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Pamela miss popular episode 31 & 32


(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 31

“Ewwww, gosh, crazy”Pamela yelled and throw her phone on the sofa.

“I told you not to be rude, but you won’t listen, I think Romeo put you in your place” Vicky said watching movie.

“I don’t like the movie you are watching, I hate ro-mantic story and prefer horror movie”Pamela said.

“That’s why you have the same behaviour with them”Vicky said with a pout.

“Damnit, you are too [email protected] for my liking”Pamela said and went out of her room.

“Finally I will have peace, arrogant MEME” Vicky said and continue watching her movie.

She remembered she promised to call Leo back. She quic-kly took her phone and call him.


The Emery mansion

Cindy POV

I haven’t got the chance to go and visit the foolish Romeo in the restaurant.

I dial Mikel number and asked him to come to our house and told my parent he want to come and take me out.

Mikel is a childhood friend. His parent and my parents are family friends.

He left Ko-rean to study in London, when he was at the age of 10, and now he has finished his education while am still in school. He just [email protected]£ back 2weeks ago.

We love each other so much. He’s a relaxed and caring guy. He asked me out after one week of his arrival and I jilt my school b©yfri£ndfor him.

Because I don’t know the type of lady that will see a caring guy and said, she want to die with a guy, she was just managing and a bad boy to be precise.

I heard the sound of door bell. I am sure it was him. I quic-kly went to my wardrobe and picked up a bomber short and a armless crop t©p.

I quic-kly get dressed and pick up my longsleeve jacket Incase if there’s cold.

I picked up my phone and bagpack and set to go and join him in the livingroom.

I was surprised that he was standing by my door pole with his hand fold resting his b©dy on the pole.

“Hmmmm”He sm-irks immediately I saw him.

“Huh huh, how come you are here?”I asked smiling.

“Do you forget that this is also my house”He replied smiling.

“I got that, okay let’s go”I said and hold his hand.

“To where exactly?” He asked.

“I want us to go to a restaurant, my friend told me they give the best meal, so I want to go and have a taste of it”I said to him.

“Okay no problem, your wish is my command” he said and we both went to his car hand in hand.

Authoress POV

They drove to the restaurant Romeo worked.

“Romeo take the menu to those customers that just arrived” Mr Ronald said.

“Okay sir” Romeo said and take the menu to them.

“You are welcome here, which meal will you like to have” Romeo said and drop the menu

“Cindy, ohh damnit, if I had known, I will have excuse myself from Mr Ronald”Romeo thought.

“Hello, get us this, I will like to have it after a very long time of leaving Korean”Mikel said.

Romeo looked at him.

“Where did I knew him from”Romeo muttered but it was loud enough to be heard.

“Are you referring to me?” Mikel asked staring at him.

“No, I mean that guy over there, his face look familiar” Romeo said pointing at a guy in the restaurant.

“But your face look familiar, are you Romeo?” Mikel asked.

“Romeo hmmm, not at all am Leo” Romeo lied.

“Which Romeo are you talking about, do you mean my Romeo?”Cindy asked.

“Yes, the similarities is there” He said.

“Sir, how was that possible, I didn’t know her, my name his Leo Lionel, I [email protected]£ from a very poor home and am working here so as to help my family” Romeo lied.

“Oh, but you really look like Romeo, her mum even show me the pictures, I can’t lie you are just a replica of him” Mikel said.

“He’s just a look alike, like dad told you Romeo is in America, he was transferred there, so has to complete is education, because, he was now stubborn that be doesn’t want to listen to anyone” Cindy said.

“But your mum do really missed him. We can call him” Mikel said.

“You know he might be busy by now, he told us, he his and admin in a company, and he always went there after school, so his so busy, don’t worry we will talk to him later” Cindy lied.

Romeo was so surprised that they could lie about his identify.

“Okay no problem” Mikel said nodding his head.



“All my plan keeps going wrong, why do this always happened to me, why am I so unlucky, all my plan are always ruined, I bought up that idea, so, that me and Pamela could get closer.

But she would have to be with him, she will have to bear him, he will never st©p taunting her, I love and respect her, but I never got that chance to be with her, it was so easy for that idiot go be around her, what if Pamela fall in love with him, then I am doom”I said feeling devastated

“Common, you don’t nee-d to do that, you should see Pamela doesn’t like him at all, don’t you see her expression when the teacher was praising hom earlier, I think we should change our plan” Jack said.

“What are the things I can do to get her” I asked anxiety.

“By trying to be her hero” Nicklaus said.

“Hero, I don’t really un-derstand you guys”I said.

“What we mean is that, you will be her hero, you will be the one causing problem for her and you will also be the one to pacify her, she won’t know you plot this, so, she will start falling for you unknowingly, you know girls do love guys who cares about them so much, after that she will be yours forever”Jack said.

“I don’t think that Idea is of any use, what if she get hurt, no we have to think of a better plan. We can do something that won’t make him [email protected] then, I will be there in his place”I said.

“No, if we do anything drastic,, she will suspect us, do you forget, after seeing the pictures we posted, she said it was you who posted it, you know we are bullies in school, so is very easy to suspect us.

So, I don’t think hurting Romeo would be best plan, she should be the one getting hurt while you will keep pacifying and saving her ” Nicklaus said.

“Okay I will think about it” I said and sit.


The next day in the [email protected]

“Where’s is my wristwatch, I kept it in my bag, so where did it disappear to” Romeo said searching for his wristwatch.

“Are you sure you didn’t drop in your hostel” Angela said.

“An sure I put it in my bag” Romeo said still searching.

“Let me announced, if someone has seen it by mistake”Angela said and stood up.

“Hi everyone,sorry for disturbing you, plea-se, do you by mistake see Romeo wristwatch” Angela asked.

“Not at all” some replied.

“Why didn’t we search everyone bags to see if it isn’t there “Jack said.

“Why do we have to do that, do you count everyone here as a thief, well you won’t be searching my bag, because I don’t allow anyone to look into my privacy”Pamela said and sit.

“Atleast you can allow one of your friends to do that, we aren’t forcing you, you are in the [email protected] president, you should be able to help us in situation like this, what if they eventually steal something that’s very important one day” Nicklaus said.

“Okay, as you wish” Pemela said and gave her bag to Romeo.

“Why me?” Romeo asked. “Is your wristwatch, so, you should check it yourself” Pamela replied.

Kiles and his gang sm-irks at each other.

He took Pamela bag and check it.

“What’s this” Romeo said bringing out the wristwatch from Pamela bag.


(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 32

“What’s this” Romeo said bringing out the wristwatch from Pamela bag.

“What!!!! How did this get into my bagpack” Pamela exclaimed shocked.

“So Pamela could stood so low, to steal, despite all their riches”A girl said from the [email protected]

“Will you shut up, how could you think Pamela could do that” Kiles said.

“Why are you supporting her, let her proof that she’s innocent”Another of the [email protected] said.

“What nons-en-se are you talking about, why will she want to steal his wristwatch “Kiles shouted.

“Everyone st©p, it was my mistake, I told her to keep it for me yesterday, Yes we were at the studio together talking about the competition.

I told her that, I nee-d to go to somewhere, but she insisted that we should complete our discussion, I promised to come back, but she didn’t believe, not until I drop my wristwatch, but I couldn’t go back there, that she had to called me yesterday and scolded me from not coming back.

See the miss calls, she’s the one I saved with miss popular, see this, I forgot I gave her my wristwatch, and she might have also forget, if not she would have reminded me I gave her yesterday ” Romeo said.

“You should be careful next time, and don’t just accused anyb©dy anyhow, I don’t know how you could be so dumb to forget this, idiot”Kiles hissed and sit down.

“This is a total lie, we didn’t spoke yesterday, is he trying to save me, did he actually plot the wristwatch in my bag, there’s something fishy, am very sure someone did this to humiliate me”Pamela thought and sit.

“Pamela am sorry for cursing trouble for you, plea-se just try to forgive me” Romeo apologized.

“Forgive me too” The girl who spoke earlier apologized.

The studio

“Romeo, what was that, I know you are trying to save her from being humiliated, but why do you take those insult from Kiles. And why did you do that, you found your wristwatch in her bag, yet you saved her, that’s kind of you”Angela said.

“I am sure is a set up, to think of it, why will someone like Pamela, A rich daughter, who get everything she nee-ds at the right time, will want to steal my wristwatch ” Romeo said.

“Romeo, I was also thinking the same thing “Angela said.

“Hello, can I have a discussion with you ” Pamela said.

“Hey! Miss popular here you are”Romeo said.

“Let me excused you”Angela said.

“No, I won’t take long, you should stay here”Pamela said.

“I will leave the two of you”Angela said and Leave.

“What was that for?” Pamela asked.

“Can’t you just try, not to be rude for a minute”Romeo said.

“Tell me why do you put your wristwatch in my bag and lie you gave me yesterday?” Pamela asked with so much anger.

“Am not in the mood to fight today, can you plea-se excuse me” Romeo stood to leave.

Pamela block his way. “Sorry, but I want to know, why? you did that”Pamela said.

“You are just like a chameleon, you just say sorry, and you are alre-ady rude again. Well I saved you, so you should be happy and st©p bothering me”Romeo said.

“I deserve to know, you will have to explain to me, what? that drama was all about” Pamela insisted.

“Well, you should asked Kiles and his gang, I don’t know how they end up putting my wristwatch in your bag, but am very sure they are against you, I saw them given each other signal.

Is like they are trying to [email protected] silly games with you, like they will cause trouble for you and will also rescue you.

Why am I even saying all this to you, you won’t believe me, so there’s no point” Romeo explained.

“I think that must be truth” Pamela said and remember something.

Earlier that morning

“Why are you always like this, can’t you see properly”Pamela shouted at Kiles.

“Am very sorry queen, I will help you pack your things” Kiles said.

“Don’t worry I will pack it myself” Pamela said angrily and was about to bend.

Her phone beep. She picked up the call and was talking to the person on phone while Kiles was packing her things.

“Take, sorry for barging into you” Kiles said and handover the bagpack.

Pamela took the bag and leave for the [email protected] still on call.

End of flashes

“How could he, I will make sure I deal with him, that he will never mess with me, for the rest of his life”Pamela said angrily.

“You can do that later, we have just few days to practice for the competition and we haven’t started yet. If we continue like this, then we will definitely loss” Romeo said.

“You are right, I alre-ady made a promise, that we will win no matter what, but I will have to go and deal with him first, how dare him do that to me “Pamela said and was about leaving.

“You have to listen me”Romeo held her hand and she roll back and rest on his che-st.

“Stay away from me” She said and pushed him.

“I can’t tolerate your pride again, you wanted to fall but I helped you, you rest on my che-st like your life depends on it, but you are now blaming me “Romeo said and hissed.

“Hey, you should be happy that someone like me rest on your che-st, and why are you behaving like a fool, your che-st is so flat not compared to mine”Pamela blurted and cover her mouth.

“WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!, Continue why did you st©p, you have a big che-st and my is small, hmmm” Romeo said.

“Silly must you repeat everything I said, See am warning you stay away from me “Pamela said.

“No, not until the competition is over” Romeo said and f0rç£d her to sit down.

“Leave me alone” Pamela shouted trying to re-leased herself. Romeo shushed her up with one of his f!ngers.

They share eyelock. They were lost staring at each other eyes. Romeo come back to his s-en-ses.

“You will sit here, why we discuss about the competition, if not you aren’t permitted to go anywhere “Romeo said and sat on another chair.

“Competition! Competition!! Competition!!!, Okay sir start the discussion”Pamela yelled.

“You will start” Romeo said.

Romeo phone beep.

“Unknown number” He said and pick it up.

“Hello Romeo, this Vicky”She said from the other end.

“WOW!! my baby, how have you been?”Romeo asked.

“Am not good at all” Vicky replied.

“Why what happened, why aren’t you happy” Romeo said.

“Because you didn’t come to teach us music, we might lose” Vicky said with an imaginary tears.

“Common girl our school is also [email protected] in this, so am busy, you guys can start practicing everything I taught you, I will come to see you later, I love you babe” Romeo said.

Pamela fumes. “Okay, I love you too “Vicky said.

“Hey young women, why do you look angry?” Romeo asked.

“Who are you talking to on phone?” Pamela asked.

Romeo use his hand to rub his eyes to be sure, if he’s dreaming.

“Do you just asked me, who I was talking to on my own phone” Romeo said.

“Yes, and you must answer me”Pamela said.

“Who am I to you, and why are you involving in my personal life?” Romeo asked and feezes the gum he was chewing.

“I will asked, because Is not only your life” Pamela said.

“What!!!, This serious than I thought, how, Is it not only my life, I want to know” Romeo asked and move closer to her.

“Get lost” Pamela said and pushed him [email protected]

He fell on the floor.

“My head” He shouted and [email protected] out.

Pamela who has alre-ady reach the door pole saw this and ran to him.


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