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My love episode 17 & 18

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍😍 Episode 17😍😍😍
Chole drove in with her latest car, black in color with a tinted [email protected] She drove r0ûghly and the car almost hit a student, she let out a smile and continue driving.
She parked her car in the school car garage, she step out of her car and re-moved her [email protected]
” It’s nice to be back here” she said
” Omg chole” a girl screamed upon seeing her
The girl almost ran to hvg chole
Everyone gathered around her
” I love you”
” plea-se can you sign my autogra-ph”
The reporters also find their way throu-gh
” Miss chole is good to have you here
Are you on visit?” The reporter asked
” Well that’s funny
I have come to take back what is mine” Chole said as she walk out of the crowd
Reporting live
Chole a member of the F4 girls group is back in the school. Many students wonder why she had come but one answer she gave us is that
She has come to take what belongs to her’s” the school reporter said
” Chole is back
Chole chole” Mike said patting Alex on his shoulder
Alex face changed as she stands up without saying a word
“What happened?” Mike asked
” We aren’t in relationsh!p
She is obessed with me
I don’t love her and why has she come back” he half y
” She [email protected]£ back for you
She wants you to love her
Alex chole is a nice girl
Give her a chance” Fred said
” But will you f0rç£ what isn’t meant to be?” Alex asked
” Yes it is better
Chole is worth it” Mike said
” Thank you” everlyn said to Jayden
” The S-x video! There is someone behind it
Someone who is willing to bring us down ” he sa
” Us ! ”
” I love Evelyn plea-se I want you to see how much I care about you ” Jayden said with a pleading eyes
” But Mike loves me too” Evelyn said
” Then will you rather go for Mike or me?” She asked
” No I would rather not choose anyone of you
Jayden plea-se stay away from me
I can handle this on my own” she sai
” I can’t stay away from you” Jayden said with an emotional eyes

Queenie was summoned by the schoo management who gave her two weeks suspension as a warning that she should st©p causing troubles in the school. The S-x video was deleted from the school WhatsApp group and they instruct everyone not to share the video anymore cos anyone find guilty will be expelled.
Everyone st©pped and obeyed the school authories , Jayden stay away from Evelyn not to cause trouble but he still stalk her.

Evelyn walked into her compound and saw big and expensive cars parked in the compound, she wondered who is the owner of the cars that were parked In the compound. She paused and thinks carefully, then a thought struck her.
What of if the cars belongs to my father
Is he trying to reconcile with mum
No I must st©p this
She ran into her house with a plank in her hands, she was furious and angry
” Get…”
She was about to shout when she saw the visitors aren’t her dad
” Evelyn what are you doing with a plank in your hands?” She asked
Evelyn let out a fake smile” I I am rehearsing for the competition in school
” Wow that’s is nice your school principal said there is a talent competition that will take about a week . They said it [email protected]£ as a emergency and they couldn’t think of any other person than you. Trust me I did my interrogation very well and I have even seen the talent in you. Seems you knew about the talent competition.”
” Ehmm….” Evelyn shutters
” You guys will be traveling for the talent competition in Paris for two weeks
Change your clothes you are following them now” she said
” Mom as in now” everlyn frowns her face
” Yes now. You are really talented it is time to show forth your talent”
” Yes she is really talented” the school principal said and Evelyn sh0t him a glare stylishly
Then she take the stairs to her room.
Evelyn arrived with her luggages still frowning her face
” You don’t seem happy” her mom said
“I will miss you mum” she said
She knows one thing her mother hates is lying , how will she tell her mum that she doesn’t know about any competition.
She breath in and walk out of the house
Her mom gave her a big hvg and k!sses her forehead ” Be good my daughter” she said
Evelyn enter the car and they waved be to her mum and finally drive out of the compound
” Can you plea-se tell me about the competition in Paris with details and evidence” Evelyn asked the principal
” There is no competition”
” What!”
” plea-se be calm down” the principal said
” Don’t tell me to calm down you lied to my mum” Evelyn said
” Well the school owner and the owner of the F4 group of companies wants you to sing as [email protected] of the F4 girls group and he knows your mum don’t like the F4 group so that is why we are bringing you to his house so you will join” the principal saide
Evelyn heaved a sigh ” but is that not where the F4 boys are also living?” She asked
” Yes … But….”
” But what I am not saying yes to this
I will call th 911 if you don’t drop me off this car” she threatened

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 18😍😍😍
One of the managers who accompanied the principal [email protected]£ down from the car and walk up to Evelyn
” plea-se listen to us, We will make sure the F4 boys Didi distrub you” she said.
” No no” Evelyn said
The manager brou-ght out a perfume and spray it on her, she fell down on the manager hands. The manager let out a smile and put her into the car
Evelyn didn’t know her fate, she didn’t know the effect of the journey on her life. She doze off peacefully slee-ping like a baby. She woke up to find herself in a narrow room , she wipe off her face to see clearly if this wasn’t a dream. Well isn’t a dream a reality
What am I doing here?” She asked herself
The room was very dark that she [email protected] could see anything. She just stood still with a heart [email protected] heavily.

” Who is there” she shouted
Her voice echo three times then she [email protected]£ more frightened.
It’s a prank, a trick or have I been kidnapped
By the F4 group of companies
” Mu warned me not to get myself involved with them. I will only get myself into more trouble”
The lights shone on her and she gets up Immediately
She turned to see who put on the lights but she saw no one. She turned again and she saw Jayden and Mike tied up with a man pointing a gun at them.
” Evelyn you have to choose whom you love between Jayden and Mike. If you choose one, the other will die” a voice said
Evelyn let out a smile” st©p pla-ying games with me
I know this is all planned by the F4 group. plea-se I don’t want to get involved in this. Let me just go” Evelyn replied
The voice bur-st into laughter
” F4 group
A projector was placed in the wall before her , then images [email protected]£ up on the projector. She saw the person talking to her , the manger and the principal.
” She said this was planned by the F4 group
Anyway my name is Charles a model, singer and a hater of the F4 group because they stole my sp©tlight” Charles said
” Then I am the manager of Fred and a girlfriend to Charles” the girl said
The principal pu-ll off his mask
” I am zu
An actor criminal
Criminality is my specialty” the man said
Evelyn open her mouth in shock, she couldn’t believe she was deceived. They deceived her mom.
She bur-st into tears and glance at Jayden and Mike
” Am not choosing anyone” she said
” plea-se choose cos if you aren’t choosing then the both of them dies”
Her heart skipped
” plea-se choose ” Jayden and Mike said
She looked at both of them with emotions, she can’t afford to lose anyone of them.
They are good people
She sat on the floor crying
” You have 30 seconds to choose
The principal and the general manager of the F4 group arrived at Mrs Jones house.
” Are you sure she can do this?” The principal asked.
” I have done my research about her, she is a good Singer. Boss is blessed to have her as his daughter in law”
The two men let out a smile and knocked on the door
Mrs Jones was in the living room watching her favorite TV programme when the bell rang
She frowns her face and hurry to get the door when she was surprised to see the principal
” Why are you here again?” I thought you have gone
Did she forget something
Oh I know my daughter she forgets things at times
The principal glanced at the general manager perplexed and surprised
” We have never been here” the general manager said
” What! St©p lieing
You guys [email protected]£ here to seek for my permission to get my daughter for an emergency talent show” the woman said shooting a glare at the principal
” We aren’t the one…” The principal protest
” Wait” the general manager said
” Someone [email protected]£ to get your daughter in the name of the F4 group.
” Yes ….wait you guys are the owner of Stars high school” the woman asked curiously
” Yes it isn’t a new thin that the f group of companies owned the school.
” What!!! Omg no wonder
I am getting you guys arrested if you didn’t tell me where my daughter is?” She threatened
” Ma calm down I think your daughter has been kidnapped but we will find a solution” the general manager said
” I should calm down, don’t you know who you are to me, my sworn enemies I hate you.
Don’t dare move an inch ” she threatened and brou-ght out a knife from her pocket” or I will kill myself” she said

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” 29″
” Evelyn plea-se choose”
Evelyn sat on a sp©t crying
” I will choose” she shouted after sometime
” Sorry it’s too late” the guy said
He shoot Jayden but Evelyn took the gun for him. She fell on the floor bleeding in the stomach
Jayden eyes turned red and he [email protected]£ furious immediately.
” Evelyn ” he shouted
” Why!!!” He struggles to break free from the rope and meets Evelyn who was bleeding profusely

But he couldn’t, he started crying
” Bastards” he yelled at them
” Why do you do this?
I can’t live without you
I can’t do anything without you” he said crying
” I love you Jayden
I can’t also live without you
Am sorry for not choosing you earlier
I love you and I will always do” Evelyn said


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