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My love episode 1 & 2

💖💖💖My Love 💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Chapter 1😍😍😍

my love
My alarm rang noisely, I tossed on my be-d trying to ignore the noisy alarm.
But the alarm kept on ringing on and on, I [email protected]£ annoyed and almost threw it away in anger but I caution myself
I step down from my be-d in my pink pyjamas and I wore my sli-ppers walking angrliy out of my room.
” Mum” I half yelled
I saw her setting the dinning table for breakfast.
She was on call so I hold on
She ended the conversation with ” I love you”
“‘who was that??” I asked
” Well obviously I can say I love you to anyone” she said and continue setting the dinning
” That was dad right”I said and picked up her phone as fast as I can
She st©pped and looked at me” well you caught me.. that was your dad”
“:Why are you still talking to this man. He beats you everyday. You have divorced him but no you still like talking to him.
We moved to this place because of him. Then why are you still talking to him. He is a monster” I yell at mum
“Evelyn don’t call your dad a monster. He did something wrong and he went to jail for that .it has been two years since he [email protected]£ back from jail and he has been telling me how sorry he is but I ignore him. I can ignore him but not for so long
Evelyn I love him”mum said almost breaking into tears
” That man is not my father” I said bluntly
” Well go get re-ady today is your first day in your new school” mum said and I walk back into my room angrliy
I went into the bathroom and ran the shower throu-gh my b©dy
My name is Evelyn and I am 18 years old.
My mom and I has just moved to California coming from the New York City
My father is a billionaire but he always abuse my mom by beating her. This experience was horrible to watch as mum kept pretending nothing was happening. He beats her like a goat but mum kept on enduring for the reason I don’t know Know. I grew up to know that the reason why she refused to leave her husband was because she loves him.
Well love is weird
I [email protected]£ out from the bathroom and I started dressing up for my new school.
After dressing up, I carried my backpack and hurry outside.
First day at school I wonder what it will be like
I sat and started eating my breakfast.
Mum Rush out in her suit coat and trou-ser
“Are you done?”: she asked
I rush my food and drank water” am done” I wra-p my backpack and followed mum outside
I enter mum car and she drove me down to my school
The radio program was boring to me so I switched to my best song
Fly away by the f4 banFly Away / Tones and I
I had a dream that someday
I would just fly, fly away
And I always knew I couldn’t stay
So I had a dream that I’d just fly away

I’ve been on my own for a minute
Is it only me out here
Searching for the place to begin it
Is it me? Is it you? Is it fear?
Standing on the line I was given
People stare and ask me why I’m here
No one seems to think that I fit in
But I don’t wanna be like them

No, ’cause I don’t wanna be like them
‘Cause I know that I, know that I

I had a dream that someday
I would just fly, fly away
And I always knew I couldn’t stay
So I had a dream that I’d just fly away, away, oh
Oh-oh, woah, oh, I’d fly away

I kept on singing happliy

This band is my favorite band
I like their music and everything
The F4 band is a musical band
They are four in numbers
Jayden is the leader of the band and the most handsome guy in the band
Mike is the next in power and he is also handsome
Alex is the next
While fred is the youngest and he also has a special way of capturing girls heart
Guess what
I am crushing on the leader Jayden
” Love you sweetie focus on your studies” she said
I smiled” love you too mum” I threw k!sses at her
I walk into the magnificent school. The school was beautifuly decorated with flowers, I held my map and was tracing my way to my [email protected] I kept on looking at my map
This school is the dream of many students because the F4 band are schooling in this school. This school is owned by the f4 records
The riche-st record in America
I was moving without looking when i collided with someone
” I am sorry” I said to the person when I saw the least expected
” Sophia” I said and she hvg me ti-ghtly
” What sup long time ” I said smiling at her
” Wow you are looking fresh when did you come back to California” she asked
” Well we [email protected]£ back two weeks ago” I replied
” Why didn’t you tell me I ought to discipline you” she said
” Well come and beat me” I said laying my hands for her
As she was about to beat me I ran to away f. Dorom her
” Well I won’t beat you so how is mum” I asked
” She is fine” I replied
” And your dad?” I asked
I sh0t her a cold glare immediately
” ohh don’t give me such looking Know such feelings”she said going away
Someone walk up to us” hey you guys are suppose to be in [email protected] aren’t you?” He asked
” Sorry ” Sophia quic-kly drag up my hands
The guy rolled his hair and I had a glimpse of his face
“OMG Jayden leader f4 boys” I said almost screaming
I couldn’t help but to crush on him
He looks so handsome and charming
He was wearing a diamond ring
He has a hairband with the inscription ” the F4 boys”
I walk up to him and blocked him from [email protected]
I felt good pimples rising in my skin and my heart was pounding
” Hello I …… Your fan…”I said stammering
He just ignore me and walk away
I feel [email protected] and I walk up to my friend sadly
” Common don’t be like this that guy is such a snub” she said
I guess one thing I don’t know about my crush is that he is an introvert
Sophia told me he was f0rç£d by his parents to accept the role of the School

💖💖💖💖 My Love 💖 💖💖💖
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 2😍😍😍

Sophia showed me the principal office alnd hurried to her [email protected]
I walk into the principal office ” good morning sir” I greeted
” Good morning dear my name is Mr Charles
You are to fill this form and return it back to me now” he said and gave the form back to me”he said and stretching the form to me
I collected it and filled it

“You are welcome to Stars high school
Stay out of troubles
Okay”he said welcoming me with a smile and he shook my hands
” Thank you sir” I replied
I traced my way to my [email protected] using my map
The [email protected] is filled with a lot of students
Rich students in [email protected]
Some were taking selfies as I entered
I saw an empty seat beside the window and I took my seat.
The teacher walked in and the whole [email protected] [email protected]£ silent
The teacher faced the board and she wrote something on the board.
” What is GERUND” she asked
She faced us glancing around and she pointed to me” look like we have a new student”
I stood up ” introduce yourself” she said
“My name is Evelyn Jones ” I said shyly
” Nice to meet you” the teacher said
She sighted the hands of another students and told me to seat.
The student answered the question perfectly and the whole [email protected] [email protected]
She started teaching us and after that two lectures followed
Then the break time
Students troop out of the [email protected] forming a pair. Sophia isn’t in my [email protected] , she is in [email protected] B but I hope to meet her.
A guy walk up to me and as he gets closer I recognize him as my crush
” Alright don’t make this weird I was told to show you round the school
His voice is like an Angel as he speaks
I feel like I am in heaven
” Are you even listening at all?” He asked j£rking me out of my thoughts
” What!!” I flin-ched

” Follow me” he said without even taking a second glance at me me
OMG he look so handsome right now
He has a curly hair and cute baby face
Am sure almost all the girls are dieing for him
He rolled his mask over his face and his face was covered immediately.
” What a weirdo”. I said following him
He is actually a great teacher, he took me round the [email protected] and to other places in the school Without even glancing at me. He look very strict
We finally arrived at the cafeteria which was our last bust©p.
The cafeteria was filled with students .
” You can place your order there” he said
” Thank you” I said and turned and didn’t see him again
I found Sophia sitting with some girls but I don’t want to disturb her so I took another seat.
I placed my order and I carried my food to the seat.
“Hey” Sophia said ” you think I won’t find you” she said
” Am sorry just don’t want to disturb you” I replied
She brou-ght her other Friends and they sat beside me
“Evelyn meet Kiera and Nancy my friends” she said
” And meet Evelyn the girl I always tell you about” Sophia said and we shook hands
I continue eating and Sophia cleared her throat
” Look like I saw one handsome dude with you the other time” she asked
” He is Jayden one of the F4 band
The principal told him to show me around”
The other two girls raised their brows and all eyes were all me
” What” I asked getting uncomfortable
” nothing how was his smell
Did he hold you ” the two girls said asking me questions
” Well look like am not the only girl crushing on him” I said
We all bur-st into laughter
” But why is he behaving weird?” I asked
” Anyway we are all crushing on him but stay away from him ” Kiera said
” Oh oh like you want him as your b©yfri£nd?” I asked
” No Evelyn Kiera is right. Stay away from him if you want a peaceful stay in this school” Sophia said
” He is now a mother fuker. Most of the time he like staying alone. Reserved to himself”
I took a fork of spaghetti into my mouth, chew it and swall” But on the t.v he is cheerful, smiling and pretending nothing is wrong with him?” I told them
” That is just an act
Years ago he is very cheerful and everyone always sees him. But something happened and he [email protected]£ a snub and reserved person.
Not only that he uses and dump girls now” Sophia said
” Well he still has many girls who are re-ady to give their b©dy to him hoping they will his girlfriend but he end up breaking their heart” Nancy said
” Well I pray he gets his happiness back” I said
The bell rang and they stand up
” Bye we are in [email protected] B you can always come to us” they said and I waved at them
They are actually very nice to me
The school closed and I went home in the school bus.. I took the window side smiling sheepishly
I remembered his looks
He is more handsome than I use to see him on television
No wonder everyone recommend this school to us.
I dropped from the school bus in front of my house
I walked in and knocked but no one is answering
I went to the place where the key is and in-sert it on the key mouth
It open immediately and I walked in
I fell on my be-d and took a quic-k shower
I changed my dress into a str!pless t©p anda bu-mshort
I walk into the kitchen and ma-king a quic-k lunch for myself.
I waited for the food to be re-ady
While I wait I began to [email protected] of the F4 band on my phone. I connected it to the speaker
I got excited and started dancing
I was dancing when I heard a knock on the door
I opened it and I saw My mum looking at me keenly


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