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Single dad 2 episode 1


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

💫❤️Love Triangle ❤️💫

Written by Àñgél Louis


💫 Episode 1 💫

🎗One month later🎗

~~~~~ The Kids ~~~~~

At lunch break, the kids sat close to each other eating their delicacies as usual.

“Guys..” Noel started, chewing on his pancakes.

“What if we get back and Meet Alicia there again?”

His sudden question took his sisters aback as they paused amidst eating.

“I don’t expect to see her when we get back home . Dad better do something about that” janietta retorted.

“un-derstand the probability of a question Janietta. I said ~what if~?” Noel stressed more.

“If we go back to see her still around, then we’ll do what we do best. We’ll find a way to frustrate her like we did this morning. She hasn’t gotten the message we’re trying to [email protected]” janietta stated matter of factly.

“What is she even doing at our place? I don’t like her. Besides I miss Anna. Why isn’t she back yet?”

Kayla complained bitterly.

“I’m beginning to think all this was planned up. I don’t see a reason why the so called Alicia would have to come around when Rosiana is away. What is she up to?” Janietta frowned [email protected]

“Wherever Anna is, she has to come back. She has to come back and st©p whatever Alicia is hatching on dad” Noel stated clearly.

“What if we put a call throu-gh?” Kayla suggested.

“Great idea Kay. But we don’t have her contact do we?”
Noel asked..

“Don’t act dumb Noel. You can find a way to get it from dad’s phone.” Janietta rolled her eyes at him.

“Why me? Why not you?” He arched a brow at his sister.

“That’s because you’re closer to dad’s stuff. Plus, you’re smart. You can do it without getting caught… C’mon Noel do I have to spell it out to your face??

Cause de-ep down I know you know what I mean”

“I know… Sure I do” Noel sm-irked [email protected]
“So, when do I get to carry out this @ssignment??”

“Tonight… We’ll put a call throu-gh tonight. She has to come back ASAP!”

************* Evening *****************


I busied myself in the sinc washing out the used up plates humming alongside when my phone suddenly rang out. I stared closely from where I stood at the caller’s ID and a frown stretched on my face.

As usual, I ignored the call. It’s Mike!

Doesn’t he get tired of calling?

I’ve intentionally missed his calls for the past three days and he still can’t get the message. What does he want?

I huffed out with an eye roll. Watching the tone ring out endlessly and then st©pped.

I knew after the first call, he’d still call back… And not so suprising, the call [email protected]£ again.

I sighed out tiredly. He won’t st©p calling, it’s best I pick up and listen to whatever he’s got to say. Who knows, maybe it’s important.

I wiped my hand dry with a hand-towel before picking up the phone.

📲 Good afternoon Mike.

~ I greeted, sounding close to exhaustion~

📲 Finally! Ana you picked!

~ he stressed out a sigh of relief… I could s-en-se a bite of happiness in his voice~

📲 Hallelujah… ~i mumbled within me~

📲 You got me really worried yunno. I’ve been to your place twice now and didn’t see you.

I thought you were Faraway from the neighborhood when I met another lady at David’s place. I was beginning to think she’s his new Nanny and it scared me sh•tless!

~he ranted out `
📲 I’m still around. And…. Wait a minute, what do you mean by David’s new Nanny? Did you meet in there?

* I asked. My heart skipped all of a sudden*

📲 Yeah. Today made it twice I saw her there in your abs£nce. So I had thought David hired a New Nanny..

* Now I’m beginning to get confused. What is he saying? It’s getting mixed up here. What the hell would a lady be doing at David’s place? In my abs£nce??

Who is she???**

📲 Uhm… Mike.. eeerm.. do you have any idea what this lady name is? The presumed nanny?

** I tried to ask in a calm way. Cause de-ep down. My heart was slowly racing nervously**

📲 Aliha… Or whatever.. I …

📲 Alicia? Alicia you mean??

📲 Yes. Alicia. The blonde lady. You know her?

📲 Y-y-yeah… Yeah I do . Thanks Mike for this information. I’ll call back later I’m busy right now.

📲 What? But Ana you—


I cut the call almost immediately, not giving him room to finish whatever he had to say.. I didn’t want to hear. Cause right now, I could feel my heart summer saulting within me.

I can’t imagine what that lady would be doing at David’s place in my abs£nce?
Was she waiting for me to leave first?

And why would David even let her in the first place? Didn’t he know such act would hurt my feelings??

What if Alicia is slee-ping over??
Nah! I wouldn’t want to think so… I don’t want to freak out!

I shut my thoughts from wandering about.

I don’t want to jump into baseless conclusions..


🎀Writer’s POV🎀

Late into the night, Noel ti-p toed out of his room when he felt it sure within him that everyone was asleep due to the cold silence.

He placed light feet’s on the floor as he made his way throu-gh the small [email protected] way leading to his dad’s room.

His plan is to sneak into his dad’s room while his asleep, Take out his phone from the drawer and return back to his room to use it for it’s meant purpose.

After usage, he’ll bring it back and place it exactly like he had taken it, then he can go back to his room and have a goodnight rest with job well done.

He smiled brilliantly at himself as he strategized his moves. There seems to be no noise so it’s sure no one is awake.

Getting closer to his dad’s room, he began hearing faint noises. Surely that noise clearly isn’t from his dad’s room, rather it was from a room after his dad’s room. A room which happened to be his dad’s home office. Where he sometimes stay up all night to trash out some business files.
~ that room is dad’s privacy ~

Could it mean dad’s awake in his office? And talking with who precisely,? Alicia? His co-worker?

He ti-pped closer and peeped throu-gh a tiny hole from the door. There he saw his dad and Alicia working on some files. He shrugged his shoulders. At Least, this will buy him some time.

But. What if his dad is in there with his phone beside him?

He asked himself.

Well he certainly doesn’t think so. When it comes to work or business, his dad doesn’t allow distractions like phone in order to avoid unnecessary calls.

With that settled , he took quic-k silent steps backwards into his dad’s room.

He walked over to the be-d and switched on the lampstand. Beside the lamp la-id the phone. He smiled in satisfaction switching off the light as he quietly walked out.

About taking more steps, he paused all of a sudden as his dad’s voice sounded [email protected] and strict from the office room.

The tone of the voices he was hearing now was quite different from what he met earlier…

“Can we just focus in one thing here Alicia??”

Noel’s heart summersaulted the moment he heard his dad’s voice again. Loud and clear.. he almost picked to his heels thinking he has been caught.

Then he realized it is not about him.

“St©p acting like a child David..” another voice from Alicia.

What is going on??

From the sound of their voices, it’s obvious they are in some argument. He had the urge to just walk out and mind his business.. but his inquisiveness wouldn’t just let it that way.

He ti-pped closer to the door and peered throu-gh a small hole. The two were no longer seated. rather, they stood facing each other.

“David…” She ran her hands on David clothed che-st.

“You know what I want. Why act ignorant? ..” she added.

David pu-ll-ed her hand from him and stated clearly to her face.
” Let’s focus on why you’re here… We have work to do. St©p flir-ting around. You won’t get what you want ” he re-leased his grip from her.

Frustration could clearly be seen on Alicia’s face.

“Why [email protected]@rd to get David? When you know how I feel about you. Why push me away? Is it a crime to feel this way? What do you have me do now?”

“Don’t you see it Alicia? I’m no longer the single and searching dad you once knew… My heart is taken alre-ady” he spilled out a [email protected] truth to her face.

“No longer the single and searching? Your heart is taken alre-ady? David what do you mean? What are you talking about,?”

Her voice was suddenly breaking bit by bit.. panic written all over her face. She doesn’t want to believe the bitter truth attached to what he just said.

“Alicia, let’s just work on the contract. The deadline is almost near. I don’t want us to get on manager’s bad side. ” He shrugged finally. Sitting back on his seat.

Noel breathe heavily. Everything is clear now to him.
The reason Alicia is always around his dad is because she likes him. She’s trying to flir-t with him and to think his dad just said his heart is taken alre-ady. That literally confirms his thoughts.

It must be Ana. He feels de-eply excited about this news. Ana has to come back before Alicia desperately achieves her aim in their house.

To make his mission any less risky, he ti-ptoed back to his dad’s room, unlocked his phone and searched for Ana in the contact log.

The “Ana” that [email protected]£ as the result had “❤️” emoticon attached to it.

He smiled sheepishly at no one in [email protected] He was right after all. These two have something for each other. He nee-ded nothing else to convince him further that he’s staring down at the right number.

Without hesitation, he dialed it.. it rang out severally but got no answer. He tried it again and Same thing happened. Is she asleep alre-ady?

It’s ba-rely past eleven and to him, it’s too early to be asleep.

He tried the number three more times and still no answer.
What should he do now? He asked himself worriedly.


Rosiana saw the incoming calls but bothered not to pick up. It’s David calling and she’s not in a good mood to talk to him.

She can’t bring herself to. Not after getting to know Alicia is at his place right now. She’s mad and hurt same time..

She never expected David to allow such a thing happen especially in her abs£nce. What if something goes wrong?

It’s crystal obvious that Alicia is madly head over heels for her man. And ladies in love are tend to do things out of desperation. What if something she doesn’t want to imagine happens?

When she noticed he wouldn’t st©p calling her line, she silenced the phone without a second thought and placed it into the be-d’s drawer. She doesn’t nee-d something that’ll give stress tonight.

She just want to have a goodnight rest. With that, she shut her eyes for sleep.


When Noel saw she wasn’t picking any of the calls, he decided to leave a text message instead.

—- 📩 Rosiana you nee-d to come back to the Mashion. Alicia is around and all over my dad. We don’t want any more of it. I and my sisters have tried to frustrate her out but she’s just so daft and relentless. plea-se come back soon and st©p this. With you around, she’ll know her limits.

We are counting on you..

P$:: Don’t text back!
—- NOEL.

After s£nding the text, he deleted it from the phone alongside the calls.. so his dad won’t notice anything or get suspicious.

He placed the phone like he had met it and switched off the lampstand.

With slow and light steps, he ti-pped back to his room, climbe-d on his be-d and shut his eyes like nothing just happened.

He hopes this works out.

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