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pearls on swine episode 2 & 3

Episode 2.

As he fli-pped throu-gh the pages, his heart beat was racing with speed.
He looked around his office it was as if the office cabinets, the files, television and some other items in the office was staring back at him.

He wanted to follow exactly how Kunle explained it.
It appears simple with the way he said it but trying to do it now feels so heavy and guilt striken.

All he nee-ded to do was to tear off the invoice number that has the highest amount.
Replace it with another invoice that has same number but with a smaller amount.

He can aswell leave it that way after tearing it off and if the accountant or auditors notice and ask about it then he will either lie that it got torn off in the process of field work.
He can lie about anything and they will believe him because he is trustworthy and also a manager.
But any invoice he must tear off must be a very hvge amount that is far more than his salary or like his salary.
And those bigger companies that is their sole customer buys things in bulk and pays with cheque instead of directly to the company’s account.
He can ask them to write the cheque in his name and it will be written or he can do it like Kunle did.
Open a bank account with their company’s name and most of the companies customers will be paying into the fake account thinking is the real one.

The given cheque may take days to clear but that is not a problem, he will always find a way to cover up any track that will trace down to him.

Mayowa looked at the invoice continuesly.
He couldn’t summons the courage to do it.
He stood and walked round the office trying to muster courage.
A Bible lying on one side of his table with other books pilled up on t©p of it caught his eyes.

He felt like God was looking down at him.
Mayowa moved back to his table and took the Bible.

He didn’t know what to do or which [email protected] verse to open up.
He was yet to decide on what to do with the hvge amount of invoice waiting for him to take action.

He deserves a better life, enjoyment with his wife and two kids.
He deserves to take his family on a vacation.
He deserves a [email protected] new car like Kunle.
He deserves every good thing of life.

There is a saying that if you can’t beat them you join them.

Joining them has suddenly proven difficult.
Maybe he should go home, sleep over it and gather More courage to return back and do the only thing that will transform his life for good.

Mayowa, after work went home. All he thought of throu-gh out the time at home was just the invoice
His wife asked him what was troubling him but he refused to say.
“Nothing serious, just a hectic day.
He replied again.

He kept battling in his mind not knowing what exactly to do.
He has waited for promotion for a very long time but that was not forthcoming.
His salary can’t cover majority of his expenses.
Joining Kunle to make money in an illegal way maybe an answer to his financial freedom.

He was tired of being nice and churchy guy. It hasn’t done much good for him in anyway.
His mind is made up, he was going to tear off the invoices that has largest amount and find a means to cover up his track.

He woke up early the next morning, got dressed and left for the office again.

He went into his office and saw the invoice, Mayowa quic-kly [email protected]£d it

His phone rang, announcement for the office morning prayer and management meeting.
He didn’t move immediately, after ten minutes a reminder [email protected]£ again concerning the devotion.
Mayowa has forgotten that he usually pray in his office before going for general prayer.
He was mostly the first person that arrives for the prayer before other staffs start showing up.
And now, he had to be reminded first. The main thing occupying his mind was how to overcome the guilt and Carry out the mission he has in mind.
Until then, he will continue to battle it.

Mayowa got re-ady and left for the devotion. Almost everyone was gathered in the staff room.

He was mostly the one they calls to pray after a worsh!psong, after one or two songs.
He was always happy to lead the morning prayer.
But now, Mayowa was hoping that he won’t be called upon to pray.
Ever since the issue of ma-king extra money start occupying his mind, the last thing he wants to do is to pray or talk to God.
He alre-ady know what God will say but he doesn’t care anymore.

He was [email protected] of the workers in the church.
He was among the men that sit beside the main pastor in church.
He was also believed to be a strong Minister and is mostly a great privilege to stand on the pulpit to minister to the congregation.
Him and his wife are well recognized in church and as couples who believes in God so much.
He was respected and sometimes takes bible study [email protected], his wife also officiate in church.

All his labour in the vineyard, which is the church of God has never yielded any fruit.
His expenses kept increasing, yet there’s no enough money to curtail it. He was living from hand to mouth like church rat.
Perhaps, if he can follow Kunle’s trend of ma-king money and do what he has to do so that his story will change for good.
He will command more respect.

As the worsh!psong was over, as usual Mayowa was supposed to pray but as the other staffs looked up to him to do so, he called another staff to do the prayer instead.
No one un-derstands his reasons for not wanting to pray but they respected his decision as another person handled the prayer.
After the prayer they went for the management meeting, one or two things were discussed.
Mayowa didn’t have much to contribute but he rather nodded to what every other person said in the board room.
When he was asked to contribute, he told them that he has nothing to contribute rather he agrees with what every ones said.
Mayowa patient was running out, he couldn’t wait for the meeting to come to an end do that he can go and continue what he started.
The only thing occupying every of his mind.

Finally, the meeting was over and everyone went back to their offices.

Mayowa retuned to his office and the invoices were there to greet him.
He has concluded in his mind and knew it was now or never.

Episode 3.

His phone rang, he picked up.

“Good morning brother Mayowa, Calvary greetings to you… plea-se will you be available today for midweek prayer. I will love you to officiate it…”

It was from his pastor.
Mayowa bite hisl-ips angrily. Not now, not today that he was two minutes away from becoming rich.

“I’m sorry pastor, I have emergency office meeting after work and will be closing very late.
Mayowa lied but the pastor did not drop the call like he expected.

“Brother Mayowa, plea-se I’m counting on you. I felt the Lord wants you to officiate it. Turning it down is like saying no to the Lord but if you can’t officiate then try and come. If truly God s£nt me to you to request for your pres£nce in the midweek prayer, God will make away for you to be there. Our God is not a confusionist, he is always ahead and on time. Have a glorious day brother Mayowa. God bless you as you honor today’s Church program…

The last line of s£ntence from the pastor got Mayowa.
Does it mean if he does not attend God won’t bless him.
How will a pastor be trying to bribe him with God’s blessings so that he can come for a midweek prayer.
Mayowa was pissed, he began to think about other things the pastor has done in the past that he was supposed to be angry but he overlooked instead.

He wanted to have something he can hang on to hate both the pastor and the entire church.
He [email protected]£ uncomfortable in his seat as sweat suddenly broke out on his forehead.

“Why now…why when I’m about to finalise the plan…why did he call to make me uncomfortable…?

Mayowa went round in his office lamenting.
He decided to pack up the invoices. He will attend the church very late.
It will seem he decided to honor the pastor’s invitation.
He will attend when they are about to close the service.
But unfailing tomorrow, he will finalise his plans. Doing what he was supposed to do long time ago.

If it was before, he doesn’t nee-d to be reminded of midweek service.
Is only on a rare occasion that he missed it and will call his wife to take the kids to church if she’s free.

He always prepare his message ahead for each service and emergency church meeting.
He loved God, he preached with [email protected] He tells the congregation the truth about God.
He was diligent in all his dealing but unfortunately he has never moved forward

well, so he thought.
He remains stagnant. No increment in finance, no promotions, no breakthrou-gh. Nothing at all.
Just himself and his poor salary that he was beginning to hate with [email protected]

Mayowa frowned as more ill thought crowded his mind

He couldn’t do much of the office work that day.
After the day work comes to an end, mayowa remained in his office.
He waited until the security started locking the office doors, he later stood and left.

Since he doesn’t have a car, ever since his first car spoilt he has been either jumping from bus to bus or taking taxi or bike which is motorcycle.

He was tired of that too and this is one of the reasons he was desperate for a change. He deserves a [email protected] new car, a very comfortable life that he does not have to worry over every dime he spend.

Mayowa stood at the bust©p for long, waving off buses.
He checked the time and wondered why it was too slow today.
He waited a little more before joining the bus, he was taking his time and wasn’t in a haste.
His wife called him to know why he is yet to come for the midweek prayer which she was pres£ntly seated and listening to the pastor’s teaching.
Mayowa told his wife that he closed very late and since he doesn’t have a car he has to Join the public bus and there was traffic too.
He lied again and felt guilty lying to his loving, caring and prayerful wife.

Mayowa finally arrived the church, he frowned as he heard them still studying. He thought they were supposed to be rounding up by the time he arrives.

He joined them and was grateful when the study [email protected]£ to an end.
As the closing time approached he knew he will be asked to give a closing prayer, Mayowa pretend like his phone rang.
He quietly went outside, with pretense to receive call.
He stayed outside listening to when the closing prayer will be said.

“Honey… what are you doing?

He was startled from behind. His wife was standing behind him, looking lost as she saw him relaxing on the wall and looking at nothing in [email protected]
He wasn’t ma-king any call.

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