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My vicious sweetheart episode 34

( Love Me Like I Do… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“That’s one crazy punishment” Warren said

“But they deserve it believe me” Eros replied and concentrated back on watching the show

“Shane is definitely too sweet” Elena smiled

“We can’t.. possibly do that” Miley said

“Or will you rather server her lunch publicly at every lunch break and let her eat while she places her food tray on your back? ” Shane said

” That’s more [email protected]” Warren said

Miley and her minions slowly cli-cked on their phones and started the comments while Shane sat on a chair in front of them to watch them

The English professor entered to teach but stood with surprise when he saw the scene

“We’ll give you two periods tommorow to make up for the period we’ll miss today” Shane said tactfully and the professor left the [email protected] immediately

Miley is alre-ady sweating and her hands are alre-ady w€t from the sweat, ma-king her phone get sli-ppery, it fell off her hands a number of times and Shane will tell her to pick up and continue

Laurette and Sydney’s hands are red alre-ady and it’s a good evidence that it’s alre-ady cramped up as well as Miley whose face is sweaty

“Miley you’re still on the 200th comment, Sydney you’re on the 250th, Laurette you’re on the 210th, you all still have a long way to go” Shane said

” My hands are shaking alre-ady, i can’t type anymore” Miley said at the verge of tears

” Oh, you know how to cry huh” Shane said

“Shane plea-se” Warren said behind him

He looked back at Warren and smiled before shifting his gaze to Elena

“Princess what do you want me to do?” He asked

“Let them go, I guess.. they’ve learnt their lessons” she replied

” Get up” Shane said and the three got up swiftly though a look at their hands will tell you they went throu-gh a lot, it’s all red

*Thanks” they chorused slowly

” It’s not over yet” he replied, standing from his chair

” Huh?” Miley said, swallowing [email protected]

Shane went to Elena and pu-ll-ed her to them

“Apologize on your knees, tell her you’re sorry” he said

” No that’s Impossible, how can we…” Sydney said

“Then will you rather go back to writing the comments?” Shane said

Laurette went on her knees first with her face down while Sydney followed suit then Miley knelt last

“We’re sorry” they said at once

Elena looked at Shane who smiled at her

“You girls would stand up when she tells you to” Shane said

They all faced Elena like she’s their guardian angel, waiting for what she’ll say

“Stand” she said, crossing her arms on her che-st

They stood and immediately ran out of the [email protected] amidst mocking laughter from the students except for Warren who went after Miley

“Anything for you princess” Shane said, facing Elena

“I love you* she replied

“More more” he replied and hvgged her while the whole [email protected] made cute sounds and comments

“The most ro-mantic puppy love I’ve ever seen” Eros commented


Warren made sure to catch up with Miley at the corridor that led to the Juniors block and held her by the arm

She looked back at him angrily. “What!’ she yelled, trying to leave but he held ti-ghter

“Miley this isn’t the best, trying to ruin Elena just to have Shane is not the best cos you can never get him, the guy is madly in love with Elena, can’t you see it?” He said

” Then what about me?, He won’t even care about what I feel for him, should I go and die?, Is it a sin to fall for him?” She said hurtfully

Warren felt like just holding her to himself right now and comfort her in any way possible but he held himself

“He doesn’t love you and will never do that, all what you’re doing will make him hate you more, he hates clingy petty people” Warren said and Immediately regretted saying that

” So I’m clingy and petty?” Miley said, f0rç£fully taking her arm away from him

” I’m so sorry about that, I was just trying to…” Warren said but she cut him off by starting to walk away

He rushed after her and turned her to himself again then hvgged her ti-ghtly.

“I love you so much, can’t you see it?, I’m willing to do anything possible to make sure you’re fine, I just want you to see me too, look at me too” he said

She marched his leg and that f0rç£fully made him let her go

“I’m fine cos my dad is one of the riche-st in Germany so I don’t nee-d you to be fine, and also, I don’t like you not to talk of love, so get lost” she said and walked away fast

Warren backed the wall and almost cried at the hurtful rejection but he st©pped himself “I’m a guy, weakness is not tolerated” he thought, walking back to [email protected] sadly.


Miley got to her car and her driver kept looking at her, wondering why she’s alre-ady back when it’s less than an hour since she went into the school

“Are you blind?, Drive me home!” She yelled angrily and he never hesitated to start the drive home

The thought that she actually typed gorgeous countless times on Elena’s picture is enough to drive her crazy, and to think that she actually knelt in front of her, it’s killing her and ma-king her curse at herself

“Miley!!!” She shouted at herself, scarring the driver immediately they got home

She rushed past Tanya in the living room and never bothered to say something to her

“Is today a public holiday?, Why are you back?” Tanya asked but she’s alre-ady in her room

She fell on the be-d heavily and di-pped her face on the pillow

“I’ve been humiliated, Elena you just made me decide to be your enemy forever” she whispered, feeling her crampy f!ngers

“It hurts, I nee-d to get my f!ngerstreated” she thought


Cheryl’s Investments**

The building is pretty big and magnificent, enough for what they nee-d it for

Cheryl and Louis just finished touring round the building and Louis looks satisfied with what he’s seeing

“It’s good” he said

“So that’s a yes?” Cheryl asked, holding his hand

” Em….” Louis said, closing his eyes

“Don’t say no.. plea-se.. plea-se.. plea-se plea-se” she said, acting like a kid

” Yes” he said, fluttering his eyes open

“Yes!” Cheryl screamed and jumped up like a kid

“Yes yes yes!, I love you sweetheart!, I love you very much, thanks for accepting, thanks for…. ”

The next s£ntence was said in his arms… “Accepting” she said when she found herself in his arms, he actually suddenly hvgged her

“I should be the one thanking you babygirl, you’re just too special” he said

” I’m…. Special” she asked, smiling more wi-dely

” Yes you are, the most special person to me in the world” he replied, slowly breaking the hvg

” I’m blu-shing [email protected]” she smiled and it’s obvious she’s blu-shing

” Thanks for loving me, thanks for staying, thanks for being there for me” he smiled

” Louis” she said slowly, looking de-eply into his dark eyes as if to pour affection in them

“Yes baby” he replied, ma-king her heart flutter with what he just called her

“I love you” she said

“I know” he replied, gently brushing her hair with his f!ngers

“Can’t you…. Just love me back?” She asked, not moving an inch from where she’s standing

Louis felt like saying it all out, telling her what she wants to hear right now but he feels like he nee-ds a more appropriate way to do that so the best he did that moment is that he hvgged her again

“Calm down” he said, ru-bbing her back gently

“I really can’t wait anymore… It has gotten to the brink, I can’t hold in the emotions any longer, I can’t” she said on his shoulder

” Cheryl just.. chill ok? ” He said and his phone rang, he broke the hvg to check the caller, it’s Dre

He smiled before picking. “Buddy” he said

“I nee-d to see you right now, something bad just happened” Dre replied, fear obvious in his voice

” Something bad?, What?, How?, When? where?” Louis asked all at once

” Just come, and try to come alone, Cheryl won’t be able to take the shock” Dre replied and hung up

” Who was that? ” Cheryl asked quic-kly

“You drive home, I’ll meet you at home later, I nee-d to go see Dre and it seems like it’s important, I’ll see you later” he said quic-kly before rushing out of the place

He boarded taxi for the first time in his life since Cheryl has to take the car home

He st©pped in front of Dre’s office and rushed out of the car, almost forgetting to pay the cabby before going in

He rushed all the way to his floor and almost ran In the elevator, he opened the door to his office and surprisingly..

Dre is sitting down magnificently on his chair, eating pizza with wine

Louis stood on the sp©t, breathing heavily as he stared at Dre who started laughing hysterically

Dre drank wine and continued laughing

“What…. What was that?” Louis asked

“I was bored, and I nee-ded something to make me laugh so I decided to make you run a while, and you nee-d to sit down, breath for a while and join me, the pizza is the best you’ll ever find around” Dre said, taking a big bite of his pizza

” So you’re really a j£rk” Louis said

” I know” Dre laughed

Louis immediately took off his shoes and threw them at him, the first one hit his head and the second one hit his che-st

“You bloody motherfv¢ker!, I hate you!!” Louis said, chasing him round the office and be succeed in pouring away the wind and pizza

“Calm down bro, it was a joke, why trying to kill me” Dre said, still running

” Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do, I’ll kill you and just sell your organs” Louis replied, trying to get him

” Whoa!, It’s been long since I pla-yed like a kid like this” Dre win-ked when Louis st©pped the chase and fell on a chair

“Sorry bro” Dre said

“I’m still coming for you you rotten thing” he replied, breathing heavily

Breathing heavily, Dre sat too, facing him

“Did you watch the news this morning?, A family of three were [email protected] last night and the identity of the killer hasn’t been found, news said they died a gruesome death” Dre said

” I never heard of that when all I have in my head is Cheryl” he replied

” How cute!, Did you tell her yet? ” Dre asked

” No” he replied

” I think I nee-d to get belt and start treating you like a kid, do I have to teach you everything?, You nee-d to tell her how you feel, st©p ma-king the poor girl wait since she’s longing for it from you” Dre said

” I really.. don’t know how to go about it” Louis said

“Like I taught you when you confessed to granny Daisy? ” Dre said

” St©p mentioning that name” Louis snapped

“Sorry bro, but be fast I beg you, I can’t wait to go give the wedding invitation to granny” Dre win-ked


Cheryl waited for long after cooking dinner, since Louis left in the evening he’s not back yet and she’s greatly worried, she had called him but his line is off

She called Dre and he told her he left his place not long ago so she’s hoping he’ll come back soon

She sat on one of the couches and without knowing, she sle-pt off

Louis actually spent hours thinking of how to spit everything out and that greatly took his time

He finally decided on simplicity before driving home knowing that she’d have been worried

He got home and went in quic-kly and when he saw her dozing off on the couch, he smiled, feeling bad that he made her wait

He walked slowly to her and bent beside her then slowly stroked her hair

“She’s really perfect and pretty” he said, smiling more

“I don’t know why you have to be so perfect but I love it like that, I love unique people and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love you…. ”

” You’re pretty too, like the sunshine, you smile everytime and your smile brightens up my day, when I’m with you, I always feel immense happiness which is always ma-king me wanna be with you forever… ”

” You’ll do anything to make me happy and right now I’ll do anything to make you smile too cos I’ve come to love you insanely, you’re just…too perfect for me but still.. I want you, I got jealous when you hvgged another guy, never knew I can be jealous but that only made me realize how much I feel for you ”

” I want to spend the rest of my life with you cos you’ve become my everything too, and I’ll do anything for my everything” he said, pouring his heart out, thinking she’s asleep

He smiled at how [email protected] his heart is beating right now and rocked her cheek gently.

“I love you Cheryl Tanner” he said, ma-king his smile grow wi-der and that moment when he wasn’t expecting it, her eyes flew open.

“Tada!” She smiled, sitting up Immediately

” Cheryl” he said shockingly, he wasn’t expecting that

“I’m the happiest in the whole world!!!!!!!, Yay!!!!!!!!!” She screamed loudly, almost breaking his eardrums

” Cheryl ..”

“I woke up when you stroked my hair but pretended like I’m still asleep just to hear those sweet words, gosh, I can’t control my heartbeats, Louis loves me too!!!! ” She screamed again

” You’re shouting” Louis said, smiling cos he finally did what he wanted though not how he planned it but it was cool

“I love you!!!!!!” She screamed again

“I love you more” he smiled

“Gosh!, I want to hear that a million times” she replied, standing up

” I love you more, love you more, love you more, … ”

” I’m going insane, Louis loves me!!” She screamed for the uptenth time

” I really do” Louis said

She jumped on him like a monkey and make her legs interlock behind him

He held her [email protected]!st delicately and she brushed her nose on his own

“I love you babygirl” he said, smiling too wi-de

“Sweetheart” she squinted happily

” Babygirl” he replied cheerfully, turning her around and ma-king her hair flow

“My everything” she said

“My Se-xy baby” he replied

Her gaze shifted swiftly to hisl-ips and his eyes won’t leave hers either

“Yourl-ips looks temping” she whispered

“Yours looks Se-xy ” he replied and f0rç£fully smashed his warml-ips against hers.

She dived her hands to his hair while his hands ca-ressed her [email protected]!st

Herl-ips fit perfectly in his mouth and that made him conclude that they’re made for each other as they gently moved into a smooth and tender slow mo k!sswhich melted away all worries.

She [email protected] ed sweetly to the mystical taste of his softl-ips which felt like medicine, curing her of all the bad things she has been throu-gh

“Babygirl I love you” he whispered between the slow k!ssand pu-ll-ed her closer even when there’s no space between them, they’re almost running out of breath but THEY DON’T CARE, all that matters right now is “THE SOFT k!ss”


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