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My vicious sweetheart episode 27

( Love Me Like I Do.. )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Elena stuffed her hands in his hair and allowed him to make his moves on her, his hands on her backside is enjoyable and she won’t st©p piling up the room with her sweet sounds

He left his hands on her soft bu-tt and it rubbe-d magic, ma-king her cling more unto him

“Your ..l-ips” Shane said slowly between the k!ss. “I’m add!çted…to it”

He broke it gently and slowly brou-ght hisl-ips to her che-st, he k!$$£d his gently and that successfully s£nt currents down her b©dy

He looked up at her with a big smile and held her face. “Your b©dy is improving, but don’t worry, even if it doesn’t, I love it like that” he said

” It’s improving, really improving” she smiled, stylishly l!çk!ng his taste on herl-ips

“You know you can’t escape from Shane right?” He win-ked, ma-king her heart melt

” Sure, I don’t wanna escape either” she replied

” How sweet” he said and k!$$£d her lightly

” One important question, you haven’t entered my room before so how did you know that this is my room?” Elena asked

Shane smiled and pu-ll-ed her closer, placing hisl-ips on her ear

“The other time when I took you home, remember when your knees were bruised?, I noticed there are three rooms besides the kitchen, in most house, the female rooms always comes last cos they nee-d the highest privacy, so I concluded that the first room will be your dad’s, the second will be your mum’s, then the third will be for my princess, I traced the window with that and luckily I was lucky” he whispered

“That was crazy!, What if your calculations were wrong, like what if my dad is home and you landed in his room?” Elena laughed

” I’d have made him [email protected] out with just a punch, then I’ll lock his unconscious b©dy in his closet” Shane replied and Elena can’t help but laugh louder

“Crazy you” she said

“But like seriously, trust me if it’s about you, I’ll go miles without minding what’ll happen to me” he said, getting serious

” Shane….

“Yes, that’s the extent my love can go, I can do anything if it concerns you, and if anyone hurts you or tries to do so, I’ll make him or her regret it, I spared your dad cos he’s your dad though he doesn’t deserve being your dad, but he’s still your dad, I spared him the other time only because of that, but anytime he tries that again, I swear I’ll make him plead at your feet” he said

“Sweet” Elena smiled, tracing his brows with her thumbs

“That’s just… how I feel” Shane replied

“I wanna ask a question” she said

“I’m listening princess” he replied

“Me or Samantha?” She asked

Shane went mute for a while before facing her again.

“Samantha is Samantha, and you’re Elena, though I loved Samantha but that was then, it’s true that I almost ran mad when she died but not anymore, initially I wanted to love you cos you look like her and behave like her then you also have same likes as her, more like ma-king you a replacement, but it didn’t work like that, I realized the love I have for you is different cos you’re Elena, not Samantha… Samantha is dead, but you’re here…. for me, to stay with me forever” he said affectionately

That made Elena’s heart leap, though she wasn’t expecting him to say the opposite but he said it sweetly

“I love you” she said, hvgging him immediately

“I love you more princess” he replied, holding her more ti-ghtly

“Are you staying with me?” She asked, pu-lling away

” You want me to stay?, If you want, I can stay” he replied

“Stay… plea-se, stay till tomorrow” she replied

” What if we get caught by your mum?” He asked

” She’s not against my puppy love” she replied

” Puppy love is different from slee-ping over, that’s why I took the window instead of taking the door” Shane smiled, climbing her be-d

He sat and she climbe-d and sat beside him

“So you have planned to sleepover even before coming, you’re crazy” she grinned

” Yes I am, but only for you” he replied, laying down

She sle-pt on him and he gently stroked her hair

“Seriously I nee-d to say something” he suddenly said

“What?” She asked

” It might sound per-verted” he said

“Say it” she replied

“Your b©©b s, it might make my heart fail the way you placed them on my che-st, it’s so soft and….

Elena spranged up and got down from the be-d, covering up with her arms while Shane grinned loudly

“per-vert!, Gosh” she said

*Just saying my mind baby” he win-ked

She went to her closet to find something more covering to wear before coming back to him

“Let’s sleep peacefully, don’t try anything funny, mum is just a room away” she said on his che-st

” But I want to k!ssyourl-ips” he said

“Night is for slee-ping” Elena replied

” And R0m-ncing” Shane whispered

“Shane!” She said a bit loud

“Ok, ok, I’ll st©p being a per-vert, goodnight princess” he said, k!ss!ngher hair

” Gnight honeydrop, I love you* she replied

“Freaking mutual baby” he replied, closing his eyes.


Louis can’t sleep a wi-nk throu-ghout that night, he hasn’t tasted even water since last night till now and he feels weak

Coupled with the splitting headache that’s threatening to make his head flow off his n£¢k

His mum [email protected]£ earlier but he refused to see her, he refused to open the door for her either despite the way she pleaded

He’s not re-ady to see anyone if not Cheryl

He got up from the couch he sle-pt on and walked grudgingly to the dinning, that’s where most of her memories are

“Where are you?” He said as if she’s in front of him

” Where are you Cheryl I miss you” he said again, imagining her in front of him just like in the morning

“I love you” Cheryl said with the usual pretty smile

“I miss you” he replied and tried to t©uçh her but his imagination ended again

He sat on one of the chairs and sniffed lightly

He t©uçhed the table slightly. “Cheryl plea-se come back” he muttered

His temperature is so high and he can feel it that he’s not ok, he stood but stumbled on another chair, that made him fall back on the chair and the next thing that fell is his tears

“I’m dying” he whispered, placing his head on the dinning table.


Cheryl can’t eat, she stared at the cornflakes in front of her and pushed it away frustratedly, ma-king it spill on the floor

She held a handful of her hair and stood, taking her phone

She started staring at his pictures again. “I miss him” she said, covering her mouth with her palm to st©p her from crying

“Can I really continue doing this?, Can I?, It feels like I’m going to die even when it has just been a day, I want to see him” she said

Her phone rang and she wearily picked, it’s her mum

“Hey mum” she heaved

“You left the house right?”

“It’s nothing big, why the call?” She asked, not wanting to answer that question

“I called cos of something crucial, Cheryl I saw Samantha, I saw Samantha with my eyes”

” My baby sister is dead mum” she replied shockingly

” I know what I’m talking about Cheryl, your sis was unique, she’s my daughter, I know what I’m talking about, I can’t possibly be wrong about a daughter I loved so much” Mrs Tanner replied

” Mum?”

” The only difference is the eyes according to Mr Adams, I’m sure it’s lens cos my Samantha’s eyes is blue but now it’s brown, I have to find her and just claim my daughter back, maybe she really wasn’t on board during the flight last year, Cheryl believe me” she said

” Really?” Cheryl asked, getting more hope.

” Yes, and you know the most surprising thing?, She’s with Shane” Mrs Tanner said

” What!”


” Alan you’ll regret this, mark my words!” Tanya screamed at him immediately he [email protected]£ back from work

“Woman, mind your words, I know it’s because of your unworthy son but I didn’t make him resign, he resigned himself” Alan replied

“Did you just call him unworthy?, If not for the way you were suffocating him, he wouldn’t have resigned!” Miley replied angrily

” So you both have conspired against me” Alan hissed

” Alan do you want to kill my only son for me?, Don’t you know the intensity of what you’re doing to him?, Right from when he graduated, you’ve taken over the wheel of his life and you’re driving him around anyhow, pity my son plea-se, I went to see him earlier but he won’t even come out to see me, my baby kept crying inside and I’m so hurt ” Tanya expressed

” I don’t care, all I care about is my money!, So far my company is growing, I care about nothing more, he resigned so I’m less concerned about him” Alan replied and went upstairs

” What do we do?, I love big brother so much and I can’t bear to see him crying” Miley said

“you should help” Tanya said


Daisy swallowed the c-um re-leased in her mouth by her fv¢ker before rising up

She li-cked herl-ips and smiled. “You’re good, but not as good as my h0t pie” she smiled

“I wish I can see this h0t pie you’re always talking about and just kill him for always ma-king me feel inferior despite ban-ging you [email protected]” the guy replied

” Trust me you’re not as long as him, not as handsome as him, not a good fv¢ker like him, not sweet as him, In all ramifications, you’re below him, I’m only managing you” Daisy replied, putting on a thin go-wn

” Really?, I think I told you to st©p comparing me with whoever he is, you’re just a freaking bit-ch who loves big c0cks, you’re de-ep down there and that’s why no matter how long the c0ck, you’ll never be satisfied” the guy replied

” That’s wrong, cos my Louis’s di-ck gives me all satisfaction and anytime he fv¢ks me, I feel on t©p of the world, are you hurt with my words?, Well I’m not sorry cos it’s the truth, you should run along right now, thanks for fv¢king me anyways though I felt nothing” she said and started walking out of the room

The guy got infuriated and took off his trou-sers again

“Daisy” he called

“Yes Quan” she replied, looking back

“I’mma fv¢k you [email protected] like you’ve never experienced before all your life right now” he said and walked to her, tore her slim go-wn and pushed her to the be-d

Daisy kept smiling. “Let’s see what you’ve got this time, let me feel your stick” she said and Quan wasted no time in shoving his tool de-eply into her.


Next day**

Dre was worried as hell about Louis last night though he’s still so worried right now, for the fact that he really cried, he must have really realized his mistakes

“How can I help?” He thought as he drove to work

Then he st©pped the car abruptly when he suddenly saw someone across the road

The person is crossing the road and her face cap fell off

Its Cheryl!

She picked up the cap and wore it before entering the h0tel opposite the road with the nylon on her hand

“She must be staying at the h0tel” he sighed and moved the car, driving directly to work


Miley [email protected] Louis’s house on her way to school but no matter how much she rings the doorbell, he won’t open the door

“It’s me big brother!” She shouted, still pounding on it

No answer [email protected]£

“Big brother!” She called again

“Ok if I leave now, I’m not gonna be talking to you anymore” she threatened and somehow, that made him open the door

Miley can’t believe her eyes when she saw him

“Louis…. what .. what’s this” she said, going closer

His eyes is red and weary, his face is swollen and red too, hisl-ips is dried and peeling

“What’s…what’s this” she stammered, going closer to him

He looks pitiful

Louis stood without talking but the sadness his face exudes is too much

“Big brother..’ Miley said again, tou-ching his face

” Why are you like this?” She asked, letting her hand stay on his cheek

” Cheryl” he said slowly

Miley hvgged him ti-ghtly. “What about her?, Where’s she?”

“Help me look for her and tell her to come back, I miss her a lot, she left cos of my foolishness, just help me bring her back, then I’ll be fine” he said slowly

Golden [email protected]**

Everyone got a big surprise when they saw Elena and Shane walking into the school hand in hand that morning again for the fact that they had a fight yesterday

They got to [email protected] and Mich is the first person to notice, his lower l!pis patched as a result of Shane’s punches

He smiled at Elena but Elena never smiled back

Shane pu-ll-ed her hand to his table and smiled

“FYI, she’s mine, so learn to stay back from now on to avoid getting more wounds” he said

Mich stood and faced him while Shane held Elena’s hand ti-ghter

“I see no ring on her f!nger so no one says I can’t be with her” Mich said

“want a proof more than a ring?’ Shane said

Elena knows exactly what he’s talking about so she [email protected] up

“Proof more than a ring?, Are you kidding?” Mich sm-irked

” No bro” Shane replied and let go of Elena’s hand, he held her face instead and captured herl-ips in front of Mich, ma-king everyone [email protected] .



Dre paced round his house restlessly, Louis [email protected]£ to his office today again and he really looks pitiful

So pitiful that he wants to desperately help

“I can’t continue to watch him suffer like that” he said and picked his phone..


Louis drove r0ûghly to the h0tel Dre told him on phone, not following any of the traffic rules, he just kept driving r0ûghly till he got there

He quic-kly got down from the car, breathing heavily

He’s about to go in but [email protected]£ back when he saw something

Cheryl is sitting beside the parking lot of the h0tel, obviously de-ep in thoughts, she looks sad and depressed

Louis smiled slowly as he walked closer to her and his guilt almost made him st©p but he kept walking despite that

Few meters from her, Cheryl looked sidewards and saw him

She spranged up shockingly

“Cheryl” Louis said with a shaky voice

“Louis…” She said in the same manner

Right now she feels too happy for the fact that she saw her face but….his driedl-ips, swollen red face and eyes….it made her feel bad

She started walking backwards

“Cheryl wait” he said quic-kly but she turned back and rushed Into the h0tel

He ran after her till she got to her room and entered

She shut the door and locked it then stayed behind it

“Cheryl!!!!” Louis yelled, pounding on the door with his palm

Tears fell from her eyes, listening to his yell

“Cheryl plea-se!!” He yelled again

She covered her mouth with her palm so her crying sounds won’t be heard

“I’m so sorry plea-se come back, I promise to obey you and do everything you want, I won’t ever yell at you anymore, I’ll be caring and be protective, I’m re-ady to plead on my knees for my mistakes just come back plea-se, I’m not ok right now, you just nee-d to come back plea-se” he pleaded

” Cheryl!!” He screamed again

The h0tel securities [email protected]£ by and dragged him out of the place

“No, I just nee-d to talk to her for some minutes, just a minute” he kept begging as he was taken out.


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