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My love episode 13 & 14

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 13😍😍😍

” Omg what are you discussing with Mike
Like he sat down with you” Sophia said
” He said he said he want to take me out after school but I said no” I said and took a mouthful of spaghetti
” and what did you tell him”
They asked with a curious eyes like they are going to enter me
” Okay okay you guys shouldn’t take this like seriously
I said No to him” I replied
” No” they chroused and look at themselves
” Like seriously you said I should stay away from the F4 boys”
” Not like Mike
The cutest and h0ttest guy on campus”
” So nice and caring”
” The last girlfriend he has was on the t©p of the world.
Mike doesn’t cheat on people
He isn’t a womanizer”
I bur-st into laughter , laughing hysterically that I started coughing.
The cough was so persistent that I had to quic-kly drink a cup of water
” You girls are funny
Do you know what happened between him and his last girlfriend that you concluded he isn’t a fornicator” I said
” It was his girlfriend fault
It was all her fault
She cheated on him” Nancy said
” Humm seriously?”
” Yes he has this girlfriend named Susy
She is a model and a singe
To cut the story short, she doesn’t love Mike and only got close to him to get to Jayden
Her dream [email protected]£ true and she have her way with Jayden. Mike caught them together and he [email protected]£ heartbroken. This incident cause a serious fight between the F4 boys but luckily it was resolved by the band management.
Jayden didn’t really have anything to do with her ,so he dumped her the following day after Mike caught them together”
” Woah too bad for the girl
But how come I didn’t know this
I am a big fan of the F4 boys”I said to myself
” Maybe I haven’t been a true fan”I said
” So are you going to Mike’s birthday [email protected] in the evening Sophia asked
” Mike birthday [email protected]
Mike birthday isn’t today
It’s in Septembe”
they bur-st into laughter
” Like seriously are you really a true fan?”
” Leave her when all she is thinking is Jayden”
I sh0t Sophia a glare and I quicy left their table
” Am coming” I said
I ran to the [email protected] in search of Mike, I didn’t see him. I searched earnestly for him running.” Hi Mike” I said and found him sitting un-der a tree pla-ying guitar
” Hi” he said
” I agreed to be your friend” I sai
” Wow really….” He jumped up excitedly and almost hvg me out of excitement
” Am sorry” he said
I let out a smile ” Happy birthday” I said
” Wow how did you know? I guess someone told you. It’s okayi I am [email protected] a [email protected]
I am inviting you specially” he said and di-p into his pockets
He brou-ght out a ticket ” this is for you” he said
” Am sorry I can’t accept this” I replied
” Why??” He asked
” My mom doesn’t allow me to go for evening [email protected]”. I said
Mike almost bur-st into laughter “woah that’s New
It won’t be great if you can’t make it but you can keep this in case you change your mind” he said and scrambled it in my hands
” Am not going to….” The bell rang and I quic-kly rush to [email protected]
We are having arithmetic
I arrived at the [email protected] [email protected] that I almost didn’t see Jayden sitting on my chair.
” Hey you” the arithmetic teacher said
I realized that I was the only one standing and I quic-kly take my seat beside Jayden.
I was arranging my books in my bag. I finished arranging it and was about to leave when I saw Jayden standing in front of me.
” Let us go” he said
I sh0t a glare at him and hissed about to take another route when he block me again.
I pushed him to the floor in anger and walk away.
I heard him [email protected] pain
He stood in front of me again
I rolled my eyes and want to push him again but he held my left hands ti-ghtly
” Leave me alone” I said
“Your mum said I should take you arithmetic after school” he said
” She was just joking don’t take that serious” I said and scoffed
” Whatever
I just want to tell you won’t be free after school to tutor you today . I have call your mum, Lessons start tomorrow okay” he said sounding like a teacher
” Whatever” I scoffed
” Can I go?” I added
” Well you can spare you this time” he said
I walk out of his pres£nce to meet my friends
” Woah girl you are getting h0tter everyday
First it was Mike now Jayden
Tell me the secret” Sophia said
I rolled my eyes” no secret ” I replie
She kept quiet while we sat in a place gisting.
Mum car arrived ” mum is here”
” Let say hello to her” Sophia said
We walk together to the car garage where mum parked.
Mum [email protected]£ out of the car” hi mum” I gree
” Hello Mrs Jones” Sophia greeted
” Mum guess who she is?” I said
“Humm her face looks familiar…
Sophia your Friend in high school
How are you doing dear?” She hvg Sophia
Wow mum is a good guesser , she is even good at mathematics but I her daughter am doing poorly in my studies. My mum [email protected]£ out with first [email protected] in University , she was the best graduating student of her set .
Evelyn her daughter is sooo pooor in her studies
I wonder what I will come out with ….. Humm maybe third [email protected]
” Let go home or are you slee-ping in school?” Mum asked j£rking me out of my thoughts
” Humm bye Sophia” I said
” Bye… Don’t forget Tonight [email protected]” Sophia said quietly
” Not coming” I replied and enter the car
” Your tutor said he won’t be around today so that was why I [email protected]£ to pick you up” mum said
” Seriously mum! You are picking Jayden as my tutor”
” And what is wrong with that? I am sure that guy is very intelligent
I can see it” mum said
” Mum plea-se can’t you change him?” I asked
” No I have told the school authorities about it and it is approved.” Mum said
” Mum!” I half yelled
I was in my kitchen cooking when the door to the main entrance rang.
I rush to the door and open it
” Sophia” I called
Mum was in the sitting room watching her favorite show that was why she didn’t open the door
” Who is that?” Mum asked
” It’s Sophia my Friend” she said
Sophia [email protected]£ in with her friends
” Good evening Mrs Jones” they greeted
” Wow what a surprise visit” mum said
” Yes ma actually we have a hang out tonight with Evelyn” Sophia said
” Wow girl night here ” mum asked
” Not in this place but in my house Evelyn was afraid to mention it to you because you don’t allow her outside in the night. So we [email protected]£ personally to seek your permission” Sophia said
” plea-se mum. Let her go with us” ” where are you living?” Mum asked
“In the next estate” Sophia said
Silence was maintained for a while , Sophia and her friends anticipate answer from mum. Mum glanced at me and my b©dy shiver out of fear
” Okay you have my permission” mum said
I become excited ” thank you mum” I said
” I will take care of the cooking go and get re-ady”mum said
I hurried upstairs and packed the things I will nee-d for the sleepover.
We waved bye to mum and left.
” Why will you girls lie to me about a fake sleepover?” I asked
” Cos you are going to the [email protected]
” Is it by f0rç£?” I asked
” But you sound excited when mum said you can go”
” Whatever”
I changed my dress at Sophia house and we drove to the [email protected] We arrived at the [email protected] and I brou-ght out my ticket. I was made to sit in the VIP section [email protected] from my friends. I really want to say no but Sophia and her friends push me forward. I feel shy and I went to the rest room to get some space. I breathe out and wash face .
Omg I don’t have a towel
” Take” someone sctreached a towel to me
” Omg Jayden you this per-vert what are you doing in the ladies room? I asked
” I should ask you what are you doing in a guy restroom” he said and hold my hands
A guy [email protected]£ out and Jayden covered my face .
The guy left
I didn’t say anything again. Jayden drew me closer and he k!$$£d me
” I love you ” he said
” And what the heck are you doing?” Mike asked with his mouth open wi-de
” In a guys restroom!!” He said and he fainted
” Mike” I ran to him

💖💖💖 My Love 💖💖 💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 14😍😍😍

I began to panic and my heart was beating very fast. Jayden was standing without moving
” Go and get water” I half yelled
” How am I supposed to do that when there is no bowl” Jayden said
I sh0t him a glare” it is your fault
You are just a bad guy who likes to use people. Why do you k!$$£d me ??? ” I said
” My fault , it’s my fault that I am trying to protect you” Jayden said
” Protect me by k!ss!ngme” I walk up to him and raise my hands to [email protected] him
I walk [email protected] him and put on the tap water and put a little in my hands dripping from my hands.
” What are you doing?” Jayden asked
I growled at him and spinkle the water on Mike
” Mike ” I bent on the floor checking him.
He open his eyes slowly
” Thank goodness” I let out a de-ep breath
” Mike are you okay?” I asked.
He stood up and take a glance at Jayden. He didn’t say anything and he walk out of the room.
I followed him out of the men rest room. After the incident, I went back to my friends
” Hey where have you been
We have been waiting for you?
” I went to the rest room” I said
” Alright let go to the dance floor and get some vibes” they said
😍😍😍Authoress 😍😍😍

” You ruined my birthday?” Mike yelled at Jayden
The other guys with their managers were there wondering what is going on between them
” How did I ruined your birthday? Don’t be childish here” Jayden said
” You stole her from me if you want to do nos-en-se do it with another lady” Mike yelled
” Oh did I steal your girl or what are you saying?” He asked ” if you will excuse me I have better things to do” Jayden said walking away but Mike held him back looking at him straight in the eyes
” You stole Evelyn from me” Mike yelled
Jayden turned and j£rked his hands off ” woah woah woah
If it is Evelyn I don’t joke with her
She is my everything and I love her. She is mine not your’s” Jayden warned
” I love Evelyn too
She loves me not you” Mike said
” If you continue like this then consider yourself out of the F4 group” Jayden said
” Of course am out
Am pu-lling out my investment”.he said

” Guys it is not up to that
Let’s live in harmony and in love
Don’t let a girl destroy our relationsh!p” Fred said
” I can’t afford to lose anyone of you plea-se stay Mike…” Alex pleaded
” Am done” Mike said and walk out of the room while Jayden walk away too
” We have to do something Mr Sam the head manager said
” We will have problem if this conflict continue”
I arrived at school with a sad face, Mike didn’t even recognize my pres£nce in his birthday. I feel like he is angry with me
But why is he angry at me?
That I couldn’t explain
I walk into the [email protected] with the hope of seeing him.
The whole [email protected] were staring at me with a bad eyes. I ignored them and walk back to my seat.
I got to my seat and saw different writing

” You are a problem in this school”
” You

Queenie barged my desk with her hands
” Hey haven’t you heard the news?
I knew you are a beast right from the start. I should have killed you
You are the girl that separated Mike from F4 group
You are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing”she spitted on me
” You are called by the principal” the girl said
I stand up and followed the girl to the principal office
Different thoughts ran throu-gh my mind and I was wondering why is everyone saying I separated Mike from F4 group
I arrived at the principal office
” You may go” he said to the girl
” Alright ” the girl left
” Take your seat” the principal said
” Thank you” I replied
He scroll throu-gh his [email protected]©p with the mouse doing something.
He paused and he placed his hands on the desk.
” Mike pu-ll out his investment as [email protected] of the F4 boys yesterday night after his birthday. Although we are still hoping the issue could be resolved. But for it to be resolved we have to do something”
” What is it sir?” Evelyn asked
” We discovered you are the source of their disagreement
. And for this reason , you are expelled from this school.
You will invite your mum over to tell her the reason for your expulsion from this school
This is a cheque of a million dollar to stay away from Jayden and Mike” the principal said and hand over the cheque
” But sir if I may asked
Why am I the cause of their disagreement?”
” Mike is in love with you” the principal said
The cheque sli-pped out of Evelyn hands. She was shocked that Mike can fell in love with a girl like her.
She pick it up and stand up
” Sir, I don’t nee-d your cheque
I just nee-d to be in this school because I don’t want my mum to know anything
She is hypertensive and she might die on sp©t if she knows I have been expelled” Evelyn said
” Am sorry there is nothing I can do
It’s an order from the school management” the principal said
” And what of if Mike pu-ll-ed back his investment at join the F4 group back. Will I be accepted by the management?” Evelyn asked
” And how will you do that?” The principal asked


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