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Pearls on swine episode 5

Episode 5.

He found out that some of his invoices were missing.
He saw worn out ones in place of where he used to keep his.
He was still checking throu-gh and wondering what was going on when the intercom rang.
His boss asked him to also come over to his office with both the new and old used invoice notes.
His boss informed him that the auditor was in his office and they were checking out things together if not the auditor would have come down to his office.

Mayowa gathered what he could [email protected] hands on and quic-kly take them to his boss as he was instructed.

After sometimes, his boss called him and he went over again.
They told him that Kunle’s invoice was complete, the other two managers from different [email protected] were also completed except for his own.

They asked to know why his own has missing receipt in almost all of them. And his invoices booklet was yet to be completed.

Mayowa told them he does not know how it got missing.
He suspected kunle because he was the person he saw leaving his office that morning.
the auditor followed him to his office to check for other missing invoices.

On getting there, he asked mayowa to bring out all the invoices he had in his custody and he did.

The auditor saw the worn out invoices that was supposed to be among the ones he brou-ght to the MD’s office but instead he exclude them.
He asked mayowa why the invoice looks so old and why he didn’t include it.

Mayowa told him that they are not his own and even though some of his invoices that were in his care suddenly went missing he does not have a hand in it. It can’t tell how it happened.

The editor fli-pped throu-gh the worn out booklets and found out that most of the figures were tampered with.
He questioned mayowa about it and he repeated that he knew nothing.

With the way things seem, mayowa can s-en-se that the auditor do not believe him.

And that realization troubles him greatly.

He tried to explain to the account auditor kindly and clearly that he knows nothing of the whole thing.
Everything was well arranged in his office before he went home yesterday and coming to work this morning, he was about 30minutes late due to traffic and distance which was unlike him.
Arriving office this morning he saw a colleague, kunle coming out of his office.

He asked him what was going on but kunle said he only [email protected]£ to check up on him if he was alre-ady at work and to also drop invoices that the MD asked him to bring over.

Mayowa told the auditor that when he entered his office, he saw that things were not as he left them yesterday.
His office looks scattered.

He was still trying to put it all in place when the MD called and asked him to submit his invoices.

He said is probably kunle that messed things around his office.

“All of this explanation is not necessary, you will explain to the MD and not to me. I’m here to work with figures pres£nted to me and with what I’m seeing here, is a cause to worry. The MD suspected that something was fishy, when I saw the [email protected]£d figures in the current statistics it was shorten of several millions and the clear point is that the goods that make up this amount where all sold but where exactly did the money went to…?

Mayowa breathed shakily as he listened to the auditor.
The auditor continued.

“…we asked all the accounts manager, both those dealing with cash and those who don’t. we nee-ded to cross check properly to know where the mistake or theft if there’s any is coming from. I was here three days ago for the same sorting. We didn’t inform anyone earlier, because if we do they may decide to cover up their tracks. It was just I with my team and the MD that decided on these. It was early this morning we asked the account managers to submit their invoices and used booklets with immediate effect and I haven’t really seen any issue with others and even the kunle you mentioned… only with yours although we’re still cross examining everyone. There’s a lot of rewriting, cancellation with ti-past in your invoices and account book. Tampering with figures, tearing off receipt numbers which I believe have hvge amount in them and ma-king the booklet numbers incomplete. Mr mayowa, you nee-d to follow me back to the MD’s office for further clarification. You have alot to answer to and is not just to me but also the MD. You nee-d to explain all of this…”

Mayowa was speechless because he knew that he was innocent and never tampered with any invoices or steal any money.
He wanted to, after kunle introduced him to how he makes extra cash aside from his salary. mayowa was tem-pted to and it was just yesterday that he stepped out of such strong evil thought and promise never to do such after confessing to his wife who made him realize that the fear of God will take him higher than he ever imagined.

He believes so too but resuming office with so much enthusiasm this morning only to be greeted with trouble he knows nothing about. The whole thing scares him.

Getting to the MD’s office, they all started interrogating him over the missing receipt and all the faults found in his invoices.
Mayowa stood strong by telling them that he knows nothing about it.

They looked at him and talked to him like a criminal.
They asked him to return to the office that they are still digging up things which may take days or weeks and ones they concludes on the exact thing going on and the whole marks lead down to him he won’t be spared.
He may even be charged with theft and criminal act which will earn him years of jail terms.
And they won’t fail to applaud and reward any one who had been keeping clean record and dedicated to the given job.

As mayowa went home that day, he was sad and also afraid as he narrated his office ordeals to his wife.
His wife try to encourage him that he shouldn’t be scared because he was innocent and God will vindicate him.

Mayowa couldn’t eat, he was destabilize.
He called kunle that night to ask him what exactly he did in his office that morning but kunle denied doing anything.
Kunle told him that he only went in there to check if he was around and when he didn’t see anyb©dy he walked out.

Mayowa had his doubt. He doesn’t trust or believe kunle.
But kunle strongly denied tou-ching anything in his office.

Mayowa can hopes that just like his wife said he will be out of trouble.

Although looking back at what happened with the auditor and his boss today, he knew trouble was cooking and someone will have to be the scape goat.

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