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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 4







Obinna walked slowly like tortoise inside a compound to steal a fowl,he looked at his right and left side to be sure that nob©dy is watching him.

“I got you food! Come and take!
He sounded to the native fowl and threw corn🌽 to the fowl.

The fowl rushed to where the corns are and started eating them.

Obinna walked slowly to caught it but the fowl ran out,he tried again and did not succeed.

“E be like say this fowl nah Ogbanje! Which kind fowl be this one nah!
He sighed and ran to catch the fowl.

He tired more than five times before succeeding in catching the fowl.

He smiled with joy and sounded,
“May I go chop better pepper soup”

The fowl started crowing,he put the fowl inside a bag and made his way out.

At the moment he was coming out,he met the owner of the fowl and his heart started beating so fast.

“Good day Mazi Uchenna!
He greeted hurriedly and walked out.

By the time Mazi Uchenna could replied back his greeting he alre-ady five inches long away from him.

“I suspect something!
He sounded and called him back.

“Obinna where are you coming from and what’s in that bag?
He asked.

“You mean this bag?
He sounded and pu-ll-ed up his trou-ser that is almost down to his kneels.

“What is in the bag? Wait I just hear a sound of a fowl”
He sounded at the moment the fowl crowed.

“Fowl! Where de fowl dey? I no hear anything ooo”
He sounded looking around the place.

“Don t tell me that you have thief another fowl?
He shouted.

“Me thief fowl! When that one come start nah? I no dey thief Mazi Uchenna”
He shouted.

“Who don’t know how you have been going around the community stealing people’s fowls and goats”
He shouted.

“So na you wan dey carry my name gossip for this community telling people I dey thief fowls and goats abi? Mazi Uchenna w€tin i do you for this community nah? Why you no go mind your own wahala and st©p putting that your ugly vulture eyes in people’s matter?
He shouted and walked out.

The fowl started crowing,
“I knew it was fowl! If I find out that the fowl belongs to me i will not hesitate to report you to the Igwe”
He shouted and walked out.

Obinna got home and prepared his delicious pepper soup.

The next day,a lady was preparing food in her house,Obinna was standing by,peeping and waiting for the lady to leave the kitchen at the moment she went inside to be bring some ingredients,Obinna rushed in immediately and took the pot of soup from the fire without minding how h0t the pot is.

He ran out very fast without turning his back to the nearby bush.

The lady [email protected]£ out to the kitchen and [email protected]£ so shocked and dumbfounded.

She cleaned her eyes with her palms to be sure of what she is seeing.

“Where my pot of soup nah? Pot of soup wan i leave here go inside to bring something come disappear,Which can thing be this nah?
She shouted still shocked.

“They don carry my pot of soup oooo! Thife don thife my pot of soup!
She shouted and ran outside the compound.

Obinna sat down at the bush enjoying the soup,he was rushing it without minding the h0tness of the soup.

“Na confirm meat be this one ooo!
He shouted as he ate the meat in a hurry.

Within some minutes,he empty the pot of soup,he stood up and cleaned his hand with the leaves.

He rubbe-d his stomach and sounded,
“I don full,Nah this kind food wan i dey like chop,She sabi cook ooo,I will go there next time”

He cleaned his mouth and made his way out.

I was coming back from the church alone,humming my song and all of a sudden a car st©ped,he lower down his car window and said.

“plea-se excuse me!
He sounded.

I looked around to be sure if am the one he is coming.

“You mean me?
I sounded.

“Yes! plea-se can I have minute with you?
He said and win-ked at me.

I went to him and greeted,
“Good evening Sir!

“Evening beautiful one! Are you from this community?
He asked with smiles.

“Yes! Am from here”
I responded.

“That’s good! Am Emeka but people like to call me Emy Dollar”
He sounded with smiles.

I sounded waiting to her his reason of st©pping me.

“What’s the angel’ s name?
He asked with smiles.

“Am not an angel! If you see an angel you won’t withstand the face”
I sounded.

“That’s why I called you an angel because I can’t withstand your beauty,have any one express your beauty to you?
He asked with smiles.

“Sir! Have anyone ask you if you have given your life to Chirst?
I asked.

He looked at me so strange,the question was so unexpectedly.

“Oh yes! Am a born again Christian”
He sounded.

“I don’t think so because looking at your appearance is so different from a real born again Christian”
I sounded.

“Which real born again Christian will wear ear rings,dre-adlocks his hair?
I sounded.

“Baby forget about all this ear rings and dre-adlocks something,from the moment I set my eyes on you i felt this strange feeling,I will like to know you better,hop inside the car let’s talk and get to know ourselves”
He sounded with smiles.

“Sir! Go and give your life to Chirst!
I sounded and made my way out.

“plea-se come back! I have given my life to Chirst a long time ago”
I over heard him.

“Return back to Chirst!
I turned and said to her.

He started following me and calling me but I keep on ignoring him until he got so fade up and drove out.

“My nigga! My nigga! How far you nah?
Obinna sounded and gave him a handshake in their usual way of greeting.

He went to see his friend who deals with weed(igbo)

“Your nigga dey ooo! w€tin dey happen for the area na?
He asked as he wra-pped the weed with paper.

“The area dey calm! Nothing dey happen, I wan high,give me something may I ginger myself”
He sounded.

“You see this wan i dey wra-pper here if you take am your moral go dey high in fact e go [email protected] percentage”
He shouted.

“Nah this wan i want! I wan dey over high”
He shouted.

“Oya take am and confirm!
He shouted and gave him the weed.

He smoked a little of it,hit his head and shooked it,the smoke was coming out from his nostril and mouth.

“Eke(python) where you get this kind igbo from? Na original be this one oo!
He shouted as he smoked his weed.

“Na igbo guy wan be na! Na my career be this,you see this igbo wan you dey smoke na super comando”
He shouted and still wra-pping the weed.

“Him name fit am! Real comando! Abeg give me another one”
He sounded.

“Take am easy I no wan carry person go house”
He shouted.

He laughed and sounded,
“w€tin you dey talk be say my head no fit carry this?

“This one no be that one wan you dey take ooo! I don tell you say e dey powerful”
He sounded.

“Eke give me that thing! E go do you like movie when I go smoke this three times and nothing go happen”
He sounded.

“I don talk my own ooo! I no wan carry person go house oo!
He shouted and gave him the weed.

“Nothing fit happen!
He sounded,lighted the weed and started smoking.

They were gisting and laughing,a guy [email protected]£ to buy igbo.

“Obitex! Obitex! You come ginger yourself!
The guy shouted with an handshake.

“No be small thing ooo! How far you nah?
He sounded.

“Your nigga dey ooo! Python you get that comando wan you gave me yesterday?
He asked.

“Na w€tin I dey smoke ooo! Na confirm igbo be that ooo!
Obinna shouted.

“I dey tell you! You know say yesterday where I take am e be like say my b©dy dey fly”
He shouted as they laughed.

“How many you want am?
Python asked.

“Give me three!
He sounded.

“How e go be nah? May we [email protected] bet nah,you no say that day you win me my head no dey correct”
Obinna sounded.

“No wahala! You know say I like bet so i dey in”
He sounded with smiles and sat on the bench.

“Python abeg [email protected] me that game”
He said.

He gave him the draughtboard,
“How many pin for the bet?
He asked.

“May we put am two pin,I no carry enough money come out”
He said and set the draughtboard.

“No wahala nah! Python you go hold the money”
He said.

They gave the money to him and start their game.

“I go chop your money this time”
Obinna sounded as he pla-yed the game.

“You no fit chop me,I be master of this game”
He shouted.

“May I dey watch una see who go win”
Python sounded.

“I don win you nah! I tell you say I go chop your money”
He shouted with joy at the moment he won the game.

“Which win! Chop who money! You no win anything!
Obinna stood up and shouted.

“w€tin you dey talk? I don win you be say I don win you,python give me my money may I dey go”
He shouted.

“Which money! I say you no win anything! This thing wan you do here do here na so they take [email protected]
He shouted.

“w€tin you dey talk no concern me! Python give my money may I waka here”
He shouted and collected the money from him.

“Where you wan carry my money go!
He shouted and dragged him back.

“Obitex na w€tin nah! no be bet una do so,he don chop your money allow him may he go”
Python stood up and shouted.

“Allow who! Oh boy give me my money unless I go change am for you oo”
He shouted dragging the money from him.

“See Obitex or w€tin they dey call you,you no fit do me anything”
He shouted.

He re-moved his shi-t and trou-ser renaming only his bo-xers it seem the weed has started his work on him.

He hit him on the che-st,hooked him up and shouted,
“You say I no fit do you anything! Talk am again may I show you w€tin I fit do”

“Obitex you no fit do me anything!
He shouted.

“I no like w€tin you dey do,free this guy may he dey go nah”
He shouted and dragged his hand from the guy’s n£¢k.

He rushed,collected a bottle and break it,
“Give me my money before I bur-st your head with this bottle”
He shouted and raised up the bottle to hit him.

Python brou-ght down his hand immediately,the bottle flew down from his hand and the guy ran for his dear life.

“Oh boy na w€tin nah! You for allow me make I bur-st this guy’s [email protected] nah”
He shouted.

“So if i leave you now you go bur-st him [email protected]? If you wan kill person no be for my area”
He shouted.

“If not because say na you i for don kill am,why he go chop my money”
He shouted,sweat was dropping out from his b©dy like rain.

“No be bet una do! He win you and chop your money nah”
He shouted and sat down.

“You no see how he take win? He don run today no wahala,if I no collect my money from am that mean say I be Obitex where you know”
He shouted.

“Obitex may you rub relaxer and sit down”
He sounded.

“I go show am why them dey call me Obitex for this community”
He shouted.

“I say may you rub relaxer and sit down! See how you comot your cloth like person wan dey mad”
He shouted,he sat down and still ranting about.

“Mama you call me!
Obinna sounded as he went to meet the mother un-der the mango tree.

“Yes,the palace’ s guards was here looking for you”
She sounded.

“Palace’s guards look for me! Why them go look for me? I own them?
He shouted.

“The igwe want to see you in his palace”
She said.

“Igwe wan see me! No wahala I go see am and know why he s£nd his guards to get me”
He sounded.

Just about to leave he saw a car coming inside the compound,he started shouting.

“Mama! My container don land ooo! See my Lamborghini dey come! I tell you say this your son go dey rich one day now the evidence dey come”
He shouted.

“Did you know the person that is coming?
She asked surprisingly.

“Mama! Na my boy be that! My driver,see that car na dey latest in town”
He shouted.

The mother stood still waiting for the owner of the car to come down while Obinna rejoiced foolishly.

“Oh boy! This guy dey rich ooo! Nah fresh guy be this ooo!
He mumbled at the moment the guy [email protected]£ down.

“Who is he?
The mother mumbled.

Obinna stood still admiring the freshness of the guy with his mouth wi-de opened.

He approached them and greeted them with smiles,
“Good day Mama!

“Good day!
She replied still surprised to see someone like him in his house.

“Am Emeka Uchenna but my friends calls me Emy Dollars”
He sounded with smiles.

“Emy Dollars! The name show for your b©dy”
He sounded with smiles.

“You are welcome!
She replied.

At that moment,Esther walked in and [email protected]£ so shocked when she saw him.

“You! What are you doing here?
She sounded shockly.


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