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My ordeal episode 49

Episode 49.

I was so ashamed of myself, in fact I lost the guts to open the door to step out after Chinwe stormed out.
The next morning I woke up hearing the room door open and Chinwe walked in, I sat up immediately looking at her so frightened like she’s going to beat me.

I couldn’t even voice out as I watched her opened the wardrobe to take her clothes for her business, she didn’t say anything to me either and I bowed my head still sitting on the be-d with the towel of yesterday still on my b©dy.
Surprisingly she sat down beside me and heaved looking at me,
“Dora, why? Was what she asked and I swallowed.

“I couldn’t help it, I replied and she nodded.
“Yes I lost mine too in a stupid way, you warned me about it but I didn’t listen. It almost cost my life and I’ve learnt my lesson, when I look at you I feel so happy. You’ve hold on it for years now, even if it to Benson but its just too soon and I’m not having a good feeling about this, she said.

“What are you saying? Are you scared I will get pregnant? I asked when that thought just popped on my head for the first time.
“Was it safe? She asked and I shook my head.

“He said I have nothing to fear he won’t re-lease in me, I replied and she rolled her eyes.
“Oh Benson, he really surprises me. But anyway you both are adults and you are old enough to take decisions for yourselves, but be careful okay, Chinwe said.

“I’m sorry sis, I shouldn’t have said that to you yesterday, I said and she nodded.
“I un-derstand, I was interfering in your matter too much…… “No plea-se don’t say that, I interrupted.

“Its okay, I know when it comes to friends you can do anything for them. Whenever i remember that you almost sle-pt with your manager to safe me, then I knew you are indeed crazy, she said and I smiled.
“But you’ve never told me that I’m crazy before, I said.

“I just told you now, Dorothy you’re a crazy girl! She shouted and I laughed which Treasure walked in.
“Should I call the psychiatric? She asked.

“Yes for yourself, Chinwe replied.
“Whatever, breakfast is re-ady o, Treasure said.

“Yes small chef thank you, i said and she smiled and left while I just looked at Chinwe and hvgged her.
“Abeg free me go brush your mouth e dey smell, Chinwe said pushing me aside and I fell on the be-d covering my face.

“Oh God, Chinwe You’re mad true true, I said.
“I agree, Chinwe said going back to the wardrobe while I jumped into the bathroom to clean up.

The way Chinwe talked with me just made me happy with no reason, at least I was not feeling like a condemned sinner anymore.
I quic-kly took in the tea and bre-ad on the dinning and flew off to my restaurant.

Getting there Benson called and I remembered what i should do for him.
I quic-kly picked the call telling him to expect me later in his house,
“What if I come around? You cant carry such an amount on the road, he said.

“But its a cheque, I said.
“Even still I’ll be coming to get it myself, or do Yuh have another plan you want to have with me at home? He asked and I shook my head knowing where he’s going to.

“Fine come get it, I said.
“Alright baby, he said and dropped the call…….

I went out and saw Uche sitting down, its been a while I saw him after he told me things about Benson and I wondered what he’s doing here this early.
“Hi good morning, I said sitting down with him.
“Thanks, why is Chinwe not at home and she’s not here either? He asked.

“You didn’t know? I asked.
“Know what? He asked back.

“She has her business now, I replied and he nodded.
“That’s good. I can see you girls are rocking well without me, but it’s fine, he said and I heaved.

“That’s not true, I said.
“Really? No one calls to know how I’m doing, everyone just dumped me, he said.

“You hurt Chinwe, and also you’re not happy for me [email protected]!ngBenson, but still we are not angry with you, we thought you were busy with work or something that’s why you couldn’t visit, I replied and he smiled shaking his head looking at me.
“Talking about Benson, is he back yet? He asked and I nodded.

“Good, I just dropped by to say hi anyway, he said.
“Won’t you check on Chinwe too? I asked.

“I’ll give her a call to know where she is, he replied.
“Sounds cool, I said.

“Okay, take care, he said getting up.
“And thanks for dropping by, bye, I said and he left………..

Benson [email protected]£ around later and we discussed for a while before giving him the cheque
“Is this for real? This is the first time I’m holding such an amount, he said getting it from me.
“But your reaction looks like you’ve seen it before. When I first saw that amount I felt like running mad, I said.

“I know such amount Is a little change for the manager daughter, but I’ve never had such an amount meant for me, he said.
“Its not meant for you o, but for business. But i hope it can take you far right? I asked.

“Sure, I can get amplifiers, speakers and so many equipment with this, he replied.
“And a store to put them too, I hope you have that In your budget? I asked.

“Sure, when i get home I’ll plan out everything and also get to talk with the people in the business alre-ady, you know I have to rub heads with them to know how this thing goes, he said.
“That’s right, I said and he was just looking at me smiling.

“Thanks love, he finally said.
“You’re welcome, before i forget, that text of yesterday was it important? I asked and he laughed.

“Common Dora we nee-d to do more of that, you really nee-d to open up else I’ll crack you open by f0rç£, he said and i rolled my eyes.
“Chinwe saw it, I said and he looked at me.

“She did? He asked and I nodded.
“Oh, then what’s wrong with that? He asked and i heaved.

“Common you’re shy for someone who has even been pregnant, she should give you an accolade for staying that long, he said with a sm-irk.
“Be careful with the way you talk to Chinwe, you have no idea what we went throu-gh, and whatever she did then, she thought was the right thing to do, I said.

“Fine I’m sorry, can we change the t©pic now before I get in the mood, he said wi-nking at Me.
“St©p that plea-se, I said getting up and we went outside together.

“Thanks for this okay, you won’t regret It,he said when we stood on the road for him to get a cab.
“I know you can do it, bye, I said and he st©pped a cab and pe-cked Me before getting in………….

Shortly later chinwe walked in with a woman beautifully dressed which i welcomed her myself showing her a place to sit.
“Ma she’s the Dorathy i told you about, Chinwe introduced.
“Oh she’s the one? I asked Chinwe and she eyed me.

“I’m so sorry ma about yesterday, i wasn’t around when you [email protected]£, i quic-kly apologized.
“Its okay, I ate your food when i [email protected]£ yesterday, I must confess It was good, The woman said and i smiled.

“Ma she didn’t prepare that, what will you say when she cooks herself? You’ll love It i promise you, Chinwe said.
“Serious? You mean there’s a food better than what i ate yesterday? She asked.

“She does the magic ma, she’s a great cook, Chinwe replied and i was blu-shing alre-ady.
“St©p flattering me too much nau, i said and they laughed.

“Okay i want to believe so, you girls are doing a good job and I’m impressed to be honest, keep It up, she said.
‘Thank you ma, we said.

“So Dorothy next week is my birthday and also my son, we actually share the same [email protected]£ and he’s asking we should [email protected] together which i want it great. Its in few days time, so can you make it? She asked.
“Why not ma? I’m very prepared, I replied.

“Okay you’ll give me your account number and I’ll transfer the cash to you, sorry i don’t beat price with people, I just give out whatever I feel like, she said and I nodded.
“I un-derstand ma, what are the dishes? I asked.

“Will you be able to handle 3 different dishes? Like a correct fried rice, egusi with pounded yam, and coconut rice? She asked and i looked at Chinwe who eyed me again.
“My girls will have to help me then with that, I replied.

“You’ll be closing your restaurant? She asked.
“When is it plea-se? I asked back.

“On a Sunday, but the [email protected] Will be open by 2pm, she replied.
“Oh very well then no problem, it will be done, I replied knowing I don’t open on Sundays.

“That’s good to know, and plea-se i hate disappointment. Your sister here will take care of the chicken and isi- ewu [email protected], I added that today when I met with her, she said.
“You have nothing to fear ma, we got you covered on that day, i said.

“that’s good to know,can i have your account number? She asked and i called it out for her.
Instantly an alert of 500,000 naira entered and i looked at her shocked.
“Ma did you make a mistake? I asked and she laughed taking her bag.

“See you ladies on Sunday, Chinwe should i drop you off or are you staying back with your sister? She asked.
“no ma I’ll stay back, Chinwe replied.

“Alright girls, but make sure my Treasure girl wont be too stressed left alone there, she said and we laughed.
“No she wont, I’ll join her shortly, Chinwe replied.

“bye and take care, she said and we followed her outside to see her off.
“Bye ma God bless! I shouted waving at her when she drove off and i jumped on Chinwe as we laughed happily going to my office straight.

“How much did she s£nt sef? Chinwe asked.
“500k straight, but sha it will be stressful o, I said.

“Your girls will be with you nah, just get the condiment in bulk, she earlier made the money 150k for me, Chinwe said.
“Before how much was it? I asked.

“70k, she replied.
“And you were happy like that, i said laughing.

“Take 5 there! with this 150 I still have enough gain and I’m happy joor, she said.
“Whatever, shey you’ll re-lease Treasure for me? I asked.

“In your dreams, you have 4 girls aunty work with them, me too nee-d help don’t be too lazy after all you told her you are capable, she said and I was just laughing at her.
“Oya bye let me go to my central bank, i fit see another connection, she said opening the freezer and ran out with a can drink.

“You’ll pay for that ba! I shouted on her.
“Crazy you! She shouted back and i shook my head looking at the alert on my phone smiling………….


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