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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 23



💄AS A👒



It has been two weeks since Esther and Micheal went back to the city and within that week Esther sold everything she had,the house and the cars to avoid remembering her past life.

She parked into Micheal’s house and things has been going so well between them and they started falling for each other so de-eply.

Meanwhile,Doctor Kenny is now serving his punishment in jail,he was given one year imprisonment.

Doctor Dave [email protected]£ to see his friend Micheal,
“Yes am coming!
He shouted at the moment a knock [email protected]£ from outside.

He went and opened the door,
“Hey my man! How far nah!

“Am good!
He said as they handshake each other.

“What of Esther?
He asked and sat down.

“Esther went to the market”

“Okay,Micheal what did you think of Esther? As for me I will say she is the right woman for you”
He said with smiles.

“Esther is a good lady and a wonderful person to be with”
He said with smiles.

“Then why haven’t you ask her out?
He asked and walked to the fridge to get some water.

“Let just say am still taking my time”

“Taking your time on what? You just said she is very good and wonderful person to be with then why are you now taking your time in asking her out? Or don’t you have feelings for her?
He asked and drank the water.

“Dave I love her and I want to be with her but I don’t know if she feels the same way for me that’s why am still taking my time on her”
He said.

“How will you know if she have feelings for you without you taking the steps,see Micheal I have observed Esther for sometime now and I can tell she have feelings for you but she is waiting for you to make a move so you have to go for it”
He said.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?

“Am hundred percent sure,the way she stares at you,smile at you and talk to you completely said she has feelings for you”
He said.

He smiled and said,
“Am gonna make a move confess to her about the feelings I have for you before she sl!pout from my hands”

He smiled and shouted,
“I love that! Now you are talking and it will be the best decision you will ever make in your life”

He laughed and said,
“Yeah! You are right”

Few minutes later,a knock [email protected]£ from outside,
“That should our wife to be!
Dave sounded with smiles.

Michael laughed and pointing at him,
“Wife to be right!

He laughed as Michael went to get the door,
“Welcome dear!
He said with smiles and hvgged her.

“Thank you!
She replied back with smiles.

She sighted Doctor Dave and shouted,
“Who did we have here? Doctor Dave!

“How are you doing Esther?
He asked with smiles and hvgged her.

“Am good Dave! Have it be long you [email protected]£?

“Not really! Just a few minutes ago”

“Okay! That means you won’t be going soon,I want to prepare lunch so we can eat together”
She said with smiles.

“Wow! I love that!
He sounded with smiles.

“Okay! I won’t waste time”
She said and went to the kitchen.

“Oh mine! She danm beautiful and so kind,I swear you too gonna make a perfect couple”
He sounded with smiles.

“Yeah! I won’t waste time anymore in proposing to her”

“That reminds me you have not gist me about the client,how did it go with the judges?
He asked and sat down.

“It didn’t go well! The judges adjudged the case to next week because there was no strong evidence to prove that my client was [email protected]£d”
He said and sat down.

“That’s bad! Don’t worry before next week you will be able to gathered some evidences to pres£nt to the court”
He said.

“Yeah! I belive so that man have to pay for ra-ping a teenager and justice must be given to that poor girl”
He sounded feeling so pity for the poor girl.

“The rate of [email protected]£ in this country is turning into something else,did you watch the news this morning?

“Yes I watched it,it was so terrible,how could a man of forth years [email protected]£d a girl of twelve years? If the government did not do something concerning the rate of [email protected]£ in this country we will be hearing cases of [email protected]£ everyday”
He sounded.

He sighed and shooked his head,
“I can imagine what the family of that little girl is going throu-gh right now”

“They will be devastated and they nee-d to seek justice for that little child”
He said sadly.

Thirty minutes later,Esther [email protected]£ out from the kitchen to set the dinning table.

“Finally! the food is done before I will finish the whole salvia in my mouth,I have been perceiving the aroma and swallowing my salvia”
He sounded with smiles.

Esther laughed and said,
“You will soon eat the food and you gonna enjoy it”

“I can’t wait”
He said as they laughed.

Some minutes later,she is done dishing out the food,
“Guys you can now come over to the dinning”
She said.

They went to the dinning table,
“Oh mine! This is so delicious! I can’t remember when I ate such a delicious home made food”
He shouted at the moment he ate the food.

“What did you mean? Don’t your wife prepare such meal?
She asked.

“You know what my wife and kid based in aboard so since then I have not ate home made food again”
He said enjoying the yummy food.

“Oh I see! Michael did you like the food?

“You said like,not only like I love the food,you are such a great cook”
He said with smiles.

“Thank you so much!
She replied back with smiles.

Few minutes later,they were done with the food,
“Thank you so much Esther for this delicious food,you are not only beautiful but also a great cook”
Dave said.

“Thank you so much!

“You are welcome! Michael I will like to take my leave now I have a patient to check by four pm”

“Okay Dave!

“See Esther I will be coming often because of your delicious food”
He sounded with laughs.

“See longer throat oooo! Go and bring back your wife and leave my own wife alone”
He laughed.

Esther looked at him confusingly,
“Did you just said my wife?

“Did I? No I didn’t it,I mean his wife”
He said as Dave laughed out.

“Dave you are always welcome beside is your home too”
She said to him.

“Thank you! See you two!
He hvgged her and uses the door.

“Let me clear the dinning table”

“Okay I will be at the sitting room”

“What the man did is not good at all,he shouldn’t have choose his job over love”
I said as we started arguing over the movie we were watching.

“As for me I will say he did the thing,he nee-d the job following from his background,the girl should un-derstand that”
He argued.

“But as for me I won’t choose anything over love”
I said.

“Okay! Let’s forget this movie and talk about us”
He said.

“About us!
I sounded confusingly.

“Oh yes about me and you”

“So what are we going to talk about?
I asked.

He held my hands and stares into my eyes,
“Esther since you [email protected]£ into my life,my life has been so perfect, I know it is ba-rely a month we met but it is as If I have known from my lifetime”

“Meeting you was fate becoming your friend was choice but falling in love with you was completely out of my control, I love you so much Esther and I can’t continue hiding the feelings anymore”
He said to me with his eyes filled with love.

“Michael you have been a life changer to me, you [email protected]£ into my life and changed me back to a better person which am so greatful to you”
I said with smiles.

“My heart says that you like me,my eyes says that you feel something for me,my mind says that you think of me,But till now you are quiet”
He said to me still holding my hands.

“Believe me, you are the one,Whom my heart finds,Whom my mind reminds me of,Whom my destiny wants,Whom I love the most, I love you Michael”
I said with smiles.

He smiled to me and said,
“Esther my love for you is like water,Falling countless…the beating of my heart,For you is so heavy and soundless,The feeling of being in your arm is so Precious and endless”
He said as I keep on blu-shing and smiling.

“I guess is the right time to do this”
He said and knelt down as I stares at him wondering what he is about to do.

He brou-ght out this diamond ring and said,
“I have been waiting for this opportunity to come, Esther marry me and be the mother of my unborn children I promise to make you happy and help you to achieve all your dreams in life”
He said pres£nting the ring to me.

“What more can I ask for? Having you in my life has been a blessing to me, yes I will marry you”
I said with smiles.

“Yeah eeeeeeh!
He shouted in joy and put the ring in my index f!nger.

“Thank you for accepting me in your life,I promise to make you happy to day I will take my last breath,love you more than all the stars in the sky, I love you more as each moment [email protected] us by, I love you more with every breath I take, I love you more with each promise we make”
He said and k!$$£d me.

“All I wanted was someone to care for me, all I wanted was someone who would be there for me, all I ever wanted was someone who would be true, All I ever wanted was someone like you, I love you much Michael”
I said as he k!$$£d me.

If could be anything I would be your tears, So that I could be born in your eyes, live down your cheeks and die on yourl-ips”
He said and k!$$£d me so [email protected]

He carried me up to upstairs still k!ss!ngme ,he lied me down on the be-d still k!$$£d me so [email protected],undressed me as we had a wonderful and a memorable experience of S-x.

It has been one week Michael proposed to Esther and things has been going so well between them,their love for each other continue growing like a mushroom,stronger and stronger each day.

Esther has started going for her doctoring school and she is doing perfectly well at the school.

On this faithful day,Michael was at home he got no case at the court today and nowhere to go,he was all alone watching movie and a knock [email protected]£ from outside.

“Who could that be? It can’t be Esther, she told me she will be coming this weekend but the week have not run down”
He thought.

“Who is there? Wait a minute am coming”
He shouted as the knock [email protected]£ again.

He opened the door and to his greatest surprise it was one of his long time friend.

“Who am i seeing here? Python na you be this?
He asked surprisingly.

“Na me ooo! It has been very long we last seen each other”
He shouted.

“Indeed a very long time,for over three years now”
He shouted and hvgged him so ti-ght.

“Come inside!
He went inside as they sat down.

“Python you have changed a lot,looking so fresh,where have you been for the past three years?
He asked feeling so happy to see his friend again.

“I have been in Chicago I [email protected]£ back three days ago and I remembered my long time friend”
He sounded with smiles.

“That’s so nice of you but how did you get my home address?

“I met Dave,he gave me your address so he is now a doctor?

“Yes Dave is now a professional medical doctor,what should I offer you?
He said.

“Nothing am okay beside I went to a bar with friends before coming to this place so have drank a lot”
He said.

“Okay but next time we will go out and have some drinks”

“Yeah! No problem on that one am back so how are you doing? Are you married with kids?
He asked with smiles.

“Not yet but I will soon be walking down the aisle with my heart beat”
He sounded with smiles.

“Are you serious! Who is the lucky girl?
He asked feeling so excited.

“She is not here I could have introduce you to her,she is school but she will be coming this weekend so you will get to meet her”

“Okay! But don’t you have her picture at least let me see how beautiful she is,I know you like good taste”

“She is danm beautiful,everything I want in a woman all revealed around her,wait let me show you her picture”
He said and showed him the pic.

“Oh boy She is gorgeous! But wait oooo,this face looks familiar,is like I know her somewhere”
He sounded starring at the pic.

He smiled and said,
“No you can’t possible know her”

“Am very sure I have seen this face before but I can not remember the place”
He said and thought to see if he can remember the place,a flash from the past pumped into his head.

“I said I know this face,Don’t tell me you did not remember this face?

“I don’t un-derstand,what are you saying?

“Michael you wan marry the girl you [email protected]£d back then?
He asked.

“Me! [email protected]£!
He shouted confusingly.

“Don’t tell me you have forgotten what happened three years ago during your birthday?

He kept slient for a while and remembered everything that happened.

He stood up and shouted,
“No python! Don’t tell me that? It can’t be the girl?
He shouted feeling so shocked.

“She is the one,am I not the one that brou-ght her to you?

“I can’t belive this,you don’t want you are saying,it can’t be Esther”
He shouted.

His phone rang,
📞 Hello,yes I will be right there”

“Michael put yourself together and think on how to solve the problem,I nee-d to go now the agent that is looking for a house just called”
He said tapped him on the shoulder and used the door.

Michael sat on the floor weeping and feeling so pain.

“I can’t belive this! Esther the one I [email protected]£d back then turned out to be the love of my life,this is so unbelievable! Am the one that caused her pains and destroyed her life”
He cried out.




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