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My love episode 7 & 8

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖

Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 7😍😍😍

Flash back
Evelyn was going to ease herself and ask the nurse to help her.
After easing herself, she heard the voice of Jayden singing, her heart [email protected]£ melted immediately. Then she pleaded with the nurse to take her to the reception. The nurse accepted her plea and took her to the reception.
She couldn’t believe she is witnessing a live performance of Jayden. Jayden has a nice and heart melting voice. She was drooling on Jayden voice that she didn’t know when she join Jayden in singing.
She Soo much love his voice, she was even smiling sheepishly as she join him.
But she never expect to see her mum
But seriously what is mum’s problem with the F4 boys
Why did she hates them?
At first I thought it was their type of music but I have seen mum on several occasions listening to the type of music.
Fear gr!pp£dme when I heard my mum call my name
My eyes and mum met and she sh0t me a deadly glare.
Oh my God
I rolled my head and fell out of my wheel chair. Everyone rush to me in fear.
I woke up to see Jayden beside me smiling. His face changed at once when I saw hiim
” When will you st©p being a drama queen?” He asked
I flin-ched at once” and what did you do to me? I asked with a serious straight face
” Well st©p being paranoid” he relaxed and cross his leg
” I didn’t do anything” he replied
” Soooo…..” I said and was cut short by mum
” And what are you doing with my daughter?” Mum asked Jayden
” Relax I am just a…” Mum. Face changed that he didn’t allow him to complete his statement
Mum almost [email protected] him but I pu-ll him closer. I was feeling his breath on me, our eyes locked and he places hisl-ips closer to mine
OMG wake me up
Wake me up
Is this for real?I ask myself
He was about to place hisl-ips on mine when mum [email protected]ñked him on his bu-tt
” Hey get out of this plac @sshole” mum said in a strict voice
Jayden looked at her and walk away from the room. Mum was still looking at him while I quic-kly pretend to be sick.
My face has changed immediately. When she turned around, she looked upon me with [email protected]
” Mum I am sorry” I said with a faint voice
” Humm… Don’t worry my daughter you will be fine .
I have forgiven you” she said and pu-ll-ed me into a hvg on the be-d
I let out a smile
Jayden step out of his car very angry, he even shouted on people who greeted him. He walk inside and stood on a sp©t. He use his hands to brush throu-gh his hairs
” Hey man what’s is wrong with you
Your face looks pretty dull” Alex said smiling
” Alex don’t smile with him, he knows that we are supposed to be in studio by 9pm but he is late for rehearsal” Mike frankly said
” I will deal with her” Jayden said
” You will deal with who?” Alex asked
” How can she s£nd me out just like that? Did she know who I am
She doesn’t know she has [email protected] her boundary
In her next life she will try such nos-en-se with me”
Fred pouted hisl-ips and make a petty face showing emotions
” OMG what is wrong with Jayden?” He said and walk over to him
” Jayden” he hold his hands
” I know what you are thinking am not mad” he said
” Are you sure? Fred asked
” Yes I am” he replied and hvg Fred
Jayden took his seat on the couch
” So who is this girl you are talking about?”
” Looks like someone got rejected for the first time” Alex said and glance at Fred smiling
” Guys like seriously!!! We should rehearse” Mike said
” We will rehearse later” Alex said waving his hands
Alex and Fred were willing to hear the gist
” So who is this girl that annoyed you?”Fred asked
” It’s not a girl but a middle aged lady”He said
” Huh” Alex and Fred glance at each other shocked
” You mean you are now [email protected]!ngold ladies now?” Mike asked
” And I thought you are not interested in the gist” Fred said and pu-ll-ed Mike hair
” Ouch ouch ouch” Mike cried
” Leave me alone” he said
” No”
” plea-seeee….” He begged
” No”
” plea-se Fred leave his hairs and let us listen to Jayden” Alex said
Fred left his hair and walk to his seat.
” No , it’s the mother of the lady. Actually it’s a long story about the girl…..”
Jayden was cut short by Mike
” Not nee-d to tell us the long story we know alre-ady
I will suggest if you want to punish the mum then punish her throu-gh her daughter” Mike said
” Mikeeee” Fred pu-ll-ed his hairs again
” Fred st©p now plea-se” Mike begged
” No that was a bad suggestion”‘fred said
” Actually it’s a good suggestion
Thanks Mike” Jayden said smiling
Fred left Mike hairs surprised

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 8😍😍😍

Susan walk in wearing a black coat and a black ti-ght Sk-irt which shows her h!ps. She is well packaged when it comes to figure 8 . She has h!ps that could s£dûç£any man that sets his eyes on her. She walk smartly up the stairs and the maidens couldn’t help but to admire her.
” What are you staring at? Have you become a l£sb!annow?” Carly asked
” No I am just saying if I was a guy I will marry this girl right now without letting other men feast on her b©dy” Sophia said
” Humm with her bad character”
” Ehh…” Sophia was cut short by a noise which almost block their ears. Susan hurry down the stairs
” Ma can I help with something?” Sophia asked enthusiastic
” Yes” Susan replied [email protected]
It was like she has carry something heavy.
” Where is Jayden?” She asked
Carly stylishly roll her eyes
” Is that why you shouted? This is an estate plea-se don’t block our ears. Be cultured” Carly said and walk away hissing
” A girl was here….” Sophia said
She was cut short by Susan
” A girl ….
OMG is jayden cheating on me?” She asked herself
” Don’t worry you can go” she said
” Okay ma” Sophia walk awa
Sophia is a 19 years old girl, she is the Manager of Jayden. She is a intelligent and a smart young girl, that was why her education was very fast. She received Soo many awards upon her graduation from the University with sooo many job opportunities. But she decides to work with Jayden, she has always secretly admire Jayden from here high school. Jayden was her first crush and when she began to work with him , she concluded that it was fate that brou-ght them back together again. She tried everything possible to get Jayden attention but he was not looking at her.
She is a innocent girl that wears long go-wn and a decent dress. She was blessed with natural beauty so she didn’t nee-d to use much make up. She is light and very skin faired. She has dimples that when she smile , a guy will authomatically fall for her. That was her features before meeting Jayden again. She began to wear skimpy dress for jayden and with heavy make up. Jayden do sleep with girls in fact he is a motherfuker but he never [email protected] by slee-ping with Susan even though she was tempting.

The next day, as usual my stupid and annoying alarm rang noiselessly. I roll from one edge to the other on the be-d. I checked the time
OMG it is 7: 00am
I am late alre-ady
I step down from my be-d with my duvet wra-pped around my b©dy tou-ching the floor. I roll it off lazily careful not to fall down. I walk into the bathroom and ran the shower over my b©dy
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom few minutes later and started dressing up for school. Within few minutes I was done.
I walk down to the living room and saw mum serving the breakfast” good morning mum” I greeted
” Good morning dearest daughter
How was your night?” She asked
” It was fine”
The smell of the delicious breakfast has filled my noseril that I can’t wait to start di-ving into the food.
I sat down and open my own portion to start eating
” You can’t even wait for me to finish serving! She said looking at me keenly
” Mum you are the best cook” I said with a mouthful of in my mouth.
I finished eating and dash to school immediately.
I arrived at school and didn’t see the F4 boys
Looks like they aren’t around today
Well I wish they are around.
We did a couple of [email protected] lectures then to the music [email protected]
My eyes has been anticipating all this whiled
” I hope the F4 boys will be here for music [email protected]” I said unconsciously to the next person beside me
We were seated in the music Hall
” The F4 boys don’t attend the music [email protected] rather they….”
” OMG the F4 boys
They looks soooooo cute
Fred has a new hairstyle
He looks Soo handsome.” The girls was chatting with each other admiring and crushing
They were all dressed in a white T shi-t and a designer Jean trou-ser with a head band that has the inscription” The F4 boys” .
The [email protected] continue drooling taking pictures until one of the F4 boys Mike told them to keep quiet
” Good morning [email protected]” Jayden said
” Good morning”
Most of the girls in the [email protected] were staring speechlessly at him. I shoot them a glare and feel like putting off their eyes and throwing it into the dustbin.
” Evelyn” I heard Jayden call my name
” Yes can I help you?”I asked him
” Come and do your music pres£ntation” he said
” And why ?” I asked
The girl seated beside me pu-ll my clothes” they are the teachers of music [email protected] It is better you cooperate with them because music is one of the core subject in this school if you want to graduate” she whispered
” OMG am sorry ” I said and quic-kly rush to the front
” Your name”
” My name is Evelyn Jones
I will be doing a song titled …ehmmm
Titled…..” I said scratching my head for a song title
“Is the title of your song ehhmm?” Jayden asked and the [email protected] bur-st into laughter
” No …..the title of my song is….” I look straight into Jayden eyes and let out a smile” the title of my song is whom my heart beat for”

I sang the song closing my eyes and when I was done the whole [email protected] [email protected]
I glance at Jayden, he wasn’t smiling at all
” You have a ugly voice, no emotions in your song well your song is nothing but failure.
For that am giving you 5/30″ he said ” next…”
” You can’t do this to me” I said
” We st©p arguing go and sit down” he said
” No I walk up to him and held his shi-t
” I won’t leave you alone until you do something” I said
” Leave me alone….” He started coughing consistently
He was about to feel down from his seat when I held him. I said on the floor and place him on my leg
The whole [email protected] gathered and surrounded me at once including the remaining F4 boys.
They rush to their friend calling his name but he didn’t respond
” What did you do to him?” They ask me
My feet was alre-ady shaking
Sweats was coming out alre-ady
Am in trouble..🙆🙆🙆🙆


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