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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 6







Obinna sat the backyard singing and enjoying himself with igbo and a chill bottle of alcohol to wash down the system.

🎙 Igbo na my papa! Igbo…..
🎙 Igbo na my mama! Igbo……
🎙 Igbo na my food! Igbo……..
🎙Igbo dey make me happy! Igbo…..
He sang and danced,the smoke were coming out from his nostrils too.

He keep on singing and enjoying himself,Esther perceived the smoke of the weed.

“Bro Obinna is it at again! I don’t know why he don’t want to st©p this bad habit of smoking”
She sounded and walked to the backyard to meet him.

“Brother! What are you doing to yourself? What did you get in smoking this?
She sounded with her hands folded.

“Igbo dey make me happy,e dey ginger my b©dy,e dey make my moral high,I no dey carry am [email protected]
He sounded with smiles and smoked out.

She shooked her head and sounded,
“Brother did you know thousands of people are dying because of weed? Some are running mad all because of this weed,smokers do die young,weed or cigarette are not good for the system it kills and destroy the immune system and leads to the damages of the lungs and kidney failure which results to death”

“plea-se Brother for the sake of your life and for the love of God plea-se st©p smoking”
She pleaded with her palms folded.

He laughed and laughed uncontrollably,Esther [email protected]£ so confused of his laughing.

“You wan make i st©p smoking?
He sounded with laughs.

“Yes brother! It’s not good in the human’s system”
She sounded.

“Okay! Since you wan make i st©p smoking,you fit do anything where I ask for?
He sounded.

“Yes Brother! Am willing to do anything that will make you to st©p smoking”
She sounded.

“Okay! Why you know want your brother to achieve his dream for going broad? Why you know want me your brother to make am for this life? If you want me to st©p smoking marry Emy Dollars”
He shouted.

“I will not do that! I will not marry him nor anyb©dy! Marriage is not my calling,I have been called to serve the Lord with all my heart and soul that’s what I will do”
She shouted.

He stood up shouted,
“w€tin dey wrong with you? You be human being at all? See bright future wan dey knock for your side and you wan throw am,E be like say something dey do for head”

“You think say I go sit down dey look you spoil my visa to Malaysia? Oh boy na big lie be that one oooo! See may I tell you Emy Dollars na your husband you don alreday marry am finish”
He shouted and his voice [email protected]£ be heard from the neighbour’s house.

” I will not marry him! Nob©dy will f0rç£ me to go against my faith with the Lord,my dream of becoming a Revered Sister,Nob©dy! Not even you brother or Mama!
She shouted.

He gave her a heavy sound of [email protected] on her head,

“Aheeeeeee! My head!
She cried out.

“Whether you like am or not Emy Dollars na your husband,I know w€tin I go do,i go tie you like goat carry you go drop for am house,you no fit spoil my visa to Malaysia,if they s£nd you tell them say e no fit work”
He shouted.

“Brother let me tell you,you can drag a horse to the stream but you can not f0rç£ him to drink water so you can’t f0rç£ me to marry Emy Dollars”
She shouted [email protected] her head.

He picked up a bottle to hit her and she ran out immediately,
“Come here talk am again may I carry this bottle bur-st your [email protected] and reset am for you because I know say na stuck [email protected] wan you get”
He shouted.

“This house no go fit contain us oooo! We go know who be who for this house,we go know person wan dey stand dey urinate or person wan dey squat down dey urinate strong [email protected],nons-en-se!
He shouted and dragged up his trou-ser that is almost down to his kneels.

He went back to his sp©t and started drinking and lamenting around.

Emy Dollars [email protected]£ to visit Esther with a lot of goodies,food stuffs and so many other things.

Obinna helped him out to brou-ght down the provisions from the boot,rejoicing and dancing around.

“Ogo Bu Chi Onye! Ogo Bu Chi Onye!
She shouted with so much joy as Obinna brou-ght down the provisions.

“Good day Mama!
He greeted with smiles written all over his face.

“You are welcome my son! Come inside!
She responded with smiles.

We went inside the sitting room,sat down at the couch.

“How is your mother?
She asked with smiles.

“Mama is fine,she s£nds her regards and she has been asking me when we will be going to see her in-laws”
He sounded with smiles.

“Eyaaaaaaah! Tell her very soon”
She sounded with smiles.

“Mama is my beautiful wife at home?
He asked with smiles.

“No my son! She went out but she will be on her way to the house”
She answered with smiles.

“Okay Mama! Did you talk to her?
He asked.

“Yes I did!

“What did she say? Have she agree to marry me so that I can processed with the marriage rite immediately”
He sounded happily.

She smiled and said,
“Son easy! She is not yet accept your proposal but it should not bother you”

“But why Mama? Don’t she love me?
He sounded.

“She loves you,you know how girls used to do nah,full of shakara just give her sometime she will accept your proposal”
She sounded with smiles.

“I hope it won’t take too much time before she accept me because I don’t have much time left,I nee-d to marry her as soon as possible so that we can travel back to Malaysia I left some unfinished business there”
He sounded.

“It won’t take time maybe she will accept your marriage proposal today”
She sounded with smiles.

“I will be so greatful if that happens”
He sounded with smiles.

“Son Esther prepared a delicious Oha soup with stockfish,dry fish all type of dry fish,you will like it,let me get it for you”
She sounded with smiles.

“Okay Mama!
He replied with smiles.

“Give me so minutes!
She said and walked to the kitchen.

Obinna [email protected]£ out from outside and sounded with smiles,
“Oga Emy Dollars! I throw away cap for you oooo! You dey too much! See the kind thing you carry come”

“How are you doing Obinna?
He asked.

“Your boy dey oooo!
He sounded with smiles and sat down.

“I don find out say I sister love you oooo!
He sounded with smiles.

“Are you serious?
He sounded paying so attention to him.

“Yes nah! She loves you too but you know how girls dey do nah,they shakara dey too much,they go love you come pretend say they no love you until you finally caught them dey think about you”
He sounded with smiles.

“I so much love your sister right from the first day I set my eyes on her,I can’t st©p thinking about her,I want to make her my wife”
He sounded with smiles.

“May you no worry,she go be your wife”
He sounded with smiles.

“What are you doing here?
The mother asked as the moment he [email protected]£ inside with a tray of food.

“Mama I dey gist with my in law nah”
He sounded.

“Push that table this side”
She said.

He pushed the table closer to Emy,she drops the tray.

“Hurry and bring wash hand water”
She said to him.

He went out immediately and brou-ght the water.

“Son food is re-ady”
She sounded with smiles.

He washes his hand as they watches him taste the food.

“How is the soup?
She asked.

“Mama the soup is so delicious,I like it”
He sounded with smiles.

They smiled and Obinna sounded,
“I know say you go like am,na Esther wan prepare this soup,she sabi cook well well,if you chop her food you will beat all your f!ngersfinish”

“Wow! Am more de-eply in love with her,she have all the quality i nee-d in a woman,she is indeed a wife material”
He sounded with smiles as he continues with the food.

“I taught her very well and brou-ght her up in a good manner”
She sounded with smiles.

“Kudos to you Mama! You did a very great job”
He sounded.

Twenty minutes later,he is done with the food,
“Thank you so much Mama,I enjoy this soup”
He sounded with smiles.

“You are welcome Son! You will be enjoying it more when you marry your wife”
She sounded with smiles.

He laughed and said,
“Mama I will like to take my leave now”

“You won’t wait for your wife again? She will soon be here”

“I will come back later in the evening,I have some appointment with a friend”
He sounded with smiles.

“Okay,let me see you offf”
She said.

She walked him to his car and watched him drove out.

“What is keeping Esther at that church? How can she kept her husband waiting? It seem I will st©p her from going to that choral pratice”
She shouted and walked inside.

“Chioma have you gather up the money for the Wasc fee? You know our exam is in two weeks”
I asked as were coming back from the church.

“Yes! I have completed the money,I will pay it on Monday,what of you?
She asked.

“I will also pay on Monday”
I sounded with smiles.

Emy Dollars saw me and st©ps,
“Hey beautuful Esther!
He called out.

“Did you know him?
Chioma asked.

“Yes! Excuse me let me answer him”
I sounded and want to answer him.

“Good evening Sir!
I greeted.

“Evening my beautiful Esther! Am so happy to see you,I was coming back from the house Mama told me that you went out”
He sounded with smiles.

“Am just coming back from choral practice”
I sounded with smiles.

“Esther I love you so much,I can’t take you out from my head,the love i have for you is giving me sleeplessness,plea-se accept my marriage proposal I promise to make you happy all the days of your life and you will never regret getting marry to me”
He sounded.

“Emy I don’t hate you because it’s wrong to hate your follow human being but I want you to un-derstand that it won’t work between us because marriage is not in my dairy,I was called to serve the Lord with all my heart and soul and as a Revered Sister am ordained to serve the Lord single without any marriage background”
I sounded as he keeps on starring at me.

“plea-se st©p wasting your precious time on me and lavishing your money on my mother and brother because I can’t marry you,there are thousands of beautiful girls in this community you can choose as a wife,someone that will love you and willing to be with you”
I sounded telling him my mind.

“Esther I don’t think if I can be able to love someone else like the way I love you,plea-se consider my feelings and accept me”
He sounded.

“You will see the right person for you and I will keep on praying for God to direct you in the right path of choosing a good wife”
I sounded and walked out.

“plea-se Esther accept me,I love you so much and I will sacrifice everything in this world just to make you happy”
He sounded and I gave a deaf ears to him.

“Esther who is he? Why is he begging you to love him?
Chioma asked confusedly.

I breathed and sounded,
“Chioma he is Emeka,he has been disturbing me to marry him”

“Marry him!
She sounded surprisingly.

“Yes! Mama and Obinna has been on my n£¢k to accept him and they have vowed that I must marry him,I don’t know why they don’t want to un-derstand my dreams of becoming a Revered Sister that am not meant to be married”
I sounded as i turned back to see if he is still there but he has alre-ady drove out.

“Esther is a rich man oooo! If he comes for me I will gr-ab him ooo”
She sounded and I [email protected]£ so shock on hearing that.

“Chioma! What did you just say now?
I sounded still shocked.

“Am sorry!its a speak of ton-gue Esther”
She apologized.

“God forgive you for saying such thing I thought you want be a Revered Sister?
I sounded.

“Yes I want to,it just a speak of ton-gue”
She sounded feeling so sorry.

“plea-se be careful of what you say,you see this our ton-gue is very powerful that’s why they say there’s power in the ton-gue”
I sounded.

“It won’t happen again”
She sounded.

“Okay! See you tomorrow at church”
I said and hvgged her.

“See you too”
We withdrew from the hvg and [email protected] to our various houses.


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