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My ordeal episode 50

Episode 50.

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

After going home that day, I noticed Benson hasn’t called me yet after he left the restaurant.
I dialed his number after taking my dinner but it was switched off,
“Before I forget, Uche called me today o. He even [email protected]£ to my Stand before I brou-ght the woman to you, Chinwe said coming out from the shower.
“Yea he [email protected]£ to me first, he was surprised when I told him you have your business. So what did he say? I asked.

“Nothing much, though he apologized for what he said if it hurt me in anyway, then encouraged me to carry on with the business well, she replied.
“That’s good, I said abs£nt minded and she saw the look on my face.

“What’s the problem again? She asked.
“Its Benson, he hasn’t called yet and he promised to call me when he arrives, I replied.

“Arrive where? She asked.
“Home, he [email protected]£ to the restaurant today, I gave him the cheque, I slowly replied and she nodded.

“Maybe he has low battery or something, I have to sleep its getting late, Chinwe said and la-id down while I heaved ru-bbing my face and decided to s£nd him a message…

The next morning his call woke us up and I quic-kly picked up,
“Good morning love, he quic-kly said.
“Good morning, what happened yesterday? I asked.

“Sorry I had a low battery, I would have called, he replied.
“Oh I was so worried. So how was your rest? I asked.

“It was so cool, the best I’ve ever had. Today I’ll be meeting with a guy who is into the business so work will commence, he replied.
“Alright good to know, we’ll talk later okay, I said.

“Yea, have a good day, he said and dropped the call.
Hearing his voice made me happy and I turned and looked at Chinwe pretending to be slee-ping.
I used the pillow and covered her face,

” Arghhh! What kind of witchcraft is that Dorothy! She shouted.
“Wake up lazy @ss its morning, I said jumping down from the be-d.

“Treasure has not knocked on the door yet unlike her? Chinwe asked.
“Who knows? Besides is she your alarm clock? I asked and went in to ease myself while Chinwe yawned and fell on the be-d again.

I [email protected]£ out to the sitting room to see Treasure still lying on the couch she loves to sleep on.
Ha! I was surprised because that is unlike her, I t©uçhed her forehead to see her temperature was high.
I was alarmed and t©uçhed her b©dy to see she was burning up,
“Treasure, Treasure! I shouted shaking her.

“Chinwe! Chinwe come out now Treasure is sick! I shouted when Treasure gave no reply.
Chinwe rushed out immediately and raised her head up on her [email protected],
“Treasure dear, dear wake up, she said tou-ching her cheeks and Treasure slowly opened her eyes.

“When did this start? Why didn’t you tell us you were not feeling too well? Chinwe asked but she couldn’t reply.
“Let’s take her to the hospital, I said going in to change up and Chinwe la-id her head back on the couch.

“We will be back okay, Chinwe said and followed me behind…….

Minutes later we were alre-ady in the hospital, initially we suspected malaria and typhoid, that’s the only sickness we know anyway.
11a.m ticked and it dawned on us it was that serious.
None of us could go for our business, at a point I asked Chinwe to go knowing she’s the only one there, after all my girls is covering up for me.

“Excuse me Dorothy, Treasure is this sick and all you can say is leave her for business? Chinwe asked and with the tone of her voice I was shocked.
“Chinwe I didn’t mean any harm, I am here to take care of her right? I was only considering the fact you are alone and the customers that will be waiting for you, what if you lose them to another? I asked.

“I don’t care if they leave, Treasure is my life! She dropped.
Yes I love Treasure, but I don’t think I can measure the love I have to that of Chinwe, their bond is inseparable.

Treasure calls me s£nior but calls Chinwe sister, I didn’t notice that until now that the two are the real definition of sisters while I’m just a friend maybe.
I felt hurt as I watched Chinwe crying quietly, I was worried for Treasure though but I wondered why I didn’t cry unlike me that doesn’t waste time to cry for someone I love.

I saw myself always looking at my phone waiting for Benson call while Chinwe did the running around getting the drugs and drips.
Different test were made on her still waiting results, though typhoid was seen positive but I can’t be enough to press her this down for just a night.

Evening [email protected]£ and the doctor said Treasure has Leukocytosis, an infection in the white blood cell.
Aghn aghn! Infection in White blood cell kwa! I said in my heart looking at Chinwe who was just as stupid as I am.
“So what are you saying doctor? She can be treated right? Chinwe asked.

“Don’t panic, and yes it can be treated, the doctor said smiling.
“Oh thank God! I exhaled.

“Can the treatment begin? Chinwe asked.
“Yes yes, I’ll write down some antibiotics and all you nee-d you get for her. plea-se see me in my office, the doctor said and we followed him behind.

Leaving the doctor office Chinwe bu-mped into a young guy,
“I’m sorry, plea-se I didn’t mean to, Chinwe quic-kly apologized.
“No its okay, the guy said and we left to Treasure room.

We sat sadly looking at her while Chinwe held Treasure hand,
“I’ll go get the drugs, Chinwe said getting up.
“No Chinwe you’ve stressed yourself enough, we can do that tomorrow after all there at drugs to keep her going for the night, I said and she looked at me.

“Stay off this and worry about Benson Dorothy! Does it even bother you to see Treasure in this state? All you do is sit here looking at your phone waiting for Benson to call you, or you bother about your flourishing business.
Its okay let me worry and run around for Treasure, she did same for me and I won’t forget that! Chinwe shouted and left the room and I looked at her like she has gone mad.

Who was not worried about Treasure and what makes her think I care about my business more than her.
I didn’t want to get angry with the way she sounded like I made Treasure sick in the first place, I took my phone and called up Benson again but his number was not reachable.

I’ve been doing that since morning and i still can’t get him on phone, everything was just stupid to me when i covered my head on Treasure be-d to ease the headache I was feeling.

The door opened and Uche walked in,
“Why didn’t anyone inform me about this early enough? he asked ignoring my greetings.
“I thought Chinwe did, i replied.

“And to chinwe she thought you did. Its okay if you both don’t want to talk to me, but plea-se take Treasure out of this mess! He shouted on me and went straight to Treasure tou-ching her hair while i looked at him wondering why I’m just receiving unnecessary shouts today.

“Did you realize we were stressed out and must have forgotten to tell you about it? I asked.
“Oh really, tell me Benson doesn’t know about this, or haven’t you talked with him today? He asked.

“Did Chinwe tell you this? Why are you all against Benson huh! I shouted.
“Chinwe told me nothing, I just stated the fact! And to know i gat to know about this from Treasure teacher is so annoying, when i should be here with her. I deserve to know what’s going on, you both can go ahead to hide anything from me concerning yourselves after all you’re grown up career women, but plea-se take my Treasure from this! He shouted back and I bashed out of the room…..


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