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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 9







I can’t believe that my own friend will changed her lifestyle of living all because of money,I can’t imagine it,it just like a movie to me,God plea-se t©uçh her heart let her know the path she chooses will not lead her to anywhere good rather it will destroy her life”

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I was sweeping the compound and Chioma walked in dressing so unplea-sant like a harlot.

“Chioma you [email protected]£!
I sounded with smiles feeling so happy that she can to see me.

“Oh yes! Am only here to give you back your Wasc fee before you will say am the one that made you not to register”
She said and gave me the money.

“Thank you,plea-se can I have a word with you?

“If it is about that your sermon you better keep it to yourself because am not interested”

“I still can’t believe that my own friend that is more than a friend to me will choose this path of life,plea-se Chioma turn back to God,this life you are leaving will destroy your life,you will regret it plea-se change before it will be too late for you”

“Thank you Mr preacher,I choose this life and I was not f0rç£ into it and meanwhile is not your life that will be destroy rather mine so st©p disturbing me and allow me to enjoy my life”
She yelled and walked out.

“Chioma plea-se change your way before it will be too late for you”
I shouted to her hearing and she tweaked her @ss for me even hitting the @ss.

“Oh God,plea-se t©uçh her heart let her return back to you”
I sounded with a weeping heart.

“Esther who is that girl that walked out now?
Mother asked as she [email protected]£ out.

“Mama is Chioma!

“Chioma! Which Chioma!
She asked being confused and stares at her until she exits from the gate.

“Mama the Chioma you used to know”

“You mean Chioma your friend is the one that dressed like that?
She asked being so surprised.

“Yes Mama,she is the one”

She shooked her head and shouted,
“I can’t believe my two eyes,what happened to her?

“Mama her enemy is at work but they won’t succeed in destroying her life,my God will bring her out from that ungodly life”

“Is it shocked me but when did she start leaving her life like this?
She asked.

“Mama it all started when her mother was hospitalized and her uncle turned his back then she chooses this path to save her mother’s life instead to wait for the Lord to s£nd His angels”

Mama shooked her head and sounded,
“Poor her! You nee-d to pray for your friend to change her lifestyle,the life she choose to live is not good for her at all”

“God will t©uçh her heart and she will change”

“Amen! Hurry up with the sweeping, my son in law is coming back today you nee-d to prepare something for him because he will be coming here to see you”

“I don’t know why he will not go and rest and st©p wasting his time on me,I have told him that it won’t work between us”

“And I have told you that it has alreday work between you and him and there’s nothing you will do so hurry up with that sweeping”
She shouted and walked inside.

Am very tired of repeating myself to Mama concerning the issue of marriage and Emeka won’t leave me and look for someone else,I don’t know the language I will use for him to un-derstand that it wont between us.

Later in the evening,he [email protected]£ with a lot of provisions as usual,he ate dinner at our place and I was f0rç£ to go and see him off.

“How are you doing my Angel?
He asked with smiles and leaned on his car.

“I have told you to st©p calling me an Angel because if you see one you won’t withstand the face”
I said looking somewhere else.

“I choose to call you my Angel because I can’t withstand your beauty,how an earth will i prove to you how much I love you? What will i do for you to know that am for real that I will love and cherish you”
He sounded starring at me and i was starring at something else.

“Which language will i use for you to un-derstand that I will not marry you nor anyb©dy? That I have a call by the Lord to save His people from destruction and I can’t trash my dream of becoming a Revered Sister all in the name of marriage”

“I did not say you should not serve your God,you can still be in marriage and be doing God’s work”

I laughed and asked,
“Where an earth have you seen a Revered Sister married? Which country is that?

“But you don’t have to be a Revered Sister to serve the Lord,plea-se let me come to your life and dwell in I promise you won’t regret it”

“Thank you but I can’t be your wife or someone else,I have told you to st©p wasting your precious time on me and look for someone else that will love and make you happy”
I said and walked out.

“Esther you are the only one that makes me happy and I will try everything within my power to have you as my wife”
He shouted and got into his car.

“Mama I will be going to night vigil by 8pm”
I said to Mama as i was helping her to peel the melon.

“What makes you think that I will allow you to step out from this house to your night vigil?

“But mama I don’t want to miss this night vigil,some anointed priests from other [email protected] will be coming and also am among the choral mistress that will be in charge”
I sounded with a sad face.

“Esther you have alreday miss it,I don’t want you to go to that night vigil”

“But why Mama? Why shouldn’t I not go?

“Because I don’t want you to go and that’s finally”
She shouted.

“Mama am going oooooo! I will not miss it”
I shouted frowning.

“Let see how you will step out from this house,you have to finish that melon before you go to be-d tomorrow is main market day”
She shouted.

We spent up till thirty minutes before finishing the melon and by that time Mama has alreday started dozing off.

I checked the wall clock it remain ten minutes before it will clock eight,by that time I walked slowly to my room to avoid waking up mother and changed my dress,took my bible and also a torch light ,I can’t miss that night vigil for anything.

I [email protected]£ out to the sitting room and Mama has gone far with her sleep,I smiled and walked out,I locked the door slowly and made my way to the church.

As going and humming my song,I felt a strange movement from my right hand side,I pointed the torch around and I did not notice anything,I continued my way.

Within some few minutes,I heard that footsteps again,I started running and they ran after me,they caught and gr-ab me,my bible and torch fell off,their faces were covered, they spilled a white substance on my face and I fell so unconscious immediately.

“Oh boy nah fine babe be this! He go like am”
The first sounds with smiles and carried her on his shoulder.

“Nah h0t meat be this and correct gift our nigga go enjoy today”
The second one said.

They laughed and walked to their car,he [email protected] inside the car and re-moved their masks,they drove out to their hangout in the neighbouring village.

They brou-ght her out and took her inside an uncompleted building,the inside of the room was well furnished,they [email protected] on the be-d and tied her hands and legs even her face was covered.

“You don give am call?
The second asked.

“He dey come!
He answered and sat beside her on the be-d.

“See fresh skin! This babe dey S-xy ooo! My soldier don rise alreday”
The second guy said as she [email protected]£ss!ngher [email protected]

Within some minutes,they friend arrived,
“Happy birthday my nigga!
They said to him with an handshake.

“Why did you call me to meet you guys here?
He asked.

“We got sharp birthday pres£nt for you”
The second guy said.

“You go like am nah fresh one”
The second one added.

“What’s the pres£nt?

“Come may we go inside nah”
The second said.

They went inside,they smiled and sounded,
“See your fresh pres£nt!

“What! What have you guys done?
He shouted.

“Nah our little way to say thank you for w€tin you dey do for us”
The first said.

“We dey greatful my nigga,enjoy your gift”
The second added.

“I can do this! This is so bad,I can [email protected]£ this girl”
He shouted.

“w€tin you dey talk now? Your friend carry fresh babe give you and dey reject our birthday pres£nt”
The second shouted.

“Oh boy,if you no enter this babe I go know say you be man enough”
The first shouted.

“Your thing no dey work again e dey like dead wood,vegetable”
The second added.

“Which can talk be this nah? Una dey insult me or w€tin?
He shouted.

“If you no like the insult prove to us say your thing dey work e no be vegetable”
The first guy shouted.

“For this where you talk now I go show you say I be man enough”

“Now you dey talk,knack am like say you never knack before”
They said.

He pu-ll-ed off his trou-ser and went to the be-d,he pu-ll-ed off her [email protected] and climbe-d on her,he was knacking and knacking her while his friends watches and enjoyed.

“Oh boy you sabi knack ooo!
The first guy sounded holding messaging his d!¢k inside his bo-xers.

“Enjoy may we die here! we don w€t alre-ady”
The second added.

As he was knacking her,Esther regained unconscious,she cried and pleaded for them to left go of her,she struggled to escape but all to no avail.

He left go of her when he was done enjoying himself,he was sweating like someone that [email protected]£ out from the bathroom without wiping his b©dy.

“Oh boy you don enjoy nah see how you dey sweat!
They sounded with smiles.

“Is not easy to knack a vir-gin!
He said and worn back his trou-ser.

“I hope say you like our birthday pres£nt?
The second asked.

“I don’t like it!

“May I hear! I know say you enjoy this babe”
The first guy said.

“I knacked this babe to prove you guys that am man enough so plea-se this should not repeat again”

“E no go happen again but w€tin we know be say we don make you happy”
The second said.

“plea-se take her back to where you got her from,we will see tomorrow”
He said and made his way out.

“May we knack this babe small nah”
The second sounded.

“No nah! May we pity this babe our nigga don knacked am finished”

They untied her legs and took her out from the be-d,the be-dcover was stained with blood.

They took her to the car with her eyes still covered, they dropped her to the same sp©t they met her and made their way out.



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