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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 7







“See the time you are coming back!
Mother shouted at the moment I stepped inside the compound.

“Good evening Mama! We did not closed on time that’s why”
I sounded.

“Your husband was here and he got a lot of provisions,you know what Emy Dollars is just a good man,his generosity is too good,he is indeed a type of a man I want as son in law”
She sounded with so much excitement.

“Mama I got no husband! plea-se I take Almighty God beg you st©p collecting things from that man and giving him a false hope that I will be his wife”
I sounded being so mean.

“Why can’t you marry Emy Dollars? Why can’t you open your eyes and see that he is God s£nt? Emy Dollars loves you so much and he have a great plan for your future”
She sounded as i kept mute mopping at her.

“Don’t you want to travel outside the world? Don’t you want to taste riches? Don’t you want your mother to travel outside the country? Why can’t you marry him? Your follow girls are willing and desperate to run to his arms and you are here behaving like what I don’t know”
She shouted.

“Mama am don’t like other girls and I will never be like them,my ambitious in this life is to become a Medical Doctor and a Revered Sister and I must achieve that dreams”
I sounded.

“I have told you to forget that your dream of becoming a Revered Sister because I your mother will never allow her only daughter to be a Revered Sister,marry Emy Dollars let this our lives change for good”
She shouted.

“Mama I will not marry anyb©dy and there’s nothing on this earth that will make me change my faith with the Lord,I have told Emeka my piece of mind he should st©p wasting his time on me because it won’t work”
I shouted.

“You said what?
She shouted so surprisingly.

“I told him to go and look another girl and st©p wasting his time on me”
I shouted.

“I can see that something is wrong with your head,if I loose my son in law consider yourself dead to me.
She shouted.

“You have loose him alre-ady so you better consider me dead to you”
I shouted and she threw a kitchen knife she was holding me,I dodged it and ran inside.

“You don’t really know who your mother is,I will kill and burial you,you better go and take back those words you said to him if you don’t want to taste my rust”
She shouted with so much anger.

I walked to my room and sat down on the be-d angrily,
“Why cant mother un-derstand what the future holds for me? Marriage is not my calling,mother has been so supportive concerning my dream of becoming a Revered Sister but she just changed automatically all because of money,well if she like,let her threaten me of being dead to her i will never go against my faith with the Lord”
I sounded and reached for my books to revise.

“Good evening Mama!
Chioma greeted her mother.

“You [email protected]£ back late what happen?
She asked.

“Yes Mama! Our choral mistress delayed the practice that’s why am late”
She sounded.

“Okay! Go inside and change and help me to pick this beans we are cooking it tonight”
She sounded.

“Okay Mama!
She sounded with smiles and went inside her room.

She was undressing her dress and started smiling at the moment she remembered Emeka(Emy Dollars)

“He is danm handsome and rich! His charming face is so captivating!
She sounded with smiles written all her face.

“He is so handsome that girls will be dreaming to have him all to themselves,how I wish he [email protected]£ for me, I will gr-ab him without wasting any seconds,Esther turned down a marriage proposal of a rich handsome man all in the name of becoming a Revered Sister”
She sounded with smiles.

“I can’t take him out of my head,his handsome face is reflecting everywhere,oh Emy you are danm handsome! I wish to see you again and again”
She sounded with smiles.

“Chioma are you not done changing the dress?
The mother shouted and calling her off from the thought.

“Am coming Mama!
She shouted and hurried up with the dressing.

The next day,Chioma has prepared for Sunday service and sat at the sitting room waiting for the mother to come out.

“Mama what are you still doing? We were be late for service”
She shouted but got no response.

“What could she be doing inside? Mama never waste time in dressing up”
She thought.

She decided to go inside her room to find out what is keeping her and she [email protected]£ so shock at the moment she met her mother lying in the floor.

“Oh my God! Mama what is it?
She shouted and rushed to her.

She raised her head up and discovered that she was vomiting blood.

“Mama what is it? What’s wrong with you?Why are you vomiting blood?
She cried out.

She couldn’t utter any word,she was vomiting blood continuously and rolling her eye ba-lls.

“Mama plea-se talk to me,what’s wrong with you?
She cried out and her mother still can’t say anything.

“Oh my God what is this?Mama wait,hang on nothing will happen to you,let me rush and get taxi and take you to the hospital”
She cried out.

She rushed out from the compound,within some minutes she got a taxi,the taxi driver helped her out to carry the mother to the car and drove off.

They drove to the general hospital immediately,the nurses rushed and took her to the ward.

“The doctor said they nee-d to run some test on her to be able to know what’s wrong with her”
The nurse said to her.

“Okay nurse!
She sounded with a weeping voice,her white go-wn even turned into red because of the blood stains.

“You nee-d to deposit ten thousand Naria for the test meanwhile we have given her some drugs to st©p the vomiting”
The nurse said.

“Ten thousand Naria!
She sounded.

“Yes! You nee-d to hurry up with the money”
She sounded.

“Okay nurse!
She said and rushed out.

The taxi man took her back to the house,she collected her Wasc fee and rushed back to the hospital,she deposited the money,they took the mother to the laboratory for the test.

She went outside and settled the taxi driver and went back in for the test result,within some minutes the nurse [email protected]£ to see her.

“The doctor want to see you in her office”
She said.

She stood up as the nurse directed to the office.

“Good Morning Doctor!
She greeted.

“Morning! Have a sit”
She said as was going throu-gh the test result.

“Are you the relative of the woman that was admitted?
She asked.

“Yes Doc! She is my mother”
She sounded.

“Oh! I run some test on your mother and the test result said that your mother have a kidney failure”
The doctor said.

“Oh my God! Kindey failure! What causes it? Where did it [email protected]£ from?
She cried out.

“Kidneys can become damaged from a physical injury or a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, or other disorders. High blood pressure and diabetes are the two most common causes of kidney failure”
She explained.

“Doctor What will happen to my mother now?
She cried out.

She [email protected]£ to her,tapping her back side and said,
“Calm down okay! Nothing will happen to your mother,what she nee-d is kindey transplant and you know this hospital is a general one we don’t have the facility for the transplant, we will transfer her to a pri-vate hospital as soon as possible because her condition is so critical”

“Okay Doctor”
She sounded weepy.

“Go and see her,let me proceed with the transfer”
She said.

“Okay Doctor”

She went to the ward and met her mother lying in down helplessly.

“Mama how are you feeling?
She asked weepy.

She got no strength in her again,she was blinking her eyes and breathing so heavily.

“Don’t worry Mama,nothing will happen to you,the doctor will transfer you to another hospital where they can operate on you and you will be fine”
She sounded weepy.

She wanted to say something but no single strength in her,she started crying.

She wipes out her tears and said,
“Don’t cry Mama everything will be fine okay”

Twenty minutes later,they transferred her to the hospital with an ambulance,the doctor signed some necessary things before leaving the hospital.

Chioma was summoned to the Doctor’s office,
“Good afternoon Doctor!
She greeted.

“Afternoon! Have a sit!
He said.

She sat down waiting patiencely to hear from him.

“According to the test result of your mother which shows she have a kidney failure and she will be nee-ding a kidney transplant”
He said.

“Yes Doctor!
She sounded.

“You have to deposit one hundred and fifty thousand for the transplant”
He sounded.

“One hundred and fifty thousand doctor!
She sounded so shockly.

“Yes,one hundred and fifty thousand and you have to deposit it as soon as possible because your mother’s condition is so critical”
He sounded.

“One and fifty thousand Naria,where an earth will i get that type of money?
She shouted with her hand on her head.

“You got relatives,ask them for help”
The doctor sounded.

Chioma stood up and walked out from the hospital helplessly thinking on how she will arrange the money,she went to her uncle’s house to ask for help but he refused to be of help to her,he chased her out from his house.

“The only relative I have refused to help me,what will I do? How will I arrange the money,I can’t allow Mama to die,she is the only one I have in this world”
She cried out.

Esther saw her and called her out,she didn’t answer due to the de-ep thought,she ran to meet her.

“Chioma what is it? I did not see you in the church today,why the blood stains in your cloth,what’s happen?
She sounded being so confused to see her that stage.

She hvgged her so ti-ght and weeping,
“Chioma what is it? What happen?
She asked still confused.

“Esther is Mama oooo!
She sounded weepy.

“Mama! What’s happen with her?
She asked.

“Mama was rushed to the hospital this morning!
She sounded weepy.

“Hospital! What’s wrong with her?
She sounded confusedly.

She narrated everything to her,
“Esther I don’t know where to get the money”
She cried out.

“Have you gone to your uncle’s place?

“He refused to help me,he chased me out of his house,Esther i don’t want anything to happen to Mama”
She cried out.

She wipes out her tears and said,
“Nothing will happen to Mama okay,God will provide the money for the transplant and Mama will be alright okay”
She sounded.

“We only have twenty thousand at home and it is not even quarter to the amount of money nee-ded”
She cried out.

“You know what let me rush home and bring my Wasc fee and add it ma-king it forty thousand Naria”
She sounded.

“But Esther is still nowhere to the amount of money nee-ded”

“I know but at least we have deposited something and pray for God to provide a helper for us and take control over Mama’s heart,which hospital is that so that I can meet you there?

“St Louis hospital”

“Okay,hurry and get the money I will meet you at the hospital”

They hvgged each other and ran out.

I arrived at the hospital before Chioma went to the the waiting room to wait for her and within a few minutes she [email protected]£.

“Let’s go and see the doctor!
I sounded.

We rushed to the Doctor’s office,I handled Chioma the money.

“Sir,I only got this!
She sounded weepy pres£nting the money to him.

“What’s this?
He shouted staring at the money.

“Its forty thousand Sir”
She sounded.

“Forty thousand Naria! What’s for? Young girl are we pla-ying here or what?
He stood up and shouted.

“No sir! I got nob©dy to help me,my only uncle turned his back at me,plea-se Sir help me out and save my mother’s life”
She cried out.

“Sir,plea-se commence the operation we will run around to get the complete money”
I cried out.

“What did you girls think we do here? Run a charity organization or what? Young girl I don’t think if you want your mother alive?
He shouted.

“I don’t want anything to happen to my mother I want her alive Sir”
She cried out.

“If you really want your mother alive you will go out there and get the money,shedding tears for me won’t provide the money,I guess you have to go and see your mother and you will know the condition she is in and if something is not done urgently you will see the outcome of it which I know you will not like it to happen”
He shouted.

We rushed to the ward immediately,her condition was so critical as the doctor said,she was coughing out blood.

“Esther see the condition Mama is in,I don’t want anything to happen to her”
She cried out.

“Nothing will happen to her,God will not allow anything to happen to her”
I sounded with a weeping voice.

“You heard what the Doctor said,if something is not done urgently you will be expecting the outcome of it”
She cried.

“You know what,God will make a way when there’s no way,let’s pray for her”
I sounded.

We prayed and handles her health in God’s hands,prayed for Him to s£nd us a helper.

“Esther let me go and see if my God will t©uçh my uncle’s heart for him to help”
She said.

“Okay,I will also go and ask Mama for help too,I know she will help in a way she can”
I said.

We ran out from the hospital to our various destination.

Chioma went back to her uncle’s place but he still refused to help her out,she rushed to the house changed her cloth and packed some beautiful wra-ppers from her mother’s bag to see if she can get something out from it.

On her way going to sell the wra-ppers,she met Rose one of their [email protected] mate and also a runs babe.

“What is it Chioma? You look so pale”
She asked as she chews her gum.

“You won’t un-derstand Rose”
She sounded weepy.

“What happen? You are even crying,talk to me what happen?
She asked being so worried.

She narrated everything to her and she felt so pity for her.

“How much did you think you can make out from this wra-ppers you are going to sell?
She asked.

“Any amount to add to the money I have gotten alre-ady”
She sounded.

“See babe let me tell you there’s no amount of money you will make from this wra-ppers that can give you what you want,you nee-d help and am here to help you out if only you will accept my offer”
She said.

“What can you possible offer me that can give me the money i nee-d?
She asked.

“You know what babe,use what you have to get what you want”
She sounded as she chews her gum.

“Meaning prostitution!
She sounded.

“Not really prostitution,it calls runs”

“Is it the same thing and I can’t do such thing,it is against my faith in the Lord”
She sounded.

She laughed and sounded,
“Against your faith in the Lord as you said then sit and allow your mother to die because nob©dy will help you with that such amount of money from you without getting anything from you,if I were you I accept the offer you know your mother is the only one you have in this world and if she dies consider your life a suffering one,look at me babe I got no family nor relatives in this world but I takes good care of myself and pay my school fees throu-gh runs”

“Rose thank you for your offer but no thanks,my God will make a way for me”
She sounded and walked out.

“Chioma if you want your mother alive,think twice”
She shouted to her hearing and walked out.


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