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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 8








Chioma sat down on the be-d counting the money she made from the wra-ppers.

“Oh God what’s is this? Fifteen thousand,five hundred only! Where an earth will this money be of help to save Mama’s life? What am I going to do now?
She sounded weepy.

She was thinking the next thing to do and her inner mind appeared to her.

“Confused right! And you don’t know what to do”
The first her sounded as she stares at her.

“You don’t have to be confused when the solution to save your mother’s life is in your hands,accept Rose’ s offer and save your mother’s life”
The second her sounded.

“Don’t listen to her,don’t commit yourself into something that is wrong in the sight of the Lord,put your trust on the Lord and He will make a way for you”
The first her said.

The second her laughed and sounded,
“Put your trust in the Lord and He will make a way for you! When will He s£nd a helper for you? Is it when your mother dies or what? Remember the Doctor’s word,if something is not done urgently get re-ady to expect the worst,remember your mother is the only one you have in this world and if she dies consider your life a suffering one”

“Don’t pay attention to her! The Lord will never forget His children in time like this,He will s£nd a helper for you and your problem will be solve”
She sounded.

“Don’t act like a foolish one Esther,if your mother dies her spirit won’t forgive you because you did not save her when she nee-ded you the most,take a step and save your mother before it will be too late”
The second her shouted.

“No! I can’t allow Mama to die,she is the only one I have in this world”
She cried out and stood up.

“Think twice Esther!
The first her shouted.

“Am taking the step to save my mother’s life”
She shouted and her disappeared,she ran out to Rose’s place immediately.

“Rose am re-ady I can’t allow my mother to die,if she dies I won’t forgive myself”
She cried out.

“Now you are talking,let me in from him that we are coming”
She sounded and st©ped her makeup,she called the man on phone.

📞 Chief! Chief! Chief i dey greet oooo! I have a h0t babe for you,she is very S-xy and h0t,she will make you well and you will enjoy her”
She sounded with smiles.

📞 Are you serious! What are you waiting for? Bring her to me nah”
He sounded with smiles.

📞 Don’t worry,we dey come”
She sounded and hanged up the call.

“What did he say?
She asked hurriedly.

“He is expecting us,don’t go there and mess up,see that Chief, he is a very rich man once you satisfy him very well he will reward you handsomely”
She sounded.

“I have heard,let’s start going,you know my mother’s life is at risk”
She sounded.

“You can’t go like this,you have to look sharp for him”
She sounded.

She looked at her dress and sounded,
“But nothing is wrong with my dressing”

“If you want him to accept you,you have to look so S-xy and apply some make up,let go inside let me transform you to a S-xy babe”
She sounded and took her inside.

She brou-ght her bu-m short and sleeveless shi-t,
“Try this!
She gave the dress to her.

“This! I can’t wear this Rose,it’s so expo-se and transparent”
She sounded starring at the dress awfully.

“You can’t dress this your Mary Amaka go-wn to go to chife’s house,he won’t accept you”
She sounded.

“Okay you can give me something else and not this”
She sounded.

She brou-ght out a short go-wn,
“You are going with this and there’s no other alternative”

She gave her the go-wn,she worn it,she make her up and gave her some wig and shoe and handbag,her appearance changed automatically,if you see her you won’t believe she is the one.

“Let’s go!
She said,they walked outside,Chioma will be walking and be dragging down the go-wn.

“Leave the go-wn Chioma!
She shouted.

“Am feeling so uncomfortable with it”
She sounded.

“You will get use to it”
She said,they gr-ab a taxi to chife’s house.

“Chife! Chife!
She shouted and k!$$£d her on the cheek.

“Rosy! Rosy!
He shouted with smiles.

“Chife nah h0t cake I brou-ght for you ooo!
She sounded with smiles.

“I can see that,she look so beautiful and S-xy,Nwa shark am for me nah,show me w€tin you carry for back”
He sounded with smiles.

She stared at Rose with her eyes wi-de opened,she [email protected]£ to her and whispered,
“Don’t fv¢k up here ooo!

“Is she okay? She don’t want to shark for me”
He asked.

She smiled and sounded,
“She is okay Chife,babe shark am for chife nah,show him w€tin you carry nah”

She went closer to him and tweaked for him.

He t©uçhes her @ss and sounded with smiles,
“I go enjoy this Ukwu oooo!

“Chief you know say I know w€tin you dey like,let me leave you so that you can enjoy yourself”
She sounded with smiles.

“That’s why I like you,take this for your transport”
He sounded and brou-ght out money from his wallet and gave him.

“Thank you Chief,plea-se let me have a minute with her”
She sounded.

“No problem,when you are done with her meet me at my room let enjoy b©dy”
He sounded with smiles and went upstairs to his room.

“Babe as i said before he is a good man,don’t fv¢k up oooo,I know is your first time but try your best to service him well,if you do him well he will reward you well,remember you are doing this for your sick mother so don’t mess up”
She sounded.

“I have heard you”
She sounded not really feeling so happy with what she is about to do.

She hvgged her and said,
“Good luck to you,we will see later”

She watches her as she exits from the door,she breathed and sounded,
“Mother am doing this for you,I can’t allow you to die”

She went upstairs to his room,chife is alreday re-ady for her at the be-d.

“Come to be-d babe! Come kill me with your styles”
He sounded with smiles and reached out for her hands.

He held her and draw her to the be-d,he started k!ss!ngher all over her b©dy without wasting any seconds and undressed her,she gave him her b©dy to him,use me anyhow you want it.

Chioma [email protected]£ out from the bathroom with towel tied around her,she sat down dressing up.

“I never Knew you were a vir-gin,why didn’t you tell me?
He sounded as he rest his hand around her n£¢k.

“Oh yes! And I have given it to you”
She sounded.

“Am so greatful to have you,I enjoyed you so much despite its your first time you service me well,for ma-king me so happy I will reward you with One hundred and fifty thousand Naria”
He sounded with smiles.

“Are you serious chife!
She sounded surprisingly and worn her dress.

“Yes! Here is the money”
He sounded and gave him the money.

“Thank you so much chife,you don’t know what you have done for me by giving me this money”
She sounded with so much joy and hvgged him.

“Am willing to be ma-king you happy if only you will service me well”
He sounded with smiles.

“I will also make you happy Chief”
She sounded and put the money in the handbag.

“I love that,give me your contact so that i can be able to reach you anytime I nee-d you”
He sounded with smiles.

“Chief I don’t have a phone but if you want to reach me you can contact me throu-gh Rose”
She sounded with smiles.

“Okay but don’t worry I will get you a phone”
He sounded with smiles.

She stood up and said,
“Thank you Chief,I nee-d to start going now”

“Won’t you give me a k!ssbabe before you leave?
She sounded with smiles.

She hesitate for a seconds before k!ss!nghim.

“Nwa you are so sweet oooo!
He sounded with smiles.

Chioma smiled rushed out immediately to the house to change before going to the hospital.

She rushed to the Doctor’s office immediately,
“Doctor I have the money! Commence the operation immediately”
She shouted and brou-ght out the money.

“Go to the cashier and make the payment”
He sounded and walked out,Chioma went to the cashier and make the payment.

The doctor and the nurses took her to the operation room.

Within some minutes,Esther [email protected]£ back to the hospital and met Chioma at the waiting room.

“How is mother?
She asked and sat beside her.

“Mother is at the operation room right now”
She sounded with smiles.

“Operation room! Did your uncle gave you the money?
She asked.

“The money did not [email protected]£ from him”
She sounded.

“Then where did you get the money from?
She sounded being so anxious to know.

“I will tell you later for now let pray for mother to make it from the operation”
She sounded.

They held hands and prayed for a successful operation,one hour two hours the doctor have not come out from the hospital.

“What is going on in the operation room?
Chioma sounded being so worried.

“Calm down okay! Nothing will happen to her,as far as our God is alive Mama will make it alive”
Esther sounded and hvgged her.

Thirty minutes later,the doctor [email protected]£ out from the operation room and they rushed him immediately.

“How is my mother Doctor?
Chioma sounded wearing a worried face.

“Thank God is a successful operation,your mother is save and she will soon be taking to her ward”
He sounded with smiles and made his way out.

“Thank you God!
Esther knelt down and thanked God for His almighty hands upon Mama’s life.

“Mama is alive!
Chioma shouted with so much joy and hvgged her.

“Yes! Our God is so greatful,see Mama the nurses are taking her to her ward”
She sounded with smiles.

They rushed to the nurses,
“Can we see her now?
Chioma asked.

“You can see her but don’t stress her,she nee-d rest”
The nurse said.

“Okay nurse”
Esther sounded as they followed the nurses to the ward.

They sat beside her with smiles written all over their faces.

“Mama am so happy that you made it,I thought I will loose you but God said no”
Esther sounded with tears of joy and hvgged her.

“Mama thank God for a successful operation,God made everything possible for us”
Esther sounded with smiles.

She smiled,
“Its well my children”
She sounded with low voice.

“Chioma I will take my leave now,let me go and inform mother that God has done it for us,take good care of Mama okay”
She sounded with smiles and hvgged her.

She hvgged mama and said,
“I will come and see you later”

She made her way out from the hospital with so much joy written all over her face.

Four days later, Chioma’s mother has been discharged from the hospital,within that days Chioma’s life changed,she started leaving her life like Rose’ s, following her footsteps and started [email protected]!ngChief.

She no longer hangout with Esther and even misses school and Esther [email protected]£ so worried about her.

Esther was coming back from her house and met Chioma with Rose,she [email protected]£ so shocked and dumbfounded when she found her dressing so unplea-sant.

“Chioma what’s this? What’s going on? Why are you dressing like this?
She shouted being so shocked.

“I know you will be so shocked to see me like this but that’s the life I choose to live”
She sounded as chews her gum.

“This is unbelievable Chioma! What have come over you? What happened to you?
She shouted.

“Nothing happened to me! In case you are still wondering where I got the money for mother’s operation I used what i have and I got what I want”
She sounded being so boldly.

“I can’t believe you are the one saying this Chioma,how could you follow the devil steps? What happen to the faith with the Lord?
She shouted still find it so difficult to believe.

“My faith with the Lord was thrown to ash when my mother was dying and your God refused to help me,he refused to s£nd a helper for me and you will expect me to fold my hands and allow my mother to die,all thanks to Rose for showing me the right path to save my mother and I did not regret the path I choose for one bit”
She sounded still chewing her gum.

“Chioma am so disappointed at you and pray for God to have mercy on you and change you back to the Chioma I used to know”
She sounded.

“Am done listening to her,Rose let go before we will be late for the [email protected]
She sounded as they walked out.

She shooked her head and looked up to the sky,
“God plea-se have mercy on her because she don’t know what she is doing”
She prayed and walked out,she still find it so difficult to believe that her own friend Chioma will changed her ways.


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