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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 3



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I [email protected]£ back from school and went straight to the shop to @ssist Mama.

“Good afternoon Mama!
I greeted as i stepped inside the shop.

“How was school today?
She asked.

“School was fine,Mama the day of our Wasc has been fixed”
I said as I dropped my schoolbag at the bench and went inside to change my dress.

“Which day is that?
She asked.

“Is on 4th of next two months”
I said and went to attain the customer that [email protected]£ in.

I gave her the things she ordered for and thanked her.

“Mama the Wasc fee is 30 thousand Naria!
I sounded.

“You said what? 30 thousand Naria!
Mama shouted feeling so shock.

“Yes Mama!
I sounded.

“Where an earth will i get that type of money? Your school don t know that it is so difficult to survive,how can they demand that type of money?
She shouted with her hands on her head.

I brou-ght down her hands and took her to the bench,
“Mama you don’t have to panic,God will make a way when there’s no way,we still have time before the exam so don’t let it bother you”
I sounded.

“My business is not growing and how will I arrange the money for your exam?
She sounded so worried.

“Mama I have told you that you should not let the money bother you,I will start @ssisting people in their farms or any other works to help in raising the money”
I sounded.

“God forbid! You will not work for anyb©dy nor do anything,I don’t want your studies to be jeopardized,I want you to work [email protected] on your studies and make me so proud,I will do everything within my power to raise the money”
She sounded.

I hvgged her with so much smiles written all over my face.

“Thank you Mama! I promise to make you proud,I will work very [email protected] to achieve my dreams of becoming a Medical Doctor”
I sounded.

“That’s my daughter talking! My Doctor! My Doctor!
She shouted with so much joy.

I went and attained another customer that [email protected]£ inside.

Some hours ago,Chioma [email protected]£ to the shop.

“Good evening Mama!
She greeted with smiles.

“Evening Chioma! How are you and your mother?
Mama asked.

“We are fine Mama!
She responded with smiles.

“Mama I will be going for our bible studies”
I said.

“Okay,come back on time and help me to close the shop”
Mama sounded.

“Okay Mama!

“We won’t [email protected]!st time,it is an hour studies”
Chioma sounded.

We waved at Mama and made our way to the church.

“Bia Isi Nkata(Dog’s head) check this game for me,I know say e no cut”
Obinna shouted as he approached to the Bet house.

“Obinna I don tell you say may you no dey call me Isi Nkata,my name no be Isi Nkata,you know w€tin my name be”
The guy shouted.

He laughed and sounded,
“E be like say you know no how your head dey? Your head be like Isi Nkata head,oh boy check this head na, no be Isi Nkata head?
He asked one of the guy that is there.

“This head na confirm Isi Nkata nah”
The guy sounded and people bur-st out with laugh.

“Thank God say another person don talk am,the one wan the funny me be say your head no only be Isi Nkata head, e come carry big head join am,I know say you no from this side because na only Isiukuato dey get this kind head”
He sounded as people started laughing.

“E don do! Which kind insult be this one nah? Obinna I no wan carry your matter for head because if I carry am nob©dy for this place fit handle me”
He shouted.

“See who dey talk! E be like say you don dey crazy small small! Who matter you wan carry? Is this Isi Nkata wan carry my matter”
He shouted.

“Obinna may you no dey call me Isi Nkata again,I don warn you because next time you go open this your mouth call me Isi Nkata na that day you go know who be who,this community no go contain us for that day”
He shouted angrily.

He laughed and shouted,
“Who you think say you be self? So for your mind you think say if they fix fight for us you fit beat me? See may I tell you,you no fit do anything more than this paper wan dey for my hand”
He shouted fli-pping the paper around his face.

“I do talk my own ooo anytime you go open this your mouth call me Isi Nkata again na that day you go know why dey call me Ogbu(killer)
He shouted.

“I say you no fit do anything! You no fit do more than that your poop wan dey come out from your smelling yansh”
He shouted.

People couldn’t control their laugher anymore,they were exchanging and insulting themselves for almost twenty minutes.

Lighting up the environment with their funny insults.

“Check this for me,may I dey go”
He shouted at the moment they got tired for insulting themselves.

He collected the card from him to check the game.

“I hope say e score!
He asked at the moment he checked the game.

“The game cut ooo!
He sounded.

“w€tin you mean? How manage? I no say the pin wan i give you na correct score so how come I no win the Bet?
He shouted being so surprised of not winning.

“Dey game cut nah! Ars£nal no win Liverpool”
He shouted.

“So w€tin you dey talk be say I don loose my one pin(100,000)? I no believe you oooo e be like say you dey do me ojoro for this place, anytime wan i [email protected] for this your shop na so I dey loose,I never win shishi for this your shop,bia you be witch? You see this my two eyes(he pointed his eyes) dey watch you”
He shouted and walked out.

“Just like [email protected] [email protected] one pin don go like that,e no good oooo I don calculate w€tin I go carry the money do,land for city go enjoy b©dy on those fine city babies wan get front and back and now my plan don fail me”
He sounded.

“I don alre-ady arrange my stuffs, tell my friends how we go land for city enjoy b©dy with those sharp sharp babies and now I don loose the game”
He sounded with his hands on his head.

He was still talking to himself and a figure eight babe [email protected]sed him.

“Blood Of Zacareth! Which kind ukwu be this?
He shouted,stood and starring at the ukwu with is mouth wi-de open.

“Oh boy this Ukwu fit kill person ooo! I never see this kind ukwu since my mama born me”
He shouted and still looking at the ukwu,l!çk!ng his downl-ips with his ton-gue.

“My big solider know w€tin him dey like,e don stand attention alre-ady”
He shouted and gr-ab his d!¢k.

“E be like say I go follow this ukwu go house! E no go [email protected] me by”
He shouted still holding his d!¢k.

“If I enter this Ukwu no coming not,I go sleep inside,na everlasting Ukwu be this”
He shouted and followed the babe behind.

“Conjean don kill me ooo! w€tin I go tell this babe if I follow am go house nah? Tell am say I wan fv¢k am,e go dey somehow nah,may i know where she dey leave first, I go come him house later go toast am”
He sounded and still following her.

The babe did not noticed anyone following her,they got a point and she [email protected]

“So na here wan she dey leave?
He sounded with smiles.

“This Ukwu don kill me ooo! I don w€t alre-ady!
He sounded at the moment he felt his d!¢k w€t.

“Wait for me I dey come! I go chop you like Ofe Akwu!
He sounded and made his way out.

He was going and turning his back to see if the babe will come out and all of a sudden he fell inside a mud.

“Oh boy! Ukwu don kill me finish ! See w€tin Ukwu cause me!
He shouted and [email protected]£ out from the mud.

The mud covered his legs ma-king it to look like a socks,he sighed and stomped his feet for the mud to got out,he cleaned his trou-ser with his hand,people were mopping at him especially the children.

“Na w€tin Ukwu dey cause”
He shouted and walked out.

“Esther the adoration was so great,the praises and worsh!ps was so mighty and willing to bring down the Angels of God to minister to us”
Chioma sounded with smiles.

“You can say that again Chioma,God and His Angels adores our praises and worsh!ps,it makes God happy seeing His children praising His name”
I sounded with smiles.

Still discussing the praises and this girl walked [email protected] us,her dressing was so unplea-sant and disgusting too.

“What a dressing! What is this world turning into?
I sounded,Chioma shooked her head.

“Excuse me Sister!
I shouted to her hearing.

She turned back,
“plea-se can you give us a minute of your time?
Chioma shouted and we ran to her.

She looked at us from head to toe and asked,
“How I go take help una?

I looked at her from head to toe,she spre-ad her hair red,her eyes fixed with lashes,f!ngersfixed with nails ma-king her to look like a witch,her dress ex-posing her b©dy and even chewing gum.

“My sister plea-se did you look at yourself at the mirror before coming out?
I asked.

“For sure nah! I no look fine or you no like my dressing? I be Ototo Nwa! Sweet babe wan i be”
She sounded chewing her gum.

“My dear your dressing is so bad in the eyes of God and also in the eyes of people,God will not be happy seeing you this way”
Chioma sounded.

She laughed and sounded,
“You mean am? You sure say your God will not like me? I carry front and back ooo! I go do am well ooo”
She sounded so foolishly and chew her gum.

We shooked our heads,
“May God have mercy on you because you don’t know what you are saying,my dear plea-se give your life to Chirst and st©p fornication,run to God and He will give you a better life,Repent my sister,Heaven and Hell are real”
I sounded.

She sighed and shouted,
“Na this way you st©p me? I think so you wan connect me to your God for better enjoyment I know no say na this nons-en-se way you st©p me for,who tell you say I no get better life? You wan the carry bible up and down you get better life? Abeg make you no st©p me for road again,nons-en-se!
She shouted and walked out.

“What a life? God plea-se have mercy on your daughter”
I sounded.

“I don’t know why people are running away from the word of God? Running away from the voice of God?
Chioma sounded.

“I don’t know my sister! What shall it profit someone to gain the whole world and loose a soul?
I sounded.

“Nothing my sister! Absolutely nothing!
She sounded.

“That’s the main key why we are called to preach the gospel to the unbelievers for their sins,for them to receive our Chirst Jesus and turn away from their evils”
I sounded.

“I know we will convert the unrighteous one to righteous with God on our side”
She said.

“I believe that,we will draw the curtain here,see you at the school tomorrwo”
I sounded with smiles.

“See you too Esther”
She sounded with smiles and hvgged me.

We [email protected] to our various houses.


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