied almost immediately.

Janietta scoffed out unbelievably.
“, get up… Go have your bathe and st©p saying nons-en-se”

“Wait. You don’t believe it ? Dad has something for Ana.. haven’t you noticed?” Noel jo-lted.

“Well I have, but I has doubts… Cause I really didn’t like the idea of dad with another woman…” She retorted.

“What about now? Dad with Ana. ? You still against it?” Noel asked staring into janietta’s face who seem taken aback by the question.

“You know what Noel, ” she breathe out.. pu-lling the duvet away from his b©dy.

“Get your fat @ss from the be-d and go get re-ady for school!”


David prepared breakfast that morning because Alicia bluntly refused to enter the kitchen to prepare anything because of the way the kids treated her the previous morning.

She hates them for what they did.
Instead, she sat legcrossed together punching her handset.

David set the table and his kids sat round to eat.

While they ate their breakfast, the door suddenly tweaked open, forcing their attention towards it as Rosiana made her way in.

“Nanny-Rosie!!!” Kayla screeched in happiness jumping down from her seat as she ran into her inviting arms.
Rosiana picked her up and hvgged her [email protected]

Noel joined alongside…

“We’ve missed you so much Rosiana” Noel cooed with smiles… He didn’t expect she’d come this early.

“I’ve missed you too big boy” she laughed heartily running her hand throu-gh his hair..

“Welcome back Anna” janietta smiled from the dinning.

“Thanks Janie” Rosiana flashed her a warm smile… Searching the room for David.

“Anna…” David called out, the moment he stepped into the living room and met Rose… His eyes glittered in emotions as his heart skipped a bit.

“You’re back. Thank goodness” he sighed out de-eply walking towards her.

Alicia who sat not too far from them stared unbelievably at Ana…

She’s back? What TF! Why will she come back now? What sort of disruption is this?

The bitter expression could clearly be seen on her face as she bit [email protected] on her lowerl-ip… Looking angry.

“I didn’t know we have a guest… Good morning Alicia” Rosiana greeted acting like she didn’t expect to see her when she get here..
She knew before now..

She woke up to see the text Noel had s£nt last night. It was actually noel calling, not David as she had thought.

All thanks to Noel, She’s back to the Mashion now and whatever Alicia’s plan is will have to take a pause.

“Morning Ana… Good to see you” Alicia responded forcing a smile on her bittered face.

How much hate she feels inside of her.

Out of all the days in a week, why did she choose today to come back?

Does someone always have to come in her way all the time??
She lamented bitterly.

” I missed you Ana…” David stated loud enough for everyone to hear.

“I miss your food more” Noel bur-st out as everyone except Alicia laughed out loud.

“Uhm… David, can I have a word with you in pri-vate?” Rosiana asked, dropping Kayla on the floor.

“Yeah sure..” David held her hand as they walked out..

Causing a turmoil in Alicia’s stomach. She hates what she’s seeing now.

It shouldn’t be that David has feelings for his nanny… Why would he hold her in such manner?

If Really her @ssumption is true, then she won’t ever in her lifetime let such Happen.. David is hers!

She watched as they walked out hand in hand. She huffed in excruciating anger.

It better not be what she’s thinking..

David walked her into his room , he couldn’t wait any second before crashing hisl-ips on hers. Ana gave in completely and responded to his k!sses.

“I’ve Miss you [email protected] much. Heaven knows” he broke from the k!ssand k!$$£d her forehead.

“Me too, so much” she breathe de-eply, resting her head on his che-st in a relaxing manner.

Then, she tilted her head away from him when she remembered the reason she called him aside. Her face dropped completely.

“What’s she doing here? You never told me she was coming?”

“Baby… ” He drawled, cupping her face with his palms as he gently smoothened it with his thumb.

“I didn’t know she was coming either. We are just working on some contract for the company and the management paired us to do it together… You see”

He explain. He could alre-ady see the slight frown on her face.

“How many more days will she have to stay?”

“Just tomorrow. Hope you’re cool with it..” he asked staring at her with those ocean blue eyes.

She pu-ll-ed her face from his Palm and looked away.

“I was cool with it for the past days, why won’t I now? ”

From the sound on her voice, David was smart enough to notice that she wasn’t one bit okay with it.

“Hey, Ana…” He called.


“Don’t you Trust me anymore?”

She exhaled sharply at his question and then nodded a yes

“I do.. but, it’s just that I don’t trust her. I don’t trust her around you. You know full well she has feelings for you..”

“And I feel nothing for her, that’s a big difference okay. She has [email protected] a night in your abs£nce and nothing happened.. now you’re back, aren’t you convinced that still, nothing will happen?”

After a long pause, she nodded.

“Yes. I’m convinced. I trust you”

David smiled warmly at her and pu-ll-ed her I to a warm hvg.

“How’s your mum? Any improvement on her health?”

He asked, k!ss!ngher hair.

“She nee-ds to go to the hospital David. plea-se. Only the doctor can tell what she’s [email protected] throu-gh. The medications the pharmacist gave to us is doing little or no good. She’s nee-ds real medical attention”

A tear sli-pped off her eye as she stated out everything to David. It hurts de-eply to see one’s mom in such a dwindling condition.

“If that’s what you want, then I’ll take her to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning. ”

Ana’s face lit up in happiness.

” thank you so much David..I’ll e the happiest and grateful person if you do this”

“I’m glad”..

“But David… Won’t you drop the kids tomorrow in school?” She asked.

“Nope.. there’ll be no lesson tomorrow, their exams are rounding up today… They’ll be at home tomorrow. So while I take your mom to the hospital, you’ll look after them”

“No problem” she smiled and hvgged him more.

“I have to take the kids to tomorrow. They’re waiting alre-ady” he stated after breaking away from each other’s arms.

“plea-se take care if junior, keep the house busy and the kitchen too. I’ll be back soon. I love you” he pu-ll-ed her face closer and k!$$£d her [email protected] before walking out.

He walked to the living room bad met his kids who were alre-ady done with breakfast and sitted on the couch, patiently waiting for him.

“We were thinking you have forgotten about school since Ana is back” janietta rolled out with a chicken smile.

“You took so long” Noel added.

“I wanna stay home with Nanny-Rosie” Kayla pouted.

“Urgh. There’s no time for this Kayla. You can stay with her tomorrow. And I’m sorry guys for taking long.. I was actually trashing out some issue. Let’s go now” he picked up his car key, took one final glance at Alicia whose face had gone swollen and purple with annoyance… Before walking out on her with his kids.

Not like he care. To him, He didn’t do anything to warrant such from her.


I just can’t believe that Lowlife is back. Why now? My plans for this stay is null with her around.

I nee-d no soothsayer to tell me David has something for Rose, His Nanny. I’m not blind, neither am I stupid.

But one thing is sure, whatever feelings David is rearing for his low life idiot😒, it won’t work. Not when I haven’t given up my feelings for him.

Not when he’s what I want for myself.

I won’t let David sl!poff my f!ngerscause he’s the reason I rejected Oscar for a No just cause 😡🤬


Immediately David left with the kids, I [email protected]£ out of his room and met Alicia in the living room sitting on a couch.

Our eyes met and she threw me a dangerous glare. I just ignored.

I decided to go about with the day’s activity by ignoring her in all possible way.

I knew her eyes were fixed on me most of the time but I acted ignorant of it.

I prepared lunch that morning and tidied up the kitchen and used plates.

After that, it didn’t take long before junior woke and his cries filled the neighborhood.

My guess was he’s hungry, so I decided to feed him his food. While feeding him, a message popped into my phone.

I picked it up to check who its from .. I shrugged when I noticed it was Mike..

📩 Let’s meet, I have something important to tell you…

I fixated on the message for long seconds before texting back.

📩 Okay. Where?


I dropped the phone and continued feeding junior..

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