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My love episode 15 & 16

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– My Love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Written by Bukola Olayioye πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

😍😍😍 Episode 15😍😍😍

I sat in the music Hall pla-ying piano, I didn’t even go back to the [email protected] because I was ashamed of myself.
My phone began to ring, I checked the caller ,it was my friend Sophia
” Are you okay?” She asked
” Am fine” I said with a teary voice
” You don’t seems fine, I heard what happened, where are you?” She asked
” Am in the music hall ” I replied
” Okay am coming to get you” she said
” Okay” I replied
I heard someone singing
” What can I do without you in my life
How will I live without you in my life
Your are my everything
Cos I can’t live without you
I can’t live without you” I turned and saw Jayden singing
His voice is so amazing
He has a sweet natural voice
My heart melted and soften a bit f0rç£d to let out a smile
But I turned my eyes away quic-kly so he won’t see it
” Got you there
You know you are beautiful when you smile” he said walking down from the stage
I sh0t a cute glare at him
” What are you doing here?
Am getting expelled because of you guys
All you ever do is to cause me trouble” I half yelled at her
” Am sorry” he replied moving close to me
I packed my books and was leaving the music hall.
I let out a de-ep breath
I have to get Mike , I don’t know if he isn’t around.
Jayden might have an idea where he is, I quic-kly went back inside when I collided with Jayden and my books fell on the floor.
” Our love is met to be”
I stand up “plea-se do you have an idea where Mike is?” I asked
” Seriously you are choosing mike over me?” He said
” plea-se where is Mike?”
” I don’t know where he is” he said
I rolled my eyes” whatever” I said going out of the hall
During the break time at the cafeteria, I was lucky to see Mike coming from the vip room.
Everyone was whispering and looking at me with a weird eyes. But I pretended I don’t care
” Hi Mike plea-se we nee-d to talk” I said
He asked his bΒ©dy guards to move away from him then he excused himself
” Mike I heard you want to leave the F4 group” I said
” Yes and what about that?” He asked
” plea-se promise you’ll do as I say” Evelyn said with a pleading eyes
” Yes I will” he said.”
” plea-se don’t leave because if you leave I will be expelled and my mom won’t like it .. She is hypertensive and she might die plea-se…… Mike” she kneel down pleading with him crying
” I don’t like to see you crying” he raise her up and wipe away her tears
” I won’t leave” Mike said and Evelyn leap in joy
” But on one condition..”
” Which condition”
Jayden angrily walk into the principal office barging his table. The principal [email protected]Β£ frightened
” What is it that I hear
Evelyn is getting expelled why????” Jayden asked shouting
” plea-se calm down”
‘ Don’t Tell me to calm down” he yelled
” Your dad said as long as the both of you keep fighting because of Evelyn that Evelyn should be expelled from school . Maybe that will solve the problem” the principal said
” What Evelyn must not be expelled” he threatening and walk out of the office angrily
Jayden place a call to his father who told him that until Jayden finds a way to resolve the issue amicably Evelyn will be expelled.
Jayden brush throu-gh his hair and smashed his hands angrily on the table.
Then he place a call to Mike
” Can we meet let us see” he said and cut the call
Queenie instigated the students against Evelyn, calling Evelyn all sorts of names


A S-x video was re-leased on the social media platform of the school.
Everyone saw it; the face of the guy in the video was covered and the face of Evelyn was showed to Everyone.
Sophia saw the message with her friends
” What!” Vivian exclaimed
” This is not my friend
My friend is a v!rg!n
She is pure and she isn’t capable of doing this” Sophia defended
Nancy bur-st into laughter” v!rg!nin this 21st century
Girl, no one is pure”
The other two girls didn’t believe Sophia , they thought Evelyn is just a freaky pretender. Sophia excused her self and went into the restroom, she shed tears. Then she place a call to Evelyn
” Are you okay?”
Evelyn hasn’t seen the video , she knows nothing about the video re-lease and people’s comments about her until Queenie instigated students to confront her so she can be expelled.
They dragged her to the center of the school and started beating her raining abuse on her.
” StΒ©p” Jayden said
Everyone’s attention soon then to Jayden and they were whispering among themselves blu-shing
” Omg she is so cute”
Jayden walk to where Evelyn was, he didn’t tΒ©uΓ§h her.
” What is her offence and why are you beating her?” He asked
” She is a harlot”
” She is a disgrace to the school”
” She is a pretender”
Everyone express their own opinions
” Then which of you is a saint here? Let he or she be the first to use this cane on her” Jayden said and everywhere was as silent as a grave yard.
Then Jayden carried Evelyn in his arms and he k!$$Β£d her
” I love her and she belongs to me” Jayden said

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– My Love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Written by Bukola Olayioye πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

😍😍😍 Episode 16😍😍😍
” I love her and she belongs to me” Jayden said and k!$$Β£d her
Jayden dad was in the living room when the video was brou-ght to him by his personal @ssistant which is also the general manager of F4 group of companies.
Jayden father had never seen his son this way, so he believes that there must be connectivity between them.
” My son must loves this girl so much
Well let us not be biased, we will let the girl choose the person she loves
Get her enrolled in the singing competition of the F4 girls” Jayden dad said
” But we don’t know if she is good in singing” Mr Cla
” That’s your job
Find out about her background” Jayden dad said
” Okay sir” he bowed and left
Jayden place Evelyn down on the hospital be-d gently.
” Evelyn” he called but she was just looking at him like a moron without giving him an answer
” Evelyn are you alright
Talk to me” he said
He felt good bu-mps on his skin and his heart was beating very fast
” Nurse is she going to be alright?” He asked
” Yes she will be fine
If you will excuse me can you let me do my job” the nurse said
Jayden glanced at her and finally walk out of the room
” So like seriously you are no longer pu-lling out of the F4 anymore” Fred asked
” Wow that’s is good am proud of you brother”
” Yes I am not pu-lling out the group”
Fred chuckled and ruffles his hair
” You will now leave me becaus of a girl” Fred said and sprank him on his back
” Ouch”Mike said
” Better run cos if I catch you”
“What will you do?” Fred asked sneering at him stepping away from him
” One, two three” Mike ran after Fred who continue sneering at him
” You can’t catch me”
Mike sh0t him a glare
” You ” he said and ran to catch him but almost fell down
” Don’t injure yourself ” Alex said laughing at them
” Let me enjoy myself ” he said eating his popcorn and watching his movie
His phone beeped as a sign that he has a call. He glanced at the phone and cut the number.
The phone rang the second time and he cut the phone again. It continues ringing and he eventually pick it but he excused himself from the living room.
” Hello chole” he said
” I have told you that nothing is between the two of us. We are merely in a pla-yer relationsh!p” he half yelled
” Gosh Alex you are shouting
You are raising your voice on me” chole said in a sad voice.
” Am sorry why do you call me?”
” Alex we nee-d to meet urgently
It’s very important”
” Are you pregnant?” Alex asked in his mind
” Are you coming?”
” Are you back in America?* Alex asked

Chole is Alex best friend and childhood friend. They grew up together . Chole started developing crush for Alex , she went to Alex and told Alex ” I like like you” Alex bur-st into laughter
He told chole he isn’t interested in a serious relationsh!p. Then chole suggested a pla-yer relationsh!p, she just wants to be with Alex. Now Alex fears has come to reality because chole demands for a serious relationsh!pthat will lead to marriage from him but he doesn’t love her nor he wants a relationsh!pthat will end in marriage.


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