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Pearls on swine episode 4

Episode 4.

“Kiki, I…I.. my MD called from the office. He was checking for some do¢vments and called to know where it was. After explaining to him, he asked me to hold on that he was going to confirm ones he sees it. I don’t want to come inside and start sneaking out again when his call enters my phone…

Mayowa lied again. The lies were coming out more smoothly now
he was getting used to it gradually.
He felt worst with himself as he was getting used to lying and mastering each step.

“By this time of the night that your boss decided to check for do¢vments?

My wife asked suspiciously.
I was thinking of another lie to give her when she finally said

“…Oohkay. I was wondering with the speed you left the church auditorium, I wondered what was the emergency… Alright, I’m going back inside, the service is about to end.

She left him and went back inside.

He felt relieved as his wife went back inside.
Mayowa stayed outside for sometime, it was while the prayer was being said by the pastor he sneak back inside.

The service was later over, they greeted few others, exchange plea-santries before going home.

Kiki knew something wasn’t alright with her husband. For more than a week he has been behaving quietly and [email protected] speaks his worries out to her anymore.

He was mostly into de-ep thought and [email protected] prays like he used to do.

She asked him again that night what was going on but he said he was alright and nothing much was going on.

Kiki decided to intercede for her husband in prayer.
She stayed awake, re-ading verses of bible and praying to God.

Mayowa heard his wife re-ading a certain verse in the Bible, he didn’t pay attention to her at first as he pretend to be asleep.

When he heard her mention that a thief, a liar, murderer, he that covets, an idol worsh!per who refused to repent will suffer everlasting condemnation.

Mayowa wish he can ask her to st©p disturbing him.
Each verses she re-ad echoes in his heart.
He [email protected]£ scared, he knew that he falls into one or two of those things his wife mentioned.
For three days now, he has not been able to pray. The major thing occupying his thoughts was how to get rich quic-k.

Mayowa, shut his eyes and tries to pray but no reasonable word was coming out of his mouth.
He decided he was going to speak to his wife who has been his confidant.
He can’t hold it all in anymore.

He waited until everywhere was calm that night, the atmosphere was right for his confession.
He called his wife and confessed every of his battle.

He told her how he almost succeeded in following Kunle’s step to steal, diverting the company’s fund to his own personal use, how he thought of schemes to cover up his tracks after the deeds because he wanted to have every good thing of life. Give his family only the best, travel out of the country and see how the outside world look Iike.

He was only been pushed to do so because of the way his company fails to acknowledge him, despite all his efforts and [email protected] work.
Despite how much sincerity he puts into his work. None of
It was acknowledged.
All of this was his anger and push.

When he saw how Kunle was spending extravagantly he knew something was fishy.
Kunle can’t possibly be spending his salary like that, how much was even The money that he will be throwing carelessly.

After he asked and Kunle told him what he does, different ideas began to run into his mind.
He began to think of how to also get his own secret deal done and covered but his mind has not been at rest.
He has been having a serious mind battle which has restricted him from carrying out everything he intended to do….

After confessing it all to his dear wife he felt relieved and she was happy that God did not allow her husband to succeed with such evil in his heart.

They knelt and prayed together for the first time in many weeks.

The next day he was happy getting re-ady for work because his mind was free and his heart pure.

He got to the office late and saw kunle in his [email protected]
He was coming out of his office.
He asked her what he [email protected]£ for he replied that he [email protected]£ to drop some field receipt as the MD asked him to submit them that morning for cross checking.

Mayowa walked back to his office and realized that his table was scattered.

Pieces of invoices was in the ground.
His heart skipped as he began fli-pping throu-gh his work sheet to make sure nothing was tampered with.

He will be in a serious problem if anything goes wrong with his invoice numbers.

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