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Single dad 2 episode 10


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️ Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞


Episode 10

🌾 Writer’s POV:–🌾

“So how was it? I know she wasn’t happy to see you” Rosiana asked David after their dinner that night.

“She wasn’t” he sighed out.

“It’s okay. Maybe she didn’t expect you. At Least she gave a listening ear right?”

“Yes” he spoke un-der his breath.

*That’s good” Rosiana smiled.

Sh adjusted on the couch placing her head on his th!gh as her legs stretched to the other end of the couch.

“How’s junior” he asked.. smoothening her silky hair.

“slee-ping” she answered.
“I missed you Alot today. You left for long hours” Rose pouted in a cute way.

“God knows I missed you. I always want to be with you every minute” he truthfully added

“Aww” she blu-shed [email protected]

“I love you” he smiled down at her.

“It’s been long I heard that from you”

“What? I say that Alot of times honey. I actually said it last night”

“You did?”

“Yes I did”

“Well I didn’t hear” she gave an eye roll.

“Maybe that’s because you were in cloud nine” he tea-sed. Causing her cheeks to heat up as her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ in suprise.

“You’re ma-king me blush [email protected] okay” she covered her face between her Palms.

“Hey there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s something one derives plea-sure from…. So, how’s the pain down there? I nee-d to know before I execute what I have in mind” he win-ked pla-yfully.

“The pain has less£ned a bit . Besides what’s that thing you have in mind you [email protected]ûghty boy” she gave him a flimsy look.

“I’m your [email protected]ûghty boy. So you should know alre-ady” he sm-irked.

“Say that again’ she smiled, sitting upright from his th!gh.

“I am your [email protected]ûghty boy Baby” he added on a more serious note.

“I love you so much” she confessed, crashing herl-ips on his.

“And, I love the sound of that too” she said into his mouth.

David smiled cheekily and pu-ll-ed her hair along as they k!$$£d [email protected] He ran his f!ngersup to her loosed shi-t and cu-mpped her br€asts which was more than a handful.

“I want you” he said low. But loud enough for Ana to hear.

“Take me then”
Coming from her, it drove him to the edge. He could feel his rod straining [email protected] inside his shorts.

“I’m sure gonna do that” he grazed her n£¢k with his soft tastyl-ips.

He held her very close to himself as he got up from his seat. Without breaking the k!ss, he carried her into one of the rooms.

Gently, he placed her on the be-d.. his hands [email protected]£ss!ngall over her b©dy and hisl-ips still clinged to hers.

Anna softly [email protected] ed out his name as she felt every of his t©uçh. From her brea-sts down to her ñ@v£l.

He di-pped his hand into her [email protected] and robbe-d the surface of her pri-vate. She [email protected] ed rhythmically to the movement of his hand.

After teasing her for long seconds, he di-pped two of his f!ngersinto her warmth.she was alre-ady soaking w€t from the effect of what he was doing to her. He thrû-sted in and out of her with his f!ngers. Each thrû-st causing slight [email protected] s to escape from her as she bucked her h!ps forward and background to catch up with his thrû-sts.

He di-pped his head and picked her glossyl-ips.

Anna felt empty when he suddenly withdrew his f!ngersfrom her. But that didn’t break their major l!plock.

Within short seconds, David re-moved his shorts… Leaving them both n-ked on the be-d as he settled between her legs. He drove de-ep into her. The f0rç£ at which he drove into her cause Anna to hold him so ti-ght against her. Their skin k!ss!ngeach other.

He then began with slow movement in and out of her w€tness. His [email protected] and thick member hitting her Gsp©t causing an Alarming [email protected] from her.

The root filled with the smell of sweat and The noise of their n-ked bodies [email protected] against each other.

Monday Morning 💫

Activities were normal like every other days. Ana woke up to make breakfast for David who will be leaving for work any time soon… And also to bathe Junior who was alre-ady awake but luckily for everyone,. He wasn’t crying as usual. Instead he found himself busy with one of the toys within his reach.

After ma-king breakfast, Ana walked I to the room and met David putting on a sleeve t©p in preparation for work.

She walked closer from behind and wra-pped her hands around his [email protected]!st.. inhaling his unique scent.

“Breakfast is re-ady” she cooed.

“Alright honey. Let me finish with this t©p. I’ll be there in a minute” he answered.

“David the foodstuffs are running out. I’ll have to buy to replace the exhausted one’s.” She raised.

“That’s no problem. I’ll order for a taxifier that’ll drive you down to the supermarket and also bring you back home. As it is now, I don’t have cash with me. So you’ll make use of my credit card. It’s allowed”

“Okay” she nodded re-leasing her hand from his [email protected]!st.

“I’m done. Let’s go have breakfast. ” He k!$$£d her lightly on her cheek as they walked hand in hand to the dining.


Rosiana walked round the Market in search of what she nee-ded with a medium sized basket attached to her Incase she [email protected]£ across whatever she nee-ded, she’ll pick and place in it.

She wasn’t buying much. Just a few things before she can go back home to prepare lunch or perhaps dinner.

In search of what she nee-ded, she accidentally bu-mped into someone.. causing the person’s basket to fall and the good littered on the floor.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry” she bent low and began picking the items into the basket. Feeling so sorry for what she just did.


That de-ep voice halted her movement.

She slowly turned her head towards the person standing above her as his name unconsciously escaped herl-ips.

“Dr. Mike?”


” Uhm I’m okay…” I told the waiter who stood before us with the menu on his hand.

“Pick something to ear plea-se. Bills on me”
Mike urged.

“But I’m not hungry..” I retorted tiredly. I just want to be out of here to make lunch.

“Anything at all. plea-se” he pleaded more. Almost placing his hand on mine which was resting on t©p the table.

Slowly, I motioned my hand away from his reach.

“I’ll take french fries then” I said a bit low.

“You heard her. French fries and any cold jui-ce. I’ll prefer chicken salad and water”

“Okay sir”
Without hesitation, the waiter walked out and was back within short minutes with what they requested for.

“Thank you” I muttered.

“It’s been long I heard from you* he started.

“Me too”

“The [email protected]£ at Marigold’s Resorte, you never showed up”

“About that, something [email protected]£ up I couldn’t make it”

“You should have called. I was waiting for hours. I was so hurt you know” he went on.

I didn’t see a nee-d to tell him what Happened. I can’t go back in explanation. I don’t even want to recall the scenario.

“I’m sorry” I apologized instead.

My face was down, facing my plate of fries. But I could s-en-se him staring at me. That’s why I didn’t bother to look up. I don’t want any form of eye lock or contact

“Alright. That’s by-gone anyway” he shrugged his shoulders.
“I never really Expected to bu-mp into you today. Infact I thought we’d never cross paths again till I leave town” he cracked a small laugh.

Leave town?
I raised my chin up.

“You’re leaving Town?”

“Yes. It’s impromptu. I got transferred from the place I work to the headquarters which is outSk-irt of town. It’s a good offer. Any time from now, I’ll relocate”

He stated plainly. Causing a smile from myl-ips.
.”T-That’s great news Mike”

“Yeah. It is” he nodded.

After a small pause, he continued.

“I’m going to miss you”

At the sound of that, I looked away. This time, trying more to avoid his eyes.


“I’m going to Miss you” I just couldn’t help but say it out. I’m truly going to miss her.
Me missing her doesn’t guarantee she’ll miss me too. Feelings aren’t always mutual. It happens.

“It’s fine. I just wanted you to know that” I added.

I’m happy to see her today. And that’s why I decided to spend lunch with her at a close restaurant… Not far from the supermarket. Convincing her to come with me was not an easy task.

From the look of things, she isn’t happy to see me. Or maybe not as Happy as I am. I don’t blame her for anything m maybe she doesn’t feel Same way for me too.

Her eyes suddenly drifted to her wrist for a time watch… Letting out a small [email protected] from herl-ips.

“Uhm. Mike I have to get going. Alot to do at home” she began arranging her mini bag.

“You haven’t t©uçhed your food yet ” I stared blankly at her plate of French fries and her jui-ce.

“I don’t really have appetite for anything. plea-se” she said in a hurry staring down at the food before her table.

“Ana…” I slowly called.

“Yes Mike?” She paused. Noticed the seriousness on my voice.

“Ana I … I still L-love you..” I finally swallowed the [email protected] lump down my throat and stated my intention to her

She stared in surprise.

“Can we not talk about this Mike. I gotta go” she waved off.

“Ana plea-se just hear me 0u—

“Quit calling me Ana. Call me rose.. Rosiana any thing except Ana. Only one person has the right to call me that”

She snapped.

I felt a de-ep cut within me. But tried as much to muster a small smile as a cover up.

“Okay.” I nodded.

“But you heard what I said right. Rose I still …

“I clearly heard you” she cut in.

“Okay. Just wanted to let you know that I still haven’t given up my feelings for you.”

She threw me a tired look.

“Mike. It’s not gonna work plea-se m I don’t feel anything for you. I’m inlove with someone else. .. plea-se.”

I was expecting that. So when it [email protected]£ out from herl-ips.. I just nodded. I was actually expecting that.

But what is really the problem? Is it that I’m not [email protected] enough? Or handsome? Or jovial? Rich??

Cause with careful measurement, I have everything. I have money. I am on every lady’s most wanted list because I’m attrac-tive. ..

But why is Her case just so different?

Many thoughts ran throu-gh my Head.

“I guess that’s a No from you”

“Yes. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m leaving town after all. Maybe. Just maybe” I sighed out frustratedly.

“Maybe” she added. “Safe journey on your trip Mike. I’ll miss you. Really”

With that, she picked up her few things and walked out. Leaving me to wallow my self in baseless thoughts.

Maybe it’s truly a good reason I’m leaving town. Maybe she isn’t mine. Maybe we aren’t meant to be.
Just maybe.


” I’m happy for you. Truly I am” I smiled at the ring Nora displa-yed on her middle f!nger. An engagement ring precisely. Oscar proposed.

That’s a wow. A great News indeed.

It only made me remember the day he made a suprise proposal at my workplace. But my foolishness made me reject and [email protected] him publicly.

“I’m glad you are” she smiled staring amazingly at her f!nger which she displa-yed in the air.

“So when’s the wedding?” I asked further.

“Few weeks time. We nee-d to get wedded in holy matrimony before the baby bu-mp start showing”

“Baby bu-mp?” I c0cked my head
“You’re pregnant!?”

“Yes I am. I found out few days ago. And told Oscar about it. There and then, he asked me to marry him” she blu-shed.

“That’s… That’s… Wow!” U blinked my eyes nervously.. even if my heart was summersaulting in my che-st.

“Double suprise right. I’m sorry you’re just getting to know about the baby”..

“It’s fine..” I used a small smile to cover the shock on my face. She didn’t return home last night. She arrived this morning. I guess that’s why I’m just getting to know about it.

“Have you settled things with David?” She suddenly asked.

I don’t want to hear that name right now. I hate to hear his name. He’s [email protected] of the reason my life is this way. If there was ever a way to pay him back what he did, I’ll find that way and do whatever it is. Then face the consequences myself.

My hope, my job. My love life m all shattered.

“If you’ll excuse me..”

I excused myself from the sitting. And headed straight to my room.

“Hope my question didn’t upset you?” She said aloud.

I heard her clearly but decided not to reply.i walked into my room and shut the door.

I don’t even know where to start in picking the broken pieces of my life.


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