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Pamela miss popular episode 35 & 36

(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 35

And what could have happened?, that could have torn three best friends [email protected], I won’t be chance tomorrow, because, I will have to be at the restaurant, then how will I find out what the problem is “Romeo thought. “I know what to do” He said and leave.


Lane mansion

Pamela was in her room sobbing. Vicky [email protected]£ inside and asked her why she was crying.

“MEME why are you crying?”Vicky asked.

“My friends leave me, they broke the bond of our friendsh!p, how can they do that, how will I survive in that school without them, why are they being [email protected]ûghty, Annie is so stubborn and dumb, she can’t un-derstand anything, I love the both of them, I can’t do without them” Pamela said crying.

“You mean, they broke your friendsh!p, what happened? why will they do such, I Know they must be a reason” Vicky asked cleaning her faces.

“Is it bad trying to bring the best out in someone, you Know Kiles that bully guy?” Pamela asked.

“Yes, that guy you said always caused trouble for everyone, I think he was the same guy Joyce as crush on” Vicky said.

‘Yes, you are right, they fought with me, because I made him my acting b©yfri£nd, they said I shouldn’t have done that” Pamela said.

“Are you mad, or should I said crazy”Vicky said checking her b©dy temperature.

“I know, no one will un-derstand me nor asked the reason I did that, everyone keeps calling me selfish, mad crazy and fool, no one bother to asked me, why I did that”Pamela said and hvg her pillow ti-ghty.

“Oh sorry I forget to asked you, why did you do that, is sounds somehow to me, that’s why I didn’t asked you the reason, why you did that” Vicky said.

“I want to keep him un-der my nose, he will never st©p bullying people or want to change to a better guy, I want to make sure that he’s un-der my nose, I will order him around, shout at him, that he will never think of cursing trouble for anyb©dy again.

And will time, he might change and [email protected]£ a better guy and I will tell him to [email protected]£ Joyce, I will let him know that Joyce love him, that was my plan” Pamela said.

“Why will you do that, that’s a foolish plan, why will you think he can change, you shouldn’t have think in that way, that looks stupid.

You called someone a bad boy and you think you can just changed him by using him. Common, he can [email protected]£ more dangerous and do something desperate to you, if he find out”Vicky said.

“He will never try such with me, he can’t messed with me, he knew I don’t take trash, so he won’t dare do that”Pamela said.

“I laughed in Latin, so you mean those who get [email protected]£d, or get bullied take trash.

No things are not to be done in that way, don’t make the mistake you are going to regret.

And If you feels that’s the best way to change someone like him, then I will advise you involve your friends in this “Vicky said.

“They won’t listen, especially that Annie, she’s a thin devil “Pamela said.

“Thin devil indeed” Vicky bur-st out laughing.

“Yes, she’s very stubborn, and will not listen to me”Pamela said.

“Just try to talk with them” Vicky said.

“I will rather go and talk to Joyce ” Pamela said.

Vicky phone beep. “My baby is crying, oh Romeo is calling me” Vicky said.

“Romeo, why is he calling, plea-se can you put your phone on speaker” Pamela said.

“Have you lost it, I should put my phone on speaker for you, when did that start, what if he want to tell me, he love me”Vicky said.

“What nons-en-se, how can he said he loves you, he only consider you as a sister, he didn’t love you, get that, so come back to your s-en-ses, hmmmm “Pamela said. The call ended.

“You just makes me, missed my call, because of your nons-en-se talk, I will call him back, keep quiet now, go and fixed your relationsh!p, who knows if Romeo want to take me on a [email protected]£ ” Vicky said dancing.

“Don’t tell me you’ve falling for that cunning guy, how could you” Pamela said.

“Gosh!, what’s your business!, He is caring, so what happened if I [email protected]£ him, I don’t love him, but if he asked me out I will accept his proposal, right that minute. He is not bad, his cute , nice not to tall, not to short, is pinkl-ips is a WOW! His smile, eyeball, the way he chew gum, is so sweet “Vicky said blu-shing.

“St©p blu-shing and get out of my sight, he will never asked you out, that’s it”Pamela yelled and hold her head.

“St©p acting abnormal, you don’t like him, so don’t you want him to move on. Thanks goodness he is calling again”Vicky said and pick up the call.

“Hello Romeo, sorry for missing your call, this my stubborn MEME wouldn’t let me rest, imagine she was crying like a baby doll” Vicky said.

“Are you with her?” Romeo asked from the other end…

“Yes, she’s here, she’s very furious” Vicky replied.

“Okay, leave where she’s right now, I wanna asked you something”Romeo said.

“Huh, okay then” Vicky said and leave to her room.

“Hope, she’s not there again?”Romeo asked.

“Yeah, so what’s up, I had everything you and my sisters where saying the other time I called you, so tell me do you like my sister”” Vicky said.

“St©p thinking otherwise Vicky, we are just stuck with each other, getting re-ady for the competition.

Your sister is stubborn and a big headache to me, she does things in her own way” Romeo said.

“That’s why you liked her, don’t lie, you like her, but don’t know how to tell her, I can help you with that”Vicky said.

“St©p been silly now, I called to tell you something, which I want you to find out for me” Romeo said.

“What exactly?, you know I will do anything for you” Vicky said.

“Good girl, just help me find out why Mela and are friends are fighting, I saw them fighting, but when I asked, they didn’t tell me what happened”Romeo said.

“I know everything, but you will have to tell me, why are so worried about their friendsh!p”Vicky said.

“That’s because, they are best friends and they are good role model In the school, so why will they seperate just like that”Romeo said.

“I don’t think that’s all, there’s more to this, so tell me” Vicky said.

“Tell Vicky, you know you are my pretty damsel, and you are the only one that can help me”Romeo said with an imaginary tears.

“You are blackmailing me, but I will tell you, Because you are idol”Vicky said and explained everything to him.

“You are so sweet, I feel relaxed knowing, that, she didn’t like that Kiles of a guy”Romeo said.

“I said it, there’s more to this, you love Pamela, I Knew that”Vicky shouted.

“What are you saying, I hate her, she dispersed me so much, if I love her, I will have walked up to her and said, Miss popular I love you, that’s all.

But no, she’s too arrogant and she likes to yelled alot, tell her I hate her” Romeo said.

“You are scared, because you think she won’t accept you, both of you are something else” Vicky said.

“Bye, you talk to much”Romeo said and hang the call.

“What! I talk to much, we shall see. He can’t tell me that he didn’t enjoy every gossip. I always make sure I told him everything, but he taunt me instead” Vicky said with a pout.


St Patrick’s

“Annie wait I want to speak with you and Joyce”Pamela said holding her hand.

“Leave me” Annie said and pushed her. Her heel shoe twist, she lost her balance. But someone hold her. “What’s your problem Annie”

(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)
College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 36

“Leave me” Annie said and pushed her. Her heel shoe twist, she lost her balance. But someone hold her.

“What’s your problem Annie?”Romeo asked holding Pamela.

“She’s my problem, I am not Interested in being her friend again, why can she fv¢k off” Annie said and Leave.

“Leave me alone” Pamela said and take his hand away.

“You should be happy, that I [email protected]£ to save you on time.

I don’t even know why I always saved you, but I get insulted instead, you are an ungrateful fellow ” Romeo said and hissed.

“Hey! Why are you disturbing her, what’s [email protected] is your problem?” Kiles asked.

“Keep that foolish question to yourself “Romeo said and leave.

“Pamela, how was your night, hope you have a nice dream” Kiles said.

“No, I have a horrible dream, with three big headed man running after me, foolish question”Pamela hissed and also leave angrily.

Romeo [email protected]£ back there.

“You thought I have left, no am still around, I went to hid, just to see how you will get disgraced.

And you really get disgraced. I told you, you won’t be able to tolerate her, an sure you will soon quite this acting thing yourself, do you nee-d some morning dance”Romeo said and dance for them, pu-lling out his ton-gue.

“You are a fool, that’s the last thing I will do, I love her and I will gain her love soon”Kiles said pointing f!nger.

“Are you singing, or ma-king noise. WOW! see my sweet baby is coming”Romeo said on seeing Joyce coming.

He pu-ll his ton-gue out and went to meet Joyce.

“Madam, you are welcome, I am humble, can I help you with your bag”Romeo said smiling.

“St©p being unserious, don’t tell me you want to start teasing me, like you always did to Pamela”Joyce said.

“Common, just bring you bagpack”Romeo said and take the bagpack from her.

He went to meet Kiles and his friends

“I challenge you to do this, if she’s coming tomorrow, be humble to her and take her bag, let’s see if you call do that”Romeo said.

“Is that a threat, I will surely do that, Even more than that, I will start today not tommorow” Kiles said.

“Good job, looking forward to it”Romeo said and hold Joyce hand.

They head towards the [email protected]

“Why are you challenging him, when you know Pamela will accept”Joyce said.

“No, you all misun-derstood Pamela.

None of you want to tell me the truth, but I get the full details from Vicky.

Pamela was actually crying yesternight, because of the your broken friendsh!p” Romeo said.

“Really, I didn’t cried, because I know we will soon come back together, is very [email protected] for us to stay without each other in a day”Joyce said.

“She cried, because she don’t want to lose her friends, if you are there, you will have known how bad she felt “Romeo said shaking his head.

“Are you there?”Joyce asked.

“Not at all, but that’s what Vicky told me, and I nee-d to act it exactly the way she told me”Romeo replied.

“You are something else, I even thought you are there, so tell me, because I know that’s not the full gist”Joyce said.

“Yeah, that’s not the full gist, I find out why you guys are angry at her.

You do have crush on that guy, called Kiles, and they discouraged you, and told you that you should put your feeling aside, because his a bad guy, right”Romeo asked.

“Yes you are right, but am unlucky, he loves Pamela, and I can sacrifice my love for my friend”Joyce said.

“You are a good friend, Pamela is also one good friend, but the way she did her own things is different and unpredictable, she don’t really want to [email protected]£ him, is just a plan “Romeo said.

“Plan!! do you know about this from the beginning?”Joyce asked.

“No I don’t know, Vicky told me everything” Romeo replied and told Joyce everything Vicky told him.

“So, Pamela did all this for me”Joyce said emotionally.

“Don’t start crying now, I think you should try and speak to Annie, so that you guys can unite, I want you guys to unite before the [email protected] is over.

We all have to start preparing for the competition today, I am tired of arguing with her without any positive result, [email protected]! Let Annie un-derstand this” Romeo said.

“Okay Romeo, you are a sweetheart, thanks alot, I do really appreciate this. Don’t worry, Annie is stubborn, but she’s very fragile, I know how to handle everything.

Can you now give me my bag”Joyce said.

“Not at all, I want to oppress someone, so just pretend with me”Romeo said and hang his hand around Joyce [email protected]!st when they were about to get into the [email protected]

“Tell me, who you are trying to oppress?” Joyce asked.

“St©p being a talkative” Romeo said and shushed her up.

Everyone were staring.

“What are you staring at?”Romeo asked with a pout.

Joyce nod her head and bit herl-ips.

Shr felt like beating the hell out of Romeo.

“Joyce come and sit beside me”Annie who as seperated her seat from where Pamela seat was said.

“Pamela, come with me” Joyce said.

“No don’t, call her here, if you know you want to call her here, just go and sit beside her”Annie said.

“Okay then” Joyce said and went to sit beside Pamela.

Annie fumes. Joyce look at her and smile

“Pamela, What’s up, I heard there’s a show tonight, how will we sing without our complete band”Joyce said.

“I don’t know, I think we should asked Angela to join us, I think she’s now trying to be a good singer”Pamela said.

Meanwhile Annie was hearing all this.

She comes back to her usual seat.

“What are the two of you up to, how can you think of performing on stage without me, is this how you guys use to do” Annie said with a pout.

Joyce try to control herself from laughing.

“I thought you don’t want to be among us again, atleast it will still sounds okay if we re-moved A. PJ goes well”Joyce said.

“Shut up, does that sounds nice to you, it sounds awful, what does PJ means, PAJ is the best”Annie said with an eyeroll.

“I thought you don’t want to be my friend again, you said I should fv¢k off”Pamela said with a pout.

“Can’t you see I was angry, my roommate provoke me, she can’t cook, so I was angry and feels suffocated, that’s why I said those words, I didn’t mean it”Annie said.

“Do you mean you are angry, all because of food, you are just unpredictable, So tell me, why can’t you prepared the food yourself?” Joyce asked.

“I don’t know how to hold a cooking spoon, so how will I know how to cook. I thought she should know how to cook, but she’s just too dumb, she prepared burn and undone food” Annie said.

“Am sorry girls, I should have carried you along in my plan, I caused Everything that happened”Pamela pleaded.

“No Pamela, you didn’t do anything, you are only trying to help me, but we misun-derstood you totally, I know everything” Joyce’s said.

“Am lost, you guys should st©p putting me in darkness” Annie said.

“I will surely explain to you” Joyce said and explained everything.

“How do you know that?”Pamela asked.

“I don’t know, I just know” Joyce said smiling and point at Romeo.

“Oh I see, Vicky would never change, for gossiping about me you him”Pamela said.

“Am also sorry Pamela” Annie said.

“Is cool, this just makes us stronger” Pamela said and smile.

They hvgged each other. Kiles and his friends come to the [email protected], [email protected] and smiling.

“Hi guys, I want to tell everyone something, that’s very important, am sure you will like to hear it” Kiles said smiling and wi-nk at Romeo. Romeo face changed.


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