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Pamela miss popular episode 33 & 34


(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 33

“My head” He shouted and [email protected] out.
Pamela who has alre-ady reached the door pole saw this and ran to him.

“Romeo wake up, am sorry I don’t mean to do that” Pamela said trying to wake him up.

But Romeo didn’t wake up. “Water, water… were am going to get water”Pamela said looking around.

She start searching the whole place for water.

“As she lost her mind, did she forget that this is a studio, I pray she went out to look for water, so I can sit, and pretend to have [email protected] out if I see her coming, let me see how she’s eager to get water”‘Romeo thought and stylishly opened his eyes and smile.

But Pamela was right Infront of him, and caught him red handed. Romeo try to close is eye’s back.

“WOW! Don’t just try to close that eyes of yours, I think you are a good actor, am also a good one at that, idiot!” Pamela said and was about to leave.

“You aren’t caring at all, your future b©yfri£ndwill really try” Romeo said and sprang up.

“Thanks alot for telling me, that am not caring, nothing happened to you and you expect me to start trembling, moreover who told you am interested In having a b©yfri£nd” Pamela said.

“Really! WOW!, That’s great, then why don’t you join group of sister’s, it will be good for you, I can be your accomplish”Romeo said.

“And how was that your bussiness?”Pamela said.

“Is my business, like you said my life is not only mine, so your life is not only yours” Romeo said and sat on the chair with his leg on each other.

“Silly, I don’t have your time” Pamela said.

“You must, I quit work today, so we can talked about the competition, but you are just been stubborn. if you don’t cooperate, I will go straight and report you to the school counselor”Romeo said.

“Do you think he will believe you, not at all”Pamela said.

“Why won’t he?” Romeo asked.

“Do you forget you told everyone in our [email protected], that, we are alre-ady discussing about the competition, so I can frame you with that, you know”Pamela said with a wi-nk.

“You are too devilish, I used that to saved you from been humiliated, but you think of using it against me, get out of my way, you fool” Romeo said and was about to leave.

Pamela held him. “Why do you take this personal, why will l do that, I said that, so, you would st©p threatening me. But you got angry instead, I thought you are perfect and don’t get angry easily, your future girlfriend will try” Pamela said.

“Gosh!!, See you tomorrow” Romeo said and leave. Pemela try to st©p him but couldn’t.


Romeo POV

Pamela is just too stubborn.But I like teasing and taunting her, I think that’s the only way to deal with spoilt [email protected] like her.

It was not like an angry, but I nee-d to complete a task, so I pretend to be angry to excuse myself.

I went to the school bar and luckily for me, I saw those who I [email protected]£ for. I moved closer to their table.

“Can I seat, this is a table for four, so I can occupied one” I said and seat, without them permmiting me.

“What are you doing here ?” Nicklaus asked.

“Good question, I didn’t have much time, you can asked the waiter to give me a cup, do I can wine and dine with you”‘ I said.

“St©p beating around the bush and go straight to the point” Jack said.

“Well I [email protected]£ here to warn you, to st©p those act of yours, you want to be her hero, then do that in a proper way, Learn to respect people”I said.

“Meaning, because, I don’t un-derstand all this lecture” Kiles said.

“You thought I am not aware of what you did, I Knew it was your plan, you stole my wristwatch and put it in Pamela bagpack, and you pretend not to know anything about it. That’s so silly of you”I said and rest my back on the chair.

“Are you done with your silly lecture, you can leave now” Jack said.

“I Knew you to be the one who knows how to talk very well, among your gang, but let me warn you very well, if I ever see you trying to bully anyb©dy in this school again, I promised I will show you what am capable of doing” I said pointing a f!nger at him.

“Drop that your hand guy, did I look like someone you can threatened” He said and drop my hands with his.

I scoffed. “To me you are nothing than a bit is sand, and i will make you know how bad I can be, if you try anything drastic” I said,and stood to leave.

“Why not faced me instead, you don’t have case with them, is with me, am the one who loves Pamela not them” Kiles said.

“You don’t love her, you are just obsess about her, you are lvsting over her, because love don’t harm, and moreover Pamela deserve a better guy than you, so st©p disturbing yourself, she might be arrogant, but she has a good heart “I said.

“I Know am a bad guy, so st©p lecturing me, I love her and will do anything to make her mine” Kiles said and stood up.

“Hmmmm!! That’s when you change to a better person, but I don’t even think, it can be possible, because you don’t deserve her ” I said.

“I Know you are trying to impress her, but don’t even think too far, because she can’t be yours, she mine and mine forever” Kiles said.

“I am not impressing her in anyway, she will like me herself and know I am worthy of her love, I will not try to be a perfect guy for her, but I will make her realized, am the perfect guy for her, how do you see that.

And don’t be surprised, She alre-ady knew you plot that wristwatch in her bag, I told her, so, she can know you are dangerous for her.

But I promised I would never st©p her, from being with you if she loves you, I will even make sure both of you end up together, but not until you are re-ady to [email protected]£ a good guy” I said and smile.

“So why don’t you make it easy for me, I will change for good, that’s if you promised me that you will make her love me, can you promised, I Know you can never, so st©p pretending”Kiles said.

“Like I said earlier, I said if she loves you not forcing her to love you, prove yourself worthy of her atleast for a day” I said.

“Leave now, we have tolerate all your trash, so you won’t say anymore words, now get lost!!”Jack said angrily..

“Are you deaf, leave!!!!!” Nicklaus stormed.

“Am not surprised, that’s why they said birds of a feather flocks together. You don’t have anything benefiting to do with you life, other than causing problem for other, and the two of you, don’t even in your miserable life shout at me!! “I thun-dered.

“What are you capable of doing, hmmm?”Nicklaus asked.

“Maybe many things” Pamela said coming inside the bar.

Thanks goodness she didn’t heard our full discussion.

“Yes, he can do many things to you [email protected], how dare you try to frame Pamela for what he didn’t do?” Joyce asked.

“I Know everything” Pamela said and faced me.

Gosh did she know I love her, no she must’ve find out…, not in this way.

Why did I have to come and meet this fools. Now this crazy lover of mine, we start behaving wild.

My heart was pounding so fast. I manage to speak.

“What do you know” I asked and huffed. “I knew that you”

(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 34

My heart was pounding so fast. I manage to speak.

“What do you know” I asked and huffed.

“I knew that you might be here, you are arguing with this fools, eventhough you know we have to prepared for the competition, you still come here” Pamela said.

I breath heavily. “Why do you breath like that?” Pamela asked.

“Are you now questioning me, over my breathing”Romeo replied.

“Whatever, and you Kiles you really tried, I won’t talk much, but I am warning you, never in your life try $h!t with me, do you get that” Pamela said pointing a f!nger at Kiles.

“Pamela, why are you always treating him like this, he loves you alot and will never do anything to harm you” Nicklaus said.

“He loves you alot and will not do anything to harm you, fool”Pamela mimicked.

Romeo wi-nk at him.

“Pamela, it was a mistake, I won’t do that again, I promised, I just want you to love me, I will change for good” Kiles said and hold her by her shoulder.

“Take that your hand off me, you don’t looks like someone who will change from your ways, you said you love me and want me to be your girlfriend?” Pamela asked.

“Yes, that’s what I want, I want you to be with me forever” Kiles said and wanted to t©uçh her.

“Don’t t©uçh me, I just want you to prove to me, that you are worthy of being my b©yfri£nd, if you are able to do whatever I wanted then you will be my b©yfri£nd, I will be the one [email protected]!ngyou, un-derstand”Pamela said.

Kiles smiles and look at his friends. He then face Pamela.

“Yes I agree to anything,I am re-ady to do anything to be your b©yfri£nd, I will do anything you want “Kiles said smiling.

“Is not like I am giving you a task, you actions and reactions will judge” Pamela said.

“Have you changed your mind of not having a b©yfri£nd, how did you change your mind so soon” I blurted because I was very angry at that very moment.

“I have changed my mind, so how was that your business?” She asked. And I huffed.

“Is non of my business, but I think that would suit you” I replied pretending like nothing affected me out of everything she said. But de-ep down it hurts.

“And you, you know you are now my acting b©yfri£nd, so, behaved” Pamela said.

“Mela are you crazy, what are you saying, how can he be your acting b©yfri£nd, why are you doing this? “Joyce asked.

“Why are you guys disturbing her, plea-se leave her alone, those questions are too much for her to answer” Kiles said.

See who is talking, his really acting like a b©yfri£nd. Who gave this c0ckroach b©yfri£ndposition. Gosh!! I have really suffered. I feel hitting him [email protected] on his face.

“Yes, he as said it all, no one should asked me too much question” Pamela said and leave the bar.

“WOW, finally, I won” Kiles said and hvg his friends ti-ghty..

Joyce and Annie gave them an eyeroll and hissed. They left angrily.

“Hey! why are you so happy, like you just win a ticket to hellfire” I said.

“You shouldn’t stressed me, atleast I still got a chance and very soon, she will fall in love with me” Kiles said and sit like a king.

“The position of a king didn’t suit you, you look like those abandoned slave, finding way to be a slave again, and why are you so happy, remember you are just acting.

Which means you are second option. Come to think of it, do you remember our acting president last year, did you remembered, he step down when the president [email protected]£ back.

So when I am re-ady, you won’t have any other option, than to step down for me, because, the leader doesn’t nee-d to act, we are basically ruler’s.

And moreover you won’t be able to tolerate Pamela” I said and was about to leave the bar singing.

“You should have waited, let me teach you some lesson”Kiles yelled angrily.

“Hypertension is real my dear brother. I Love……… You…..”I said and blew him a flying k!ss. He fumes.


Pamela POV

“Pamela wait, why did you do that, why did you give Kiles that chance, why not romeo?” Joyce asked.

“Why do you want me to choose rom…., and moreover Kiles as being running after me, since my first day in this school, I know is a bully and a bad boy, but I can bring the best out in him, is not anyb©dy bussiness, that’s my choice, so no questioning”I said.

“Am not questioning you, am only trying to let you un-derstand that you shouldn’t have choos£n him ” Joyce blurted.

“Did you just yelled at me, on what basis, are you the one that would choosed for me, Is my life and I will live it, the way I want to, so, why are you acting wild, like, what I did was a big deal” I said looking holding her shoulder.

“Pamela, I un-derstand that, I Know, no one can choose for you, but what you did isn’t right, is called selfishness, you know how we have distant ourselves from this guy from the beginning,

do you remember when Joyce told us years ago, that she as a crush on him, but can’t tolerate his [email protected]ûghty attitude and his behaviors toward everyone.

We told her that Kiles is not the best guy for her, she heed to everything we said, without doubting us, so tell me, have you forgotten all that, you have two options, you should have chos£n Romeo instead, I don’t expect that from you, you break my heart” Annie said and was about leaving.

“Annie, you don’t nee-d to be angry at her, we have any right to be angry at her, but why would we allow our friendsh!pto break because of this, we shouldn’t do that “Joyce said.

“Can you see the difference between the two of you, now I un-derstand you have a good heart, than the two of us, but I can’t tolerate this, if I should put myself in your shoe” Annie said.

“Why aren’t you guys re-ady to un-derstand me, is it bad trying to bring out the best in someone, you were there, when he said he loves me, but is not like we were [email protected]!ng…”I didn’t complete my statement when Annie cut me short.

“It doesn’t make a difference, the thing is you betrayed us, you are selfish,get lost, I am not interested in this group or friendsh!pagain, the group didn’t have any value, it only betrayal, Joyce good luck, I prayed she doesn’t end up taking your future husband” Annie said.

“Are you crazy” I thun-dered and raise my hand to [email protected] her.

“You wouldn’t dare to do that, so just put that your hand down, if you know what’s good for you” Annie said angrily.

“If you walked out of this group then, I also walked out, am cool on my own” I said.

“What’s wrong with you two, we can fixed things, I am the cause of this, plea-se” Joyce said joining her hands together.

“No” Annie and I replied at one’s.

“Okay then, I also walk out of the group, no more group, PAJ over” Joyce said and leave angrily.

“What’s going on here why are you girl’s fighting?”Romeo asked.

“Asked her” Annie and I said pointing f!ngersat each other


“”What’s going on here why are you girl’s fighting”Romeo asked.

“Asked her” Pamela and Annie said pointing f!ngersat each other.

They frown at each other and leaves angrily.

“What could have happened, first I heard Joyce saying no more group, and secondly those two were frowning at each other’s like enemy’s, So is PAJ over, just like that, what sort of friendsh!pis that, how could they have end their friendsh!plike that.

And what could have happened?, that could have torn three best friends [email protected], I won’t be chance tomorrow, because, I will have to be at the restaurant, then how will I find out what the problem is ”


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