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My life as a pr©st!tût£finale



💄AS A👒



Three years later,I graduated from the doctoring school with a first [email protected], the [email protected] was something else,families,friends and well wishers were all pres£nted at the event,we [email protected] to night break,my heart was filled with so much joy that finally I have achieved my dream of becoming a Medical Doctor with the help of my life changer,the man that makes my heart to beat fast without him in my life I will not be able to achieve this my dream,for other dream of becoming a Revered Sister love took over it.

Within that year I got a job at the hospital to work as a professional medical doctor,some months later I got married to my one and only love Michael.

We travelled to Los Angeles for our honeymoon,we visited many interesting places at Los Angeles,we even ate their traditional food some of the food were too spicy while some were thicken and delicious,my honeymoon is the best honeymoon ever,we had a lot of fun a memorable one that I will never forget in a hurry.

Within one week we travelled back,since I was given only a week for my vacation and have to resume work the next week.

Months later,my b©dy system changed,I started feeling dizzy,weak,viomting and sleeps a lot,the happiness i felt inside of me was beyond human imaginations when i noticed was pregnant.

“I can’t wait to share the good news with my darling husband”
I shouted with smiles and ran up to the room.

“Guess what my love!
I said with smiles as I sat on his [email protected]

“What is it darling? You know am not good at gussing”

“C’mon! Just try and guess”
I said with smiles.

“You have been promoted at the hospital”
He said.

“Oh no! Not that!
I sounded.

“Then what is it my love?
He asked.

I stood up facing him and said,
“Sweetheart take a very good look at me and tell me if you notice any changes in my b©dy”

He stood up and looked at me for a while,
“Are you pregnant my love?
He asked.

“Oh yes! Am pregnant”
I shouted with so much joy.

“Oh my God! You are pregnant my love!
He shouted with so much joy and carried me up.

“This is a great news! I will soon be a father”
He said with joy.

“Yes my love! A father of two”
I said with smiles.

“Father of two! Asking you are carrying two babies in this wo-mb?
He asked with so much excitement.

“Yes my love! I went for a scan and it confirmed twins a boy and a girl”
I said.

He k!$$£d me,giving thousands of k!sses,he don’t know what he will do to me to express his feelings,If it’s possible for him to eat me I would have gone half by now.

I gave Mama a call,she was so happy that she will soon be a grandmother of two,she even said that she will soon start packing her things to come for her Omugo.

Michael decided to throw a baby shower at the house to show how greatful he is to have me in his life,friends were all invited to [email protected] with us.

“What name do you suggest we should give our twins?
He asked as we went to be-d.

“I think Esther and Michael”
I said as we both laughed.

“You aren’t serious right?
He asked with laugh.

“But there’s nothing wrong with the names, Esther and Micheal will be how our genuinely love story began”
I said with smiles.

“Wow! That’s lovely! I didn’t even thought of that,our conditional love story”
He said and k!$$£d me.

I smiled and said,
“If i could bring back memories i would bring the first day i k!$$£d you i look you in the eyes and felt love, thanks God an angel [email protected]£ into my life, k!ssme and you will see how important am to you”

“I want to stare into your eyes and never look away, I want you to hold me in your arms and tell me It’s okay, I Want to k!sswith a [email protected] that only we can share and when It all falls down I want you to be there”
He said to me with smiles and k!$$£d me.

“I got something for you”
He said and brou-ght out a golden ankle [email protected]

“Wow! Its so beautiful!
I sounded with smiles.

He put the [email protected] on my right hand ankle as I admired it.

“For how long will you be this special to me?
I asked with smiles staring at the [email protected]

“As long as the stars twi-nkle in the sky,As long as angels are there up high,Till the ocean run dry and till the day i die”
He said to me with smiles.

“I love you so much my love”

“I love you more my sweetheart”
He said as we k!$$£d so [email protected] like a newly love birds.

“I guess I have to leave you to rest now because you nee-d it”
He said as we withdraw from the k!ss.

“Yes my love, am alre-ady feeling sleepy”

“I want you to know that i will give you one k!ssto go to sleep”
He k!$$£d me

“I will give you two k!sses to dream of me”
He k!$$£d me twice.

“Then give you an endless row of k!sses to,when you wake up in the morning, think of me”
He said and k!$$£d me again.

I said with smiles and blu-shing at the same time.
“Thank you so much Sweetheart, Good night”

“Good night my Angel, Dream of me”
He k!$$£d me on my forehead.

I lied down back facing him and keep on blu-shing still I sle-pt off.

Four months later,we relocated to Los Angeles including Mama to start new life there,it was not difficult for Michael to go back to bar since he got friends and relatives who are also lawyers there.

As for me I did not bother to start working beside Micheal don’t want anything that will stress me and the babies until I put to birth.

Nine months later,our Esther and Michael arrived to the world,they look so cute and beautiful,Esther got his father’s eyes and nose with her tiny little mouth while Michael got my eyes,nose in fact everything,I will say he is my carbon copy when I was little.

We merried and [email protected] for the babies arrivals with so much joy and happiness filled in our hearts.

That’s how my life as a pr©st!tût£end with a beautiful babies,a lovely and perfect husband with a perfect Life.


THANKS FOR re-adING 💋💋💋💋💋💋


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