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Pamela miss popular episode 27 & 28


(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 27

“Just watched” Kiles said and smile wickedly.

“This is the chance you have to get closer to Pamela, then you will make her yours” Nicklaus said.

“Yes, just watch what I will do in [email protected] tomorrow and what am going to do today” Kiles said smiling. He sm-irks.


Romeo POV
The restaurant

“Romeo, take this and deliver it to this address”Mr Ronald said and handle a foodstuff and a paper to me.

I checked the address and rode straight to the house.

“Damnit, how could I forget, that this is the Emery house address” I said angrily to myself.

How will I do this, how am I supposed to go in there, I am in trouble.

An idea stuck me. I took the helmet and put it on. I am quite sure they won’t recognize me, if they didn’t see my face.

I put up some courage and went to knock at the door.

“who is that” someone asked and am quite sure it was Cindy.

” Gosh” I just pray Alexa should come instead of Cindy.

Authoress POV

“Your order is here ” Romeo replied.

“Alexa, the delivery is here go and get it” Cindy shouted.

“plea-se go and help me to collect it, am very busy here right now”Alexa said.

“What rubbish!, is better you leave that thing you are doing, and go to get it yourself” Cindy said with an eyeroll.

“Common!! plea-se, am very sure, you won’t want the house to burnt down” Alexa said from the kitchen.

“So you are planning to burn this house, your plan won’t work, evil girl” Cindy shouted.

“Will you plea-se st©p blabbing, and get the stuff for me” Alexa said.

“Are you crazy, how dare you tell me that I am blabbing, who give you that gut to speak to me anyhow, or order me around” Cindy said and fumes.

“I am waiting” Romeo said from outside the house.

“What’s going on here” Mrs Emery asked.

“Mum the delivery is here and I told Alexa to get it, but she didn’t answer me” Cindy said.

“Ma’am am sorry, I am very busy in here, that’s why I asked her to get it for me but she refused” Alexa shouted from the kitchen.

“Cindy why are you like this for goodness sake, she only asked you to get those things for her, the door is very close to you, but you are just unimaginable.

I will go and get it for you, I am very sure if it’s was Romeo, he would not wait for someone to tell him what to do” Mrs Emery said and head towards the door.

“Am sorry mum, I will get it” Cindy said and quic-kly rushed to the door.

“How could she compare me with that nob©dy” Cindy thought and fumes.

“Am waiting” Romeo shouted from outside.

“St©p shouting, can’t you see am coming, can’t you be patient for a bit” Cindy yelled.

She went to open the door.

“This are you stuff madam” Romeo said and handle the foodstuff over to Cindy.

“Hmmm, hope is not expired?” She asked.

“Not at all, we don’t sell expired foodstuff” Romeo replied and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute” Cindy said.

Romeo heart beat fas-ter and heavily.

“What ma’am” Romeo replied trying to hold his breath.

“Where do you get that wristwatch from?” Cindy asked.

His eyes wi-de-ned. “Why aren’t you saying anything?” Cindy asked.

“How could I be so foolish to have forgotten am wearing the wristwatch Cindy gave me on my birthday. How am I going to escape this now” Romeo thought and bite his teeth together.

“You mean, this wristwatch, hmmm my” Romeo mumbled.

“Why are you nervous, I asked you a question and you can’t even give me an answer” Cindy said.

“This wristwatch isn’t important, am running out I time, I have to go, I don’t wanna lose my job” Romeo said and try to leave.

“Can I see your face, I think you stole this wristwatch from someone” Cindy said.

“Ma’am, plea-se mind you statement, I have delivered your job, why are you asking me so much question” Romeo said.

“Nope, I won’t allow you to go easily, not until you answer my question” Cindy said and move closer to him.

“Cindy, why is it taking you so long, to get the stuff” Mrs Emery said coming towards the door.

Cindy looks back. Romeo used that opportunity to run out.

“Mum this guy is so mannerless” Cindy said and point to Romeo but couldn’t find him.

“Who are you pointing at” Mrs Emery asked.

“Where is the delivery boy, he must have run away” Cindy said.

“What did he do to you?” Mrs Emery asked.

“I think that guy is Romeo, he even try to change is voice, but did he forget I know his postures, even without seeing his face, I know he’s the one, if I tell mum, she might go to the restaurant and bring him home. No Cindy, that mustn’t happened” She thought to herself.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Mrs Emery asked.

“Mum I was just wondering, how he managed to escape so easily, just, because i look back to answer you, that guy must be a real criminal” Cindy replied.

“What exactly is the problem?” Mrs Emery asked.

“Can you imagine that guy told me, that am so stupid to have kept him waiting, just, because I asked him, why he was barking like a dog, and I do really want to deal with him, but you let him escape” Cindy said and pretend to fumes.

“You are the one that first insulted him, so he hasn’t done anything wrong by replying you. Go and give the foodstuffs to Alexa in the kitchen” Mrs Emery said and leave Cindy alone standing.

.”Hmmmm, thank goodness, I am very smart, Cindy, I think you deserve an accolade for what you just did, Romeo am coming for you, just start preparing for my visit, it will be a very good surprised for you My darling Romeo, the delivery boy ” Cindy said to herself and laugh wickedly.
Romeo POV
Escaping from Cindy is like wining an award, but how can I be so stupid to have not remembered I was wearing the wristwatch she gave me.

If Cindy find out it was me, then, I am in big trouble, I mean a great one. I rode to the restaurant immediately.

And seeing Juliet is just like a load on my n£¢k.

I walked into the restaurant just to see many of my college mate at the restaurant.

I saw Kiles, and his friends were also there.

Goodness, what are they all doing here.

“Romeo, what will happen next, I think this people are here to cause trouble for you, why are you always unlucky” my subconscious mind said.

I pretend not to noticed their pres£nt and was about to walk away from there.

“Mr waiter, can you plea-se bring your menu here” Kiles said.

“Yes why not” I said and went to give him the menu.

“You don’t even have foreign meal, what type of restaurant is this” Kiles said and throw the menu away.

“How dare you” Juliet shouted and rushed to Kiles.

She hold his collar and pin him on the chair.

“Let go of him”Nicklaus said and held Juliet.

She bite him [email protected] on his n£¢k.

“Juliet st©p it” I said and re-leased her from kiles.

Kiles was breathing so heavily while Nicklaus was holding his n£¢k.

“What’s happening here” Mr Ronald asked coming into the restaurant.

“Dad could you imagine this fool Insulted our restaurant and even have the gut to throw our menu away, how dare him messed with our things” Juliet said angrily and explained everything to her father.

She further explained how all of them [email protected]£ to the restaurant and insist, that they only want me to serve them.

They even start shouting, that some of the customer left angrily.

“What nons-en-se, does this place looks like a club or a pla-ying ground, why will you invite all your friends to come and cause nuisance in my restaurant?” Mr Ronald asked and facing me

“I didn’t invited any of them, I promised” I said.

“He didn’t invite them, I was the one who brou-ght their here, well Romeo have told us alot about this restaurant, the great food you prepared and everything, that’s why we choose to visit, to see if what he says was true, so don’t prove us wrong”

(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 28

“He didn’t invite them, I was the one who brou-ght them here, well Romeo have told us alot about this restaurant, the great food you prepared and everything, that’s why we choose to visit, to see if what he said was true, so don’t prove us wrong”Angela said coming inside.

She wi-nk at me and I choose to [email protected]

“Oh Angela but you supposed to have told them to behave, you know this is a restaurant” I said and face her.

“Don’t mind, you know they are always fond of causing nuisance everywhere, that are just a bone on the n£¢k” Angela said.

And kiles and his friends look at her angrily.

“Most especially you Kiles, you are the biggest fool, I told you to control them for me by you are the most foolish person among them.

I decided to pay for your food but you can’t even behave, so for this reason everyone will be given food and you will pay all the bills , and if you refused, they are going to hand you over to the police.

Sir, start calculating the money for the food, you think is going to be okay for everyone of us, and give him the bills ” Angela said and find somewhere to sit.

Mrs Ronald asked them what they will like to have, but they didn’t replied.

“Just go and calculate your money, even if they aren’t re-ady to talk” Angela said.

“Romeo come with me for all second” Mr Ronald said.. And Romeo followed him.

Kiles fumes. “Let get out of here or this people will drain you ” Jack said.

“Am not scared of the bills, am just angry, that this idiot humiliated me” Kiles said with an evil grin.

“That’s what you will get whenever you try to get Romeo into trouble again, you spoilt [email protected], I promised it you dare try anything drastic, I would make sure you suffer bitterly, Mark my words and re-ad myl-ips.

I Angela Felix will make you suffer that you won’t remember you [email protected]£ across someone called Romeo, get it!” Angela said pointing a figure at Kiles and hit the table [email protected]

“You don’t know who you are referring to, you are talking to Kiles, and not any other person” Kiles thun-dered and stood up.

“Do your worst, the game has just begin, I will show you that am a real physco, and am not easy to put un-der control” Angela said and grip him by his n£¢k.

“Angela, st©p it” Romeo shouted and rushed to the scene.

Angela re-leased Kiles.

“Sir,have you calculated your money ” Angela asked.

“I think you all should leave and st©p creating nuisance here, what do you think, that this place is a battled ground, this is someone shop, someone restaurant for goodness sake, I will be happy if you all can leave right now” Romeo yelled at them.

“How much is your bill, I will pay the money even without eating anything from here, that’s because am not some poor guy” Kiles said and drop some money on the table and walked out angrily.

“Idiot, arrogant, nuisance, coward that’s all you are” Angela shouted.

“The battle line has been drawn, let see who wins” Nicklaus said and also went out.

“A job weldone, you deserve and accolades for your actions, watch your back ” Jack said and went out.

“Butch of fools”Angela yelled b!tt!g her teeth angrily.

“What are you all still waiting for, get lost” Angela shouted at all of them.

They hissed and leave angrily.

“Idiot, sir plea-se take this money and use it as the money, for the nuisance they caused here, and Romeo take care of yourself, or should I wait for you till you are re-ady” Angela said.

“Go, I will come and meet you at the school [email protected]” Romeo replied.

“Okay love, I will be waiting” Angela said and majestically walked out of the restaurant.

“This girl is so [email protected]ûghty, did I just hear her call me Love” Romeo said and sm-irks.

“Who’s she” Juliet asked.

“My friend” Romeo replied.

“Do you want to denied her now, she’s is your girlfriend, if not why did she call you love, you are a big cheat, how dare you cheat on me” Juliet said and start hitting Romeo.

“What’s this, let’s go of me, she’s not my girlfriend, and why are you hitting me?” Romeo asked holding her hand.

“It’s because I love you, for the first day I set my eyes on you, you are my soulmate” Juliet said and hvg him [email protected]

“God, why is this happening to me what will i say to this psycho girl over here “Romeo thought.

“Do you also love me” Juliet asked. Romeo eyes wi-de-ned.

Kiles POV
“I can’t believe that, that idiot Angela or whatever her name is, I will make sure I deal with her severely, that she will regret crossing my [email protected] ” I said angrily.

“Calm down Kiles, let’s forget about her for now, you nee-d to keep trying your best to make Pamela your’s, we can deal with her later, let’s focused on Pamela for now” Jack said at hvgged me from behind.

“You are right, I will deal with her after, I finally made Pamela mine” I said and smile.

“That girl really have some gut, she’s behaving like Jesus Christ who takes everyone sins on himself” Nicklaus said.

“Exactly, but you guys shouldn’t worry her cup will soon full” Jack said and sit on the be-d.

“Aren’t you going home today?” Nicklaus asked.

“No, my father is not at home, and my step brother is hanging out with his friends tonight.

I can’t go and stay with that nosy step mother, her pres£nt dispersed me” I said and pu-ll my cloth

“I think you will have to put this step mom of yours in her place soon, why always her” Jack said.

“I don’t blame her, I only blame my dad who went to get married to a woman, that alre-ady has a child older than me, and now she can’t even bear a child for him, if not that I love my step brother so much, I will have teach that woman, some lesson she won’t forget, but I respect my brother alot” I said and [email protected] the be-d.

“I un-derstand you, Fidel is a nice guy ” Jack said.

“Let’s chill with beers, I feel like going high tonight, I don’t wanna remember what happened earlier” Nicklaus said.

“Yes that’s a good idea, or we should hang out, we might be lucky to see beautiful girls” Jack said.

“I am not going with you, if you involved girl in this, I can’t be cheating on Pamela, she’s the only one my heart beat for” I said.

“St©p this guy, Pamela is not here and you guy’s aren’t [email protected]!ngyet, you just refused to allow any other girl in your life since you have been crushing on her, is better you ginger up yourself and st©p all this child pla-y, for me I don’t have heart to love” Nicklaus said.

“Okay we won’t hang out with girls, just let go out and chill” Jack said.

“A deal, Nicklaus do you agree” I said.

“Hmmmm, okay anything for you nigga” Nicklaus said with a grimaced face.

School [email protected]

Authoress POV

“What is the meaning of the game you guys pla-yed the other time?” Romeo asked.

“Don’t mind those guys, I heard them talking about causing trouble for you are the restaurant, so I [email protected]£ there to save you”Angela replied.

“Thanks alot, but there’s another problem” Romeo said.

“What problem?”Angela asked and hold his hand.

“Juliet, I told you she’s too clingy and a pyscho, she ask me out after you called me love” Romeo said.

“And what was you reply?” Angela asked.

“And why do you called me love?” Romeo asked.

Angela looks down. “Common answer my question” Romeo said.

“You will answer me first, what was your reply?” Angela asked.


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