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My ordeal episode 51

Episode 51.

After I left the room, I wanted going home straight after all Treasure gat Uche and Chinwe Who dearly loves her more than I do.
Everything was so annoying and going home will be the best option for me.

But going out of the hospital gate I saw Chinwe approaching with the guy she earlier bu-mped into when we left the doctor office.
I just pretended I didn’t see her, and she did too which we [email protected] ourselves as if we haven’t met each other before.

“Pretender, hypocrite, you’re busy walking slowly with a guy but jealous about I and Benson, I said going my way in a Hurry and st©pped a cab back home.
I threw my bag on the couch and sat down closing my eyes and heaved ru-bbing my face as I looked around the house.

It felt so empty like there’s nothing inside,
“What makes them think I don’t love Treasure anyway? I mean what’s all this today? I asked myself and regretted I [email protected]£ back home when I should be there, at least for the sake of Treasure.

I took my phone to call Chinwe, but then pride didn’t let me as I remembered the way she talked to me and snubbe-d me on the road as I was going home.
I hissed and dialed Benson number but it was still switched off.

I locked the door and went to my room to shower and sle-pt that night without eating, I guess I nee-ded the sleep more than the food because I alre-ady lost my appetite with all the happenings of today.

The next morning Blessed call [email protected]£ on phone, I sluggishly picked up with my sleepy eyes,
“Hi Blessed, I said.
“Good morning ma, she greeted.

“Morning Blessed, I replied.
“Ma how is Treasure? She asked..

“I believe she will be fine, according to the doctor whatever it is can be treated, I replied.
“Okay ma, will you be coming to the restaurant today? She asked.

“No no no I’ll be going to the hospital plea-se, cover up for me okay, I replied.
“No problem ma, take care, she said.

“Yea you too, I said and dropped the call.
I yawned when I saw the time on my phone and got up with my stomach rumbling…… Yes i was very hungry.

I refreshed up immediately and had golden morn to eat as breakfast, and as I was about leaving I saw Chinwe coming.
“Hi I was about coming there, I said when she [email protected]£ near to the door.

“I see, I only [email protected]£ back to have a shower and run back, she said.
“Okay I’ll go cover up for you, I said.

“Uche is doing that, she said and went in and I shrugged my shoulders.
“So she’s still carrying yesterday annoyance in her? Anyway she gat the strength, I said to myself and left.

Immediately I [email protected]£ out from the taxi my phone began to ring, I brou-ght it out and saw it was Benson calling.
“What the hell is going on? I quic-kly said immediately i picked up.
“Sorry baby, my phone is giving me issues. I’m using a friend phone to call you now, how are you doing? He asked.

“You can get another phone na how is it going to help your business if your phone is switch off always? Common do something about it, I said and he started laughing.
“Dorothy you take things too serious a lot, it just happened don’t worry I’ll fix it, he said.

“Yes let me be serious because you got me worried, by the way did you get to see who you wanted meeting yesterday? I asked.
“Yea I did, he was so helpful and I’m glad I met him. He made some calls immediately knowing i have the cash and on Saturday I’ll be traveling with him, he replied.

“You mean next tomorrow? I asked.
“Yes and Very very early in the morning I’ll be hitting the road with him, he also want to get few things for himself so we will be going together, that’s an added advantage you know, he said.

“Alright if you say so, I said.
“But where are you? Its kind of noisy there, he asked.

“In the hospital, I replied.
“Doing what there? He asked.

“Its Treasure, we woke up yesterday to see her sick, I replied.
“Malaria? He asked.

“I wish it was, but from what the doctor explained she has an increased high level of white blood cells whatever, so that’s it, I replied.
“That’s serious, but i hope she’s okay? He asked.

“She will be, are you coming? I asked.
“Oh no I’m so sorry, i wish I knew about this earlier. I still have places to hit today concerning my traveling, I hope you un-derstand? He asked and I nodded.

“Its alright i un-derstand, I replied.
“Thank you baby, just don’t disturb yourself too much the doctors will do their job and she will be fine. I’ll sure come around to visit her before she get discharged,he said.

“No problem, I said.
“Alright dear, I’ll try to call you later if I can. I love you, he said and I smiled.

‘I love you too, I said.
“Be a good girl okay, bye, he said and dropped the call while i just shook my head smiling and opened the door to Treasure room.

I saw Uche covering his head on the be-d and just then Treasure slowly opened her eyes.
“Treasure dear, I said going to her which Uche raised his head to see her.
“How are you doing baby? I asked tou-ching her but she tried to smile.

“s£nior I’m fine, she replied and Uche held her hand.
“I don’t think so dear, if that’s true then you are not to lie on this be-d, Uche said.

“I’m just weak, she replied.
“Has the doctor checked on her this morning? I asked Uche.

“Not yet, he replied.
“I’ll go tell them she’s awake,that’s a good sign, I said.

“I was awake yesterday night, i saw You and Sister slee-ping, I didn’t want to wake you up, Treasure said.
“Why didn’t you? We were actually waiting for you to wake up and talk with us, Uche said.

“Its okay Uncle, you both looked tired and i didn’t want to disturb. Where’s sister? Treasure asked.
“Ermmm she went to shower and change up, she’ll be back, I replied.

“plea-se tell her to have her rest and sleep properly, same with you uncle I’ll be fine, Treasure said.
“Shhhhh that shouldn’t be your problem,now if you want us to sleep properly then get well soon. I alre-ady informed your school you’re hospitalized, they may visit you anytime, Uche said.

“Thank you, she said.
“I’ll go get the doctor, I said and left the room.

Minutes later the doctor arrived with a nurse and did whatever they know how to do best on her.
“Okay I think you nee-d to get the remaining drugs since you couldn’t find it last night, the doctor said.
“Sure I’ll do just that, Uche said.

“Let me know when it’s here, don’t worry she’ll be fine, the doctor said.
“Thank you doctor, we said and they left.

“What’s the drug left to buy? I can get it for you, I said to uche.
“Are you sure about that? He asked.

“Why not? Use that opportunity to have a proper rest, I replied and he nodded giving me the paper the doctor gave to me yesterday.
2 drugs were ticked, probably they got that yesterday and 2 was still left.

“Okay I’ll be back, I said to him and t©uçhed Treasure cheeks pla-yfully.
“Thank you s£nior, Treasure said but i shook my head and left with my bag.

Getting out of the gate i met with the guy i saw with Chinwe yesterday night, I wanted [email protected] him but surprisingly he st©pped me.
“Hi good morning, he greeted.
“Morning, I replied wondering what he want to say.

“I think i saw you with Chinwe yesterday If I’m not mistaken, are you both fighting or something? He asked and i smiled.
“No not at all, is just a little disagreement we can take care of, I replied.

“Oh plea-se I hope so, so are you two friends? He asked.
“Sisters, I replied.

“Sisters? Beautiful and I’m happy I’ve met you, maybe you can help me, he said.
“Help you? With what? I asked.

“Uhmmm I kind of like your sister, and i nee-d little help you know. Sorry if its too early but you see i always go straight to the point for who i want, he said and i smiled.
“Since you say so, why not go to her straight? I asked.

“I know, but then you ladies loves to be impressed a lot, you know what i mean right? He asked and i heaved.
“Are you in a Hurry? Hr asked.

“Yes, and again Chinwe cant be impressed, just be straight and be the real you okay. That’s my only advice to you, I said.
“Thanks, he said.

“You’re welcome, I said and left………..


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