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My love episode 9 & 10

💖💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 9😍😍😍
The whole [email protected] were shouting at me alre-ady and raining curses on me. Queenie the [email protected] queen instigated the [email protected] against me. They took me away by hands dragging me
Like seriously I don’t know what they will do to me right now
We st©pped outside the school compound
” She has killed Jayden and she deserves to died isn’t” Queenie said in a loud voice
” Yes” everyone replied
Pick up your weapons and start” she said
Everyone picked up stones
OMG they will kill me
I didn’t deserve to died
I should have listened to mum
Mum am sorry
Am sorry in my next life I will listen to you” I said in my mind shedding tears. I closed my eyes firmly prepared for death
” Woah woah woah she won’t even beg for her life that shows how proud she is …” she said
Well I have forgotten I nee-d to beg for my life thanks Queenie plea-se spare my life” I said to her
She sh0t me a glare
I let out a laugh in my mind
” Her eyes will just pop out if she repeat the glare”
” What type of human being are you? You are still smiling at the face of death” Queenie said
” Am sorry plea-se just have mercy on me” I said crying again
” OMG this girl is soooo annoying
She is just a pretender
Hypocrite” she said” throw the stones and let her die.
Death is the reward for sin” shy said
” St©ppppp” a voice shouted as they were about to throw the stones
I opened my eyes and glance everywhere
Who is this voice
Then I saw Mike coming with securities behinds him. He was walking majestically
“All this boys with their style” I said
He st©pped at Queenie front” hey why do you want to get your hands stainer with blood
Why are you all struggling for nothing? You know the reward for murder right? This school will not even re-lease you or get you a lawyer. The era of killing people has ended on the last Queen.
If you kill you will all go to jail”
He walk up to me and took me by hands ” let us go” he said
He walk me out of the scene and we got to his car park
OMG this guy is stinking rich
His smell is speaking of money
His car is the latest model
He is using five iPhones
The latest version of iPhones
I couldn’t look at him cos I feel low to him” thank you” I and wanted to leave
” Hey what’s your name?” He asked
”… Evelyn” I replied and quic-kly ran away
I st©pped running and heaved a sign of relief. I took three de-ep breath
In the hospital reception, they were waiting for the doctors reports on what happen to Jayden.
Everyone was quiet , they were in the special reception because of popularity and this isn’t the time to allow fans drool for them. Fred has been looking at Mike who has been smiling since
” Will you st©p smiling?” He asked
Mike didn’t reply him until he snatched the phone away from him
” What is that?” Alex asked

He showed Alex the picture on Mike phone
” Mike we are in the middle of something and you…..”
” I love her
I fell in love with her on first sight”
Fred and Alex glanced at each other and bur-st into laughter
” What is funny?” Mike asked frowning his face
” You na
You are just funny” Fred said
” You were the one that said Mike should punish the girl because her mother offend Mike now you said you love her.” Alex said
” Common that’s isn’t going to happen
Jayden won’t punish the girl he seems to like” Mike said
Alex and Fred bur-st into laughter again
” OMG you are sooooo funny
He is going to punish the girl and you will be there
Seems you have forgotten whom Jayden is “they said
Jayden was on his be-d holding a n£¢klace in his hands
” Oppa” a young petty small girl walk up to Jayden
” Why are you sitting alone?
Let’s go and pla-y” she said
Jayden didn’t answer her , she feels bad and tap him” let’s go and pla-y” she said again
Jayden raise up his head and saw the most beautiful girl. She has a straight natural hair packed into a bun.
Her eyes are tender and she was wearing a pink beautiful go-wn
” I love you” Jayden said
The girl look on clueless” what is love?” She asked
” love is an expressation of feelings when you see someone you like” Jayden said
” Ohh”
” Will you marry me?” Jayden asked
“No” the girl replied
” Why?” Jayden asked
” Because we are still small
When we grow up we will marry each other ” she replied
Jayden let out a smile” what a smart girl”
” Then how will you know me when you grow up”
” Will you be my friend?” The girl asked
” Yes I will”
The girl put off her n£¢klace and gave it t
” This n£¢klace is a protec-tion to someone
It will always guide you from falling
When we grow up you will use this to recognize me” the girl said
” Can this n£¢klace protect me?” He asked
” Yes it will from every danger
Common let us go and pla-y…” She said dragging Jayden
” Okay let go”
” Yeeeee” she shouted in excitement


I thought I will see you again
But you are gone sooo soon
Rest in peace
You are always special in my heart and no one can take your place” he said crying

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 10😍😍😍

Evelyn p.o.v

I raised my head up and saw a giant in my front
I looked like a tiny ant compared to him. I couldn’t even see him throu-gh
From fire to fry pan
I close my eyes de-eply” plea-se don’t kill me plea-se…….” I pleaded for my life.
“Who are you to [email protected] on this land?” He asked in a de-ep and thick muscular voice holding a sword
” I don’t don’t know thi…” I stammered
Sweat was alre-ady coming out of my b©dy alre-ady without hea.
He raised his sword to slice me into two when I let out a shout” ahhhhj” I shouted
I woke up to see myself lying on the be-d sweating seriously, mum and my cousin open my door slowly.
Mum was holding a cake in her hand” Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
To you” they sang
I let out a smile forgetting the terrible dream” awwww ”
I don’t even remember today is my birthday
” Thank you mum” I said letting out a smile
Mum hvg me slowly” Happy birthday my daughter” she pe-ck me a little
” Happy birthday dear sister”
” Thank you ”
” Make a wish
Make a wish” mum and Andrea said
I b!ow out the candles ma-king a wish in my m Andrea didn’t even wait for mum before cutting his own [email protected] of the cake.
” Andrea” I shouted” you cannot eat big [email protected] of the cake” I shouted
“Come and collect it if you can” he said and ran out of the room
” Hey ” I quic-kly get down from the be-d almost falling down
I quic-kly wore my sli-ppers and run out of the room
” Remember you are going to school today…….” Mum shouted ” give the cake to me” I said
” Come and collect it” he said standing
I walk up to collect it but he dodged me and took another direction.
I continue running after him until I was tired ” ouch”
I fell on the floor and my leg sprained
Andrea walk up to me concern ” are you okay?” He asked
I laughed and wanted to collect the cake from him but he was smart
He dodged me and ran away
But before he could do that I had collect a big amount I saw him sitting on couch in the sitting room smiling
” I nee-d to dress up for school”
” Have you forgotten the code?*” He asked
” OMG what is this?” Mum face was bewildered
We looked sooo dirty that I am sure my mom can [email protected] recognize us.
Our faces and our clothes has been designed with chocolate drink of different flavor. Our mouths is l!çk!ng with chocolate
” That is our code” I said
” Just go and get dressed for school ” mom said and smiling
I arrived at school and normal school activities resume During the break time, I went to the cafeteria to order food when I coilded with Jayden.
” Don’t you see road?” I asked
I knew he intentionally stayed on the way
” And so
You look beautiful ” he wanted to k!ssmy head when I landed a h0t [email protected] on his face.
That was h0t” someone shouted
He let out a
” How dare you [email protected] me?
Don’t you know who I am in this school”
” Who are you???
You are just a nob©dy
Don’t mess with me okay” I said
” Well it’s me you shouldn’t mess with
Listen everyone
By the power vested in me , I declare isolation for Evelyn Jones
No one should talk to her
No one should interact with her
She will un-dergo punishments of [email protected] labour anyone is free to s£nd on errand and if she didn’t go
She will be beaten until she obeyed
No one should sell or trade with her
Anyone found interacting expect he/ she wants to s£nd her on errands will be marked for isolation.
From now on she is an out cast” Jayden declared
” You aren’t even my type” he whispered at her ears
He walk away smartly
Evelyn stood at a point while everyone went back to their seat.
” Evelyn slave girl come and off my sandals for me” she said
” Off it yourself” Evelyn
The security men held Evelyn and they kicked her pushing her to the floor . She sustain injury in her nose
” We are to ensure you obey the rules if not you will be punished severely” they warned
Evelyn quic-kly ran to Queenie who bur-st into laughter.
Queenie started s£nding her all kinds of unreasonable errands, she will go and come back yet Queenie wasn’t satisfied.
She was alre-ady tired and feeling dizzy alre-ady.
Mike saw her state from afar and wanted to help her but Fred and Alex caution him
” She has faced the wrath of Jayden”
” What do you mean?”
” She has been semi marked by Jayden and he has la-id down rules that anyone shouldn’t interact with her unless the person wants to be marked and you know what that means…” Alex said
” OMG why will Jayden do like this?” Mike frown his face angrily
” We told you that Jayden has just started with Evelyn
He is going to make her life miserable in this school. You gave him the advice” Fred said
” I don’t know he mean it now….” Mike replied
” Well the best thing you can do for Evelyn if you love her is to plea with Jayden before seven days. You know what will happen after seven days”
” Is either she leaves this school or she will be killed…” Mike said

TBC ….

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