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My love episode 5 & 6

💖💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 5😍😍😍

” this is your clothes change” he said with so much Charisma. His walks are soo perfect , he looks like a model. Well I wonder why he looks so perfect like this. I have started staring at him again, I re-moved my eyes Immediately, I picked up the clothes on the be-d and stood straight for some minutes
” Hello” he waved at my eyes
” Won’t you change?” He asked
” Won’t you excuse me?” I asked
” And why? You don’t have a S-xy b©dy anyway” he rolled his eyes
I shoot a glare at him and step on him
” ouch” he gro-an s in pain
” Now turn I want to change” I said authoritatively
” Come and carry me
Am not going anywhere” he replied
OMG why is this guy sooo stubborn like this?
Sooo arrogant and full of him
I punched him and place my hand on his n£¢k like I was going to squee-ze it
” Will you turn or you won’t turn?” I asked
He let out a smile that reveals his cute dimples
OMG this is tempting
I was almost staring but I restained myself.
” Will you turn or not?” I asked inflicting pain to him
” Ouch I will turn
Can’t someone [email protected] you?
Ahhh you are too serious” he half yelled
” Better” I left him
He stood up and heaved a sign of relief
” You aren’t turning” I said
” Calm down now” he said and he turned his back while I changed my clothes into school uniform.
” You can turn your face back” I said
” Thank you for saving me
I am going now” I said
I carried my bag pack and open the door when I felt his hands on my hand.
” Hey” I said trying to free my hands
He closed the door and made me face him
My heart was pounding very fast as I couldn’t look at him in the eyes
” Seems you are forgetting something very important
You can’t just leave like that….
There is one last thing you nee-d to do before you can leave

My mind was racing and filled with different thoughts what could he wants from me? What can his demands be? What is the last thing I nee-d to do before I leave?
Could it be that……
OMG how on Earth did I get myself into this mess?
Well I am stronger than him
I will use my Kung Fu skills on him
” Are you still standing there?” He asked j£rking me out of my thoughts
I look up and didn’t see him again, I traced the sound of his voice and saw him at the stairs. I was surprised
” Hey where are you going?” I asked him
” Don’t tell me you didn’t her what I have been saying?” He asked
” Erhmm can you plea-se repeat it again” I said
He shrugged” what are you thinking? Anyway follow me” he said
” To where? I asked
” Will you follow me or just stay there like a moron” he said
” Why ?” I asked again
He didn’t reply and was going down the stairs
” Hey” I said and ran up to meet him but I fell on the stairs
I sparained my legs and couldn’t walk properly
” You are at fault
I was running to meet up with you” I growl at him
He rolled his eyes and walk up to me like a model.
I wonder how he use to roll his eyes, I tried doing with my eyes but I started feeling dizzy
It was like I was seeing stars
He carried me on his back
His back feels warm and cool and i feel like slee-ping on his back.
He carried me down to the living room and drope gently on the sof. About five maidens were standing both by the left and by the right.
I glance around staring speechlessly
This house is sooo big .
It’s ten times bigger than my house.
The maidens were well dressed in a blue go-wn looking neat and smart. The maidens were all looking fresh and beautiful. He is really taking good care of them.
A maid returned with pain reliever on a tray.
He applied it gently on my leg
OMG it feels so tickish and warm.
I was blu-shing, so he is as nice as this. He continued applying it and I was lost in his world. He carried me gently to his room and we ended up on the be-d. He was about to do it
No…. ” I shouted and quic-kly shifted from Jayden
I was imagining Jayden was with me on the be-d. That is nos-en-se
What a stupid imagination
Wait o
It could be true , I shouldn’t un-derestimate what he can do.
That means Jayden will apply the pain reliever on my leg, k!ssme…
I made an awful face
OMG that is disgusting
He is a pla-yer ,he will only use and dump me
My heart was beating very fast
” Can I apply the pain reliever now?” He asked
I flin-ched and shifted from him quic-kly ” I can apply it myself” I said and collected the pain reliever
I started applying it when my eyes glance accidentally at the time
It is late in the night
” I am in trouble” I shouted and tried to get off from the crouch in hurry. I fell on the tiled floor and I injured myself in my arms.
” Again!!!” Jayden shouted
I was [email protected] ing softly in pain , I tried to stand up but I couldn’t because my arms is broken.
I nee-d to visit the hospital

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 6😍😍😍

” hey stand up let’s me take you home?” Jayden said
He was tired of her alre-ady, he is alre-ady showing his displea-sure
” Am sorry I can’t stand up properly” Evelyn said
” You mean…. You can’t.
Oh my gosh” he slammed his head
He bent down and carried me in his arms.
His sweet fragrance melt my heart, he has cologne smell.
I couldn’t re-move my eyes from him as I continue staring at him.
When they are talking about handsome guys then this guy can’t be left out.
I am not exaggerating but this guy handsomess is one in a million.
” If you continue staring at me then I am going to drop you
God knows how I end up getting struck with you. You are annoying” he said
” Well is it my fault you are handsome” I said and open my mouth a little
I shouldn’t have said that, he let out a smile
Well I am not surprised cos you are one of the thousands girls drooling over me.
But guess what you are not my type
Ouch that hurts
I didn’t say anything again
He let me down in the car and sat beside me .
The driver ignite the car and off to the hospital we go.
The car st©pped at the hospital , I was placed on a stretcher wheeled to the ward.
Evelyn mum has been [email protected] up and down because she didn’t see her daughter. She has tried all her numbers but it is not going throu-gh.
She was restless, it is getting to mid night alre-ady and she didn’t see her daughter.
She dialled the principal phone number.
The principal picked up the call
” Where is my daughter?” She asked without giving the principal chance to talk
” Where is my daughter?” She asked again
” Excuse me do I even know your daughter?” He asked
She calm down taking a de-ep breath
“Am sorry
My bad
My name is Mrs Rose Albert” she introduced her self
” An how can I help you???”
” My daughter named Evelyn is missing” She said
” Evelyn! ” The principal tries to remember if he knows Evelyn cos her name sounds familiar
He eventually remember
” She is in the hospital. She developed a stomach pain so we took her to the hospital
Dallas hospital ” he said
” OMG thank you very much ” she said
” You are welcome” the principal cut the call
Mrs Albert quic-kly change her clothes into a go-wn. She packed her hair and took her car keys
She rush outside and quic-kly get into her car. She ignite the car and drove off to the hospital.
The doctor was in his office seated in his suit and [email protected]
A [email protected]©p was placed before him and some books. Jayden sat on the black roller chair looking straight into the doctor eyes with all seriousness
” Will she be fine? Jayden asked
The doctor bur-st into laughter
” Humm you took her away from the hospital few hours ago telling me to lie she is still in the hospital and now she is back at the hospital injured…. Humm such an irony of life” He said smiling
” Uncle am not joking with you
Will she be fine?” He asked again
” Well tell me the truth and I will tell you the truth
That girl … Is she that bad?” The doctor asked
Jayden sh0t a glare at him
” if you don’t want me to report you to your wife with evidence
Tell me the truth now” Jayden yelled at him
He [email protected]£ sweaty immediately, and his face changed from a funny face to serious face. He has forgotten Jayden don’t joke with someone. When he is serious be serious. He is lucky he is not yet angry unless he will have done some that will ruin him.
” Her bones are still alright. She didn’t suffer any internal damage
We have treated her and she will be fine” the doctor said
Jayden hissed and walk out of the room.
Jayden was a bit angry about the incident earlier, he hates someone pla-ying him. He expects one to be serious when he is serious. But he didn’t take that to heart.
” Ouch” Jayden collided with someone and they feel on the floor
” Don’t you see? Don’t you have eyes?” Mrs Albert asked as she quic-kly stand up
He re-moved the hoodie and before he could talk, his fans were all over him shouting
” I love you Jayden
OMG he is sooo cute
I didn’t imagine I could see my dream man” they were all shouting
” Can you sing for us plea-se…” They pleaded
Jayden let out a smile, he took his seat on a chair and started singing
” I nee-d you, you nee-d me
We are all [email protected] of God’s b©dy
Stand with me, agree with me
We are a [email protected] of God’s b©dy

In is in his will, that every nee-d be supplied
You are important to me, I nee-d you to survive
You are important to me , I nee-d you to survive( repeat 3×)

Chrous: I pray for you
You pray for me
I love you
I nee-d you to survive
I won’t hurt you with the words of my mouth
I love you , I nee-d you to survive ( repeat 8×)

In is in his will, that every nee-d be supplied
You are important to me, I nee-d you to survive
You are important to me , I nee-d you to survive
I nee-d you to survive..
Someone sang the song along with Jayden. Jayden turn when he heard that voice
Then he saw Evelyn on a wheel chair smiling and [email protected]
” Wow you have a nice voice” a fan of Jayden said
” What about you and Jayden sing it together again” A nurse said smiling
” Actually I don’t know…”
” We will sing together again” Jayden said
Then the nurse drive Evelyn close to Jayden
” What are you doing here? You like creating a scene. OMG you are sooo annoying
You will take the first [email protected]” Jayden said

” I nee-d you, you nee-d me
We are all [email protected] of God’s b©dy
Stand with me, agree with me
We are all [email protected] of God’s b©dy” Evelyn sings

In is in his will, that every nee-d be supplied
You are important to me, I nee-d you to survive
You are important to me , I nee-d you to survive( repeat 3×)”

Then they sang the chrous together
” I pray for you
You pray for me
I love you
I nee-d you to survive
I won’t hurt you
With the words from my mouth
I love you, I nee-d you to survive
(Repeat 8×)

Evelyn mum has gone to the ward the nurse said Evelyn is, she didn’t meet Evelyn in the room then she [email protected]£ worried again. She was alre-ady confused. For five minutes she wonder where her daughter is, she walk back to the reception to ask if the nurse were right about her daughter. She got to the reception and meet her daughter singing with the leader of the F4 boys happily and even holding his hands.
Her face changed and she shouted
” Evelyn”
Evelyn turned and saw her mum then she st©pped singing


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