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My ordeal episode 48

Episode 48.

I went home that day and told my sisters about it, Chinwe almost went n-ked swearing for me,
“Dorothy who is hitting your calabash in the village? Yeeeee! 3 million naira like that! Chinwe screamed and it made me more confused.
I looked at Treasure and she was just looking at me with her hands on her chin, haba! Looks like it shocked them real [email protected]

“But I want to help him nah, remember it was another person who saw my business idea and supported Me, can’t I do same for my friend? Especially my b©yfri£nd, I said and Chinwe left the house not saying anything to me.
“But come to think of it sister, are you really sure you want to do this? Treasure asked me and I covered my face on my palms.
My head was spinning in a way I was thinking if someone is truly hitting my calabash in the village.

I couldn’t give a reply to Treasure at that point with the way they reacted to it, I just left to my room and la-id down to sleep.
The next day I woke up quite late and I noticed Chinwe giving me cold shoulders.

I didn’t bother myself about it because we were both hurrying to leave the house for our business, Treasure alre-ady left for school.

I gat to my restaurant to see few people there eating which I joined the 2 girls I met there helping them out.
My phone began to ring and it was Benson,
“plea-se get him pure water let me pick this call, I said to one of my girls and got into my office.

I called him back and his voice [email protected]£ on phone like he was sick,
“What’s wrong with you? I asked.
“Dorathy plea-se come over, I’m feeling so sick, he said with his voice shivering.

I was shivering also as I quic-kly [email protected]£d my bag,
“Have you taken drugs? I asked.
“No, no one to get it for me, he replied.

“I’m coming okay, but plea-se just try to hold on and call on a neighbor to help you with drugs plea-se. I’m on my way, I said.
“Okay, he said and dropped the call.

I went out meeting my girls,
“I’m running to somewhere now, when Blessed comes tell her handle things for me I’ll be back, I told them and hit the road to see Benson.

On the way to his place I kept calling him at intervals to know how he’s doing.
I saw a pharmacy and dropped by picking some tablets for him before reaching his place.

I knocked on the door and he opened up covering a blanket on his b©dy,
“Is it that serious? I bought some tablets for you. Have you eaten? I asked tou-ching him but his b©dy was sweaty.

I made him sit on the be-d and left to fetch water for him to take the drugs I bought, but I turned around with the cup of water seeing him lying on the be-d smiling at me.
“Benson what happened? I asked.
“I only wanted to see my love, when last did you come here huh? He asked and I dropped the water not believing my eyes.

“You mean you made Me run here for nothing? Common that’s not fair, I said.
“Relax, that’s because you’re always scared of everything. Okay let’s pretend that I’m sick, be my nurse today plea-se, he said holding my hand ma-king me sit with him on the be-d.

“But you should have told me this plainly, the joke was expensive, I said but he k!$$£d Me.
When the k!sswas getting to different gears, I realized my self and broke out from him.
“What? He asked.

“What are you doing? I asked back shifting away from him.
“What do you think I’m doing? He asked again..

“You know we can’t do this, I replied.
“And why? He asked but I was quiet.

“Why? He asked again.
“My b©dy is not mine remember? I replied and he giggled at first before laughing it out.

“Dora can you hear yourself? How can you allow that man use your [email protected] this way, haven’t you learned from me? He asked.
“But its a deal that I…….. “Oh st©p it! When you told me that trash I was just laughing at you, he saw you very gullible enough to imprison you because he’s good at that. I mean, who does such a thing in a century like this, can he do that to his daughters? that’s bull$h!t! He shouted and I shook.

“Benson, I called out when he stood up from the be-d with a very angry look.
“Benson listen to me plea-se, I’m just scared you know, I held him when he was about opening the door.

“Scared of what? That he will tear your legs open to see if your hy-men is still intact? Grow up girl, you’re getting me angry. Its the same you who wanted slee-ping with him to safe Chinwe, now you’re saying things that doesn’t make s-en-se, he said.
“So are you leaving me here? I asked and he looked at me and went back to the be-d taking the bag of drugs looking throu-gh it while I slowly sat beside him.

At that point I didn’t know the decision to take anymore.
I was more than confused as I looked at Benson and wondered if he made any s-en-se at all.

As i was still lost in thoughts without knowing, I felt his hand on my shoulder and he drew me close,
“I’m sorry I shouted on you, don’t feel bad okay, he gently said and I nodded.
“But can you break out? St©p being a slave, he has no right over your life or your b©dy, and don’t forget, I’ll be here to fight for you if he tries to do anything funny, he said and I looked at him.

My wings was broken and I was so fragile that moment he gently la-id me on be-d,
“plea-se I’m scared, I said shivering as I saw him taking off his belt.
“I promise you it won’t hurt, just free yourself, he said.

“What if he finds out? I shakily asked.
“Oh Dora not again, no one will have to know common, he replied and k!$$£d me………….

Minutes later I was unclad on his be-d, I tried fighting with my conscience calling me a fool but Benson hands on my b©dy broke me out of that thought,
“Not again plea-se, I said sitting up to get the blanket but he took it from me.
“Get use to it, he said throwing the blanket away.

I felt the ground should just open and swallow me,
‘Look at me, he said turning my face,
“Have you died? St©p acting like you killed someb©dy okay it was just few minutes act by adults, he said and I looked away from him and checked the time to see it was 11a.m.

“I nee-d to go now, I said.
“Like that? What if i was sick will you leave me? He asked and I heaved cleaning my face.

“Can you allow me wear my clothes plea-se? I asked but he got up and drank a cup of water while I hurriedly wore my clothes which he smiled shaking his head.
“Dora what about what we discussed yesterday? He asked sitting down and I sighed.

“I… I ermm…… I…… “Its okay if you won’t help, I won’t f0rç£ you either. I’ll try to see how i can come up with something to help my life, he interrupted me when i didn’t know what to say.
“No don’t say that, what if i support with 2 million will it go a long way? I asked.

“Dorathy forget it I can manage, he replied.
“St©p it, you lost the job because of me, I have to help you out, I said.

“But was it because of you? He asked.
“Whatever, I’ll give you 2 million tomorrow, I said.

“Are you serious? He asked.
“Yes, I replied and he shouted hvgging me ti-ght.

“Thank you Love, I won’t forget this and i promise to repay you back with every coin. I love you baby! He screamed k!ss!ngme but I only smiled.
“Let’s go out, bill on me, he said putting on his clothes.

“Okay I’m waiting, I said laughing………..

I got home that evening and met Chinwe slee-ping on the sofa while Treasure was re-ading her book,
“Welcome s£nior, she greeted.
“Thank you, I said and Chinwe opened her eyes.

“Welcome, she said.
“Thank you, tired? I asked but she shook her head.

“What happened to your phone? And you were not in the restaurant, Chinwe said.
“My phone? But it was on, I said taking my phone from the bag and saw it was on flight mode which i didn’t notice.

“Oh it was on flight mode, did you call? I asked.
“Yes, and i took the woman i told you about to your restaurant but your girls said you left in the morning, Chinwe replied and i nodded.

“Uhmmm yes i did, Benson wasn’t feeling well, I said and left to the room immediately because i couldn’t stand Chinwe eyes.
She met me immediately in the room closing the door behind,

“You mean you are coming back from Benson place since morning you left? She asked.
“I told you he was sick, I replied and his call entered.

“Hey babe are you home? he asked.
“Yes i just got In, i replied.

“Thanks for today you really made my day, he said.
“Ermm it was nothing, i said.

“I love you, he said.
“I love you too, good night, I said and he dropped the call.

Chinwe didn’t take her eyes off me during the call and i heaved taking off my clothes to shower,
“Can you st©p looking at me plea-se, you’re str!pping off my skin alre-ady, i said.
“I think this Benson of a guy is really a influence on you, Chinwe said and i gave a little smile.

“Thank you, and know this, I’ll be giving him 2 million naira tomorrow for his business, I said.
“What! She shouted.

“Chinwe what is your headache? Why didn’t you scream out when i gave you the capital for your business? Oh plea-se! I angrily shouted and went inside the bathroom.
I closed my eyes in the shower as everything that happened in Benson room repla-yed on my head.

Guilt aro-se again in my head and i felt like crying,
“What’s wrong with me? Is this really what love looks like? I asked myself and hurried out of the shower to see Chinwe holding my phone.
She looked at me and I saw a big shock on her face, which i snatched the phone from her hand,

“Are you now going throu-gh my phone? I asked.
“You sle-pt with him? She asked and i quic-kly looked at my phone to see the dirty message Benson s£nt for me.

Before I could reply, Chinwe stormed out of the room.
“Arrrrggghhhh!!!!! I shouted falling on my be-d as my head got so heavy………..


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