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Pamela miss popular episode 29 & 30

(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 29

“You will answer me first, what’s your reply?” Angela asked.

“I told her no, I alre-ady told her she’s my friend and just like a sister, so I don’t have feeling for her, I know it’s hurt to be rejected, but am just trying to be straight forward, I don’t want to [email protected] her emotions by saying yes.

So I just makes her un-derstand, but she refused to un-derstand and said I should think about it, I don’t know what is there to think about, she said she gives me till tomorrow to get a reply ” Romeo explained.

Angela exploded into a laughter.

“Why are you laughing?”Romeo asked.

“That’s funny, why will she want you to think about it, you have alre-ady told her your mind, but she insisted you think about it, that’s crazy “Angela replied.

“That’s her own way of reasoning, so tell me, why did you call me love?” Romeo asked..

“Do you take that seriously, you are just a good friend of mine, and a heart winner, you are cute and nice, meeting you is the greatest experience ever.

So, I as a friend, I promised to always be there by your side, no matter what, and I am re-ady to save you in any problem or trouble that might comes your way, you are more than a friend, in a word you are a brother and everything to me” Angela said smiling.

“Hmmm” Romeo Chuckled and smile back at her.

“So you must not be surprised if I call you any lovely name in front of everyone, that’s just a way of expressing how speacial you are” Angela said and hold his cheek.

“You are such a sweetheart, I can’t imagine I have a friend that got my back, you are just like Owen and Alina”Romeo said.

“Hmm, I am blu-shing”Angela said blu-shing [email protected]


In the [email protected]

“Sir” Kiles called.

Everyone looks at his direction.

“Why are you all staring at me?” Kiles asked.

“What happened Kiles? ” The teacher asked.

“Sir, why aren’t you talking about the upcoming music competition for schools, I heard the news on the TV, but you aren’t saying anything about it, so I decide to asked you” Kiles said.

“Yeah, I didn’t talk about it, because we won’t be [email protected]” The teacher said.

“Why?” Pamela asked.

“We lose last year, and we can’t afford to disgrace ourselves this year again” The teachers said.

“Sir, we lose last year, because I was ill and didn’t [email protected], but am sure we can’t lose this year again, am very sure of that” Pamela said.

“Hmmm, I think you are right, I will talk to the counselor, so you guys should start getting re-ady, is just one weeks remaining so it will be better if you start preparing” The teacher said.

“Thank you sir” Pamela said.

“Kiles, I think you are so smart to have bring this idea, so I will like to choose the leader, As you all know that, Pamela is the best singer in this school of recent.

I have also seen someone that’s very good, so, I will mention his name, him and Pamela will have to work together and choose who will [email protected] in this competition” The teacher said.

Kiles smile and adjust himself waiting for the teacher to mention is name.

“Romeo will be the person working with Pamela, his a very good singer and instrumental pla-yer” The teacher said.

Angela smile and look at Romeo.

“Sir why will you choosed him, he didn’t know anything about music, it was me and Pamela that are the best musician in this school.

So, why do you think, he’s perfect for this, where will we start from” Kiles said.

“Kiles he is more than good, his more good than you and Pamela, I always see him and Angela in the studio everyday, his [email protected] sing well.

Is not like am doubting your competency, but am just trying to let you know, so it will be better for you, and those who are re-ady to [email protected] in the event, to start learning from him, even if he is the only one that [email protected], am very sure we will win ” The teacher said.

Kiles and Pamela fumes.

“Romeo are you re-ady to [email protected] or not?” The teacher asked.

“Sir am always re-ady” Romeo replied with a smile.

“So you guy’s should get re-ady, we must win this time, Pamela is up to you and Romeo” The teacher said.

“Okay sir”Pamela said nodding her head positively.

[email protected] over” The teacher said and went out.

“Damnit, How dare him, I brou-ght this idea but he recognized this fool Instead”Kiles said and hit the table angrily.

“Do you want to start creating your nuisance again?” Angela asked.

“Hey keep quite right now, or I will strangle you alive “Nicklaus said angrily.

“Angela common let’s go” Romeo said and drag Angela.

“Romeo wait a minute” Annie said and bring a small note from Romeo.

He opened it and re-ad it silently.

“Let’s meet in the studio, so as to talk about the competition” He re-ad and look at Pamela.

“Let’s go” He said to Angela.


Pamela POV

I wrote a note and asked Annie to help me give it to him.
he re-ad it and didn’t reply. Such a rude guy.

I promised am not going to talk to him when I get there, he must be the first to talk to me, why is he like that.

I don’t like him at all. He misun-derstood me even when I try to be nice.

“Pamela, I think this will make you and Romeo end your fight, you will have to work together for achieve a goal of wining this competition, this will bring you guys closer” Joyce said.

“I won’t talk to him, he must talk to me first ” I said with a pout.

“Really, okay, as you wish, I will just sit back and watch” Annie said.

“You should st©p this, is childish, why can’t you just forget about everything that happened” Joyce said.

“Just leave me, I know how to handle this” I said and went into the studio.

He was there with Angela. Angela went out when I get there.

I find a place to sit and didn’t say anything to him.

He looks at me and didn’t utter a word.

“What’s wrong with him, why is he not saying anything to me” I thought and fume.

After ten minute he didn’t say anything neither do I.

He brou-ght out a book and pen and was start writing something I didn’t know.

He stand up and come towards me.

He show me the note and drop it right Infront of me and went out of there.

I re-ad out loud.

“You are so foolish to have wasted ten minutes out of my precious time. If you try that with me again, I won’t mind to puck out one of your eyes.

When you are re-ady to talk, come and call me yourself, and don’t think if you s£nd a letter I will reply you. The practice will start when you are re-ady to leave your silent mode, Bye for today ” I re-ad.

“Gosh, harrant nons-en-se”I yelled and went out angrily.

“What happened, we saw Romeo coming out?” Annie asked.

“He’s arrogant, rude and grumpy, see this” I said and gave them note to re-ad.

“Hmmmm” Annie scoffed.

“What why do you chuckled” I asked with frown.

” But it’s hurt, Romeo did well”Joyce said and bur-st out laughing.

“I will make sure I deal with him, it was because of him, that makes the two of you to make jest of me” I said angrily and start looking for him.

Luckily for me I sighted him. I moved closer to him.


(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 30

I will make sure I deal with him, it was because of him, that makes the two of you to make jest of me” I said angrily and start looking for him.

Luckily for me I sighted him. I moved closer to him.
“Hey!” I called. Snd He looks around. “You know am speaking to you, so st©p looking for something else” I said with an eyeroll.

“Do you Know who goes by the name Hey?”Romeo asked Angela.

“Not at all, you are Romeo, am Angela”She replied.

“Do you hear that, if you want to address me, you should call me by my name”Romeo said.

“Why do you do that” I said holding my ear not knowing what to say.

“Ohhh, so you’ve decided to talk now, is cool but I don’t have your time again for today, till tomorrow”Romeo said and wi-nk at me.

He left with Angela..

“Disgusting, Arrogant, rude, grumpy, Ahhhhh, Ewwww, nons-en-se” I shouted angrily and hit my leg on the floor.

“Hmmm, How I wish Romeo is my b©yfri£nd, I will be happy”Annie said.

“Are you crazy, how can say such thing, am I not your friend, why can’t you guy’s inherit my enemy”I said holding her by her shoulder.

“Romeo is not an enemy, we alre-ady inherit kiles and his friends, because we supported you, but Romeo is not a bad guy, so, why do we nee-d to inherit him. Do you forget he helped Vicky”Annie said.

“Yes Pamela, we the PAJ are fv¢king arrogant and people’s still love us, so why don’t we try to be nice to them”Joyce said.

“When you are too nice towards people, they will take you for granted and disrespectful you so much, but when you maintain your standard they will value you. Am f”cking done here, am going home”I said and went to my car angrily.


Lane mansion

Authoress POV

“Okay, no problem, I will be there around 6pm “Vicky said to someone on phone.

“Promised” The person said from the other end.

“I promised, trust me am gonna come” Vicky said smiling.

“Okay thanks so much, you are cherished”The person said from the other end.

“Huh huh, thanks so much”Vicky said with a smile. Pamela enter into her room and was looking for something.

“Leo plea-se spare me for few minutes”Vicky said and hang the call.

“What are you looking for MEME?” Vicky asked.

“I don’t know, I just know am looking for something”Pamela said and continue checking the whole room.

“Common, what’s all this about, how can you be searching for something without losing anything?”Vicky asked.

“I have lost something, many things” she said holding her head and breaks down crying.

“What could have happened, I have never seen you crying like this before” Vicky said and rushed closer to her.

“He is the one, that as always caused trouble for me, when he first [email protected]£ to my school, everyone focused on him, and st©pped liking me, I hate him so much, but he still support and stand by us, when you are in the hospital, but he as change alot.

He don’t want to be my friend again and he hate me now, imagine, I slub him and he also slub me, I wanted to deal with him but I couldn’t, I will have hit him so [email protected] if it was before, but I just stood Infront of him, I will have to tolerate all his nuisance attitude now, he’s so despicable”Pamela said crying.

“Huh huh, she don’t even know if to insult or praise him, I have known this since but she keeps denying, am sure many MEME now loves Romeo, she’s has been denying this since, and she will have to accept it now, Ding Dong” Vicky thought to herself and nod her head.

“So tell me, who’s that person that makes my sister cries, I haven’t seeing you cry for years now, so plea-se tell me now, I nee-d you know”Vicky said and raised her head up.

“Romeo, his is so despicable, I hate him from coming into my life, he made my life hell, I hate him so much” She said and dream my pillow away.

“Why are you like this,you are disorganizing my room, because you are in Love” Vicky blurted.

“Love!!!!, Who’s in love!?”Pamela asked.

“You of course, you are in love but you can’t admit it, why can’t you just go to him and tell him you love him, I know you won’t do that, because you are so proud, but it might be too late, if Romeo find himself a good and lovely girl” Vicky replied and sit on the sofa.

“Shhh, shhh, enough of your nons-en-se, I don’t love him, and if you dare say a words again, I will kill you right away” Pamela said and cover Vicky mouth with her palm.

“Huuuh, huuhh leave me” Vicky shouted hitting her.

“You are just too stubborn, I will have to tolerate you and also tolerate that evil eyes called Romeo, Eww, I will have to stand with him as the leader of the music competition, disgusting”Pamela said with her imaginary tears.

“You are something else, few minutes ago your tears were real, but now you are faking a smile, I don’t seem to un-derstand you again, And which music competition are you talking about?” Vicky asked.

“Aren’t you aware that there is a state music competition coming up ?”Pamela asked.

“I knew that and we have been getting re-ady for two weeks now, how come are you just preparing, but, do you know that Romeo as been helping us since we started.
He said your school isn’t [email protected] and it has always been his dream to [email protected], but he’s father wouldn’t allow him do that, so he always help us with the instrument throu-gh phone call. He told us what to do, you don’t know if you noticed that I have been coming home lately this days.

That’s because I am one of the people repres£nting our school, but I was surprised when you said, your school will be [email protected], Romeo will jilt us for his school, we will lose, this bad” Vicky said holding her head.

“I never knew this, so he knew about this and didn’t say anything, gosh that’s why I don’t like him at all, such a fool, I will have to speak to him, to st©p, helping your school, we can’t afford to lose, I alre-ady promised that we will win this, even with my last drop of blood “Pamela said.

“Let’s put that aside, we are siblings, And shouldn’t be fighting over a competition, we can do that in a school”Vicky said.

“I knew but I will have to call him, do you have his phone number, plea-se if you do give if to me”Pamela said.

“I one’s had is number, but that’s was his old number, Owen told me his phone was stolen, so he had changed it, but if you don’t mind I will get if for you, from Owen, but on one condition”Vicky said.

“What condition?” Pamela asked.

“You won’t speak to him rudely, you will talk to him in a cool and calm tone, so he will know you are in love with him” Vicky replied blu-shing.

‘”Gosh, common just help me with his number”Pamela pleaded with his hand folder together.

“Deal or no deal”Vicky said with an eyeroll.

“Okay, deal” Pamela said with a pout.

Vicky pick up her Phone and dial Owen number. She told him to help her with Romeo number and Owen s£nt it to her without any query.

“You see, just a s£ntence and I was able to get his number without any problem” Vicky said and gave the number to Pamela.

Pamela input the number on her phone at saved it with EVIL EYES. She dial the number but romeo didn’t pick up at the first ringing.

“Are you sure this number is his ?”Pamela asked dialing the number for the second time.

“Keep trying Maybe he’s busy” Vicky replied putting on her TV.

He picked up on the second ringing.

“Hello, who’s this, are you a customer, do you nee-d me to deliver something from you, we offered the best, you will totally love it, if I prepared meal for you, you will eat my hand made food and you life won’t the same again”He said from the other end.

“Ewwww, Hey!! I can see that your job as gone into you skull that you think everyone nee-ds, you to deliver something for them.

“St©p it girl, you will never change, we aren’t in school and you calling me, I think there must be a good reason” Romeo said from the other end.

“Shut up, and listen, I didn’t call to give you some good news, so don’t be too excited, EVIL EYES”Pamela blurted.

“I told you not to say something rude, but you will never change” Vicky shouted.

“WOW!!,. Is so cool hearing that from a girl like you, I totally love it, today I know you’ve always starred into my eyes, that’s why you knew is evil, madam I have some good and reasonable things to do, let me hang up, before my restaurant girlfriend come and kill you ” Romeo said hang up.

“How dare him, hang up on me, I will call him back” Pamela fumes.

Vicky exploded into laughter. She dial the number again.

“Are you crushing on me now, I see that you are crushing on me that’s what’s you wanna said, but you ego wouldn’t allow you, I will think about it, get lost, one more thing, I hate you” Romeo said and hung up.

“Ewwww, gosh, crazy”Pamela yelled and throw her phone on the sofa.


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