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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 21



💄AS A👒




“You look good!
Micheal said to me with smiles.

“Thank you!
I replied back smiling at him.

“Let me change to something good,I will be right back”

I said as he went up to his room.

I went to his house so that we can go together to the hospital for the check up,after what he told me yesterday I went home and think over it I found out that all he said concerning me being infected with HIV is nothing but the truth,he opened my eyes to see the real truth in what he said but I still nee-d to be sure that’s why am going for the check up.

I found myself being free with him that’s why I opened up my painful [email protected] to him.

“I hope I did not waste time?
He asked at the moment he [email protected]£ down from his room.

“Not at all! I like your outfit”
I said with smiles.

“Thank you! Shall we go?

“For sure!
I stood up as we went outside.

“We will be going with my car”

“No problem!
I said.

We got into the car and drove off to the hospital.

“How far my man nah?
He asked him with a handshake.

“Nah eeeeh! Your guy dey o ooo!
He replied to him with smiles as I stares at them smiling.

“Meet my friend Esther and Esther meet my best friend that’s like a brother to me Doctor Dave”
He introduced.

“Hey Doctor Dave!
I said with smiles and handshaked him.

“I must confess you look so beautiful”
He said with smiles.

“Thanks for the compliments”

“You are welcome,plea-se have a sit”
He said as we sat down.

“Micheal has told me all the details about you and as i a professional doctor I must say I did not see any symptoms of HIV on you but that should not st©p us from running the test for you to be sure you are not infected with the virus”
He said.

“Okay Doctor Dave!

📞 Nurse see me at my office”
He gave a call to his nurse.

Few minutes,the nurse [email protected]£ inside,
“Take her to the laboratory and run a HIV test on her”

“Okay Doctor! Madam this side”
She said to me as we went to the laboratory.

She injected my blood for the test and I went back to the office.

“The result will come out within some minutes”

“Okay Doctor!
I said and sat back to my chair.

“Enough of this doctor thing,I prefer to be address by my name Dave beside we are now friends”
He said.

“Okay Dave!

“So Micheal how is it going with your relationsh!pstatus? I think Esther is a beautiful lady you can…..
He discut him in.

“C’mon Dave! We are not gonna talk about this here okay”

“Well as you said,so Esther what did you do for a living?
He asked and I felt so uncomfortable with the question I can’t tell him am a runs babe.

“She works at Omega company”
Micheal answered immediately.

“Yes! That’s where I work”
I said.

“I have heard so much good things about the company,it such a good company”
He said.

Few minutes later,the nurse brou-ght the test result.

“Sir! Here is the result”
She said and handled him the result.

“Thank you!
He said to her as she uses the door.

He went throu-gh the result and am dying in anxious to know what the result said.

“Dave what did the result said?
Micheal asked being anxious to know too.

He smiled and said,
“You tested negative for HIV and there’s no any infection on you”

“Thank you Jesus! I knew it”
Micheal shouted in joy.

As for me I don’t know how the result make me to feel,I kept mute as tears started rushing down from my eyes.

“Esther what is it? Are you not happy about that?
Dave asked but I didn’t utter any word.

He looked at me with his eyes filled with pity.
“Dave she is being so devastated right now”
He knew what I was going throu-gh right now.

“You know what take her home,call me if there’s anything”
He said.

“I will defiantly do that”
He said and held my hand as I stood up from the chair.

“Take good care of her okay”
He said to him as we leave his office.

We got to his car,I cried more a slient cry as the word of Doctor Kenny echoed in my ear”She tested HIV positive” remembering the humiliations and mockery I [email protected] throu-gh,the way I gave my b©dy out to different type of men breaks my heart the more.

I didn’t utter any word,I only cried until we got to his house,I sat down and he knelt in front of me holding my hands.

“Is okay Esther! I un-derstand how you feel it breaks my heart seeing you like this”
He said.

“I ruined my life the more by slee-ping with different type of men to transfer this deadly virus to them believing that am a walking virus”
I cried out.

“Did you know how men I have sle-pt with? Sixty five men and I vowed to reach my target of slee-ping with hundred men had it been i did not meet i will continue slee-ping around like a dog”
I cried.

“Oh my God! You did that?
He shouted.

“Now you see am nothing but a general toilet,I ruined my life the more”
I keeps crying.

He wiped out my tears,
“C’mon that say that you did not ruin your life the people that ruined your life is the danm doctor and the ra-pist they all caused this and they must surely pay for it”

“Why did Doctor Kenny did this to me? Where did I offend him? Why did he wicked me like this?
I cried out.

“St©p crying! That doctor won’t go free for this, I personal will sue him to court,tomorrwo morning we are travelling down to your village with a police men to arrest him and he must confess to the villagers what he did to you,mark my word”
He said so angry.

He sat closed to me rest my head on his shoulder [email protected]£ss!ngmy hair.

“St©p crying,it’s well nob©dy will humiliate you again”
He said to me.

He keeps [email protected]£ss!ngmy hair that I don’t know when i sle-pt off.

She sle-pt off on his shoulder,he took her to the guest room upstairs and lied her down,he covered her with the duvet.

He stares at her and said with smiles,
“She look so beautiful with a life filled with misery and pains but don’t worry am with you and the doctor and the ra-pist must surely pay for destroying your life”

“Good night my beautiful angel,have a sweet dream”
He said and left the room.

In the morning,he wake up prepare a breakfast for her brou-ght it up to the room.

He knocked on the door,
“Yes coming in!

He [email protected]£ inside,
“Good morning to you Esther!
He greeted with smiles and drop the tray of food on the be-d.

“Morning Micheal!
She greeted looking so pale.

“How was your night?

“I can say my night was good but yesterday’s incident is still echoing in my head”
She said strengthens her b©dy.

“Don’t worry it will be fine okay,I brou-ght you breakfast,toasted bre-ad with egg sauce and tea you will like it”
He said with smiles.

“Thank you so much!

“You are welcome! Have you breakfast and shower remember we will be travelling down to your village this morning”

“Thank you!
She thanked him with smiles as he made his way downstairs.

An hour later,they are done with everything,

“I will take you to your house so that you can change your dress”
He said as they went inside the car.

They got to her house,
“Your house is fine”
He said.

“Thank you,I was thinking that after everything I will sell this house including the cars because it will keep reminding me of my [email protected] beside the money didn’t come from a good source”
She said.

“That’s a good idea”
He said as they went inside.

“Give me so minutes i will be right back”
She said and went up to her room.

Some minutes later,she [email protected]£ down looking so beautiful that Micheal won’t st©p starring at her.

“Looking so beautiful as usual”
He said with smiles.

“Thank you,shall we”

“Off course!

They went to the car and drove off to the police station,they met with the D.P.O and complained everything to him,he @ssigned two police men to them that will go with them to the village since Micheal have connection with the Commissioner of police it did not waste them time.

I have been away from my village for like a year now and going back there is doing me somehow because i don’t know how the villagers and my mother will react when they set their eyes on me.

I have alreday vowed not to set my feets back to this village again but there’s nothing I will do since I have to prove my innocent to them and for that doctor to suffer for destroying my life.

Five hours later,we got to the village and went straight to the community hospital,I saw the doctor coming outside.

“That’s the doctor!
I pointed at them.

“We nee-d to speak to you Doctor Kenny”
Micheal shouted to his hearing.

He saw us and stand still waiting for us to approach him,he [email protected]£ so shocked when he saw me with the police men.

“Shock to me see me?
I asked.

“Is that you Esther Kanu?
He asked being so shocked.

“Oh yes! Is me Doctor Kenny you think by now I will be dead by committing suicide?
I shouted.

“So you are the danm doctor that ruined this innocent girl’s life and future by faking a fake test result?
Micheal shouted with anger.

“No! I did not fake any test result,it was a mistake was made by one of my nurses”
He said trying to prove his innocent.

“May that mistake kill you there! Well no time to waste you will explain yourself at the police station,officers arrest him”
He shouted.

“I did not do anything,what happened was a mistake”
He said as the police men handcuff him.

We took him to the head of the village council and narrated everything to him,he pitted me and told us that he will settle the matter with his cabinets along side with the villagers at the village square.

He [email protected] the message to his cabinets immediately to meet at the village square and for them to gathered the villagers.

We left the police men and the doctor at that place and we went down to my house,I nee-d to see my mother and brother Obinna.

When we got to the house,I met my mother spre-ading her clothes she saw me and threw the clothes,she rushed to me and fell down on her kneels with tears.

“My daughter Esther I never imagined that I will see you again,plea-se forgive me for all the wrongs and the bads things I did to you,forgive me for disowning you and called you all manners of names,forgive me for not been there and standing for you as the villagers mocked and humiliated you,I know i did not deserve to be call your mother and I know I did not deserve to be forgiven but plea-se find it a place in your heart and forgive me”
She cried out.

I held her hands with tears,
“plea-se stand up mother,I have forgiven you as why am here”

I wiped her tears and took her up and hvgged her.

“When I found out the test result that proved you are HIV positive was not actually yours I don’t know where I will go,the city i will go and find you and tell you the real truth”
She cried.

“Mama that’s the more reason why we are here,your daughter has visited hell in the hands of this villagers all because of that danm doctor and he will not go free”
Micheal said.

“Yes Mama! The head of the village council has [email protected] a message for the villagers to gather at the village square that’s where we will be going right now”
I said.

“Okay,wait for me let me lock the door”
She rushed and locked the door.

We got to the car to the village square,on our way I remembered my brother Obinna.

“That reminds me Mama,what of brother Obinna?
I asked and her face changed automatically.

“Your brother was killed!
She cried out.

“Kill! How? By who?
I asked being so confused.

“Your brother was involved in robbery,kidnapping and also killing people so the police men caught them and executed them by burning him and his colleagues into ashes”
She said in tears.

“Oh mine! My own brother involved in such a criminal acts now I got no brother again”
I cried out.

“It’s well Esther! You are now the only one I have now and I won’t allow anything bad to happen to you again”
She said as she wiped my tears.

When we got to the village square,the villagers has alreday gathered,when I [email protected]£ down from the car the people were so shocked to see me,they started whispering among themselves saying,
“Is this person Esther or someone else?

“She suppose to be dead by now what’s she doing here?

“Maybe she is not the one,it could be her twin sister we don’t know”

The head of the village council stood up and said with a microphone 📣 for the people to hear him.

“I called this meeting for the case of Esther and Doctor Kenny,Esther and Doctor Kenny should come up and face the people”
He said.

We [email protected]£ out and the people faces was written with so much shock as they saw the doctor with an handcuff and a police men surrounded him and wondering what he commit.

“Doctor Kenny here made a very hvge mistake which led to the mockery,the flogged and humiliations that was given to Esther,according to Doctor Kenny he said his nurse made a mistake with the test result by given Esther the wrong result which proves of her for being positive with HIV”
He said.

“Doctor Kenny how could you! How could you do such a thing?
The people shouted raining abuses on him.

“Quite people! Esther deserve a sincere apology from us because what we did to her was bad,we really dealt with her”
He said.

The villagers go down on their kneels both the young and the old,they poured out their sincere apology to me with their faces covered in pains for what they did to me.

“Stand up my people! Who am i not to forgive you all? Am so happy that the truth has been revealed and my people has known the real truth”
I said to them.

“I will now leave you all to decided on what to do to the Doctor because is what you people said I will do”
He said to them.

“Doctor Kenny deserve to be punish!
They all choursed including the cabinets.

“But my people I did not do anything,it was only a mistake”
He shouted.

“Whether a mistake or not you deserve to be punish so that next time you will be extremely careful and not destroying people’s lives again”
They shouted.

“Since our people has agreed to punish Doctor Kenny so police men do your work”
He [email protected] his judgement and dismissed the villagers.

Some people [email protected]£ and asked for my forgiveness again in tears I forgave them,i searched for my best friend Chioma I did not see her maybe she now base at the city with her husband and kid or so.

We can’t go back to Lagos since it is alre-ady late so it will be tomorrwo,Doctor Kenny was locked up at the police station while the two police men and Micheal will be [email protected] the night at our house since we have a enough room for them.

“Thank you so much! Thank you for persuading in my life had it been i did not met you i wouldn’t have known the real truth about myself and also my people wouldn’t have known,thank you once again I will be forever be greatful to you”
I said with my heart filled with gratitude.

“It’s well Esther and am also happy that you are happy”
He said and hvgged me.

“Make yourself comfortable let me help Mama at the kitchen”


I went to the kitchen to @ssist Mama in preparing the dinner.

“What are you doing here? You nee-d to go and rest”
She said.

“Mama I nee-d to help you out with the food I can’t leave all by yourself to prepare the food”
I said.

“Okay! But I still suggest you should go inside and rest because I know you are tired”

“But am not complaining so I nee-d to help you out in the kitchen”

“Okay ooo! Help me to cut the vegetables”

“I will do that right away”
I collected the vegetables and started cutting it.

“Am so happy my daughter that the truth has been revealed to the villagers and they went down on their kneels to ask for your forgiveness,what we did to you was so terrible”
She said.

“It’s okay Mama,I have forgiven and I hold no grudges against anyb©dy”

“Mama what of Chioma,I know she is married by now?
I asked feeling so excited to know how my friend is doing.

“Yes Chioma was married”

“Wow! That’s such a good news but why the was on it?

“You remembered Emeka,Emy Dollars that wanted to marry you back then?

“Yes,I can remember him fully well”

“Chioma got married to him and the marriage did not last for a year Chioma died”

“Chioma is died! What happen to her? How did she die?
I asked being so shocked to hear that.

[email protected] me the maggi!
I gave it to her.

“She will knocked down by a car on her way to the market and died at the sp©t that was the story given to us by her husband Emy Dollar”
She said.

“That’s so bad! This is how i lost my friend Chioma,it shall not be well with that driver”
I said feeling so sad.

“You don’t have to curse the driver beside we are not sure if what the husband told us is actually what happened to her”

“Why did you say so mother?
I asked confusedly.

“People said he used her for money ritual and nemesis has caught upon him that’s why he is running mad right now”
She said.

“Ritual! Mad! Where did you get such news from?
I asked still confused.

“When I heard it I thought it was all a rumor until I saw him with this my koroko eyes”

“Asking you went to his village to confirm if he is actually running mad?

“Oh yes I did! Then I believed what the people said is truth”

“Mama this is unbelievable! If true Emeka’s hands are in the Chioma’s death that madness shall be permanent on him”

“So shall it be!
Mama shouted.

Twenty minutes later,we were done with the food dished it out including the police men,we ate and gisted and rest our bones.


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