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My love episode 3 & 4

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– My Love πŸ’– πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Written by Bukola Olayioye πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

😍😍😍 Episode 3😍😍😍
My heart beat fas-ter as I am sure she might have heard the song throu-gh the speaker
” Mum”.I said
She made her way in ” how was school today?” She asked
“Well boring” I said glancing all around
Is she really pretending not to hear the song I am pla-ying
Maybe she is really acting up for me right now
I made a move to switch off the song
” Evelyn leave it I am really enjoying this ” she said
I raised my brows” is she really pretending to me????
Like seriously !” I said
” Who sang the song?” She asked
” Jason” I lied
” What is smelling?? You are cooking something????” I asked
” What” then I remembered I placed something on the [email protected]
I ran to the kitchen and saw the pot completely burnt
I held the h0t pot coughing as the whole place was filled with smoke. I ran out of the kitchen
” The F4 band again???” Mum asked.
” Huh” I said
” I noticed you were dancing by the time I [email protected]Β£ in
Well I thought the song was very cool written by Jason until I noticed that you won’t burnt something if not for the love of the F4 band
The music is sang by the F4 band isn’t ” she asked
” Yes” I nodded
She didn’t say anything again and walk into her room. She is angry right now
Angry with me because of the F4 band
I walked into her room but she shut the door behind me
I knocked on the door severally but she didn’t answer
What exactly could be wrong with her?” I ask myself
But j couldn’t place a f!nger on it
I continue knocking but she didn’t answer
I went back into my room sadly laying on my pillow
I brou-ght out my diary
Today was really a sweet day
I met the leader of the F4 band
I saw Jayden
He talked to me
I smiled remembering the words he said to me in
But today took another atmosphere when mum knew I was listening to the F4 band song
She hates hearing it
She has an anger I don’t un-derstand for it
I swallowed [email protected] and close my book
I walk to my window and I saw an handsome guy pla-ying guitar
I could see him somehow clearly from my room
But I didn’t get the glimpse of his room
Well I don’t care
My mum really bothers my heart
The night [email protected]Β£ and she didn’t come out of her room.
I sle-pt at her doorstep
The next morning she [email protected]Β£ out of her room.
” Go and prepare for school
I will make breakfast” she said
” Mum am sorry” I said to her
She stΒ©pped ” well am not angry” she Said
” Mum I know you have something in your mind
I am your daughter
Tell me” I replied standing up
” You are running late for school” she didn’t say anything
I breathed out and walk into my room
I took my shower and I started dressing up for school
I [email protected]Β£ out dressed in my smart and neat uniform.
I ate my breakfast silently with constant stares at mum
I finished my breakfast and took the bus to school.
My first [email protected] for the day
I brou-ght my books out for mathematics in the [email protected]
I la-id my head on the table when I heard a loud shout
I raise my head to see my crush
Not all him but all the F4 band
My eyes beamed with smile immediately
They are all dressed wearing a suit
They look Damm handsome
Very handsome
Their eyes were searching around
I saw them walking towards me
OMG they are coming my way”a girl almost screamed
They [email protected] and they took their seat in different locations in the [email protected]
Jayden kept walking and he stΒ©pped in my seat.
I stare spacelessly at him
He look Damm handsome
He is wearing an expensive jewelries on his n£’k and hands
His total appearance speaks of wealth
He is 19 and he alre-ady possess what even someone at the age of 30 can’t have
I admire him so much
He is everything
He threw my bag on me and he brush his hands on his hairs. I almost glare at him but my heart was melted with smile immediatelΓ—y
Instead of getting angry I am smiling
The teacher walk in and everyone kept quiet
” Mensuration” he wrote on the board
He started explaining while I was glancing at Jayden
OMG I can’t believe I am sitting beside my Jayden
He is so handsome.
I took a close look at him
Everything on him speaks of wealth
He wore a designer shoe.
I lost my self in his cutttttttttttte baby face
” Miss Evelyn” the teacher called
I look up and face the teacher
” Come and solve this question”he said
I walked to the board collecting the marker from Mr Clark
I took a glance at the question and almost pee on my [email protected]
Will I disgrace myself in front of my crush????

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– My Love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Written by Bukola Olayioye πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

😍😍😍 Episode 4😍😍😍

😍😍😍Evelyn p.o.v😍😍😍

” ouch” I shouted holding up my stomach
I glanced around and my crush Jayden is there watching me without moving
He is staring at the window
I wonder if he is even noticing me
I am in pains yet I am still thinking about him.
” Ouch” I screamed louder
I hold my twol-ips wincing in pain.
I fell on the floor pouring out blood
Everyone rush to me Immediately
Fear was written all over the lecturer face.
The emergency Unit was summon and they arrived almost immediately.
Everywhere suddenly become dark and I didn’t know where I am

😍😍😍Authoress p.o.v😍😍😍

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I woke up to find myself in a strange room. It was well decorated and from the look of things.
This room is a guy room, his smell feel everywhere. Inside the room are designers shoes arranged beautifuly and neat in the room. I saw myself on a king sized be-d with my cloth changed. A guy was sitting on the chair wearing an hoodie.
I become frightened immediately
Fear ran throu-gh my veins
” What of if this guy is a kidnapper”
I step out of the be-d
Seems he isn’t noticing me.
I searched around and saw his big sneakers where it was arranged neatly
I took it ti-ptoeing sliently to him without letting him hear the voice of my legs.
“You nee-d to start going home?” He said without turning back
Did he hear my footsteps
I decided to ignore him and continue my journey to him
” Who is he???” I ask myself
He turned and collected the shoe in my hands in a think of an eye like a flash then he turned around again.
I just stood there dumb and couldn’t say a word
I walk to his front and look and behold
I saw Jayden
The leader of the F4 band
I [email protected] at his handsomeness
He looks soooo cute
I was gushing at him but he didn’t even raise his brows to look at me
My mind flash back to what my friends told me


Stay away from him if you want a peaceful stay in this school” Sophia said
” He is now a mother fuker. Most of the time he like staying alone. Reserved to himself”
I took a fork of spaghetti into my mouth, chew it and swall” But on the t.v he is cheerful, smiling and pretending nothing is wrong with him?” I told them
” That is just an act
Years ago he is very cheerful and everyone always sees him. But something happened and he [email protected]Β£ a snub and reserved person.
Not only that he uses and dump girls now” Sophia said

😍😍😍Pres£nt 😍😍😍

I breathe in taking a good and close look at myself
Yes I Know my clothes has been changed but I am wearing a short go-wn
” Hey” I said
He didn’t answer
Well seems I have forgotten he is a snub
I re-moved his earpiece and he turned giving me attention
I don’t care if he is my crush right now
Why will you do something like that
It has now landed you in a greater trouble
” Give me my earphones?” He said
” What did you do to me? Why is my clothes changed
Answer me” I half yell at him but couldn’t do that
He still remains my crush
Heart melter
” Why will you fake your complications?” H” e asked
” As in?’
” Those stomach pain and blood was fake wasn’t?” He asked
I drew near closer to him giving him glare” what did you do?” I ask him
“You look cute right now?” He said smiling
His he trying to flir-t with me
Well I am not the type of girls he can flir-t with
” That isn’t what I ask you?” I said
” Okay I will answer you but you will k!ssme?” He said
” k!ssyou?” I sh0t me a straight glare
” Never” I replied
” Okay then I won’t tell you anything…”
“Fine I don’t even want to know?” I replied and took my seat on the be-d
Silent lingered for a while
He isn’t saying anything
OMG I want to know why he brou-ght me here” I said in my mind frowning my face
I walk up to him” plea-se tell me now?” I pleaded
” You will k!ssme?” He said
” Okay fine I will k!ssyou?” I replied
“Well when I noticed you were pretending
And if the doctors should discover that, you might be in big trouble
So I decided to help you
I mix the drugs and gave you an unconscious drug that will make you inactive for 6 hours” he said
” 6 hours
What is the time now?” I asked frightened
” 7.30″ he replied
I flin-ched ” I nee-d to leave right now?” I said running towards the door
” Won’t you say thank you?” He asked
” Thank you” I said and want to open the door to leave
He drew me closer to himself with his arms in my [email protected]!st.
I slanted and face him staring straight into his eyes
My heart was beating very loud and the sound of my heart beat can be heard very loud
His looks are killing me right now
I couldn’t believe my crush is holding me like this
I will remember this day forever cos it’s special
He looks very cute that I brou-ght my face down
He is just like a star
He is more than an Angel
It’s exaggeration to call him an angel but he is a Demi God
He brou-ght hisl-ips closer to k!ssme while I close my eyes
I know that I don’t have choice anymore
Although he is my crush but I won’t want him to k!ssme
I felt a tap on my head and I open my eyes
He didn’t k!ssme
He left me walking back to his table
” You aren’t my type ?” He said
Am not his type
OMG I feel like crying right now
What type of girls does my crush likes


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