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Pamela miss popular episode 26


(She’s everyone 🍷 choice)

College [email protected]ç£

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tag: Arrogant, Hatred, Billionaire, love triangle, jealousy and suspense

Episode 26

“Not love, is hatred” I corrected. “Okay, anyhow you put it” she replied waiting for me to talk .

“Well, he is a nob©dy”I said and went into bathroom.

“Ewwww, Crazy MEME” she shouted.

Am very sure she has went out because I heard the sound of the door barged.

“Silly sister, she always add to my headache” I said and de-ep my b©dy into the jacuzzi.

Authoress POV

The next day.

The Lane’s are having their breakfast quietly.Before Pamela break the silent.

“Mum, I thought you said you and Mrs Emery are friends?”Pamela asked.

“Yes we are best of friends”Mrs lane replied.

“But she never [email protected]£ back after that day, he didn’t show up till Vicky get better, so that got me wondering the type of friendsh!pyou guys shared” Pamela said. ”

I think Tiana is still very angry with me, for what I did” Mrs Lane said sadly.

“So why don’t you go and apologise to her, you are the cause of everything” Vicky said.

“I know, but I am really busy this days, I will create time to see her soon”Mrs Lane said.

“Better, am off to school” Vicky said and stood up from table.

“I also lost appetite” Pamela said and stood up.

Pamela POV
“Good morning my Queen, have you seen the school headline for today” Kiles asked and move closer to me.

“Are you Crazy, stay away from me, if not dare move closer to me, I will kill you with anything I see”I threatened.

“No my queen, you know I can never hurt you, I just want to let you know, something that’s very important, but you” He said.

But I cut him off.

“What’s so, important that someone like you will want to say to me, I no you can never say something reasonable, so, fv¢k off” I shouted and leave angrily.

And went into the [email protected]

“Pamela you are here, we couldn’t wait for you at our normal sp©t, today is a bad day” Annie said.

“What happened” I asked.

She didn’t replied but show me her phone instead.

I took the phone from her.

“it everywhere in the school” Joyce said.


“What’s all this about, who post this” I shouted angrily.

“We have no idea, we have been expecting Romeo and Angela since, but we didn’t see them, so I was wondering, maybe they alre-ady find out about this, and refused to come to [email protected]” Joyce said.

“Why do you mentioned my name?” Romeo asked coming into the [email protected] with him and Angela hand to hand.

All eyes were on him.

“What’s all this about, why are all of you staring at me like this, is this my first time in this School, even my first time here wasn’t like this” Romeo said.

“See, this waiter still have mouth to talk” someone from the [email protected] said.

“Hey, you thought we haven’t know the real you, is on the school headline” Another girl said.

“What do you mean” Romeo asked.

Romeo see this. Angela said and show him the headline on her phone.

“Poor girl falling for a waiter, am very sure the 200 generation will be poor and suffer alot” A girl said laughing.

Everyone start talking to Romeo.

“Shut up, shut up, I said shut up “I shouted out of frustration.

They all kept quiet.

“Have you guys lost it, how can you say such thing about him, what’s bad in been a waiter, everyone got their life to live, so st©p splitting out trash, atleast he can feed for himself” Pamela said.

” Pamela we are very sorry, we leave you for him, we thought he is a nice and rich, but we misun-derstood him he’s just a pretender. You are a hero, you even stood to fight for him” A girl said.

“Say sorry to our miss Pamela, our princess” A girl said.

“We are sorry, they all said except from Romeo, James, Angela and Pamela friends.

“We are sorry”Kiles said and come closer to Pamela.

He hold her hand.

“Don’t even think, to put that stinky hand of yours on my b©dy, I will have [email protected] you, if not that…., Wait just tell me why you didn’t do this, why do you put up this headline?” I asked a angrily.

“What do you mean Pamela, how could I have done that, it was true I don’t like Romeo at all. But how do you expect me to Know he’s a waiter, when I don’t know any personal things about his life” kiles said in defense of himself.

“You are evil and can do anything, so I don’t trust those words, coming out of your mouth” Angela said angrily.

“Angela you don’t nee-d to shout at him. What if he wasn’t the one, what if it was another person entirely.

He didn’t know anything about me, so, tell me, how could he have done that?”Romeo asked.

“The person that posted it, doesn’t matter, the thing is you are just an ordinary waiter and you pretend to be a rich guy” a girl shouted.

“Can you just shut up for a seconds, are you freaking out of your mind, when did I ever mention it to you guys, that am from a rich family, did I call any of you and inform him or her, that am from a rich family, answer me ” Romeo blurted angrily.

Everyone of them couldn’t say anything.

“Since you guys have chos£n, not to say anything, plea-se just be silence forever ” Romeo said and went to his seat angrily.

“Do you all hear that” Angela hissed and went to her seat.

Romeo POV
The school studio

“Romeo, who do you think could be behind this” Angela asked.

“I don’t know either, I don’t want to think about it, so let forget about it and focus on learning music, and moreover am a waiter so that’s not a big deal, am not hurt at all” I said.

“Yes you are right, I have just thirty minutes to learn this, before, we go to the [email protected]” she said and sat infront of the keyboard.

After [email protected] I always took an hour to teach Angela before going to the restaurant. Thirty minutes to learn music and instrument, and thirty minutes to study book.

It was easy for me because she was a fast learner.

“1, 2, 3….. Start” I said and he start pla-ying the keyboard.

“You are too good, I just taught you this yesterday, and you were able to [email protected] very well than I expect” I said.

“Yeah, after we finish studying yesterday, I [email protected]£ back to practice it and I really love pla-ying it” she said smiling.

“Excuse me” someone said from behind and I turn back to look just to see Pamela.

“Miss popular, how can we help you?” I asked.

“I just want to tell you, that, they are very sorry, for what they say to you” She said squee-zing her face like someone f0rç£d her.

“They, who are they, well as you can see, am not affected by that, and am quite sure this was all you plans, you think this will bring me down and you can gain the heart of everyone again and be their choice, you’ve succeeded, you deserve and award for that Miss, but you shouldn’t have involved my personal life in this.

You did right hmmm, I learnt one thing from you, that this world is a survival of the fittest, All is fair in love and war, but I will like to tell you this, there’s nothing you do in deceipt that will last for a long time” I said angrily.

“Damnit, I never thought you can think like this, how can you think I will stood so low, why will i do such thing, I don’t put mouth in others personal life” she yelled angrily.

“But you and your friends, are the only one who saw me at the restaurant, no one else” I blurted.

“I don’t blame you, I blame myself for being foolish to come and apologise to someone like you, idiot” she said and leave angrily.

“Fool” I shouted so that she can hear me. “Romeo, do you think she did it, I don’t think so, anyone could have probably see you at the restaurant and did this, she looks innocent to me, if Pamela do something, she would tell you to your face that she did it, she’s fearless” Angela said.

“I think she can do that, she almost got me rusticated from school some weeks ago, so tell me , why can’t she do this to gain back her position” I said

. “What if she’s not the one, will you apologise to her?” Angela asked.

“Why not” I replied.

“Okay, I will help her, proofing, that she’s innocent, and you will apologize to her after that” Angela said.

“Deal, that’s only if she’s not guilty. Now let start our practice” I said and she nodded her head in replied.


“Ha ha ha ha, I am the smartest, I was able to make them fight again, now my Pamela won’t want to help him again nor take his side, what did he think, that, I will leave Pamela to always help him.

No she’s mine alone, I have been dieing to make her my girlfriend since the first day I set my eyes on her, and that idiot think he can just snatched her away from me, just like that” Kiles said with an evil grin.

“You’ve succeeded in the first move, what’s our next move?” jack asked.

“Just watched” Kiles said and smile wickedly.


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