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Pamela miss popular episode 37 & 38

Pamela miss popular
Episode 37

“Hi guys, I want to tell everyone something, that’s very important, am sure you will like to hear it,” Kiles said smiling and wi-nking at Romeo. Romeo’s face changed.

“What do you have to say?”Angela asked.

” Calm down why are you in a hurry, at least you will relax,” Nicklaus replied.

“Well, I will like to tell everyone that, I am now Pamela….”Kiles said. But Annie allows him to complete his statement.

” Pamela what, I don’t un-derstand. well, guys, Pamela has chos£n him to be the head of those who will [email protected] keyboard.

She thought he is good in that, what do you guys think “Annie interrupt him.

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” Yes, guys what do you think, or do you think our choice is bad, I and Pamela have made a good choice?” Romeo asked and wi-nk at Kiles…

“Don’t choose him, he will ruin our competition, he can’t do anything properly, I don’t like him at all,” James said.

“Yes, we don’t want him”They [email protected] chorused.

“Okay then, there’s no nee-d to shout, We will choose someone else,” Romeo said.

“Yeah, yeah”They chorused.

Romeo wi-nk at him. And gave him a fvck you sign.

“Why are you guys like this, why can’t he pla-ys the keyboard. We all know that he can [email protected] keyboard very well, so tell me why the sudden hatred.

He’s good and he’s the one that we [email protected] keyboard, that’s final” Pamela said.

” Pamela is right, we all know he’s a good pla-yer, so why are we rejecting him, he is a very good keyboard pla-yer,” Joyce said.

Kiles smiles at Romeo. Romeo smile back at him.

“No, N, O, No, that’s it, why would you choose him to be the one to [email protected] keyboard, when we have many other keyboard pla-yers “A girl said from the [email protected]

“He’s the best keyboard pla-yer so I insisted, no one is going to [email protected] keyboard except him. That’s my decision, and no one can change it”Pamela said and the girl keep quiet.

“Why are you guys fighting, if you don’t want me to [email protected], I won’t [email protected] keyboard, we can choose Angela or another person to do that”Kiles said.

“Now is trying to behave like a nice guy, well I should also say something, “Romeo thought.

“Yes, Pamela is right since he is very good, he will be the one to [email protected] keyboard, I do have some trust in him, he will [email protected] well, so don’t be scared. Let’s Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be”Romeo said.

“Okay then, we trust you and Pamela in this, so no problem,” The girl said.

“Am sorry if we hurt your feeling, but I think this is the best way “Romeo said and bow his head pla-yfully.

“Mr keyboard congrats,” Annie said and stretch her hand forward for a handshake.

Kiles shake and smile at her. de-ep inside him, he’s angry but puts up some courage.

“The practice starts today, don’t forget we have just four days left, so if you know you are good at music, plea-se you can register your name with Pamela, I am pleading with everyone to cooperate, we can do this together,” Romeo said.

“Alright,” The [email protected] said.

“Why will he choose me, what was his work, so I will be the one writing names, this is stupidity, “Pamela thought.

“I don’t think there’s nee-d to write the name, we aren’t in high school, we are mature and know what to do, it will want to start writing names, when are we going to start practicing, anyone interested should be at the studio in after [email protected], “Kiles said.

“That’s a better idea,” Pamela said and huffed.
“Hmm, 1 vs 1, he gots me this time, “Romeo thought and scoffed.

“Anyhow, we are okay with whatever decision you make,” Angela said.


Romeo POV

I was going towards the studio when I heard my name.

I look back and see it was Kiles and his friends.

“I think you have to make a good decision to have waited, “He said.

“What do you have to say?”I asked.

“Calm down nigga, don’t be in haste,” Jack replied.

“I have something more important to attend to, so don’t waste my precious time,” I said.

“Do you see what happened in the [email protected], Even though you manage to st©p me from saying what I wanna say?

Pamela still supports me, she even confirms that am a s-en-sible guy, do you see that. Am sure that very soon she will be mine forever, do you get that” Kiles said pointing a f!nger at me.

“St©p pointing f!ngersat me do I look like a fool to you, I don’t have time for you nuisance, she gets lost.

If you know you wanna [email protected], better behave yourself, because it won’t take me a minute to convince Pamela, that you will ruin the competition, so stay within your limit.

Am alre-ady un-der a lot of stress, so don’t add to it by trying to create any nuisance” I said and turn to leave.

“Wait, see very soon in this school we will be called, PamelaKiles,” Kiles said.

“That’s your business, just leave me out of this, either she has feelings for you or not is my business, but am very sure she didn’t have any feeling for you not even from the waste [email protected] of her heart, “I said and leave.

“Idiot, you are crazy”Kiles yelled.
But I didn’t bother to look back. Because only a jobless fellow we keep arguing with that fool when I alre-ady knew Pamela doesn’t love him.

Kiles POV.

“Buddy, I think we are taking this lightly. We have allowed this guy does a lot without attacking him.

He has even started to feel like a superstar. Am sure he can beat the three of us why don’t we strike him.

Am very sure this guy won’t keep shut if we didn’t teach him some lesson” Jack said angrily.

“I don’t think we nee-d to do that. All my focus is on how to make Pamela fall In love with me” I said in disagreement with what Jack said.

“Kiles, I think Jack is right, he won’t st©p feeling on t©p of the world, if we don’t put him in his place.

Why are you so recklessly? This guy is not a superhero you know. We can’t just allow him to go free in everything. We nee-d to keep him shut.

I want to Zi-p that his mouth for him. I got angry every time he speaks to us in that manner” Nicklaus said.

“What is your problem. I said I don’t want it, even if we want to keep him shut that’s when we have something to use against him.

And if we do anything stupid now, Pamela would suspect, do you forget she is a lioness.

She will figure it out and I might lose this chance. I can’t afford to lose Pamela.

I love this girl, can’t you guys see that.

Am going crazy just to make her mine. I know that idiot is not going to give up just like that, but I don’t want to do something stupid that will ruin my chance.

I don’t trust that guy. so will you just reason from my side” I said.

“No problem, but this guy is crossing his limit, is stepping on my tails and I will deal with him very soon. Just wait and see” Jack said angrily.

“I know you guys have a reason to be angry, but plea-se just do this for me this is the help I nee-ded from you guys, nothing else,” Kiles said.

“Is okay nigga, anything for you” Nicklaus said and tap his back.

“Thanks a lot, I never regret ma-king you guys my friend,” Kiles said.

“You should have gone ahead and hurt him”
(She’s everyone choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy, and suspense

Episode 38

“Thanks a lot, I never regret ma-king you guys my friend,” Kiles said.

“You should have gone ahead and hurt him,” Angela said.

“How dare you come here” Nicklaus yelled angrily.

“What do you mean?, this is not your hostel, this is a road that everyone [email protected], so why won’t I come to meet you guys, when I heard you talking about hurting my friend”Angela replied with an eye roll.

“I know you very well. You just like to involve in other’s businesses by turning yourself to Jesus Christ.

What’s your problem girl” Jack said and gr-ab her by her hair.

“Let go of my hair, are you cr*zy” Angela yelled trying to re-lease her hair from Jack.

“Yes I am cr*zy and mad because of your foolish behavior,” Jack said without leaving her hair.

“Let go of my hair. I promised Romeo won’t spare you, if he sees what you are doing right now, he will hit you badly and your life won’t be the same “Angela threatened.

“St©p threatening us, do you think we are scared of your lover boy. We are not scared of him. Not even a bit, who did he think he his, tell me, fv¢k you and your Romeo” Jack said

“Common Jack, she’s a girl, you can’t handle her like that, because we are bad boy doesn’t mean we should raise our hands on girls.

You can warn her but don’t hurt her”Kiles said.

“No Kiles, why do you always st©p us in everything, don’t do this, don’t do that, for how long is this going to continue.

we might have a problem if we continue like this, I don’t know why you always try to kill our vibe” Nicklaus said.

“Am talking about not raising hands-on girls, you are talking about the vibe, how does that correlate, is different.

We can’t vibe by raising hands on girls. We do bully them, that is okay, but we shouldn’t t©uçh them at all” Kiles said.

“Disgusting, you just like to ruin everything.

And you, if you come closer to me again, I will kill you and dump your corpse in the pit. Get lost” Jack said angrily and re-leased her hair.

“You shouldn’t have left me, you should have waited for Romeo, do you think Kiles is nice, no, that’s because he’s scared of Romeo, I can’t forget how he hit him [email protected] that day. He can’t fight, that’s such a pity” Angela said and bur-st into laughter.

“I told you, you are giving this guy’s too much grace, first it was him and now she”Jack yelled and bite his teeth.

“Hey! Leave here now before I changed my mind, you won’t like me at all, am not nice and I also have a limit to how I can tolerate things.

So vacate this place right now” Kiles yelled.

“You should do whatever you have to do, all I know is that you must not try to hurt Romeo, if you make a move, I will deal with you,” Angela said and walked away angrily.

“Kiles you’ve changed, I don’t know what is your problem these days, you are the most desperate guy back then in high school.

You are brilliant but you are desperate, not like me, am a dullard, you are the one who always helped me with my exams, that’s why I am still in school.

I would have failed and would have dropped out, but you always helped me to write my exams without getting caught.

You do bully anyone not minding if there are girls or not, but now you seem to have changed, is this because you are in love with Pamela or what.

Because I can’t still un-derstand when you [email protected]£ so nice?” Jack asked.

“You are right, I remember you were both beating up a guy when we met in this college back then.

The first day at school you guys beat up a guy. We had also done many things together.

You’ve been in love with this girl from the first day you set your eyes on her, but you aren’t this obsessed with her, So why now, I think your [email protected] isn’t functioning well. Tell us what has come over you” Nicklaus said and hit himself on his forehead.

“So you guys want to start lecturing me what I have done in the past.

And do you call that obse-ssion? No am in love with her and I can’t leave her for anyone, I will win her over in the right way, I will go to any length to make her mine.

That’s the fact, so you guys should cooperate with me, I nee-d you both in this”Kiles said and join his two hands together in plead.

“Okay, but if being nice didn’t work for you, what will you do then?”Jack asked.

“Then I will try the other way, the other way of being a bad boy. I know am not good, am desperate.

But all I want is Pamela and I will make her mine no matter what, mark my word” Kiles said with an evil grin. He smiles wickedly.


Emery Mansion

Mr. and Mrs. Emery room

“Mum, why do you look so worried and pissed up”Cindy asked coming into her parent’s room.

“Why should I be happy, why shouldn’t I be worried. I am a selfish mother, I am a coward, I was scared of divorce and I couldn’t go and check on my son.

I gave birth to two children. Just two, but I am separated from one.

I told my friend today and she told me she was very disappointed in me. She told me she caused everything, and I make Romeo leave without informing her.

I thought Romeo would have dropped out of school and I didn’t even bother to go and check on him, I leave my twenty years old boy to suffer.

I leave him to leave alone when he nee-ds us the most”Mrs. Emery said crying.

“Mum, why do you care about Romeo so much. I always feel like I am separated from this family.

Since Romeo was twenty, all your focus was on him. You gave him more attention than you gave me attention.

Even after he left, you are always with his picture. I feel like I don’t exist in this house, I hate him and if there’s any word to describe the hatred I have for him, I hate him, he disperses me a lot” Cindy said crying.

“He’s your brother, I didn’t divert my attention to him, I was trying to show him the right path. We never divert our attention to him. Your dad wants him to be a businessman and take over his empire in the future, that’s why we drag him closer to show him the business world.

He didn’t have an interest in it, we don’t want to f0rç£ him, so we plan to make him have an interest in business by being calm with him. Nothing more”Mrs. Emery said holding Cindy’s hand.

“That’s a lie, You never for once asked me what I wanna become, you just pushed that course on me, do you think I want to be a doctor.

No, I don’t like that course at all. I have always dreamed to be a businesswoman like you are. But no one seems to care about me.

It was he who asked me what I wanted to become. When I told him, and he told you guys.

But I got scolded. Which means you love him than you love me. And that’s why I hate him.

Why would you love and care about him so much? You are trying to make his dream of being a businessman come true, but mine is nothing to you” Cindy said and ran to her room.

The Restaurant

Romeo POV

“Today was hectic for me in school. We were even given a very difficult @ssignment in commerce. I don’t know what to do” Juliet said b!tt!g the back of her pen.

“Let me see if I can help, I said cleaning the tables said.

“Okay, thanks. Pat plea-se come and continue the cleaning, Romeo wants to help me with my @ssignment”Juliet called out for one of their workers.

“Bring it, am only going to lead you, and am sure you will complete the rest without asking anyone,” I said.

She nodded her head and smiled.

“Do you like being a businessman? “Juliet asked.

“Not at all, I don’t like business at all, I just want to focus on my dream. I know how to [email protected] games, but I always love to become a popular musician” I replied.

“Wow, I will be your greatest fan then. And I will also be your ladylove, you haven’t given me an answer since that day.

You don’t even create time to speak to me, so tell me what’s your reply” She said.

And I stare at her without knowing what to say next.


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