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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 24



💄AS A👒



Michael has not been himself since python left his house,he has been drinking and crying.

“I can’t belive this that am among the people that ruined Esther’s life,caused her pains and shattered her dreams”
He cried out as he drank a stout of whisky.

“Oh God! What am I going to do? How will I tell her that am the one that [email protected]£d her back then? What will be her reaction? What will become the fate of our true love?
He cried again drinking to stupor.

“What will I do? What will I do? I nee-d to call Dave right now”
He said and gave Dave a call.

📞 Are you busy at the hospital?

📞 Not really! What is it?

📞 Dave I want you to come to my house immediately”

📞 What is it? Did something happen?

📞 Am in big mess and my love for Esther is at risk right now,I nee-d your help come to my house as soon as possible”

📞 Okay,I will be right there”
He said and hanged up the call.

“Why must it be me? Why me? Why?
He cried out hitting his hand on the table.

Twenty minutes later,Dave arrived to his house,
“Michael what is it? What happen?
He asked being so worried.

“Dave am about to loose my one true love”
He cried out as he drank a stout of the whisky.

“How? What did you mean?
He asked being so confused.

“Am among the people that ruined Esther’s life years ago”
He cried.

“I don’t un-derstand,calm down and explain to me clearly”
He said and collected the drink from him.

“Dave years back i [email protected]£d a girl,it was not really my intention to do that,it was python and Jerry they are the one that led me into it,they said it was my birthday gift from them”
He cried.

“Yes what’s the [email protected]£ got to do with Esther? Wait ooo! Is Esther the one you [email protected]£d?
He asked being so confused.

“Yes she is the one! I never knew she is the one, her face was blindfolded that’s why I did not recognized her”
He said.

“Oh my God! This is so unbelievable! What are you going to do now?
He asked feeling so worried.

“I don’t know Dave that’s why I called you”
He sounded in tears.

He shooked his head and breathed,
“Michael the only solution here is to tell her the truth”

“Tell her the truth! How will she handle it? What will be the outcome of the love we share together?
He shouted.

“See you can’t hide the truth from her,she nee-d to know and if you don’t tell her our conscience will be killing you”

“If I tell her the truth she won’t forgive me and that will be the end of your relationsh!p,I don’t want to loose her”

“That’s the more reason you nee-d to open up to her,If she truly love you she will forgive you but you can’t expect the forgiveness to be immediately because she will be devastated to handled such truth”

“Why did my past [email protected]£ back to hurt me? Why did the person I fall in love happen to be my past”
He sounded weeping.

“You know what they say,you can’t run away from your past that’s why she [email protected]£ back to you”
He said and his phone rang.

📞 Where are you Doctor! We have emergency,a man involved in a fatal accident was brou-ght in and he is serious bleeding,your attention is nee-d right now”
The nurses said.

📞 You know what to do to st©p the bleeding,I will be right there”

📞 Okay Doctor!
She said and hanged up the call.

“Michael confess to her and trust me she will forgive you,I nee-d to go right now I got emergency at the hospital”
He said and rushed out immediately.

He cried and thought on how to confess this awful thing to her and what will be the stand of their love as he drinks to stupor.

The next day around eight o’clock in the morning,his phone waked him up from sleep,he yawned and reached for the phone.

He sounded in sadness.

📞 My treasure good morning!
She greeted him.

📞 Morning Love!
He replied back.

📞 I waited for your call last night you did not call as usual then I called you did not pick,are you okay?
She asked.

📞 Yes babe! Am okay,I [email protected]£ back late yesterday feeling so exhausted that I don’t know when i sle-pt off last night”

📞 Okay! What are your plans today?

📞 No plans babe, I got no case at the court today so I will be at home or probably visit Dave at the hospital to kill the boredom,did you have lecture today?

📞 Yes Love,am heading to the lecture hall right now,I will hang up the call now i will call after my lecture”

📞 Okay Babe! Take good care of yourself for me”

📞 I will,i don’t miss me too much oooo”

📞 You know i always miss you so much”

📞 Don’t worry I will be home this weekend,I love you so much”

📞 I love you too my Angel,k!sses”
He said and she hanged up the call.

“Oh God! I love this girl so much and i don’t want to loose her,I know telling her the truth will make me to loose her but my conscience won’t allow me to hide such thing from her”

“What of she end our relationsh!pafter finding out? That will be my downfall,she is [email protected] of me and without her in my life my life will be a living hell for me”
He said and went to the bathroom.

Michael was resting on the couch and a knock [email protected]£ from outside,

“Yes! Who is there? Hold on am coming!
He asked and opened the door to his greatest surprise it was Esther.

“Hey Love! Surprise to see?
She sounded with smiles and hvgged him.

“Oh yes! Am surprise,you suppose to be home on weekend but is not yet weekend”
He sounded looking so surprised.

“Yeah I know but I got no lectures for two days so I decided to use that opportunity to be with you beside I missed you so much”
She said and k!$$£d him.

“Are you not happy to see me? Or don’t you miss me?
She asked at the moment she noticed the unplea-sant look on his face.

“I missed you so much and am happy that you are here with me”
He said.

“Are you sure? Your face says otherwise”

“Baby don’t mind my face,I was actually slee-ping when you knocked on the door,I missed you so much,come and gist me how you have been doing in the school”
He said and held her hand as they walked to the couch and sat down.

“So tell me how many guys have been asking you out?
He asked.

She laughed and asked,
“You really want to know?

“Yes I want know how many crushes my babe have”

“Okay! They are many to mention but I don’t give them time because am de-eply in love with someone that melt my heart,someone that makes my heart to beat so fast,someone that has stolen my heart”
She said with smiles staring at him romatically.

“If I may ask who is this guy that has stolen your heart?
He asked with smiles.

“You really want to know?
She asked still staring at him romatically.

“Oh yes! I nee-d to know that guy”
He said with smiles.

“Okay! The guy that makes me to feel so special,that always takes my mind away whenever am thinking about him is right here staring at me with his cute smiles”
She said and k!$$£d him.

“Wow! Am blu-shing alreday like a bride”
He sounded as they laughed.

“Thank you so much for coming into my life,my life will be incomplete and meaningless without you”
She said with smiles.

“Your precious love has turned my life completely around,I feel like I’m walking but my feet don’t seem to t©uçh the ground”
He said.

“When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you, when I met you, I was afraid to k!ssyou,When I k!$$£d you, I was afraid to love you, Now that I love you, I’m afraid to lose you,I don’t want to loose you my Angel”
He said staring at her.

“You won’t loose me,nothing will separate the love we have for each other,you will be mine and I will be yours forever”
She said.

They k!$$£d so [email protected] and never wanted to withdraw from the k!ss.

🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼After dinner,Michael mood changed,a lot is going throu-gh his head how he will start to tell Esther the person that [email protected]£d her,how will she handle it? What will be the fate of their relationsh!p.

He shooked his head and mumbled,
“No! I can’t do this,I don’t have the courage to tell her”

Esther jumped into the be-d and noticed his mood,
“What is it my love? I noticed you have been like this after dinner,what are you thinking about?
She asked and rest her head on his shoulder.

“Is nothing my love,am okay”

“Is nothing! Then why are you like this? Talk to me love,did something happened when I was not around?
She asked.

“Nothing happen my love,as I said am okay”

“Then what is eating you up? Share it to me,you know a problem share is a problem solve or are you hiding something from me? You know we made a promise not to hide anything from each other”
She asked being so worried to know.

“I can’t tell her the truth not tonight beside I don’t have the courage to do so”
He thought.

“My Angel am not hiding anything from you okay”

“Okay as you said,I hope when you wake up tomorrwo morning you will be better,good night”

“Good night to you my love”
He said and k!$$£d her.

She lied down back facing him,he couldn’t sleep the thought on how to tell her the truth is killing him badly.

In the morning,Esther waked up before him and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast,some minutes later Michael waked up and went to the kitchen.

“Good morning Love!
He greeted her with a k!sson her cheek.

“Morning Sweetie! I hope you are better this morning?
She asked.

“Oh yes! Am much better”
He said with smiles.

“Okay! I hope when you come back from work you will share what was eating you up last night to me?
She asked.

“I will defiantly do that okay”

“Okay! Go up and shower I will soon fix your breakfast”

“Okay Love!
He said with smiles and went upstairs.

After the breakfast,Michael is re-ady for work,
“Always looking so h0t and handsome!
She said with smiles at the moment he [email protected]£ downstairs.

He smiled and said,
“Thank you my love!

“Those girls be running to get your attention especially that your secretary,don’t give them any attention oooo”
She sounded.

“My love you don’t have to be jealous,you know I only got eyes on you”
He said and k!$$£d her.

“Okay,let me see you off”
She carried his briefcase and walked him to his car.

“Have a nice day at work”
She said with smiles.

“I will my love!
He said and hvgged her.

He got into his car as she watches him drive out,she went inside to clear the dinning table.

In the evening around four pm,Michael [email protected]£ back from work had his food,sat on the couch he has made up his mind to tell her the truth today and re-ady to expect the outcome of it.

“So Love are re-ady to talk about last night?
She asked being so anxious to know.

He breathed heavily and said,
“Oh yes am re-ady but before I tell you about it I want you to know that what happened was not intentionally”

“What did you mean? Did you cheat me on when I was in the school?
She asked confusingly.

“How could you asked such thing? Did you even think I can cheat on you?
He asked surprisingly.

“I know you can’t cheat on me but I can of wondering what you did that is not deliberately”
She said.

“My love what am about to say now I don’t know how you will handle it but I can’t hide it anymore”
He said feeling so sad.

“What is it? Talk to me okay”
She said.

“Oh my God! How will I start? Michael you got to do this”
He thought.

“Yes! Am waiting,what is it?
She asked being so anxious to know.

“What am about to tell you happened years back”

“Okay,am listening”

“I was among the people that destroyed your life three years ago”

“I don’t get you! What are you saying?
She asked being so confused.

“Esther plea-se forgive me,am the one that [email protected]£d you three years ago,it was not intentionally”
He said and narrated everything to her with a weeping heart.

Esther couldn’t belive her ears,she [email protected]£ so shocked and devastated,tears rushing down from my eyes,words ceased from her mouth,she cried and ran outside.

Michael ran after her calling out her name,
“plea-se Esther come back,don’t run away”
He shouted.

He gave Dave a call immediately,
📞 Dave I have finally loosed Esther! I have loosed her! My life is gone”
He cried out.

📞 What are you saying?

📞 I told Esther the truth and she ran out to where I don’t know,I told you am gonna losse her”
He cried.

📞 Listen to me Michael,she is being so devastated and heart broken right now give her sometime she will come back”
He said.

📞 Are you sure she will come back to me?

📞 As I said give her sometime she will come back”

📞 Okay! I will be waiting for her”
He said and hanged up the call.

“I knew it,things will turn out like this that’s why I never wanted to tell her the truth but my conscience won’t allow me,I hope she come back home”
He cried out and went inside.

I ran to the park that is nearby,I sat on the swing set crying so bitterly,

“This is so unbelievable! How can a man I fell de-eply in love with,a man I dream to spend to the rest of my life happened to be the one that [email protected]£d and destroyed my life,caused me pains upon pains shattered my whole life”
I cried out being so heart broken.

My phone rang,it was him and I threw the phone away,
“St©p calling me! I hate you and despise you with so much [email protected]

Remembering how I was [email protected]£d and the things I went throu-gh in the hands of the villagers and my own mother and how I struggled and suffered with my pregnancy all because of him breaks my heart the more.

“I hate you Michael,I wish I never met you,I regretted the day I set my eyes on you”
I cried out with so much pain.

If too much of cry will automatically turned to blood,my blood would have filled two buckets and if too much of cry will make the eyeba-lls to fall out you would have seen my eyeba-lls on the ground staring at me.

I [email protected]£ back home around eight o’clock in the night looking so pale,
“Thank God you are at home,I have been calling you and you are not picking”
He said to me and I did not utter any word to him.

“Esther I know you are heart broken right now but I want you to know words will not be able to ever express how sorry I am for this and I have profound regret and sorrow for the destruction and heart broken I have caused you”
He said and I did not utter any word to him, looking at him reminds me of that awful day.

I went to the room,gr-ab a pillows and went to the guest room,i will [email protected] the night there, I don’t think if I can be able to sleep with him in the same room.

I couldn’t sleep the thought of him being the one that [email protected]£d me runs into my mind and ma-king me to feel more heart broken.

In the morning,I waked up and met him at the sitting room,
“Good morning Love!
He greeted and I did not respond back and walked [email protected] him,he held my hand,

“Don’t t©uçh me!
I said to him and re-moved his hand.

“Esther I know no matter the thousands apologizes i said to you it won’t mend your broken heart but am de-eply sorry for everything,plea-se forgive me”
He apologized with eyes covered in tears.

“Michael I want you to un-derstand that no matter how many times you say you’re sorry it won’t wash away all the pain
and hurt you caused and the tears you made me cry”
I shouted and went to the kitchen.

I prepared breakfast dished his own kept it on the dinning table for him,I ate my own food and went to the park to avoid seeing him and to clear off my head.

It has been two days now and Esther keep on ignoring me,I have said a thousands of apologizes to her but she don’t want to forgive me,I don’t know what to do anymore.

“How are you feeling Esther?
I asked her.

She kept the book she was re-ading,stood up and started shouting,
“You really want to know how am feeling ? This is how am feeling,I hate you and I regretted the day I met you,I regretted the love and the moment we share together,I regretted the promises we made for each other and also regretted the day I accepted this your danm ring”
She shouted in tears and threw the ring on the couch.

“No ooo! Don’t say that Esther! I regretted everything that I did to you,plea-se forgive me”
I said in tears.

“Sometimes i wish i had never met you then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there”
She shouted at ran out.

“She hate me with [email protected],she won’t forgive me,I have loosed her forever,I think is the time for me to do the right thing”
I wiped my tears picked my car key and went outside.

Got to my car and drove off to the police station,I have to arrest myself for being a ra-pist.

As I was driving a call [email protected]£ in,
📞 Hey Michael! How is Esther doing?
Dave asked.

📞 The situation has gotten worst,Esther hate me with [email protected],she keeps ignoring me,I have apologized to her a thousands of times but she don’t want to forgive me so it is the time I do the right thing”

📞 What did you mean,do the right thing?

📞 Dave am turning myself to the police for being a ra-pist”

📞 Did I hear you correctly? Turning yourself to the police,Michael have you gone nut or what? How could you [email protected]£ up with such idea? Did you think about your career before coming up with this nons-en-se idea?
He shouted.

📞 I got no other choice but to turn myself to the police”

📞 Michael you can’t do such thing! Have you forgotten who you are? A famous lawyer”

📞A famous lawyer that fight against corruption and bring justice to the victims but committed a crime of [email protected]£,I nee-d to give Esther the justice she deserve”

📞 Michael think over it again and you will know you are about to destroy your life”

📞 What’s life without Esther in it? My life is now meaningless so I don’t care about my life anymore”
I said and hanged up the call.

He called me back but I didn’t pick,he keep on calling until I got to the station.

I walked inside the station and met the officers,
“Barrister Michael what brings you in our station?
One of the officers asked.

“Am here to report a case”

“A case about what Barrister?
He asked.

“A case about me!
I said as they looked at me confusingly.

“A case about you sir!
He sounded confusingly.

“Yes! Am here for you to arrest me for commiting a crime of [email protected]£”

“A crime of [email protected]£!
They shouted in shocked.

“Yes! Arrest me,am guilty”
I said straightening out my hands for them to arrest me,they stared at me in shocked.

“Don’t arrest him!
Someone shouted,I turned back it was Esther and Dave.

They [email protected]£ closed to us,
“Officer don’t arrest him! I don’t want to pre-charge case against him,it will be so selfish s£nding the man I love so much to prison”
She said as i looked at her with a sorrowful face.

“I can see this case is a relationsh!pcase that nee-d to be settle at home,Barrister Michael go home and settle the problem you have with your lover”
The officer said.

Esther did not utter any word to me until we got home,well am happy that she still love me her pres£nce at the station proved that to me.

“I guess I have to leave you guys to talk things out”
Dave said and excused himself.

I looked at Esther and she re-moved her face,I went and sat on the couch she was sitting on,she shifted to the edge of the chair.

“Esther for how long are you going to be mad at me? I know what I did to you in the past was so painful and terrible,my love I know I have committed a sin to make you sad and am realizing that am very bad, plea-se forgive me to less£n the grief,your forgiveness will led to a relife, plea-se forgive me”
I said in tears.

“plea-se look at me and you will know how sorry am I”
I said and turned her to face me.

I held her hands in tears and said,
“Remember the good times we had spent together, and the beautiful future we had dreamy of, Darling I never wanted to create a distance between us, plea-se let us bridge the gaps”

She wiped my tears and said,
“It breaks my heart seeing you cry,If I did not forgive the man I love it means am being so selfish to myself”

My heart jumped in joy and I hvgged her so ti-ght,
“Thank you so much for forgiven me and accepting me back,I promise not to hurt you any more,A candle may melt and it’s fire may die but the love you have
given me will always stay as a flame in my heart”
I said to her with smiles.

“You are the angel who I cherish so dearly
in this heart of mine,the one who makes my day brighter,by ma-king my whole world shine”
I said and k!$$£d her.

“My love, I always feel something in my heart, it’s like a little flame, every
time I see you, this flame lights up, this flame is special for you because am de-eply in love with you”
She said to me with smiles.

“It remind one thing”
I said as I remembered the engagement ring.

“plea-se my love will you still marry me?
I asked as I pres£nted the ring to her.

“For sure! I will forever be your wife”
She said with smiles as i put the ring in her index f!nger.

“My angel, Flowers will die, sun will set but you are my love that i won’t forget, your name is so precious,it will never grow old..
Its engraved in my HEART with letters of Gold!
I said as I k!$$£d her so [email protected] that we never wanted to withdraw from the k!ssuntil Dave interrupted us.

“Oh yes! I love what am seeing!
He shouted in joy.

“Thank you my man for bringing her back to me”
I thanked him with smiles.

“I did not do anything rather it was love that brou-ght you two back together”
He said as we smiled.

“This true love cause for a [email protected]!
He shouted.

We shouted in joy as we went out to [email protected] our one true love.


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