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Pearls on swine episode 6

Episode 6.

His wife woke him early that morning for prayer.
She prayed with him as they petitioned all that was going on into the Lord’s care.
Asking God to still the troubling water in their lives, especially in Mayowa’s company.

After the prayer he got re-ady to leave for work.
His wife insisted that he sit for some breakfast since there was still enough time to do that but Mayowa said he can’t.

He doesn’t even have appetite for any food until the whole issue in the office is resolved and he hopes it will be well sorted because he was innocent and have no hand in any of the things they were accusing him off.

His wife did not st©p encouraging him as she reminded him that since they have taken it to God, there was nothing to worry over because God was alre-ady involved and there is nothing the enemy can do to bring him down.

He nodded and left for work that early morning
He tried to remain strong in faith that nothing will go wrong rather he will be vindicated.

He got to the office that morning, he was among the early comers.
He sat in his office and prayed quietly on his own, asking God to take over the day.

He later went around to inform his other colleagues for morning devotion.
He was the one that led in prayer before going back to start his daily office duty.

His boss later arrived with the auditor and he was called in again as they informed him that they have not been able to sort what was really going on.
But it was all looking fishy and Linking down to him and if at the end they find out that he has been doing some un-derground work and trying to run down the company while enriching himself then he will carry the cross that comes with it.

All throu-gh that day Mayowa remained hopeful because he was innocent and he knew if they check thor0ûghly they will see that he was clean.

The torn receipts, the missing invoice booklets and every other implicating items found in his custody was never his ma-king.
Someb©dy else did it and probably tries to rub it on him for whatever reason best known to the person.

Nothing else was said that day concerning the issue on ground, he was beginning to rejoice in his heart that the whole issue was cooling off.

He knew God will step in for him and prove his innocence to his boss and co worker because he has been a faithful follower in his vineyard.

He has served well and obe-diently and even his wife too. They were both doing the work of the Lord like they were getting paid for it.
He pays his tithes, he officiate gladly without being asked.
He loved God wholeheartedly and even when he had a great opportunity to Join Kunle to enrich himself he tried all he could but couldn’t go on with the plan until he confessed it all out to his wife.
One of the reasons he couldn’t progress with the plan was because of the fear of God that was in him.
He has rededicated his life after the plot that he couldn’t carry out.

He was not expecting any of the challenges that [email protected]£ up but he was certain that God has stepped in and will not allow him to be put to shame.

A week after, Mayowa was called to report to the conference hall.
His other big colleagues and those in account [email protected] from different [email protected] where also pres£nt.
Kunle was also there.
Everyone were seated in the conference hall.
The auditor and his team where pres£ntly seated with their auditing tools.

His MD start by commending those who have been doing great in their [email protected]
He applaud the accountants for the great job they are doing in keeping an accurate record with no stain.
He applaud kunle even more for his accuracy in account.
Kunle and one other accountant where awarded some hvge amount of money and the latest Toyota Camry each.

They got lots of applaud as the MD said that every good deed should be rewarded. It will encourage others to sit up in their irrespective field and do better than before.
It will also encourage [email protected] and uprightness in every staff.

While on the other hand every one involved in mischief will be served due punishment.
Anyone embezzling company’s fund will be fished out and such person will be put out in public so that other reputable companies will not employ such person in their firm.
And that was when Mayowa’s name was mentioned.
He was asked to stand. His heart was racing as he stood and everyone’s eyes were on him.

His boss began a long speech of how unfaithful he was in his dealing and how he had been secretly embezzling company’s fund and it finally caught up with him.
Mayowa tries to speak but he was asked to keep quiet and not speak a word.
His boss continued on how his used invoice booklets were missing, torn out receipts and other discriminating things that traced down to him.

Some of his colleagues couldn’t believe that Mayowa who appears upright and decent could be the same man standing up for embezzlement and other crimes leveled on him.

It was baffling even to Mayowa who still can’t believe that Kunle was awarded for a good deed while a judgement of wrong doing was about to be [email protected] down to him.

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