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My vicious sweetheart episode 31

( Love Me Like I Do… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“Shane” Cheryl said and he looked up at her and that’s when he had the chance to see Mrs Tanner, maybe it was only Elena he saw the other time

“So you really [email protected]£” he said, facing Mrs Tanner

“I just [email protected]£ to claim what’s mine, so? ‘ she replied adamantly

” St©p saying that, it’s irritating to the ears cos she’s not yours, she’s my daughter! ” Bella yelled

” Your daughter?, How ridiculous” Mrs Tanner replied

“Mum st©p” Cheryl said gently

“You’re telling me to st©p when it involves your sister?” Mrs Tanner said

” She was adopted!, You adopted Samantha! ” Cheryl replied

” So? ” Mrs Tanner said

“So you don’t know weather she’s a twin or not, you don’t even know if she’s a triplet cos you’re not Samantha’s real mother!, Yes we loved her so much cos I took her as my real sister and you took her as your real daughter!, Mum come back to your s-en-ses!, Who knows maybe she’s Samantha’s real mother!… and who knows maybe they’re twins!” Cheryl said, breathing heavily

” I gave birth to only Elena” Bella said, blinking severally and that made Shane rush to her

“Ma’am, are you sure you’re telling the truth?” He asked, ma-king eye contact with her

Bella looked away and folded her fist, Shane saw that too and continued looking at her

“Elena is my only child” she said slowly

“Then they just look alike coincidentally, Samantha has something she doesn’t have” Shane said, moving closer to her

Elena kept sniffing slowly, Shane held her face and turned her right ear to himself

“Samantha doesn’t use earrings, you should know that earrings is what she hates most cos anytime she puts it on, she feels uncomfortable and will rub her ears till it gets red, but Elena here always has earrings on….” Shane said

” That’s… True” Mrs Tanner said slowly

Cheryl [email protected]£ forward and knelt in front of Bella

“I know you can arrest my mum for what she just did, it was rash cos she jumped into conclusions and claimed your daughter as hers, but I beg you, forgive her, just find it in your heart to do that” she said

” I’m ok, I’m really fine” Bella replied

” Thanks ma’am” Cheryl replied and stood

” We nee-d to go now” she said to her mum and held her hand to the car but Mrs Tanner kept looking back at Elena till they entered the car

She winded down the window and kept staring at Elena as the car moved till it’s out of sight

“I’m so sorry” Shane said, hvgging Elena once again while looking at Bella who has a guilty look, like someone hiding something

Elena st©pped crying in his arms and hvgged him back instead while Bella just watched

Some minutes later**

Bella went in, leaving them both

“Where were you since 12?” Shane asked

“Em…. I… Went to see a friend” Elena replied awkwardly

“A friend?, Who’s more important than me?” He said hurtfully

“Shane I’m sorry, she was… Just in nee-d of help so I had to go urgently, I’m really very sorry I didn’t mean to” she replied, holding his hands and even with that, Shane can feel that her hands is shaking

“What’s really happening?, Are you keeping something from me?” He asked

” Trust me honey” she replied

” Well…. It’s ok, tommorow is Sunday, we can go on another [email protected]£ right? ” Shane said and that changed her countenance when she remembered Mich’s words

*Our second [email protected]£ will be tommorow*

It kept resounding in her ears

“Shane” she said slowly

“Yes Princess” he replied, drawing her closer

“I… I..

“Wanna go meet a friend tomorrow again? ‘ he said

” No… I’m just, due to what happened earlier, I’m still in shock and confusion, let’s go for a [email protected]£ next weekend” she replied

“phew!, Ok I un-derstand, and I’m really sorry about that, your crazy resemblance with Samantha caused it all” he replied, thinking about Bella again

His mind is telling him she’s actually hiding something big

“I nee-d to rest” she said and pu-ll-ed away from him

She’s about to go in but he pu-ll-ed her back

“Going in without k!ss!ngme again? ‘ he said

She stood on her toes and k!$$£d hisl-ips lightly

“Goodnight” she said and went in, slightly rushing

“Gosh… What’s happening?” He thought.


Elena stood behind the door for almost tweny minutes till Shane drove off, she let out her tears and sat behind the door

“I lied to him” she said amidst tears till Bella appeared and bent in front of her

“Darling, why the tears?, Why are you crying?, Is Shane gone?, Are you ok? ‘ she asked worriedly

“Shane is gone, but I’m not ok mum, I’m not ok” she replied, letting out more tears

In Bella’s mind, she’s thinking maybe it’s because of what happened earlier so she hvgged her ti-ghtly

“I’m so sorry that has to happen…. I’m really very sorry dear” she pacified but Elena won’t st©p crying.


The Tanner’s mansion**

Arie walked in with an heavy heart after Cheryl accompanied her home though Cheryl refused to come in cos she doesn’t want to see her dad’s face

“Where have you been?” Mr Tanner asked as Arie sat dejectedly

“I went to claim my daughter, but it turned out she’s not the one” she replied slowly

” I told you!, So you ended up [email protected] yourself, thank your stars that you we’rent arrested” he replied

” Gabby she’s also your daughter, Samantha was a loving child and that made it difficult for me to forget her, and besides… You nee-d to see the girl I’m talking about, no difference at all except the eyes and the earrings problem, Samantha hates earrings cos it causes ear-lobes irritation for her, but this Elena girl uses earrings… That confirmed it that she’s really not Samantha” Arie replied

” Arie, people look alike you know” Gabby said

“This is not ordinary, it can’t just be coincidental, and the most shocking think is that the woman insisted that she gave birth to only her” Arie said

” You know we adopted Samantha, we can’t really say what happened in that area” Gabby replied

” But seeing her made me feel Samantha’s pres£nce again, I nee-d to continue seeing her” Arie said

” D-Royals group of companies will be meeting their waterloo soon, Alan will be Google searching how to cry by the time I’m done with him cos he’s in charge now, his [email protected] of a son resigned alre-ady” Gabby said

” I’m not interested in all that for now” Arie replied and went upstairs.

” Alan…. You won’t even know I’m behind it, a money eater is visiting your company soon, then my company will become the only most sought-after company here” Gabby grinned


Cheryl got home exhausted from what happened earlier, she [email protected]£ out of the car slowly as if her legs will break if she’s fas-ter

She entered the house slowly too and met Louis slee-ping on the couch but the dinning table is full too, seems like he cooked

She dropped her bag slowly and walked to him, she bent beside him on the couch and smiled

“He must have sle-pt off while waiting for me” she said, admiring his killer visuals, his face is perfect and it’s glowing, a good example of handsome

Hisl-ips looks like a kid’s while he’s asleep and that made him look babyish in his sleep

She swallowed nothing while staring at it and won’t st©p imagining having hisl-ips on hers

She li-cked herl-ips slowly.. “he’s [email protected] to resist” she thought

She knows if she spends one more minute there, she’ll end up k!ss!nghim so she made to stand but he suddenly opened his eyes and held her hand, pu-lling her to himself on the couch

Her eyes are at the verge of flying out of their sockets at the shock

Louis wasn’t slee-ping, he just pretended like that when he heard her car sounds

“Welcome baby girl, I’ve been waiting since forever for you to come, I made something ostentatious and good that’ll make your mouth water at the sight of it” he said

Her b©dy on his own is causing her to shiver uncontrollably, especially their close faces so it was awkward

“Oh…. I… I can’t wait” she said while avoiding his eyes

“So you spent close to ten minutes admiring my face, am I that handsome? ” He tea-sed

” I…. Don’t… Know” she stuttered

” I don’t eat humans so chill baby girl” he said

She tried avoiding his face again but their eyes met and locked on each other, ma-king it difficult for her to look away or breath

He never looked away too but instead, he centered his stare on her face before suddenly k!ss!ngher nose

He let her go after that and she quic-kly stood from on t©p of him

He stood too and held her hand to the dinning table where he made her sit and opened the dishes

“Whoa” she smiled, staring at the mouth watering dishes

“I prepared it all for your consumption, do eat up” he said

“I’m not an eating machine so you should eat with me” she replied.

He smiled and sat beside her while they both ate

“Ten on ten” she said

“I’m glad I got that” he smiled. ” So how was it? ” He asked

” It’s not her, but the resemblance is blinding” she replied

” I’m sorry” he said

” It’s not your fault” she replied

“I just feel bad that you were disappointed” he replied

” It’s fine” she replied

They continued eating in silence till they’re done and they went upstairs together while holding hands

“Goodnight” Cheryl said, wanting to take her hand from him and enter her room but he refused to let her go

“Sleep in my room tonight” he said

“Huh” she [email protected] and before she knew it, he pu-ll-ed her in.


Next day, night**

Elena gathered boldness as she stepped into the restaurant that was s£nt to her phone by Miley for the second [email protected]£ with Mich

Mich is alre-ady sitting and just like yesterday, he’s the only one there

She sat slowly in front of him

“Babe, you made the right decision cos after this, I’m deleting the picture” he said

Elena kept looking at the ground as the orders arrived

“You take S’mores right?, Every normal human will like it so let’s eat before going to the main bussiness” Mich said

” Mainl…. Business? ” Elena said fearfully

Mich smiled and win-ked.. “yeah, you’ll un-derstand once I start” he said


Shane is still with Warren since Elena said he shouldn’t bother coming to check on her

Though staying with Warren is boring to him

“Since yesterday was Saturday and you guys couldn’t go for the [email protected]£, why not go today” Warren said

” She said she’s still so tired” Shane replied

” Strange, you don’t think something is going on?” Warren asked, st©pping the game he’s pla-ying on phone

” Actually yesterday… Samantha’s mum [email protected]£ to her house to claim her as her daughter, it was rou-gh I guess, so she’s still so disoriented” Shane replied, putting on his hoodie

” That’s… Bad, but you think the resemblance is just a coincidence?” Warren asked

” No, madam Bella is surely hiding something, I know for sure” Shane replied and that moment, his phone rang

“unknown number?” He said and picked

“Who’s this?” He asked

“Miley” the voice said

“Now I hate when bit-ches call my line” he said

“And I love when shinny boys pick my call, so let me just say this before your hand will find the red bu-tton…. Your so-called girlfriend is with Mich right now at Irresistible restaurant” she said

” Did you [email protected] perhaps fall off somewhere? ” Shane said

” I’m hanging up, check your WhatsApp, I’ll s£nd some pictures of their [email protected]£ yesterday so you’ll know you’re just dumb” she said and hung up

Shane never wanted to believe that but his mind kept going there

“Who was that?” Warren asked

“Nevermind” he replied and rushed out of the house

“Let’s go eat out together!” Warren shouted after him but he never waited

He got to his car and checked his WhatsApp then cli-cked on the new message

His eyes won’t st©p bulging at what he saw

Elena on a [email protected]£ with Mich, the guy he hates most in the whole world

And…. He even k!$$£d her cheek… The cheeks he’d rather die than let any guy have access to

His head almost shattered and he almost went nuts, holding the stirring wheel ti-ghter

Then the last picture, a picture of Elena wearing only singlet, revea-ling her sp©ts

Then below that [email protected] picture, she wrote…


Shane found himself starting the car and he started the drive to the said restaurant in anger

“Why did she do it why!, Why did she do this!, Elena why all these?” He yelled

He halted in front of the restaurant and entered angrily

Truthfully, they’re there but Elena is crying in front of Mich while Mich kept smiling

“Why are you doing this to me, it’s called blackmailing, how can you threaten me with my picture, how can you be so wicked” she said tearfully

Her tears is an heartbreaker for him as he watched his fragile girl

“Your b©yfri£ndhit my face just because of you, I’m just getting back at him using you, so just stand up now and let’s go for the main event in the inner room, I’mma fv¢k your ti-ght p*ssy” Mich said, standing immediately

Shane’s anger exploded within him and he rushed to the scene

He climbe-d the table and jumped on Mich

They both fell and he started dealing him with heavy punches allover his face

Mich kept smiling despite his bleeding mouth as Shane continued raining punches on his face

“I got my revenge, you’re just a dimwit!” Mich spat

Shane stood from him and [email protected]£d one of the chairs and without thinking, he hit the metal chair on Mich and that made Mich head bleed profusely cos it caused a de-ep wound on his head

Mich st©pped talking and started spitting out blood

It’s sure that if the chair is hit on him two more times, he’ll die but Shane doesn’t seem to care

He raised it to hit on him again but Elena st©pped him by staying in front of him

“You’ll kill him… plea-se don’t do it, plea-se” she pleaded tearfully

Shane slowly let his hands down and Mich stood

He staggered out of the restaurant with a bloody face

“Why?” Shane asked tearful Elena

“I’m so sorry..” she replied

“Sorry?, The j£rk blackmailed you and you didn’t even tell me about it, Elena I love you more than myself and trust me if you have told me I’d have st©pped him from doing this even if it means strangling him, but what did you do?, You fv¢king kept everything from me! ” He yelled

That made more tears fall from her [email protected] eyes, he has never yelled at her before

” Elena …” He said like someone crazy and stuffed his hand in his hair frustratedly

“I’m sorry” she cried

“So if I’ve never come here, he’d have had his way…. No I don’t wanna imagine that, why did you have to behave silly!” he yelled again

*plea-se… It hurts to see you yelling at me” she cried

Shane gave her one more glance before storming out of the restaurant

Elena bent down in tears… This is too heartbreaking for her, he just left her after yelling and that instant, she felt like dying

Shane drove fas-ter than he has ever done but his mind never left her

When he was yelling earlier, he had to avoid her teary face cos that’s one of his major weakness.. her tears

“Why are you so silly?, Why did you keep it from me?, Why didn’t you tell me?, Why? ” He thought as he drove

She was blackmailed by her b©dy picture so she’d have been scared …

Mich said he did it to get back at him…

“ME” he thought de-eply and st©pped the car

He rested back on the chair and closed his eyes for a second

Opening it again, he reversed the car and started driving back to the restaurant

“It’s too [email protected] to get mad at you for long” he whispered to himself

Getting to the restaurant, he stepped out of the car and entered in a rush

She’s still there, crying like a baby while standing

He took the steps to cover the space between them and engulfed her in his arms in a ti-ght hvg

Elena wasn’t expecting it but that’s the best she could ever get right now

He [email protected]£ back for her

“Don’t you ever keep things from me again” he said, tou-ching her hair and ma-king the hvg ti-ghter

She just kept crying uncontrollably

“You’re breaking my heart with your tears” he said, ru-bbing her back gently

Her tears w€t his shoulders as she cried..

“You’re too pretty to get mad at so don’t worry, I’ll fix everything” He said and broke the hvg gently

She kept hiccuping as a result of the tears and without minding, Shane bent over and k!$$£d her teary face

“I love you so much” he said, wiping her tears

She continued hiccuping

“Aren’t you gonna tell me something?” He said

She looked at him and won’t st©p sniffing

“Crybaby” he smiled and hvgged her again.


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