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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 22



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I waked up very early in the morning,I nee-d to go somewhere before leaving for the city,I undressed rushed to the bathroom had my bath.

Just about to the leave my room,Mama [email protected]£ inside,
“Good morning Mama!

“Morning! You dressed up so early where are you going to?
She asked.

“Mama I nee-d to settle things before I leave to the city”

“Settle something with who?
She asked confusedly.

“Mama you won’t un-derstand but it is between me and someone so special”

“Someone so special! Who could that be?
She asked still confused.

“Mama just take like that someone so special to me that offended back then and I nee-d to go ask forgiveness”

“Okay o ooo! Since you don’t want to tell me the person no problem I won’t f0rç£ you but am here to still ask for your forgiveness last night I couldn’t sleep when I remembered all the things I did to you,the way I treated you it was so painful and horrible.
She sounded feeling so sorry.

I held her hands and said,
“Mama I have forgiven you a thousands times,you are my mother I hold no grudges against you beside what you did is what a mother would have done”

“No! A mother shouldn’t treat her own child like that,a mother should be on her child’s side in a situation like that and not to make it worst for the child”

“Okay Mama! As I said i have forgiven you,I don’t want you to be feeling guilty anymore,I nee-d to start going now so that I won’t waste time”
I said and hvgged her.

“Okay,let me go to the kitchen and boil water for our guests”

“Okay Mama!
She went out,I tied my headscarf and rushed out to the church.

That’s extacly where am going,I nee-d to settle things with my God.

I got to the church and went straight to the alter,knelt down and poured my heart to God in weeping.

“Oh my God! plea-se forgive me for all my sins,purify me and cleans me,wash out all my sins let it be white like snow,don’t cast me away from your pres£nce oh my God,I have sinned and wronged You badly,did not take the holy spirit away from me,forgive me for all the things I said to You,forgive me for disowning You as my Lord and personal Saviour”
I cried so bitterly.

“Oh my God! Have mercy upon me according to my lovingkindess,wash me thor0ûghly from my iniquity and cleans me from all my sins,create me a clean heart Oh God and renew a right spirit within me,take me back as your child and do not forsake me”
I cried so bitterly and rest on head on the pillar.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and i turned,
“Good morning Father!
I greeted Father Matthew and stood up.

“Wipe your tears my daughter,the Lord has as answered your prayer and He has forgiven you all your sins,He is a merciful God”
He said to me.

I wiped out my tears,
“Thank you Father!

“My daughter it shall be well with you,the Spirit of the Lord will always be with you”


He held my hands and prayed for me,
“Go for it is well with your soul”
He said after the prayer.

“Thank you Father!

“It is well my child”
He said as I made my way out from the church.

I feel so happy that my God has forgiven me and wash out all my sins,I will never sin anymore.

When I got to the house,the police men and Micheal has waken up alre-ady walking around the compound.

“Good morning all!
I greeted them with smiles.

They responded back with smiles.

“Where did you go to this early?
Micheal asked.

“I went out to settle some things before going back to the city”

“Okay! I hope it went well?

“Yes! Perfectly well,what of my mother?

“I guess she is at the kitchen”

“Okay,let me go and see her”

I went to the kitchen,
“Oh you are back alre-ady? How did it go? Did the person forgives you?

“Yes Mama and am so happy that He has forgiven me”
I sounded with smiles.

“Okay,Micheal said they will not take breakfast before leaving so set the bath water for one of the guests”

“Okay Mama!
I went out to get the bucket.

Thirty minutes later,We were done with everything and re-ady to leave.

“Thank you so much my son for giving my daughter the justice she nee-d,if wasn’t for you the villagers wouldn’t have known the real truth and Doctor Kenny wouldn’t have been arrested too”
She said.

“Is okay Mama your daughter deserve all of it,what she [email protected] throu-gh was so bad and unimaginable”
He said.

“My daughter plea-se take good care of yourself,call me once you people arrived at the city”

“I will Mama!
We hvgged each other so ti-ght.

“Take good care of yourself for me once I settled down very well I will take you out from this village”

“Don’t worry about me,i will be fine”
I hvgged her again before going to the car.

“Ijeoma ooooooo! Safe journey!
She shouted with smiles and waved at us.

We drove to the police station and pick up Doctor Kenny,he is going with us he will not serve his punishment at the village station he will find his way to escape.

Mama Emeka has completed her seven days praying and fasting,on this last day the pastor and his five prayer warriors arrived at her house for the deliverance.

Emeka was kept un-der the coconut tree with chains on his legs and hands.

“I knew it! this madness is not ordinary,it from the spiritual realm”
The pastor said at the moment he set his eyes on him.

He closed his eyes and said,
“I saw a gathering of witches in an altar and a soul burning up in a basin of fire,your son belong to a secret occult,he sold his soul to the devil”
He said.

His mother couldn’t belive her ears that her own son is a ritualist,she cried as she looked at her son.

“My brethren we have to destroy that altar right away”
He shouted.

They started firing prayer upon prayer,Emeka watches and laughs like a madman he is.

Meanwhile,Queen Shaba and her cabinets were watching them on the mirror.

“No! He can’t destroy us! We must show them we are more powerful than him”
She shouted.

“You all should go and fight that man,go and bring victory to this brotherhood”
She shouted and gave them their powerful staff(offor).

As the prayer was going on,nine of them appeared wearing their garments to challenge the pastor.

“Who are you to challenge our great Queen Shaba? You think you can destroy us?
They said and Mama Emeka [email protected]£ so shocked when she saw Eze-ego,she couldn’t belive her eyes.

The pastor laughed and shouted,
“Darkness and Light have not in common,Darkness can never comprehend the Light,My God is greater than he that you all serve”

They laughed and shouted,
“Let see if what you serve is more powerful than our Queen Shaba”

The pastor and his prayer warriors keeps on firing prayer while the brotherhood keeps on striking them with their powerful staff.
Meanwhile Queen Shaba was doing her incantation empowering her people.

The pastor prayed uttering the powerful word of God from the scriptures,when they noticed their staffs is not working on them,eight of them disappeared into Eze-ego’s b©dy and he turned into a giant monster everyb©dy [email protected]£ so scared,shocked and dumbfounded expect the pastor.

He was pouring out fire from his mouth but the pastor was dodging it with the Holy Bible and he is so powerful to be defeated.

He raised the anointing oil and prayed,
“My father! My God! The great Man in battle! Arise and let your enemy be scatter”

He shouted and sprinkled the anointing oil on him,he turned back to himself and fell down his colleagues started coming out from his b©dy,they caught up with fire,burn to ashes and disappeared.

Queen Shaba saw that happened to them,she appeared to challenge the pastor.

She laughed like a witch she is,
“Who are you to challenge me? Am the great Queen Shaba and I shall never be defeat”

“Am the son of the Most High,I fear nob©dy for the Lord is with me and He is greater than he that is in you”
He shouted.

“And you think you can defeat me? You lie! Am so powerful to be defeated”
She laughed and striked him with her staff.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the powers over this pres£nt darkness,against the spiritual f0rç£s of evil in the heavenly places”
He shouted dodging the strikes and speaking in tounges.

When she noticed her strikes is not working on him,she turned into a [email protected] with seven heads pouring out fire on seeing that the prayer warriors and Mama Emeka fainted immediately.

The pastor laughed and shouted,
“My Lord has given power to trend on serpents and scorpions and over the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt me”

“By the power of the Lord, by the Blood of the Lamb and by the rising of the anointing, I cast and abide you demon in Jesus Name”
He shouted and sprinkled the anointing oil on the snake and react but keep on pouring the fire.

“I cast and abide you demon! I cast and abide you demon! I cast and abide you demon in Jesus Name”
He shouted and sprinkled the anointing oil on it again,this time the [email protected] turned back her,shouting as the fire burnt her down into ashes and disappeared.

The pastor was sweating like someone that [email protected]£ out from the bathroom without drying up his b©dy.

“Thank you Jesus! Thank you my God and my Father!
He said and waked up everyone,they looked around and seen the demon is gone.

The pastor went closed to Emeka and said,
“Whatsoever I bind on earth shall be loosed in heaven and whatsoever I loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven by the power of this anointing I loose you and set you free”
He said and sprinkled the anointing oil on him and that moment a vulture [email protected]£ out from his b©dy and disappeared.

At that minutes,Emeka regained back his insanity,
“What is going on here? What happened to me? Why am on chained?
He asked confusedly.

“Emeka you recognize me! Thank you Jesus for setting my son free”
She shouted with tears of joy.

“I don’t un-derstand! What happened to me? Loose me!
He asked still confused.

“My son you have been running mad for a months and weeks now but thank God you are free”
She said and loosed him.

“Young man I hope you know the reason of your madness and you have to confess all your sins for your sins to be wash out”
The pastor said.

He stood up and started crying,
“Mama am not worthy to be call your son anymore,I sold my soul to the devil,I belong to a secret occult and I have done some many evil things,I have stained my hands with the blood of the innocent people,I have killed babies both the unborn babies”
He cried out.

The mother wept so bitterly and couldn’t belive her own son will do such a thing.

“When Chioma my wife found out who I was and wanted to expo-se me I killed her and am also tried to kill you but all to no avail i even s£nt the kidnappers to killed you but they did not succeed”
He cried out.

“Emeka why? Why did you want to kill me? What did I do to you?
She wept so bitterly.

“Queen Shaba gave me one week to end your life but you were to powerful to be kill then she cast the madness on me”

All of a sudden,he started hearing babies cry everywhere,
“Babies everywhere! Babies cry everywhere!
He shouted and covered his ears.

“plea-se don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!
He shouted at the moment he saw Chioma.

She didn’t waste time in striking him,he fell down and shouted in pains,the more she strikes him the more pains he will be,he shouted in pains and gave up the ghost.

Chioma disappeared and the cry of the babies st©ps.

The mother cried and cried,the pastor and his members consoled her.

“St©p crying,the wages of sin is death”
The pastor said as he consoled her.

The news about Emeka being a ritualist and how was striked to death by the spirits of the people he used for sacrifice spre-ad like a wind fire in both communities.

His b©dy was thrown into the evil forest since is the custom and tradition of the community for anyone that commit such atrocities.



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